Scranton meets ‘The Office’

The Pittsburgh Post Gazette has a great article about Scranton’s connection and reaction to ‘The Office.’

An excerpt:

Paper Magic Group, which makes greeting cards, Valentines and other seasonal products, is often confused for Dunder Mifflin. The office building is shown briefly in the show’s opening credits, along with a Mulberry Street sign.

And actor John Krasinksi, who plays Jim, visited Paper Magic when he was scouting possible locations and filmed the opening montage of the city from his car. He is the only cast member actually sighted in Scranton.

But the cast plans to come to Scranton to film an episode about the huge St. Patrick’s Day parade. And the mayor wants to fly the cast in through corporate sponsors for “The Office” day, a big lovefest of the show.

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  1. Man, I wish I lived near PA so I could go to (what it is now called in my mind)”Office-palooza 2007!”

  2. I live 30 seconds away from that banner outside of City Hall. If they come to Scranton, you will hear every last detail. That much I can guarantee you :-)

  3. It is the Penn Paper building they show at the beginning of the credits, not the Paper Magic building.

  4. I would take the “slow train from Philly” to get to the Office-palooza. Almost literally. I love that I could actually go.

  5. When was it ever said Jim went to Bishop Hannan?

    He could’ve, obviously. But I don’t remember it ever mentioned. Maybe in a future episode?

  6. Yeah, I know Bishop O’Hara was mentioned. Toby and Katy are alumni. But I never knew about Jim and Bishop Hannan.

    Anyway, maybe it’s more like a five minute car ride and ten by foot. But that’s only because of massive amounts of traffic on Mulberry Street. Either way, that banner is about four blocks from where I am.

    Also, I’ll definetely let you all know about this delicious new Farley’s Michael Scott burger I’m hearing so much about. I’m actually going there tonight for wings & beer. Maybe I’ll order something extra.

  7. Though it’s never been mentioned on the show, I’m pretty sure Jim graduated from Scranton Prep, because that’s where the yearbook that we see in “Email Surveillance” is from. My friend works there and they were asked last year to mail a 1999 yearbook and other paraphernalia.

  8. Cool, because that’s where I went….many years ago, when the school was half its current size and Haddon Craftsman was across the street.

  9. Yes! Please keep us posted on the Office palooza 2007! Great name, post-it thief. It would be amazing if I could go!

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