1. How do they do that with a straight face… Great stuff! The sign language cat was brilliant!

  2. HAHAHA!!! Oh my gosh! That was amazing!!!! HAHA, i loved it when Oscar transalated what Steve said into Spanish, hahahaha, priceless.

  3. HAHAHAH! Oh my gosh! I have to comment on this… I’m at the university library right now (on my spare) and I sooo should have not watched that here! I couldnt hold my laugh in and now everyone here thinks im crazy!

    ..Ohh man, it was worth it. I only watched Steve Carell’s part because I was going to burst out laughing if I continued watching it..I can’t wait to watch all of it at home where no one will judge me :P

  4. Ok, my cat actually jumped up on the desk to investigate what sounds were coming out of my laptop.

  5. so i was in my school’s library when i saw that…and well i almost lost it when the cat popped up and did sign language…i def got a few stares from people :)

  6. In Pete McEntegart’s latest 10 Spot for SI.com, he mentions the show in #1. Not only that, he mentions last thursday’s show. Looks like a fan.

  7. I heard that you could buy the video on iTunes. So…I’m on my way to find it right now. Is it available anywhere else? I MUST find it!

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