The Office: Business School, 3.17

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The Office Business School

Writer: Brent Forrester, Director: Joss Whedon

Summary (NBC): Ryan invites Michael to speak at his business school. Dwight battles a bat that gets loose in the office. Pam invites co-workers to her first art show.

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Ryan: If you bring your boss to class, it automatically bumps you up a full letter grade. So … I’d be stupid not to do it, right?

Michael: A boss is like a teacher. And I am like the cool teacher. Like Mr. Handell. Mr. Handell would hang out with us. And he would tell us awesome jokes. And he actually hooked up with one of the students. Um, and then like twelve other kids came forward. It was in all the papers. Really ruined eighth grade for us.

Michael: What’s the most inspiring thing I ever said to you?
Dwight: “Don’t be an idiot.” Changed my life.

Dwight: Whenever I’m about to do something, I think, “Would an idiot do that?” And if they would, I do not do that thing.

Michael: Will they throw their hats, you think?
Ryan: What?
Michael: A lot of times, at a school, or naval academy, after a rousing speech, the crowd would throw its hats high into the air.
Ryan: You understand nobody’s graduating?

Michael: May your hats fly as high as your dreams.

Michael: Relax, spazzy boy.

Pam: I’m really happy to be back with Roy. I think it shows maturity. Maturity and dignity. Is that braggy? I don’t mean it to be braggy.

Jim: Pam’s with Roy. I’m with Karen. And Brangelina is with Frangelina. Moving on.

Kelly: I can’t believe you’re back together with Roy!
Pam: Oh yeah! We have such a solid foundation, you know.
Kelly: Oh my god. You’re so in love now.

Michael: Campus. Brings back so many memories. That I would have made.

Michael: What do you say we get our Fris on before class?

Dwight: Oh my god. Animal stool.

Pam: Dwight, what are you doing?
Dwight: Solving a mystery, if that’s quite all right with you.

Toby: The simple solution would be to open a window. If we had windows that could open.

Angela: Poop is raining from the ceilings. Poop!

Jim: I feel so … tingly. So strangely powerful.

Michael: You cannot learn from books. Replace these pages with life lessons. And then you will have a book that is worth its weight in gold. I know these are expensive. But the lesson is priceless.

Michael: There are four kinds of business. Tourism. Food service. Railroads. And sales. And hospitals/manufacturing. And air travel.

Karen: But Jim, this garlic bread is cold.

Dwight: One crisis at a time.

Dwight: If a vampire bat was in the U.S., it would make sense for it to come to a “-sylvania.” Like Penn-sylvania. Now that doesn’t mean that Jim is going to become a vampire. Only that he carries the vampiric germ.

Michael: You need something to sell. Now this could be anything. It could be a thingamajig. Or a whosi-whatsi. Or … a “Whatchamacallit.” Now, you need to sell those in order to have a “PayDay.” And, if you sell enough of them, you will make a “100 Grand.” Satisfied?

Toby: Well, it’s important to support local art, you know. And what they do is not art.

Michael: The more stickers you sell, the more profit — fancy word for money — you have to buy PlayStations and Beanie Babies.

Michael: We can’t overestimate the value of computers. Yes, they are great for playing games and forwarding funny emails. But real business is done on paper, okay?

Karen: Hey Jim, here’s the aspirin you wanted.
Jim: Oh thank god. I have such a headache from the glare.
Karen: What glare?
Jim: The glare off Angela’s crucifix? — it’s blinding.

Dwight: I don’t have a lot of experience with vampires. But I have hunted werewolves. I shot one once, but by the time I got to it, it had turned back into my neighbor’s dog.

Dwight: Extraordinary events call for extraordinary actions.
Dwight: We form an allegiance …
Creed: Sure.
Dwight: … to use sudden violence.
Creed: Okay.
Dwight: Do you have the tools to turn a wooden mop handle into a stake?
Creed: What size?

Kelly: You better not hurt that little bat.
Creed: Animals can’t feel pain.
Kelly: Don’t hurt that bat, Creed! It’s a living thing with feelings and a family!

Kelly: Kill it kill it kill it!

Kevin: I … am a hero.

Michael: Yeah sure, you know business. Sitting up here in your ivory tower. And your ebony tower.

Michael: David will always beat Goliath.

Michael: You know what else is facing five Goliaths? America. Al-Qaeda. Global warming. Sex predators. Mercury poisoning. So do we just give up?

Michael: Ryan has never made a sale. And he started a fire trying to make a cheesy pita. And everybody thinks he’s a tease. Well you know what? He doesn’t know anything, and neither do you. So suck on that!

Ryan: It wasn’t personal.
Michael: Business is always personal. It’s the most personal thing in the world.

Creed: Good night, Mary Beth!

Jim: I’m going to go home and lie down. Draw the shades. There’s just so much sun in here. Bye, Dwight.
Dwight: Goodbye, Jim. And good luck.

Dwight: Jim is on a path now. An eternal journey. And I wish him well. But I have a destiny in this realm. Specifically, in the kitchen.

Roy: How ’bout this, huh? I show up with my brother, and no one from work is here. That’s pretty cool, huh?

Dwight: You’re welcome.

Roy: Your art was the prettiest art of all the art.

Michael: Fire you? No no no. You are moving to the annex.
Ryan: To the annex? Where Kelly is?

Michael: A good manager doesn’t fire people. He hires people and inspires people. People, Ryan. And people will never go out of business.

Gil: Real art takes courage, okay? And honesty.
Oscar: Well, those aren’t Pam’s strong points.
Gil: Yeah, exactly. That’s why this is motel art.

Michael: Pam-casso. Sorry I’m late.

Michael: You did these freehand?
Pam: Yep.
Michael: My god, these could be tracings!

Michael: I am really proud of you.
Pam: Thank you.
Michael: What?
Pam: Do you have something in your pocket?
Michael: A Chunky. Do you want half?

Michael: It is a message. It is an inspiration. It is a source of beauty. And without paper, it could not have happened. Unless you had a camera.

Kelly: Oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god, oh my god …
Ryan: It’s only temporary, okay? Don’t get excited.
Kelly: I won’t, I won’t, I won’t, I won’t, I won’t, I won’t, I won’t, I won’t, I won’t, I won’t, I won’t, I won’t …

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  1. i am so disapointed with jim .. i cant believe he didnt go to pams art show! and poor pam!!!

  2. Awesome!! I loved this episode–a return to form (from a very brief departure) that was a pleasure.
    Very mad at Jim for skipping the art show.
    Fabulous episode!

  3. AWESOME!!

    Does this mean Jim will get his old desk back?
    After hearing Gill, will Pam let her emotions out?

  4. This season’s “The Injury”. VERY high on the laugh factor and no JAM

    Fantastic episode

  5. It sure didn’t take Roy long to fall back into his old ways. I also find it odd that we didn’t see Pam invite Jim directly to her art show – seems to me like the sort of scene that would have moved the plot along a lot.

  6. My favorite of the new year.

    The emotion was amazing. I love when Michael comes through when we need him.

    “Courage and Honesty” — exactly what Pam needs!

    Loved it!

  7. I felt so sorry for Pam at that art show! I used to really like Oscar, but now I think I hate him.

  8. well if you noticed Pam didnt exactly invite him yet it seemed like she was inviting everyone else.

    Also Roy/Pam dosnt seem like it will last long, good game Roy repear ur first date then be as transparent as possible about wanting sex lol

  9. The Michael and Pam scene was surprisingly sweet.

    “Do you have something in your pocket?”

  10. Finally a REALLY GOOD episode.
    So many great revelations.
    Plus we finally got to see Creed and Meredith.

  11. How awesome was Michael this week? He really is a good person, he just tries too hard. And I think Pam is having doubts about reconnecting with Roy. It was pretty obvious.

  12. Great episode!
    Jim and karen didnt bother me.
    Pam was cute and i felt so much for her she was so cute!
    Michael was hilarious as was dwight (and Creed)
    Angela and Kelly cracked me up.
    I was screaming at the ending “Jim, Jim, Jim”
    but no it was michael…
    OH well good show!

  13. So, the Michael/Pam moment basically made me cry. I threw my shoe at the screen when Pam said that she and Roy were back together, but I feel that the episode mostly redeemed itself.

    And boy am I glad that Roy finally revealed that he’s still the dick that he used to be by leaving early.

    (And I know people are going to complain about Jim not going to her art show, but I definitely think it was a good move by the writers.)

  14. Alot funnier – but Jim SUCKS!! I am so p’d right now….and where was the “Jim” inspired art – I didnt see anything. JAM is so frustrating!!

  15. yes! Does that mean Jim is going to move back to the old desk…that can change everything!

    This was a perfect example of how The Office can work without JAM (even though I’m the biggest JAM fan ever). There was emotion and heart and growth and it had nothing to do with making out.

  16. What’s odd to me is how quickly they blew the possibility of her staying with Roy this time. I’m surprised they didn’t string it along a bit more.

  17. I really, really, really hope, Pam realizes that Roy is the stupidest guy in the world.

    Do you have something in your pocket?

  18. great episode. i totally understand pam going back to roy. he was there for her during the wedding. he’s safe, he is what she knows and it’s been hard for her venturing out into the unknown.

    michael just showed why he’s needed in the office and why steve carell is essential the the cast.

    roy is trying so hard it hurts, but you can’t blame him.

    i wish ugly betty didn’t run the same time as this because both are great shows.

    and ryan, have fun with kelly in the annex.

    loved it!

  19. Great episode. Though I am on Team Karen, I was pretty shocked that Jim didn’t go to the art show. Someone’s hiding pent up frustration. Though the whole vampire act was hilarious.

    I didn’t think Ryan was going to be fired, but I did not see the punishment that he got. Wow, a fate worse than death.

    Finally, who else thought that the Pam-Michael hug was hilarious. The candy bar line was predictable but nonetheless fitting. I’d pray I had a candy bar to use a diversion if Pam hugged me.

  20. So here’s what we learned tonight:

    -Toby probably isn’t a very good father. (“Someone will tape it.” HAHAHAHA!!!!)
    -Meredith had a very, very, very bad day.
    -Creed is even creepier than we could have possibly imagined.
    -Roy’s trying way too hard.
    -As mean as Gil’s comment was about Pam, it’s true. Very very very true. I hope Pam listens.
    -Jim is a small person. Very small.
    -Michael is a good person, with a great heart. He nearly broke mine tonight.
    -Michael punished Ryan more than he can possibly imagine. I hope Ryan becomes a decent human being again and it was good to see him get taken down a peg.

