‘The Job’ airs tonight ten minutes early

I’ve gotten a few reports that ‘The Job’ is airing ten minutes early tonight, 8:50pm instead of 9pm. NBC.com is also listing the start time as 8:50pm.

Additional footage at the end! Woo-hoo!

Tipsters: Andrew, Jim Mosby


  1. Ahh, no wonder I missed Michael early for the interview and Big Haircut. They actually seem to be cutting quite a bit to have room for all the NBC promos of new shows. Good thing I have the DVD.

  2. I’d imagine they just wanted 10 more minutes of ad time.

    Awful too, all the commercials were brutal on the pacing of the episode.

  3. I just noticed tonight as I was watching ‘The Job’. You can see palm trees in the background of all of the car rides.

    I just thought that was funny. :)

  4. It’s ten minutes early, because they did the summer update at the end, with a new scene with Kelly and Toby at the end.

  5. they showed the “summer vacation” clip at the end. it also had a little kelly/toby footage i hadn’t seen before!

  6. NBC played the Office Summer Vacation with a new Toby TH and Kelly TH of her laying under her desk. SO funny.

  7. Hey West Coasters! Stay tuned for the “Summer Vacation” promo at the end of “The Job”. The end is slightly different from the version on YouTube and it is hilarious!

  8. They just aired the Summer vacation promo after the show aired, and they changed Kelly’s TH, and added one of Toby. Its pretty hilarious.

  9. Played the Summer Vacation clips, but there were new ones of Toby and Kelly. I love Toby, for serious.

  10. I think they started early in order to show the “summer vacation” promos and they were a little different than the ones online.

  11. At the end they aired the Summer Vacation video…with everyone…and Kelly’s was different. One more week!

  12. Fun to watch, as always! I was disappointed that there was no new footage, aside from Kelly crying under her desk and Toby’s joy of her being unable to speak. I guess they are keeping tight lipped about next week.

  13. Just got an e-mail from Ryan. It made my heart leap to see “Ryan Howard” in my inbox. I need to get out more.

  14. For serious Ryan, the paper industry is a dying business no matter how you slice it. Unless you invented some “office supply-fueled” car, you will never be bigger than Exxon.

    With that said, I am excited to join the DM team.

  15. I got my email…hilarious.

    Dunder Mifflin Infinity is a unique opportunity. We are committed to excellence. Stay with us long enough and you’ll want to be committed, too.

  16. Ahh! They showed a new clip after the Job of another installment of what The Office did on their summer vacation, did anyone see it??

    Too funny. I love Toby’s little evil/completely happy smile. haha

  17. we need some new footage for next week! and the email from ryan was great, especially since it popped up just as the summer vacation clip was ending. just one more week!

  18. Could anyone describe the new scenes? I didn’t watch, not knowing there would be new footage!

  19. oh no! i turned it off early cause i didn’t know there was any new footage! youtube maybe?

  20. The footage was the same promo we’ve seen about what everyone on The Office did on their summer vacation. There were a few changes, though. Kelly is shown crying under her desk and Toby grins when he says Kelly can’t even talk because she’s so upset about Ryan.

  21. That last bit with Kelly and Toby was just… I don’t know how to explain it. It was just brilliant.

    And there was a nifty little advertisement for the Dunder Mifflin Infinity website at the end.

    Now, time to wait for the premiere! (Which will kill me.)

  22. First time tipster! Woohoo!

    I couldn’t bring myself to watch it with the commercials, and since I figured the new footage was on the DVD’s, I just watched those.

    Is the Kelly-Toby scene online?

  23. Correct me if I’m wrong, but I thought there was a new Pam TH when Dwight wanted everyone in the conference room for his lecture “in 10 seconds!” — and then it went to a Pam TH where she said she was really excited to see what Dwight had in store for them and then how much she wished Jim was there. Was this in the deleted scenes or was this brand new footage? I don’t remember that being in the original. Anyone else?

  24. I missed the episode last night, too. Darn it. I wish I had visited Office Tally again just before I left from work. (Sigh). Maybe someone will post the new scenes later?

  25. hi, courtesy of the good folks over at Office Livejournal, the Summer Vacation promo with the new clips can be found here

  26. As far as I know there was nothing added last night; it just started early to make time for more commercials (ugh) and the summer vacation promo.

  27. So I missed tonight’s episode? What this about a Kelly/Toby scene. I don’t remember that on the DVD deleted scenes? So was this a new one? Or we talking about the summer vacation thing? Will that be online??

  28. The extra scene was not in the episode but rather in the 2 minute “What the Office did during the Summer” promo. Instead of Kelly saying Ryan was a virgin, she refuses to talk because of the break-up and Toby can barely contain the smile he gets from her silent misery.

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