Steve Carell’s SNL monologue includes ‘The Office’ mini-reunion

During his Saturday Night Live monologue last night, guest host Steve Carell was interrupted by his ‘The Office’ castmates Ellie Kemper, Jenna Fischer, and Ed Helms, asking for a re-boot of the show!

Ellie: People would really love to see an Office reboot. Especially me. ‘Cause I need that money. Let’s get that money, Steve!

Ed: I just don’t think you understand how much money we’re talking about. Like you wouldn’t have to do all those sad movies anymore.

Jenna: Do you remember the last words that Pam secretly whispered to Michael as she left for Denver? She said, “Steve, don’t be a dick. Do the reboot.”

Even Steve’s real-life wife, Nancy, got in on the act, gently prodding Steve with, “we don’t really need to you to hang around any more.”

Steve then asked the crowd, “Do you guys want to see an Office reboot? Is that what’s going on here?” to predictably thunderous applause.

He ended the monologue with, “I’m proud to announce officially that… we have a great show tonight! Ella May is here, so stick around, and we’ll be right back.”

Listening to the SNL band play out the segment with ‘The Office’ theme song seriously brought a tear to my eye.

Were any of you there? Was it like total pandemonium?


  1. Wow, transcribing these quotes brings back the good ol’ days (or rather, late Thursday nights) when I used to to do this for each episode. Miss seeing y’all come by to post your comments!

    So many feels right now.

  2. I got introduced to The Office by one of my friends a month back. Finished all 9 seasons in a month! REBOOT PLEASE!!!

    Was reading the wiki page about all of you guys and I saw that you had a blog. Thought I’ll drop by to see if you are still active and you seem to be! :)

  3. I wish this website was updated more frequently. When I finished watching The Office for the first time I didn’t know what to do with my life. I wish there was another season or a spin-off, anything haha! I love this TV show. I was looking for a The Office fan club or something and found your site.

  4. Just discovered “Office Tally” and I am in Dunder Mifflin heaven 🤗🤗 So looking forward to devouring every single word here, esp the Q&As.

    You have made quarantining so much better

    [from tanster: awwww, you just made my day. welcome! ❤️]

  5. I found Office Tally after binging all 9 seasons about 2 years ago. Then when I fund OT, I went back and watched each episode and then read the OT blog about it! SO MUCH FUN.
    Wish I had known about The Office and Office Tally in real time!!

    [from tanster: thank you so much for coming by. the office is everything. 🤗]

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