    I really think that Jim was punishing Pam for getting back with Roy. She is supposedly his best friend. He pushed her toward that graphic design internship and told her to take a chance on something. Very hypocritical not to come to her art show and support her.

    I also love how Michael can act like a complete tool for 5 or 6 episodes, but suddenly, he pulls us back on his side again. Love him.

  21. I thought this ep did a great job revealing more about characters. We got extra depth from Pam, Ryan, and especially Michael, we saw that Karen’s help in a prank is not as seamless as Pam’s assistance (I thought she seemed a bit forced), and we got to see that Roy still has those old true colors buried under his seemingly-fuzzy veneer. I also cringed the whole time Dwight held that bag over poor Meredith’s head.
    Awesome work this week!

  22. Chelsea: He tried, but in the end it seemed like he threw her under the bus to agree with Gil.

  23. Awesome episode.

    Michael was funny and showed great character in defense of paper. I liked him putting down Ryan, because even though Ryan is funny, his cockiness gets to me sometimes. Plus, he had a great moment with Pam at the end.

    I like how it’s showing Pam seeing through Roy’s fakeness. I thought it was interesting how Roy brought his brother, because if you remember, the last time an outing with him and his brother was mentioned was when they forgot Pam at the hockey game, certainly a bad memory of their relationship.

    Great episode, I just wish Jim would have showed up. Seriously though, given the situation, who can blame him for not going?

  24. I think I was okay that there were no JAM moments and I was also okay with Jim and Karen finally showing some kind of connection. But I do hope that Jim becomes likable again.

  25. 37 | Callan Pam didnt even offer him a invitation, two way street now days in the world of Jam

    35 | snowballa roy trying to hard? yeah to get laid lol and he is bad at it…. trying that is :P

  26. That broke my heart, I just ate the biggest bowl of ice cream. I HATE Roy, go away Roy! I need Jam! Ok, Michael making an ass of himself as the guest speaker was great, but the art show almost made me cry!

  27. Notice Pam in the “Artsy Fartsy” clothes-as Roy said in Booze Cruise-totally slipping backwards. It’s what she knows and feels comfortable with. She knows Roy wants to be with her and they have a “strong foundation”. I felt for her this week. Trying to grow but at the same time not.

  28. I agree with most everyone. Although I am a huge Jam fan, this episode was subtle and sweet. I think Jim’s absence will do more for the plot than if he had showed up.

  29. Oh My! Poor Pam!

    I have to say that i loved Angela’s poop line! Great! And the prank was awesome too! I love Jim, but where the heck was he when Pam was having an art show? I suppose she didnt invite him. I hate Roy…you can tell that Pam isnt really happy with him. I was about to cry when Michael showed up and she hugged him. It looked like she really needed someone there. And then he hung her picture! I love that!

    I think this has been the best episode so far. Great laughs, intense moments (cringing when Roy was ever in the picture)..and a good storyline for the next episode. The cast and crew should be proud!

    But….I was a but jealous that Karen was in on the prank…Pam wasnt even considered. I guess that’s what happens when she goes back to Roy.

    Oh yeah, and will Jim get his old desk back???I hope so!

  30. Wow. This episode was great. Not very dramatic like with the whole JAM stuff, which was good. I laughed out loud so many times. Especially the Creed moments. Gotta love him.

    But what gets me a little frustrated is that it seems like they’re just taking everything back to seasons 1 and 2. Pam is with Roy. Jim still likes her. Pam has a thing for Jim too. Exactly like last season.

    Oh well, I still love the show no matter what!

  31. Gorfy, she handed out flyers to the office. Just because we didn’t see her personally hand deliver the invitation, doesn’t mean she didn’t do it.

  32. as much as i hate roy yadda yadda, i’m glad they got back together, because the storyline would be hard to progress without that and keep up for a whole other season at least. jim and karen will inevitably break up and then it would just be a stalemate with nothing happening.

    maybe now as the plot drudges back towards the second season, so will the humor.

    this was such a sad episode. meehee.

  33. Also: How funny is it that Michael named Kelly’s space ‘the Annex?’ That’s kind of brilliant.

  34. Loved 2 of first 4 talking heads….gee take a guess which ones they were. And from two people I dont usually care for. And Angela’s stop/drop/roll LOL

    Michael is a moron, but he didnt go overboard. Just the right amount of the Scott touch.

    NOW all of a sudden Karen as TIME for Jim’s pranks!? WHATEVER.

    Awww…I loved the Michael and Pam moment.

    WT!?!? Was that crap Roy was spewing!?

  35. sorry to write again, but for everyone saying they miss the old jim, can you blame him for not showing. pam has gone back to roy. it’s the same thing. why would anyone want to be a punching bag for someone else? why would jim knowingly put himself through the pain when he could (momentarily) get lost with karen. showing up to the art thing would just make him upset and even though pam is a good friend of his (no longer his best friend, really), he is putting himself first, which jim has not done ever.

  36. She was almost in tears. He didn’t go. Trust me, if he was the only one who had showed up, she would have been happier than if 50 people showed up.

  37. He didn’t show up.

    How could he not show up? Even if she’s back with Roy, they are supposed to be friends.

    I can’t believe he didn’t show up.

  38. I was thinking they would turn Michael into uber-buffoon again like he was at Phyllis’ wedding. But he was awesome tonight. Ryan was put in his place in front of his business school peers. Jim nearly got a stake through the heart (interesting analogy) and Meredith and Dwight’s scene was HILARIOUS. As for Pam I’m surprised she didn’t get more office support. I felt so bad for her. And Roy was Roy again…excellent episode…back to what I watch it for.

    Maybe I’m tired, but why exactly did Michael put Ryan in the annex? Is he removing him from his sales position to customer service?

  39. Roy and Pam will not last. Jim and Karen don’t have the same connection. Karen is LAME at practical jokes. I love Dwight, and Ryan deserves to sit with Kelly, lol. I really feel for Pam. I’m an artist, and if I had a show, I would be totally petrified that nobody would show. Her work wasn’t bad either!

  40. I think its alright that Jim didn’t come to her art show. He has no obligation to. I just enjoy season 1 and season 2 Jim. This Jim is just different.

  41. I just love Michael. He’s so clueless, but he’s also really wise, because he knows in the business world, sales are what counts. I absolutely loved how he got even with Ryan for embarrassing him in front of the class.

  42. It’s true – Jim didn’t go. You could tell by Pam’s reaction. And while it’s sad, I don’t understand why people are getting all upset with Jim for not going. Can you blame him? Whether he’s dating Karen or not, Pam still has gone back out with Roy (for the time being, anyhow), and that’s a slap in the face that he can’t handle. It sucks, but I know exactly where he’s coming from.

    And Michael was spot-on tonight. His performance ran the gamut from attempted profundity (“the ‘5’ Goliaths”) to poignant observations (“people never go out of business”).

    Brilliant stuff.

  43. Fantastic episode! It was great to see something from everyone – even if it was just one or two lines (ie, Stanley: “I’m leaving.” OR Kevin: “I. am. a. hero.”).

    39/ comment was spot on: Karen and Jim don’t work as well together pulling pranks as Pam and Jim. But, I’m glad Jim didn’t go to the show (if he was even invited).

    And Toby! He always has some of the best lines — loved the one about somebody taping his daughter’s play because really, what she does isn’t art. Bwahahaha!

  44. Wow, I honestly didn’t think Pam would go back with Roy. That thought never entered my mind so it was such as shock to me to see them back together. My favourite part was at the end when Michael showed up at Pam’s art show. He was so sweet. =D I was also disappointed that Jim didn’t show up. I still have high hopes for JAM!!

  45. I love how Michael wasn’t even consciously TRYING to make Pam feel better, he was just saying what he really thought. So sweet it made me cry.

    But yeah, what’s up with Jim’s absence?! I mean, she’s with Roy, he’s with Karen, but that doesn’t mean they stop being friends. And he must have known she’d be nervous for something like that. As her FRIEND, he should have been there to support her!

  46. And ditto about taking down too-big-for-his-britches Ryan (“Ryan has never made a sale. And he started a fire…trying to make a cheesy pita”).

  47. Would Ryan really still be employed after making zero sales in about 6 months? What exactly is he bringing to the company, especially a company that just downsized?

  48. Mae: Ryan’s unpacking his stuff and Kelly’s overly excited.

    Kelly: Omigod, omigod, etc.
    Ryan: It’s just temporary. Don’t get too excited.
    Kelly: I won’t. I won’t…I won’t, I won’t, ad nauseum.

  49. Loved this episode. Especially because I have had a huge roach and mice running loose in my office and it was funny to see how everyone freaked out. I thought I would die when Meredith had that bag on her head. If that doesn’t drive her to drink I don’t know what will.

    It was disappointing that Jim didn’t show up at the art show, but maybe it is better in the long run for Pam to realize what she wants on her own. Gil’s message about needing to find courage and strength (was that exactly what he said?) hurts, but is so true. Plus I think it was nice that Pam got to experience something authentic with Michael. Jim has seen that side of him and now Pam
    has too.

  50. Jim and Pam were never “friends,” and they’re certainly not friends now. Their pseudo-friendship before was nothing more than a work relationship disguising romantic feelings, and now…well, that’s gone.

  51. did anyone notice the naval academy shoutout michael made in ryan’s car? does anyone know why he said that, is there a naval academy graduate that works for the show? just curious coz i happen to be a student there now.

  52. I really don’t like Ryan, because he thinks he’s so much smarter than everyone else, yet he’s too stupid to realize that if he were actually that much smarter than the rest of the Dunder Mifflin employees, he’d be working somewhere better.

  53. I thought this episode was hilarious!!

    However, while I know it’s essential for plot and characterization for Ryan to be the vague, uncommitted/unenthusiastic worker, I’m really starting to dislike his constant putting down of Dunder Mifflin and Michael. He’s an actual worker there now, and if he can’t appreciate and respect his own position or his co-workers no less, then he deserves for Michael to really fire him. Michael said it right in defending how he can’t make a sale. Ryan can master the theoretical model of business, but his personality can’t qualify him to apply it effectively. Michael’s “punishment” in putting him with Kelly was a brilliant maneuver. :) Kelly’s silly, but Ryan needs to be broken down and loosened up a little.

