1. heh i missed that clip the first time around. i have the same jacket rainn is wearing. woo!

  2. There’s a promo up on the show’s website with John in it! Just thought you’d like to know. =)

  3. I missed it. :( Would someone let us all know when it is up on YouTube (and please put it up if you can!) Thanks!

  4. It was a nice interview, but, alas, too short. I love his voice.

    After he said “My mom is a nurse and my dad is a doctor” he got some applause from the audience and he goes “yay medicine!”. I thought “Why would anyone clap for that?” LOL!

  5. He put his hand down the front of his pants before he did the impression.

    That’s all I’m going to write.

  6. I missed it! I need the youtube video so badly, especially after seeing Mufasa’s comment.

  7. o my goodness some kind soul out there please post this on youtube or something….i am going to die if i dont see this

  8. it was so effing short it was unfair. heidi klum got liek 45 minutes and JK gets like 10. i think its fair to say we all need some more JK lovin on tv than just thursdays

  9. If you go to the Ellen Degeneres Show’s “This Week” page, you can at least see a preview of the episode including a few seconds of John’s interview. :-)

    Here’s the link:

    Go to “Wednesday” and scroll down to the “See the Video” link.

  10. “He doesn’t have a belt! He doesn’t have the right belt! This is gonna be horrible!” Double laugh points for being SO true. John is adorable (not that this is news)

  11. Totally agree, Megan! John’s impression of Ed Grimley was hilarious! If only his hair was sticking up in the front then it would have been perfect! Plus, i watch Project Runway so i got a kick out of his rendition of a PR viewer :P

    Does anyone agree that Ellen spent way too much time interviewing John about Project Runway? I was like, “Uh, shouldn’t she be interviewing John about his show?” Go figure. Plus, the interview was super short, but gosh, do i love John. He’s always so funny!

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