The Office Ladies podcast

The Office fans (and in particular, Tallyheads) aren’t the only ones who still feel deeply nostalgic about our favorite show. Cast members Jenna Fischer and Angela Kinsey do, too!

So much in fact, that they’ve created a wonderful Office Ladies podcast, in which they provide behind-the-scenes commentary on some of The Office’s most iconic episodes. Love you ladies. ❤️

Give a listen, and then come back here to post comments. I’ll be here waiting for you! :) 

Link: The Office Ladies Podcast

P.S. Yes, I realize I am way behind in introducing this podcast, as twenty episodes have already been posted. 🙄What can I say, work has been extremely busy. But now… given where we are in the world, with many of us hunkered down at home under “shelter in place” orders, I can’t think of a better time to binge-watch The Office on Netflix (according to Variety, The Office was one of Netflix’s most-streamed shows March 2-8) and listen to Jenna and Angela share show scoop!


  1. Tanster ! Yes, Jenna and Angela have been rockin’ it with their Office Ladies podcast and look forward every week to new shows released on Wednesdays. It’s so entertaining and love the guests they’ve had on, whether through a phone call or a live studio visit. According to their Instagram accounts they’ve set up at-home accessibility so they can continue recording new episodes without skipping a beat during this unpredictable
    time. So glad they’ve been doing this show !!
    Take care and be well !!

  2. I am loving this podcast so much! It is bringing so much nostalgia for me! It has also made me think of Officetally and how happy I was to have this website back when the series was airing (I found the Office in season 4 and Officetally not long after that). There have even been a couple of behind the scenes things that the ladies have mentioned on the podcast that I remembered because of behind the scenes info that had been posted on here before. Tanster, thanks again for all of the wonderful content you posted here back in the good old days! This really was THE website for Office fanatics. :)

    Also, I was listening to a bunch of episodes of the podcast the other other day because I was behind on them, so I don’t remember which one it was in but Jenna and Angela mentioned something about Officetally when they were doing research about the episode they were talking about.

  3. Thank you so much for the kind words, Teresa! I look back at that time with so much love and affection for the show and all of you. 💖

  4. I’ve listened to all of them up to date and THEY SURE DO!!! They mention Office Tally just off-the-cuff, like “everyone knows what that is”,… so fun! And I was glad I already knew about OT or I soooo would have gone looking!

    They also mention Northern Attack and one other I’m not familiar with.

    [from tanster: that is wonderful, thanks for coming by! ❤️ those ladies.]

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