    I loved Pam’s art show and the fact Michael, while being inappropriate much of time, has the ability to speak with such a genuine tone of goodness without even knowing it.

    Jim’s Angel impressions . . . . I couldn’t have laughed harder!! I miss “Angel” so . . . what a great addition. I wasn’t always happy with where Joss Whedon took the Buffy and Angel shows, but I really did love his own personal quirks being made present in the show.

    Overall, a great episode. I’m feeling the catharsis.

  54. Amazing. Simply amazing. As usual, Roy is putting on an act to win Pam back. I felt so bad for her at the art show, and I was surprised Oscar was so insensitive, although it was mostly his partner being mean. I did expect Jim to show up, they really threw us for a loop bringing Michael in. He really redeemed himself here, and Pam really appreciated him being proud of her… probably my favorite scene since the Pam/Dwight scene a while back.

  55. Wow I loved this ep.
    Michael flipped and had a touching moment with Pam.
    JAM has died (just a little) and therefore so have I.

    Pam = I hate her
    Karen = Bad actress (Karen, not Rashida)
    Michael = A bit of everything

  56. I’m just glad Old Roy came back, even for a moment, to show us that there is light at the end of this tunnel for JAM. Not that we didn’t know it already…

  57. Wow. I can’t believe how disappointed I was with the quality of this episode. Another angsty, no laughs, kind of boring episode. I don’t know how many more of these I have in me.

  58. I love the idea that people have put out there about Jim moving back to his old desk. the desk politics on the show are great. I think there should be lots of great moments with Ryan and Kelly in the new location and also Jim stuck between Karen and Pam. I know he is between them now, but at his old desk he will have to choose who to look at. Now he is forced to look at Karen all the time. Could be awkward.

  59. 1. the JAM-shipper in me has died. bye bye.
    2. yay for angela’s “poop” lines!
    3. karen, you suck at pranks
    4. roy, you suck at leaning on things
    5. ryan sucks at everything
    6. yay for michael coming to pam’s rescue!

    the show’s not my favorite anymore.. i’m sorry.. i think i’m gonna be watching ugly betty instead.. cuz their love triangle (though an obvious steal off of the office) actually moves forward! imagine that!

  60. No laughs?
    Dwight looking up vampires online.
    Jim pretending he was a vampire.
    Angela rolling around on the floor.
    Meredith’s head caught in a trash bag with a bat.
    THAT is pure gold…I authenticated it myself.

  61. Meredith in the bag with the bat! I could barely look! That was great.
    Also, they didn’t even talk! I need JAM communication every episode. Pam, please dump that doufus and seduce Jim!

  62. I really want to see Pam’s art after this episode. I hope they show it 2 us. It’d be great if she let loose and let us all see what’s in her. I think Pam and Roy will probly be over in a couple of episodes maybe 3 or 4, after that Jim and Karen will be over. The season finale will be all about the JAM!!!! Cross fingers!!! :)

  63. So typical to be mad that things didn’t work out (YET) with Jim and Pam. For one thing, things don’t happen exactly the way we want them to in real life, that’s what I always liked about it. Why doesn’t everyone just be cool about it for a little while and just enjoy the show rather than getting mad or upset that they haven’t gotten together yet.

  64. i can’t believe jim didn’t go to pam’s art show.
    that was low on his part.
    and roy is still an inconsiderate jackass.
    pam’s just going back to her crap shit life.

    and oscar’s boyfriend was kind of right about her art AND it kind of seemed like he was talking about how she should manage her life.

  65. 80 | Callan my point way back lol was that just because we didnt see it dosnt mean it didnt happen, the same can be said about not seeing something and assuming it happened.

    If pam did give Jim an invitation why would they show it? it would put more heat on Jim, make Pam more likeable as well as move the story along, the assumption at the moment is she didnt give him an invite… in my opinion that is

  66. I love JAM alot, but to give it up over just that?
    this show is an ENSEMBLE. it’s not just about those two.
    I admit, they’re what attracted me to the show, but I’ve grown to love everyone else equally.

    tonight’s episode was win. I didn’t even care for no jam, even though I was a little mad (but not really shocked) that jim didn’t show up. michael and pam hugging was one of the sweetest moments ever.

    and now I’m watching the oc.

  67. The episode as a whole was fantastic. One major improvement I saw was the editing was sharper and the show flowed much better than the previous episodes.

    Even though I’m disapointed as a Jim/Pam fan, they are only one aspect of the show for me. If I was only watching for them, I’d probably have given up by now.

    But I’m not. I love that Michael has such a good heart when he doesn’t try so hard. I love Dwight and Jim. I love Meredith and Creed getting lines. I love Pam Beesly more than any character on tv. My heart just broke wide open for her. Jenna Fischer is incredible incredible incredible.

    Loved the show tonight. Will watch for my Jim and Pam crumb next week, like always :)

  68. Good point gymgirl, I hadn’t thought about Jim now having to CHOOSE between Pam and Karen for his line of sight, that could cause serious problems for him, knowing how quickly Karen gets jealous. But I’m glad that Jim will be moving back to his old desk (at least he better be). I wish Michael would have demoted Ryan back to a temp too(if that’s even possible), but sticking him with Kelly will be more than enough punishment, and laughs for us all.

  69. “roy, you suck at leaning on things.” haha!!!

    Yeah JAM sorta died in this episode. It actually feels refreshing… Oh I hope the writers know what they are doing.

    Watching Jim put his coat over is head totally reminded me of “Buffy” and “Angel.”

    I could not stop laughing when Michael called Ryan a tease. HAHA.

    Who cringed when Michael started ripping the pages out of the student’s book? I DID!

  70. After this episode, I will have to offically declaire Pam as The Office idiot if she is still with Roy by the next episode. “I think your art was the prettiest art out of all of the art.”? Puh-leez. How can you not see through that? And what he said about how awesome it was that none of her office mates were there? Yeah, he knows women REALLY well. What a clueless idiot.
    As for Jim? He needs to grow a pair, stop acting like he isn’t and love with Pam and stop leading Karen on. Karen is nice and she doesn’t deserve his crap. He’s trying to replace Pam with Karen–literally. The prank? WTF. I get that he’s already been rejected by Pam but come on, did you think she was going to leave her boyfriend/fiance of 10 years in a split second. He needs to start paying attention to Pam. Anyone who is would she that she’s depressed.

  71. honestly, I think that this episode gave me a little bit more hope as far as the JAM situation goes. You can see that Roy is returning to his former ways,(bringing his brother, leaving early). That gives me hope that PAm will see that he is still exactly the same and was just trying to get a little action from Pam( if you know what I mean). I think that something semi major will happen between either Pam and Jim or Jim and Karen. However, Gil did hit the nail on the head when he said that brvery was not Pam’s strongpoint. I don’t know if Pam will come to her sensesor it will take someone else to help her see what is really going on, i.e. Jim ;)

  72. hmm.. i wanna actually point out one thing: i don’t care if they’re taking their time with jim and pam, that’s fine.. because really, that’s not the focus of the show. i just think it’s really sad that pam’s character can’t seem to move forward at all.. of course, this is probably the reaction they want from me.. kinda tired of pitying her… and i’m kinda agreeing with gil!

  73. I agree that all of this RAM and JAREN will come to a head next week. Between Jim and Karen going to a party and an episode titled “Cocktails,” how CAN’T something happen?

  74. Sorry, I just thought it was boring. I actually got up and did something else (cleaned) and left it on in the background. That has NEVEr happened. Not since day one. And, I could give a poop about Jim and Pam. I just thought it wasn’t very funny. Stanley’s “I’m outta here” made me laugh, and Angela saying “Poop” in a really digusted way, and Kelly’s reaction at the end were honestly the only things I thought were funny at ALL.

  75. Wow. As usual, tonight’s episode “left me smiling and satisfied,” but some of the comments here are leaving me frustrated and disappointed.

    This episode was brilliant! It had everything. Humor and heart. Good acting and great writing.

    But it seems that some people have decided to despise every episode of The Office that doesn’t have Jim and Pam confessing their true love and making out. (Of course, little do those same people realize that that moment means the end of the series.)

    If you’re looking for a cheap, fake little soap opera, watch something else. Watch anything else. There’s plenty of that drivel on every other station.

    The Office is so much more than JAM. It’s sad that some people just can’t see that.

  76. I always get online way too late to do anything but echo everyone else.

    After a couple of weeks of mild disappointment (and i mean mild, i still liked the last two) this was a great episode. Pam and Michael together always seems to work beautifully. The writer’s did a wonderful job of getting us all on the edge of our seats waiting for Jim to show up…then disappointing us with Michael….then making Michael so lovable we were happy again. Wonderful little roller coaster ride there! Loved the comedy, loved the emotional side…loved it all.

  77. Thank you Zorro… you’ve always been a hero to the people.. and once again, you’re a hero to me.

  78. I found this episode to be very satisfying and glad they incorporated almost all of the characters. I’ll be sad when they bring back that “anger-management” character. I don’t like him. And the character of Karen is kind of annoying, going along with Jim’s antics. I didn’t believe it ’cause she was too Pam-like.
    Totally realistic that Jim has no desire to even acknowledge Pam — after what she did last week (leaving with Roy), I buy it. All in all, great episode — and the end?! So funny!

  79. Each week the show is an emotional rollercoaster.
    They love to do this to us-suck us in to see what will happen. Hang in there everyone!

  80. Like Lynda said, I could care less about “JAM.” I just want to laugh and this episode was SO trite and stupid that I didn’t think it was funny. I think the ratings on this week’s show are gonna tank. But, everyone’s entitled to their opinions, I guess, and it seems like some people thought it was good, so what do I know?

  81. I loved how even though Pam is back with Roy, you can tell that she doesn’t love him or really like him that way anymore (see: Pam’s reactions when: Kelly says Pam is now in love, Roy wants her to come back to his place after the show, Roy self-promotes how he showed up (with his brother who both left her at a high school hockey game) and no one else from the office did. Roy is the rebound guy from his own relationship…ouch

  82. I really did think that her art was kind of bad. I’m in high school and half the people in my art class do better work than that.

