Parade’s Office Tech Guide

the office parade magazine presents The Office’s Fab Five and their thoughts on high technology. Ah Dwight, a fellow Treo user, and a man after my own heart …

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Graphic posted here with permission by Parade Magazine.


  1. wow they’re all like addicted to their blackberries. I think rainn and steve are the only normal people in that cast. lol

  2. I’m pathetic. It’s a funny, insightful article and all I can think is “What an awesome JAM picture!!”

  3. I agree with those in the JAM department about the picture, that’s the first thing I saw too. Funny article, too. I’ll have to look out for the hard copy this Sunday.

  4. I love Carell’s huge “rotary phone” in the picture. Ditto to all of the previous JAM pic comments. I really like Jenna’s hair.

  5. LOL Tanster as soon as I clicked on the page I saw Jim’s hand on Pam’s shoulder and just got a really happy grin on my face!! And Steve with the cell phone that must be old as the hills! LOL!! I loved how Jenna said she’d give up her microwave for her Tivo!! I’m so with her on that! As much as I love my microwave, I’d give it up before I’d give up my VHS/DVD player/recorder.

  6. LOL @ Rainn saying he googles himself in different languages! I can so see Dwight doing that! Also, I was LOL when he said his first cell phone was as big as a toaster oven … that must be the one Steve has!!

  7. This article was hilarious! They are all so funny! Rainn’s was the best. I agree, Shannon – when he said that is old cell phone was the size of a toaster oven, ah, i could not stop laughing. And BJ’s picture in his interview had me cracking up! His stares are hilarious! Great article! I have to get the paper this Sunday!

  8. That was an incredibly fun read. Thanks for posting. I am with Jenna on the tivo thing as well. I don’t think I could live without my tivo.

  9. Very cute interviews, but I have to say I admire Steve’s position the most–I’m old-fashioned that way. I even refuse to have call-waiting because I think it is so rude.

  10. Stars of The Office – They’re Just Like Us! LOL, that was really fun to read and I just about died when I saw the picture of John that accompanied his article. I wish it was bigger so I could make it my new desktop picture.

  11. Love the Queer Eye geddup.

    Hehe, B.J. compromising with his computer is oh so amusing and more John/Ipod love! Gotta love the bond between a man and his machine.

  12. Good on Parade for letting you post that here. It’s funny how Steve says BlackBerries should be banished from the earth and then Jenna, B.J. and John all talk about their BlackBerries!! But I agree with Steve, I gotta say…

  13. I love Rainn’s comment about the gadget to turn corn into little robots to wreak havoc on his enemies. LOL when I read that.

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