  83. I thought Pam’s art was kinda simple. Good, but simple. I thought it showed that all she really has is Dunder Mifflin–the building, the stapler, a coffee mug…
    Poor Pam.

  84. The point of her art was that it wasn’t great. Gil wasn’t lying when he said what he said — he just put it in such a mean way. Her art just reflected her personality, very conservative and almost shy.

  85. By the way, I know that people have mentioned this already, but I just have to say again how absolutely brilliant the writers are. Had they been average writers, writers who felt it necessary to cave in to what (some) fans want, Jim and Pam would already have gotten together and The Office would be dying the slow, painful death that Friends did. Once the romantic tension is broken, it’s impossible to recover it.

    But the writers have continued–enhanced even–the tension by taking the plot full circle. Jim is back at his desk. Pam is back with Roy. Roy is back to being a jerk. It’s brilliant. It’s a story arc written in an almost classical/epic way.

    Please don’t doubt the writers because JAM isn’t happening on your schedule. Enjoy the ride–it’s worth it.

  86. I think Pam’s sketches in past episodes (like the building she sketched during “Boys and Girls”) are much better than these watercolors.

  87. Zorro,

    Totally agree. I may be disappointed by Pam or Jim’s actions from week to week, but I’m along for the ride. We wouldn’t love this show if the cookie-cutter, fairy tale ending we want happened already.

    All good things come to those who wait.

  88. Please don’t interpret my last post to mean that Friends is comparable to The Office.

    It isn’t

    Not even close.

  89. Very solid episode. Loved Michael at B-School and Dwight’s fight against the bat.

    Courage and honesty is pretty much what most of us have been saying Pam needed and I’m glad she was clubbed over the head with that. I felt sorry for her, but she needs to take control of her life more. Glad she realized Roy for the phoney he was. He was pretty pathetic tonight. Was Jim even invited to the art show? The writers probably avoided that on purpose so Pam could have her Oscar-inspired epiphany on her own. With Ryan demoted Jim can have his old seat back, which may come in handy by the end of the season. If Pam finds some courage and honesty we may have progress on the Jim/Pam front by the end of the season after all.

  90. This isn’t really office related, but why do people hate Friends so much? It was a regular sitcom and I think thats okay. But I do agree that The Office isn’t your average sitcom (so no comments hating me please) :)

  91. Stephanie,

    I don’t hate Friends. I watch it quite a bit.

    But as you said, it’s in a different category entirely.

    I just am afraid that some people wish The Office was more like Friends.

  92. Of course not, but Zorro you were right. Watch a first season episode of Friends. It’s sharp, it’s witty, it was cutting-edge at the time. Once they caved to viewer demands, the show became a skeleton of what it once was. The same jokes were repeated over and over, the plots were thin. It was the Ross and Rachel show. I don’t want to see that happen to The Office.

  93. It would have been great if Pam had painted the tea pot Jim gave her during the Christmas episode during season 2.

  94. 127 | Callan hell it even almost became the joey and rachel show, I mean lol wtf? friends was great until season 6 then it became to much of a soap opera and was to all over the place

  95. Sorry zorro when I posted my comment 125 I hadn’t seen that you posted a comment saying that you aren’t comparing The Office to Friends. By that time it was too late to back track so I’m doing it now. I hope thats not too confusing.

  96. I think the next episode won’t have an jam action either. Jim’s gonna be @ that thing w/Karen. Pam will probly be breaking it off w/ Roy when everyone goes out 2 get drinks.

  97. On a better note, I am very impressed with Michael’s behavior AT THE END OF THE EPISODE. Go Mike!

  98. What a tease. . Sure thought Jim would be the one to show up and tell Pam how amazing her art is. . But instead we get Mike being pretty awesome for once and not ruining the day. Roy, well. . he is a tool.

  99. i really enjoyed this episode. especially the meredith/bat/dwight scene! but i think that this confirmed any doubts pam might of had. it wasn’t because of jim that she broke off the wedding, but because of roy himself. now that she has closure, she can move on to better things. aka. jim halpert.

  100. For everyone who got suckered in by Roy’s “amazing transformation of sensitivity,” May I take one tiny moment to gloat?

    There, I feel better.

    Awesome episode otherwise, though.

  101. This episode made me do the impossible: dislike Pam. Of course I disliked Roy even more but never thought I’d dislike Pam till the last 2 weeks.

  102. Funny episode tonight, but I find it hard to believe that Jim wouldn’t have shown up at Pam’s art show. It’s not as if they’re having a fight, although I’m sure that he’s not happy about the fact that Pam is dating Roy again. I thought it was a nice choice to have Michael save the day for Pam, but it seems out of character for Jim to have skipped the art show.

  103. Gil and Oscar are the heroes of this episode. If Pam has any sense at all, those two guys did more to move her life and (potential) relationship with Jim along than anybody else in almost three years. She scolded Jim when he basically questioned her courage last year in the breakroom, at this point she has to figure maybe everyone has a point.

  104. #136 – Cousin Mose, may I come to your gloating party? I have always been of the belief that Roy is Roy and will always be Roy, and any “evidence” to the contrary is just a sham. I feel vindicated as well :-).

  105. “Aww….Roy’s trying to change….he still loves Pam… he looks hot with his beard… I can’t believe I actually feel sorry for him… awww….”


    Okay. Sorry, I’ll stop gloating.

  106. How many cases of beer did Roy have to buy his brother to make him show up to help with is little charade!?

  107. I think there was a lot of positive foreshadowing for JAM in this episode. Pam is obviously second guessing getting back together with Roy. She overhead Oscar saying courage and honesty aren’t her strong points. Jim didn’t show up, driving home the point that he’s not always going to be waiting in the wings for her. I think this all points to Pam growing a pair and telling Jim how she feels. Hypothetically, he’d???

  108. Wow, how could you dislike Pam in this episode? Just because she got back together with Roy?

    Pam has been extremely vulnerable lately. She’s trying to change, trying to put herself out there, and it keeps slapping her in the face.

    She’s excited about Jim coming, and then he comes with a girlfriend.

    She finally displays her art, and it gets ridiculed.

    In a moment of vulnerability she gets together with Roy, and he hurts her all over again.

    I’m sorry that Pam isn’t strong and assertive and jumping all over Jim. That seems to be what some people want. But that isn’t her. Her character is far more real than that.

  109. Any thoughts about why Jim didn’t attend Pam’s art show? I’m sure he’s not happy about her dating Roy, but does he want her to know that? By NOT attending her show, Jim basically saying to Pam: “I don’t want to be your friend.”

  110. Pam, in order to overcome fear and become courageous, you must first defeat fear…cue cousin mose.

  111. What, exactly, keeps slapping Pam in the face? She’s an adult who makes her own choices. Yes, it’s sad that some of them aren’t working out for her, and I do feel bad about her art thing, but I AM annoyed with her for being with Roy. That’s a conscious choice. It could also be a “real” choice for her to find someone who is NOT Roy – heck, someone who is not even Jim – so I don’t feel bad for her in that respect at all.

  112. ooh.. can someone please tell me exactly what Gil said about Pam’s artwork? or the whole exchange between him and Oscar.. that would be AWESOME!

  113. Roy is attractive with his beard! But still a GD idiot. Pam knows that, she’s just as disgusted with him as we are.

    SO glad Jim *may* (please) move back to his old seat so Pam doesn’t have to read the back of his neck anymore.

    Karen sucks at the whole prank thing. She’s so obviously fake. Blah.

    I liked the episode in spite of the fact that my big screen died 2 seconds before and I missed the beginning. That’s life, and that’s why I love iTunes.

  114. i can’t wait for ryans proposal to kelly. right before he does it there will be a talking head of him saying, “i figure, why not.” and then after there will be another of him saying, “what did i just do?” (sorry for being off-topic i just am too sad about ram to talk about unfunny romance) ps- where’s andy?

  115. How can you not feel bad for Pam when she had that sad look on her face when nobody wanted to look or talk about her art with her? Im a hetero-male and I started to well up…

  116. Awesome episode! Probably my new favorite. So many great lines. I loved all the great vampire stuff Jim did. I agree that this is the start of JAM. And it totally showed that Roy was just faking it foe the camera to get Pam back. He’s still same ol’ Roy. I love it when they make you think Michael’s dumb and get you to dislike him then at the end he does something nice and you have to like him. (like what they did with the office olympics) btw Creed was great, as usual.

  117. Pam’s art show hair looked just like Deb’s from Napoleon Dynamite! lol
    and people are forgetting creeds skill at crafting a stake out of a mop

  118. Eric! THANK YOU! I was thinking “where have i seen that hair-do recently” (by recently i mean post 1989)

  119. Here’s what I think. Next week, Jim and Karen will either “take a break” (you know, that sort of in-between state between dating and broken up) or something will happen with them which will irrevocably shake their relationship. Here’s why I think so:

    Last season, on the Booze Cruise, Jim broke it off with the purse girl after Roy and Pam set the date. Remember how he did it? I don’t think I’ll ever forget. My point is: Roy and Pam HAD to get back together in order to really threaten Jim’s relationship with Karen. It would be strange if he tried to use Karen to make Pam jealous, given the circumstances. Not that Jim is above trying to make Pam jealous – he’s done it before – but never at this point in a relationship, and never at this level of vulnerability. (Notice that Jim and Karen’s interactions in tonight’s episode were not in any way flirtatious or romantic.)

    So, here’s what I think. Next week, Jan and Michael will go public with their relationship. This will DEFINITELY set something off in Jim. Which will spill over into all the problems he’s having with Karen, which will culminate either in them “taking a break” or maybe even something bigger. (Would Karen cheat on Jim? Maybe if, at a cocktail party, she was feeling neglected, she might start talking to another guy? Who knows.) All of which is going along smoothly with Pam’s storyline. She’s not going to be with Roy for long.

  120. 149 | Orange is the new green,

    Apparently you’ve never felt vulnerable or depressed or self-conscious before.

    Sure, it’s easy to say that we can all make bold choices in life, that we can grab life by the horns, that we’re masters of our own destiny.

    But that’s no so easy in real life. In real life people feel vulnerable and scared and self-conscious.

    That’s what makes The Office so great. It shows real people with real personalities and reactions and motivations.

  121. Good point about Jim not wanting to seem as if he’s “waiting in the wings for Pam”, Jennifer, but he could have come to the art show with Karen. One of the hallmarks of “The Office” is that it seems so real, but, again, it doesn’t seem realistic that Jim would essentially snub Pam by not showing up for her show. I don’t get it.

  122. 1) Toby willing to skip his daughter’s performance to see the art show. in a very creepy way.

    2) Creed making a stake.

    3) Dwight black-bagging Meredith

  123. Dorky Dancer (99) – I totally agree about the editing. I haven’t caught up on all the posts but I had to comment after I read you post.

  124. The thought that Pam actually allowed Roy to sully her once again is even creepier than having a bat in a bag over your head.

  125. Thank you Roy for hooking up with Pam again! She needed someone who could relate with her. Jim has Karen and Toby has that hot chick. So no one else is available except maybe Creed. As for Jim skipping the art show, he is too busy dating Karen and needs to spend more with her than flirting with Pam.

  126. jim dropped the ball on this one…

    there wasn’t even any jim/pam interaction!!!!

    and roy’s back to his old ways…leaving pam at the art show AND he brought his brother…wait sounds familiar…like their FIRST date at the minor league hockey game…

  127. Why didn’t Jim show up for Pam’s art show and give her a ride home? They are still friends, right?

  128. Roni, Gil said that Pam’s art lacked “courage and honesty”, and Oscar replied that those qualities aren’t her strong suit. Gil also described Pam’s paintings as “hotel art”.

  129. Okay, put yourself in KAREN’S place.

    “hey, do you wanna go to pam’s art show tonight?” asks jim hesitantly

    “are you serious? i knew it. you do still have feelings for her”


  130. I thought jim was a dork in this episode. He and pam have been great friends even when they were dating other people. Now, he’s pouting and not including her in his prank on dwight. In my opinion, jim should be more mature than that. And Karen sucked at pranking.

  131. Maybe Pam just didn’t invite Jim? They went out their way to show Pam inviting people but they never showed Jim getting an invitation…

  132. Exactly, K.

    Jim asks to go to Pam’s art show, Karen jiggles his marbles in her purse, and Jim sits quietly down. End of story.

  133. Aghhh Dwight suffocating Meredith (or MaryAnn?) hahahaaa the best thing ever!

    And Jim’s prank was classic. I love Dwight!!!

  134. Two options regarding why Jim didn’t show up:

    1. Pam never invited him. After Karen confronted Pam about her feelings for Jim, she didn’t want to cause trouble and go out of her way to invite him specifically. Jim, because he wasn’t specifically invited, figured that Pam, being back with Roy, didn’t really want him there.

    2. Karen didn’t let him. Karen just spent the last fews months convincing herself that Jim was over Pam. Do you think that Jim would really decide to go spend the night with Pam after that? How many long nights of long conversations would that create?

  135. I can’t believe Pam is back with Roy, I thought she was going to grow this season and become more independant, she just runs back to the same guy who treated her so badly before. This is going to end up the same way season 2 ended, with the “possibility” of a jim/pam relationship that won’t go anywhere. I am getting disappointed…

  136. True, Karen is probably feeling jealous of Pam, but she and Pam have become friendly (let’s not forget the brilliant dueling Christmas party episode). Seems to me that both Jim and Karen would want to show their support for Pam, and Karen should feel even less threatened by Pam now that she’s dating Roy again.
    And, just for the record, I can’t imagine that Pam wouldn’t have invited Jim and Karen to come. Keep in mind that we didn’t see Michael receive an invitation, but he showed up.

  137. I agree that it sucks that Pam is back with Roy, but honestly, Jim isn’t giving her any attention at all. I think he is acting stupid, and is blowing his chance with her twice. I think Jim is being kind of selfish, and needs to go back to the old Jim from Seasons 1 and 2. Pam is obviously having a rough spot in her life, and she needed someone to comfort her and talk to her, and thats where Roy comes in.

    Pam will stay with Roy for awhile, and they will have their fights, and she will only stay with him so she wont be alone, at least that’s my opinion.

  138. Let’s also remember that there’s a world of difference between Pam dating someone, and Pam dating ROY. AGAIN. (And I could go on. And on.)

    THAT is why Jim is upset. After everything that has happened, he should be. (Remember how little he liked the idea of them getting married?) And you know what? So was I! I actually let a “Noooooooo” go when Pam said they were back together.

  139. i say screw jim! roy still cares about pam! i dont care if jim and pam end up together or not! jim is “really happy hes with karen” so let him be, watch what he does when he realizes that hes 2 late again!

  140. zorro (107) – truthfully i thought you were really obnoxious with the “did pam leave with roy” poll. but this was well put.

  141. Dwide,

    Karen found out that Jim had feelings for Pam and confronted Pam AFTER the Christmas planning committee.

  142. JIM AND PAM ARE NOT FRIENDS! They’re just not, nor have they ever been. He doesn’t owe it to her, “as a friend,” to get her through this time in her life, especially after she rejected him (he was already rejected TWICE), and he didn’t owe it to her to go to the art show. And I REALLY don’t see how he was being a jerk in this episode – he was barely featured, and when he was, he was just shown having fun playing his vampire prank on Dwight. This isn’t even about Jim and Pam. People are projecting and making it as though every action (and inaction, apparently) is a Jim/Pam subplot, and it’s not. It was so refreshing to see a non-JAM episode that it doesn’t even matter.

  143. 184 | ted,

    Thanks ted. Sorry for being so obnoxious. I (and a couple other people) were just tweaking some of hardcore JAMers who were blind to the facts.

    (By the way, not to gloat, but I was completely right that Roy and Pam did in fact do it.)

  144. OKay, I thought I’d chime in on some things:

    First, I’d like to know how many women think Jim should have gone to the art show and how many guys think he should have gone. I think its a gender specific question and the answers will likely be drawn down gender lines.

    Second: Any Illinois OfficeFans or Tennessee Office fans?

  145. Dwide (170) if I’m not mistaken he described it as “motel art”…worse. That was cruel. That was her stake in the heart.

  146. Jim knew Roy was going to be there…no need to have to deal with that at the office and after work. This gal thinks it was good he didn’t do his little “Pam you’re so wonderful…wow” thing. Bravo to Jim. Besides, there would have been too much light in there for him!

  147. Totally agree with Orange is the new green. Why do some office fans have to make everything about Jim and Pam. This show is a comedy, if all you care about is Jim and Pam go back to watching your daily soaps. The Jim and Pam storyline doesn’t bother me and yes it’s interesting but the main reason I watch the Office is to laugh.

  148. #161 – zorro – Of course I’ve felt vulnerable or depressed or self-conscious before. Everyone has. I didn’t say making choices was easy – but people DO it. The alternative is to be a wallflower and feel cheated that we’re not getting the things we want. In real life, people take chances and accept risk, too, so to show THAT would also be realistic. I’m tired of people making excuses for Pam. For all of the “improvements” she’s made in her life, she hasn’t come forward to express an interest in the one thing we think she TRULY wants, which is Jim. And for that, she has no one to blame but herself.

  149. Karen,

    That’s another great point that I forgot to mention. Jim wouldn’t want to spend a night of seeing Pam and Roy back together again.

    Plus Karen’s jealousy.

    Plus a possible lack of invite.

    I’m finding it hard to imagine why Jim WOULD have gone.

  150. Hypothetically…you think Pam and Roy would be at that same Cocktail party as everyone else? I figure Jim would be there because he’s the number 2 at the office, but Pam and Roy? Maybe you’ve seen a preview I haven’t seen. Judging by the type of cocktail party it is, I suspect they would be in the happy hour group going out for drinks. And actually having fun. Until Roy drinks too much and makes an ass of himself. And maybe Jim shows up later after dropping Karen off at home…hmmmm

  151. After seeing this episode, I seriously believe Pam will be the one who pours her heart out to Jim.

  152. Alex D. (188): He should not have gone. He knew Roy was going to be there with her. And everybody knows that there’s few things worse than having to see the one you love with someone else, up close and personal. Open and shut case, Johnson!

  153. ok, the show is not all about jim and pam. But friends wasn’t all about rachel and ross. it was however, one of the main attractions to it. If you’re watching the office remember that the jim/pam factor is a major part of it. It can’t just be gone or a lot of people will stop watching. I love the humor on the show. But the relationship was a part of both series (british/american) it can’t just leave, IT IS PART OF WHAT MAKES THE SHOW! so stop telling ppl to go watch soap operas. That’s just offensive, cuz these people can actually act.

  154. I think the season finale will end with Karen and Jim breaking up once and for all, and him confronting Pam again, but I’m not sure if it will have another cliffhanger, that may be too much.

    As for tonight’s episode- BRILLIANT!

    Two thumbs up! I can’t wait for next week. Steve Carell kept me entertained, along with the other cast members, and the whole Jim and Pam thing, who cares? We all know what will happen at the end of this whole thing, they will get together. They wouldn’t have it any other way. So we know the ending of the book, we just have to be patient as we’re reading the pages.

    Dwight is brilliant, and I am so glad I have had a nice break from Andy. He was getting a little old, and quick!

    Jim will most likely get his old seat back, besides, don’t they have to make room for Oscar somewhere? Honestly, Andy had taken his old seat, until he moved to Dwight’s seat, and that was when Dwight was gone, and when Oscar came back Andy wasn’t there, so what’s going to happen?

  155. Jim may not have gone to the art show, but I bet it was in his mind the whole night.

  156. 196 | Orange is the new green,

    Of course Jim and Pam need to accept risk and confess their feelings. Of course they will. Eventually.

    I was responding to someone who claimed to dislike Pam because she was vulnerable. My point was that we shouldn’t criticize or dislike people because of their vulnerabilities.

    That’s what makes people real.

  157. Lots of good points here. Thanks for your input. Orange, I, too, agree that not every episode has to be about Jam. I’m just looking for reality, and, again, it seemed out of character for Jim AND Karen not to give Pam a little support by attending the art show. But perhaps Jim no longer feels like Pam is a real friend (although I do think that they were real friends during season two…flirty friends but real ones), and perhaps Karen is to threatened by Pam to be her friend.
    Just for the record, I’m a guy, and I would have liked to have seen Jim attend the art show.

  158. another thing…I dont’ know if anyone said this or not but: ryan is now moved to the back, jim’s old seat is now open. Just a thought.

  159. I never said that the Jim Pam plot wasn’t a part of the show or even not a good part. I enjoy the Jim Pam plot line. I simply stated that it is not the ONLY part of the show and that if that is the ONLY part of the show you care about and not about the comedy I don’t see why you prefer the office over soap operas? Just for the record I thought Friends was crap and didn’t watch it. Too many people obsess with JIM and PAM and do not fully appreciate the show and if you want to be honest you really can’t deny that.

  160. What’s with all the Jim hating going on? How can he possibly know that Pam has feelings for him? It’s not his fault. Clearly it’s Pam’s. Jim tried, and failed (twice), and so he should try again? That makes no sense.

    On a positive note, this was a terrific episode! I actually prefer somber but stupid Michael over ridiculously over-the-top Michael. Bat plot was so funny!

  161. I think it would have been weird for Karen to go to the show. Why would she attend an art show presented by a woman for whom her boyfriend has admitted he has feelings? Talk about uncomfortable. Chit chat at work is one thing, but for Karen to make an outside appearance to show her support of Pam…I don’t want to see that.

  162. I have visions of a deleted scene being Dwight actually going after Jim with that stake. And Creed having just the right size instrument to make it! I hope they don’t make him too cartoonish. He is an odd bird, but funny.

    Season Finale…give it to Carell to write again (if he has time). He did such a good job last year.

  163. Looking at all the projects Steve has lined up on his IMDB page, I dont think he has time to write a script. lol

  164. zomg And all this talk about actively making decisions and making one’s destiny is putting me in an existential mood. Good stuff. =)

  165. #205 – zorro – I was responding to your post (#162, I think) because you addressed me by name, so I thought you were responding to me.

    Regardless, feelings aren’t facts. Pam shouldn’t be attacked for her vulnerabilities, but she also shouldn’t use them as a shield for NOT doing things, either (for example, “I couldn’t tell Jim how I felt because I was too scared…”).

  166. My favorite part, Toby saying “dammit!” hahaha because he couldn’t go to the art show.

    JAM will come back but I think there needs to be a JAM break, there was a JAM overload in the last few episodes. Roy sucks, Pam is obviously forcing the relationship, so is Jim with Karen, but they’ll come around.

    But Michael and Pam’s moment at the end is probably one of the best in the series, gotta love Michael =)

    Anyone notice how different Kelly looks? She cut her hair but she lost some weight too

  167. Next weeks episode- Pam gets drunk, so does Jim, they kiss. Too unrealistic? I think not. The writers have been known for surprises before. Or, Jim gets drunk, as does Pam, and Jim tells her (in some way) that he still has feelings for her.

    Who agrees? Disagrees? Why or why not?

  168. I think that this episode is a turning point for Pam. Oscar’s comments were just what she needed to hear, and Michael’s moral support gave her just the shot in the arm that she needed. I agree that she’ll soon be ready to unload Roy again and tell Jim how she feels about him. And that’s not just wishful thinking on my part! Over the last few days I’ve watched all of season two on DVD, and it’s so clear that Pam is in love with Jim. And we all know how Jim feels about Pam.

  169. Phylob, I can’t imagine them kissing after not talking at all in this episode. I think Jim has a very stubborn side, and is hoping that Pam will come around.

  170. But understand, alcohol can do a lot of things to one person. Or two…

    I mean come on, the episode is entited Cocktails. I truly believe a kiss will happen, and it will get back around to Karen or Roy, and cause more drama. What damage could it do to the show? If these JAM fans don’t get some hope, they are eventually going to quit watching.

  171. I just can’t picture Pam opening up like that, at least not yet. On the season finale, Pam will tell Jim that she made a mistake, and Karen will leave, because Jim can’t make up his mind again. You’ve heard it from Jim himself, Karen is and always will be, a rebound.

  172. I agree that it was great to see Michael’s kind and gentle side at the end of tonight’s episode. That’s part of the brilliance of the show…no matter how pathetic or clueless Michael can be sometimes, his heart is usually in the right place.

  173. I still stick to my first prediction. A kiss will come up at this next episode. Think about it, the fans would be going crazy! This would put more drama into the show, and make people wonder and guessing on what’s going to happen next. One can only guess, I guess we will just have to wait for next week.

  174. That would be a pretty cheesy way for them to get together. They’ve done the “drunk kiss” before, anyway. A second time, it would be more annoying than satisfying. For everyone. And think of the additional weeks of JAM angst it would cause among viewers…I’m feeling a little nauseas just thinking about it. DON’T do it, writers! Take a JAMmy break!

  175. Anyone else really mad at Jim for not showing up to support Pam. I’m really angry at him. Sure she went back to Roy, but you are with Karen, she’s your friend, who needs your support, and you didn’t show. Boo Jim, Boo!

  176. Number 12, Jim is so confused and upset. Who would honestly want to go see the love of their life with another man, Jim heard Roy say he was going. I know I wouldn’t want to go.

  177. How much of a punching bag is Jim supposed to be in this relationship? Give him a break. Let him have fun and let’s watch him get a life. He doesn’t owe her anything and, again, they’re not friends. I can’t believe so many people expected him to go to her art show. That would be so not something I’d want to see.

  178. Please I’m begging someone, create an office website with rule #1 being you are only allowed to make 1 jim pam post a month lol

  179. Orange is the New Green, just think about it though. It could honestly be a turning point for the whole JAM situation. They have to have something, because as of right now, Jim and Pam havent spoken, and havent even made eye contact. They need something to give the JAM fans a boost!

  180. Here’s a thought: Is Jim’s relationship with Karen worse than a rebound? Is he actually using Karen to get back at Pam? I like Jim, but remember that he did encourage Karen to transfer to the Scranton branch. Why? Presumably because he wanted Pam to see him with another woman…he wanted Pam to feel some of the hurt that he felt when he saw Pam with Roy during season two.

  181. Exactly, I agree with Dwide 100%! Like people have said, he did it with Katy. What can stop him from doing it again? The relationship seems forced, and fake. I can’t imagine them getting intimate together, they just don’t click.

  182. I don’t see how re-hashing a previous plot point would be a turning point, though. And the show is so not in a place where I could imagine that happening that right now, anyway. There’s been fairly little Jim and Pam interaction all season, nothing to build up to this. Plus, and this is a personal thing, drunken hook-ups are just so not what Jim and Pam are supposed to be about, right? Even the viewers who want to see them together want to see sober, DELIBERATE actions, don’t they? Why would anyone want to see them share a drunken kiss?

  183. Ugh, whatever. Jim didn’t go to Pam’s art show; so what? Barely anybody else did either. Their relationship has been rocky for a while now, and them getting together/being friends/acting mopey that they’re NOT together is certainly not the keystone to the shows success.

    I thought tonight’s episode was absolutely brilliant from start to finish. Heavy on the laughs, filled with a lot of genuine emotion. Loved it.

  184. Everyone is missing my point! I mean, come on. This would be great. I know if I was a writer that’s what I would do with the show!

  185. Show Jim some respect. He’s second in command now. And I don’t think he’s intentionally using Karen. He’s been very honest with her, and we have no reason to think he asked her to move to Scranton to make Pam jealous. So stop ragging on him or I’ll have him turn you into a vampire, too.

  186. After a 2nd viewing, I have to admit – I’m GLAD Jim didn’t show up.

    Pam was clearly devestated that her art was being disparaged by Gil and that her friend was calling her out on her lack of courage and honesty with herself.

    But those two things describe Pam to a T. And her drawings backed that up. They were safe, they were familiar and routine. A couch. Her office. A teacup. Flowers in a vase.

    She didn’t take any risks.

    To have Jim swoop in and compliment her and build up her self esteem would have been great for JAM.

    But it wouldn’t have done anything for *Pam*

    Pam has to save HERSELF this time. She has to look at herself and realize that she isn’t going after what she wants. She doesn’t have the courage to take risks. She isn’t honest with herself if she thinks she’s happy to be back with Roy.

    Jim can’t fix those things. PAM has to fix those things.

    I was disapointed to see that Jim didn’t show up, but I think the long run, its for the best.

    –and speaking of Roy, his comments were truly priceless. Bringing his brother only added to his “score” and the fact that none of her office friends came was “pretty cool”

    He doesn’t know her. He doesn’t want to know her. He loves her because its all he’s known, but he’s trying too hard to fake something that just isn’t there.

  187. The point is, it’s completely unrealistic for something like that to happen. Spontaneous Pam? Unfaithful Jim? Those characters just aren’t who they are. It is Conservative Pam, and Faithful Jim. I picture a small spat between Jim and Karen, and maybe Jim and Pam having a few glances, and a few awkward moments here and there. But honestly, a kiss is like reaching for the stars.

  188. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but the synopsis for next week’s episode says Jim meets Karen’s ex. I am wondering if this guy reveals something freaky about Karen and that affects Jim’s feeling for her.

  189. I would like to think that Jim wanted to go to Pam’s art show, but when Karen found out about it, she jumped his butt. He didn’t want to deal with psycho-Karen. Who can blame him?

  190. I think that there will definitely be at least one JAM session during next week’s show, but I can’t imagine that there will be any romance between them, and I, too, hope they don’t go the drunk route again. I feel pretty certain that the writers will delay any JAM romance until the season finale and this time it will be Pam telling Jim that she’s in love with him.
    I think it’s gonna take a few episodes for Jim to settle things with Karen. He has to be honest with her and let her down easily. Again, I like Jim, but I don’t like the way he’s used a sweet girl like Karen. By the way, does everyone know that Rashida Jones, who plays Karen, is Quincy Jones daughter?

  191. 251 | gymgirl there is a screenshot from next weeks episode with Jim looking, flustered or pissed or confused with Karen, while Karen seems to be laughing or smiling in his face :P I smell the beggining of the end

  192. I’m with kayla. Stop bad-mouthing Karen and Jim (who have honestly done nothing TO bash) or I’ll make bats poop on your heads.

  193. Kayla I back that up, Karen hasn’t done anything. She is a bit clingy but she’s not mean or cold-hearted, and she obviously cares about Jim. Pam had her chance, it’s time for her to get a taste of her own medicine.

  194. See, I don’t think Jim’s “used” anybody. His relationship with Karen is different from his relationship from Pam, but I do think that he genuinely likes her and is trying to make things work.

    You can’t look at Jim/Karen as a JAMmer or whatever — you have to look at Jim’s character as an individual. Is he seriously the type of person who would uproot another woman’s life just to make another person jealous? Is there any proof from any previous episode to substantiate that?

  195. There is absolutely NO WAY Jim asked Karen to MOVE FROM STAMFORD to SCRANTON, and then DATED HER, just to make Pam jealous. Because NOBODY WOULD DO THAT! That’s awful. (Doesn’t anyone remember how cute they were before the merger?)

  196. Here’s my opinion:

    Jim invited Karen to avoid feelings for Pam, and now he’s gotten to where he LIKES Karen. But the fact is…He LOVES Pam.

    Pam is easy to talk to according to Pam, and that’s what Jim looks for in a girl.

    I can picture Jim at the beginning, wanting to make Pam jealous, and maybe even now. But do I think that that’s the ONLY reason he’s with her? No way. He likes her, but if Pam told Jim how she felt, Jim would jump at his opportunity to be with the woman he loves.

  197. Im going to guess that Karen’s ex is going to be outgoing and have an instant connection with Karen and Karen will open up more and not be the boring girl we have seen with Jim. This will remind Jim of how he and Pam used to be and that Karen isn’t right for him

  198. Love your comments, Dorky Dancer. They totally explain why it’s good that Jim wasn’t at the art show, although it still seems a little out of character for him to have missed it with or without Karen.
    Tyler, you’ll recall that first Jim discouraged Karen from transfering to Scranton. Then, after a phone call with Pam that ended poorly, he encouraged her to come. Does her like her? Yes. Is he attracted to her? Yes. But I think that the writers wanted us to think that Jim encouraged Karen to come to Scranton, in part, because he wanted Pam to know how he felt during season two.

  199. Loved the episode. LOVED IT.

    The bat part was great. We NEED more Dwight/Creed interaction. I think they’ve really touched on something there.

    And yes, I’m as much for Jim and Pam (hate the term “Jam”) ending up together as the next person, but it just isn’t realistic to throw them together just yet. It wouldn’t go along with either of their characters.

    I’ve been an art student before (and am again many years later), and I’ve also been in really long relationships with the wrong people. Pam’s art may seem pretty elementary, but it IS her first try. It’s been years since she’s studied art at all, and trust me, that first show after not doing that kind of thing for a long time can be VERY nervewracking. I felt for Pam in this ep – not only for trying things again with Roy (been there, done that) just to find that he really hasn’t changed all that much, but also for feeling a bit rejected at the art show by only having a few people come to support her. It was all very realistically done.

  200. I haven’t seen the episode yet but it sounds to me like Jim did the right thing. He was a totally kicked puppy for all of season two, albeit a hilarious one…this season, if anything, it’s Fancy New Halpert and Same Old Beesley. He’s making it very clear to Pam that he is not going to tolerate her bullshit with Roy any longer, even if it means sacrificing their friendship (which was always a front for Jim being in love with her, anyway). I think Roy specifically bugs him because he is so clearly WRONG for Pam, whereas if Pam could find a male version of Karen who’s somewhat likeable, he might be able to stand it.

    I don’t know what the writers are going to do, but it doesn’t seem fair to put any pressure on Jim right now (other than to break up with Karen). Jim laid it out twice, Pam, as much as I love her, has never done a SINGLE THING to show that she’s remotely interested in Jim other than a bunch of sad looks and some vague talking heads. When JAM finally happens it’s going to have to come from the real Fancy New Beesley, wherever she is.

  201. I just gotta get this out:

    People who say they’re no longer going to watch “The Office” because the Jim and Pam relationship is not moving forward:

    Please do go watch another show.

    Seriously. Grey’s Anatomy was created for people like you. There’s about 15 love stories on that show. So if you’re looking for a love melodrama, then leave my Office alone please.

    Don’t get me wrong, I love the Jim and Pam relationship as much as the next person, and it would be nice for them to get together, but the show doesn’t revolve around them! It’s about – humor and irony and the absurdity of what is only too real.

  202. oh my word, one of the funniest episodes ever. i love that oscar accidently called pam out on her two biggest faults. i cannot get over how funny the meredith (mary beth!) and dwight scene was. and kelly is by far my favorite. so happy she was in the episode as much as she was.
    your art was the prettiest art of all art.

  203. Allison – thank you, I agree x 10000000.

    Also, Dwide: you mentioned that Jim only convinced Karen to transfer to Scranton after a phone call with Pam that turned sour? Which episode was this?

  204. Dwide (266) – I just watched the end of ‘Branch Closing’, from where Jim told Karen “if I were you, I’d move to New York” to the end, when he tells her she should take the job in Scranton (“if they offer you a job there”) after all. Hate to break it to you, but you’re wrong, there was no conversation between Jim and Pam. I think you’re thinking of another episode.

  205. It finally hit me that Jim’s old desk has opened up

    It could signal a return of Scranton Jim or they just stuck Mindy, BJ, and Paul in the back room so they wont have to be in the backround of every scene and can tend to their write/producer duties

  206. I, too, would like to chime in on the Dwight/Creed interaction. I’d love see more of it!

    Allison, very good point about not obsessing over Jim and Pam. There’s SO much about the show to like besides JAM. That said, I agree that it’ll be very interesting to see where Jim ends up sitting next week and to note whether Pam makes any mention to him of the art show and the fact that he wasn’t there.

    On a completely different note, as a Bostonian, I love the fact that so many of the actors on this show hail from the Boston area.

  207. Yeah, Tyler, that’s where I got confused too. I know that Jim and Pam had a phone conversation that ended awkwardly in The Initiation, but I don’t remember them speaking after that.

  208. Hey everyone, just ready about 5 pages of comments. Interesting to see everyone’s point of views. Zorro, I like where you’re coming from. Dwide, Orange is the New Green. I like all of you guys. Here’s me-

    First off, for all you “JAM” lovers, let me put you in your place right here. Jim has a girlfriend, Pam has a boyfriend. Maybe not the right choice, but seriously grow up. I’m sick of hearing all of these JAM conversations, and that Jim is an idiot and so is Pam. I say Live and Learn, so get off their backs please. If you really want to see a relationship work, look at Ryan and Kelly, Jan and Michael, or Dwight and Angela, and shut up about Jim and Pam, give them time.

    Second, Steve Carell is an amazing actor, I loved his sincere words and the way he wasn’t even trying to impress Pam. She teared up tehre at the end, and it’s easy to understand why.

    Third and last. I think Dwight and Jim pranks are amazing, it gives a little side comedy to Michael’s hilarious outbursts. Like Michael says, “he sets the bar really high.”

    I just think everyone should stop trash talking Karen. Stop trying to force Jim on Pam. And stop trying to say Pam’s an idiot for getting back with Roy. Once they are ready, they will take the chance, but until then, grow up!

    Thank you. God Bless.

  209. SuckOnThat, I love your points, though people tend to be a little bit harsher with Jim, actually.

  210. This episode was one of few season 3 highlights for me. Being a hardcore JAMMER (and don’t tell me to go watch a soap opera…I like my romance tempered with reality, which I will gladly suffer short-term for my Disney-esque happy ending).

    I was impressed with the writing tonight. More lol moments than I’ve had in the last several eps,between the bat and Ryan’s banishment to Kelly Corner. THough I fully expected Jim to arrive on his white horse to the art show, it was absolutely brilliant that he didn’t. More brilliant to have the Michael deliver the most poignant moment of the evening. I ached for Pam, but I feel like this may be the catalyst that gets her REALLY growing.

  211. Alex D:

    I hope you’re not implying that all women thought Jim should have gone whereas men think he shouldn’t have gone…

    Because this woman says – of COURSE Jim wouldnt go to her art show. She just got back together with her ex. That would have felt like a punch in the stomach. And he’s trying to move on. Going to her art show would have been practically masochistic.

  212. Oh, since all my comments have been related to the whole Jim/Pam/Karen/Roy love…square?…I guess I should talk about the rest of the episode for a second:

    No complaints. Laughed out loud several times. Michael at business school was SO good. Ryan getting his taint handed to him, even better. (Ryan’s line: “So it’d be stupid NOT to invite him…right?”) The whole vampire thing was incredible. Especially Dwight’s big butt in Pam’s face. And the ending, with Pam and Michael, is easily one of the best moments the show has given us yet.

    All-in-all, two big thumbs up.

    Okay, one small complaint: on International That’s What She Said Day, no “that’s what she said” jokes? :(

  213. Here’s what I think. When Jim decided to go back to Scranton, he thought Karen would be a good buffer between him and Pam. I don’t think he knew for sure he would date her, but in the back of his mind, he knew he’d need the distraction. And really, that’s all he had to do with her decision to go too. Karen was the one who thought more was in store for her.

    Dorky Dancer, I think your comments about Pam’s art were nicely put. Now I’m wondering what Pam’s art will look like once she does take a risk. Hopefully we will see that, and then be able to see the difference between the two “Pams.”

  214. Thanks for the clarification, Tyler, but I still think that Jim is, IN PART, using Karen. I just don’t think that he could stomach the idea of returning to Scranton as a single man. He didn’t want Pam thinking that he was still pining away for her after she rejected him twice. In fact, when you think about, Pam rejected Jim a third time: By not contacting him after she called off her wedding, she was, in a sense, telling Jim: “I don’t want to marry Roy, but I don’t want to be with you either.”

  215. P.S. Although I did love the painting of the building. Art can be ordinary, and still evoke emotion, which is what the painting did for Michael. So it was a success.

  216. Hey does anyone know if the torrent for this ep is up anywhere? I’ve been looking forever, and I still haven’t seen the episode. It’s driving me crazy. PLEASE SOMEONE HELP!

  217. i think this was one of the few episodes i really enjoyed this season. it was nice to see michael’s good side again.

  218. The most solid episode this season, which followed the most scattered episode last week. Hat’s off to Brent Forrester, who co-wrote the best sketches on Mr. Show with Dino S.

    Great economical use of all the characters, except maybe Karen, who can’t bring her A-game on a prank like Pam. Thanks for bringing back Oscar, Kelly, CREED, Meredith, everybody. I guess Phyllis Vance Vance Refrigeration is on honeymoon.

    Yes, Ryan needed to be taken to be taken down a peg. “I liked (him) better as the Temp.” Gave Michael a little closure on the mild man-crush (“…tease!”) Loved seeing him squirm near the end. And what a way to punish him. Nice Kelly/Ryan capper.

    “Say what you will about Michael Scott…” Jokes aside, he’s holds his own in defense of DM, especially when one of his own turns on him. When his small town allegience transcends to the art show, it was a sheerly beautiful ending with Pam, especially after the overenthused Roy. Jokes included, nice seeing the candy bar riff in Michael’s speech. I’m a huge Rich Hall fan.

    And JAM– I DON”T CARE! Leave them alone. They did well on their own.

  219. Dwide, I think in part you’re right on the dot. But I truly don’t think Jim would drag Karen there just to completely use her. I think in small-part, Jim likes Karen, but it’s obvious, if he hadn’t gone back to Scranton, Karen would be of no use to him. I just don’t quite understand why Jim is dragging her along, after knowing the feeling of being dragged along.

    Karen confronts Jim on everything, and gives him a very tight leash, but I must defend her by saying, if she didn’t, Jim would probably have gotten closer with Pam, and they may have already gotten together by now.

    Season Finale- Karen leaving

  220. See now this is the kinda episode that makes me truelly love this show and appreciate every night that we get to watch new episodes every week !!!

    Some thoughts:

    Dwight is beyond awesome !! no one else would go on these missions to save everyone else lol and him and creed teaming up proved to be awesome !! I hope we see more of the Dwight & Creed adventures

    Dont hate on Roy and Karen so much !! theyre both making their partners happy right now … we all know Pam and Jim will eventually end up together .. so lets just enjoy the other relationships for now !!

    Michael and Pam’s moment was one of the most sweetest moments ive ever seen on television … me and my cousins were all watching it and while it was happening , it was dead silent and everyone almost had tears in their eyes lol it was awesome !!

    Michael making an ass out of himself infront of Ryan’s class was awesome !! Ofcourse now Ryan will pay the ultimate punishment for it haha kelly

    I cant think of other things right … but this was instently one of my fav episodes of alltime !! Funniest line of the episode was probably Kevin saying he was a hero after shutting that door hahaha

  221. Wow. This was such a well-written episode. I liked seeing different facets of each of the characters, and although I like Jim and Pam together, I’m glad Jam was absent from this episode.

    And as much as I think people wanted Jim, not Michael to show up at the show, it just seemed right the way it was written. Ah, this whole episode had an incredibly sweet, yet sad flavor. Perfect. My favorite of the season thusfar. :)

  222. It seems like most people really enjoyed tonight… I did as well. It was one of the most well written episodes of the season. Michael and Pam’s storylines were perfect parallels, culminating in the best touching Michael scene since Booze Cruise. Both were disappointed by their relationships: Michael with Ryan and Pam with Roy. Then, both suffered blows to their self esteem, until they each comforted one another.

    Also, this was the best use of the entire ensemble… maybe ever. I can’t (off the top of my head) remember a half-hour episode in which every character had at least one line. Also, I loved the first Dwight-Creed interaction! (I think that was the first, correct me if I’m wrong.) The bat plot was hilarious, providing some of the best Jim-Dwight interaction yet (and that’s a pretty hard standard to top.)

    Congrats, Brent, this has been the best episode of sweeps (will Cocktails top it?).

  223. Great episode. Great directing, and writing. Can’t wait to see Ryan and Kelly’s interactions in the future.

    Loved seeing Dwight as intense as he was about that bat. He really focused on that thing.

    Angela was classic, with her negativity and classic statements about the office environment: for instance “why are there flies in here?”

    Can’t wait for next week. It’s the Michael and Jan reunion.

    Jim did a hilarious job with the prank.

    I hope Toby and his girl stay together, she was very pretty and Toby even got a kiss.

    Poor Pam at her art show. That girl needs to take the initiative, or she’s going to be pushed around her entire life.

    When I say take the initiative, I’m not even talking about getting with Jim, because I coul care less, I’m talking about her coming out of her shell, and leaving her old problems behind (Roy).

    Pam’s a very pretty girl but it seems she has a bit of an issue with expressing herself.

    Jim and Karen, congrats on being so happy together. Glad that Karen had time for a prank with Jim.

    Creed/Dwight: perfect match. Can’t believe this wasn’t noticed before.

    Meredith, finally has a role where she gets to be seen for more than 6 seconds at a time.

    “Do You Have Something… In Your Pocket?”
    -Pam Beesley

  224. The local NBC affiliate here decided to play the postponed Indiana/Purdue basketball game instead of “The Office.” So now I have to wait until 3:30AM to watch it because that’s when they’re going to play it… and I have school tomorrow at 10AM, but I will NOT go to bed without watching this episode, darnit! You can bet I am not happy.

    Would anybody be willing to write angry letters with me? Please? LOL

  225. Aram – I don’t think Roy is making Pam happy right now. I think she wants to go back to where he made her happy, because they have a solid foundation and they have history, but she can’t go back. Even when Kelly gushed about how “in love” she must be, Pam instantly changed the subject.

    Roy’s comments and attitude tonight only further emphasize that point. He isn’t the right man for her and really, Pam isn’t the right woman for him. He doesn’t understand her, he doesn’t know her and he is trying way too hard to be something he’s not – and he’s not even good at that.

    I hope Pam takes the criticism of her art (and herself) tonight and makes some changes. Not just new clothes or a new hairstyle. But real life changes. Live up to the Fancy New Beesly name. End things with Roy for good, take some risks in life, and really *truly* go after what she wants. Because it isn’t Roy.

    And on the other end, I don’t think Jim is all that happy with Karen either. Its once again a case of trying too hard for something to be there when it just isn’t. Case in point was their joined prank tonight. Rashida Jones did an excellent job of acting like she was a horrible actress. They just don’t fit, as much as they both want to. The connection isn’t there, the one that is so effortless with Jim and Pam.

  226. When Michael showed up at Pam’s art show, and told her that he was proud of her (or that she made him proud, whatever it was) – I cried! It was just so “awwww!”

    I kind of wondered why Jim didn’t go to the art show, but I’m guessing that Pam didn’t invite him. And though you may ask then why was she disappointed when he didn’t show – maybe it’s one of those situations where she didn’t actually invite him, but still hoped (unrealistically) that he’d somehow know about the show and appear anyway. I know I have those situations, where I hope someone will show up even though there’s no way in heck that that person would be where I want him to be.

    I think if Phyllis wasn’t on her honeymoon, she might have gone to the art show. As for everyone else in the office… nope, it’s just not their thing. You saw Kelly’s reaction. Though Toby’s reaction was interesting (guess his “friend” from the gym wasn’t anything serious).

  227. I……am a HERO!!

    That had to be the line of the night. There is just not enough Kevin. Or Stanley. Or Meredith. But I LOVE the Dwight/Creed combo. Dweed? Cright?

    ANd I love the no Jim/Pam interaction. C’mon folks. You know its going to happen eventually so if it happens right now, then what? Everyone’s going to cry/whine b/c all the anticipation is gone. Just enjoy what we get. I know I do. Its freakin’ hilarious.

    OMG I am STILL laughing over Ryan not getting fired but getting moved. The look on his face when he said “Closer to Kelly” was priceless. I think he was less shocked in the car when he thought he was gone. LMAO!! I wonder if his allergies will flare up back there!!

    How about Michael w/ his line of managers are supposed to hire and inspire and business is about people. Thats EXACTLY what that class should have heard. Thats exactly what my local bog box chain stores and telephone customer service people need to hear too. I hope they were all watching.


    Rock on, Dweed!!!!!

  228. Hey Tanster, deleted scenes are up. Well one actaully. We get a clue as to why Jim may have not have gone to the art show…

    ..side note, upset about seeing the deleted scenes before seeing the actaully episode.. my querry about the torrent is still up…

  229. Very good episode. Michael’s speech had some funny parts (especially after the Q&A started), but a lot of it seemed like stuff we’ve already seen and heard before. I laughed so many times during the bat scenes, what with Dwight trying to manage two crises – both the live bat in the office and also Jim turning into a vampire, and then keeping his composure by telling himself to deal with one crisis at a time, and how terribly awesome it was when he finally did capture it (although not for poor Meredith), but I think I laughed the hardest at the scene when a surprisingly focused Creed tried to help capture the bat:

    Kelly: “You better not hurt that little bat!”
    Creed: “Animals can’t feel pain.”
    Kelly: “Don’t hurt that bat, Creed. It’s a living thing with feelings and a family.”
    And then a few moments later Creed & Dwight botch the attempt to capture it and it flies into the main office area…

    At Pam’s art show, I’m surprised that Roy reverted back to his old self so quickly after getting back together with Pam. After all we’ve seen from him this season about wanting to get back together with her so badly, now that he has I would have thought that he would have made at least a slight effort to not make the same mistakes that he made last time. Also, what was depicted in the artwork in the top right corner of Pam’s display? I thought it looked kind of like apple pie or maybe some other food item.

  230. Wow. So per Deleted Scene #1, Karen was set to rip down Pam’s art show flyer so that Jim wouldn’t see it?



    Meredith – LMAO.

    Her scenes should NEVER be cut.

  231. Weird…the deleted scenes almost never have anything to do with the Jim/Pam subplot. And for good reason.

  232. I apologize in advance for not reading through all the comments and posting stuff that has probably already been said in some way…

    I really REALLY loved tonight’s episode from the cold open to that short, but hilarious Ryan/Kelly ending. Michael was at his cringe-inducing best at the business school but the way he turned it around on Ryan and the “Suck on that!” at the end were fantastic.

    The entire office’s reaction to the bat coming out of the ceiling made me laugh hysterically, I especially loved Karen hiding under the desk and Stanley walking out with his coat over his head, all the while Creed and Jim just sit there calmly. I also found it kind of cute how Karen finally helped Jim pull a prank on Dwight (a BRILLIANT prank at that) even if she was kinda shaky and awkward at it.

    So while I WAS definitely yelling at my tv towards the end at the art show, imploring Jim to show the hell up, I was equally touched by Michael coming, and I think ultimately it worked out better that way. That was a very touching scene, and the whole “is there something in your pocket” is priceless.

    overall one of my favorite episodes I’ve seen, definitely from this year and probably ever. Can’t wait to see where they go from here.

  233. If anyone else besides me was questioning the level of Karen’s jealousy for Pam, they only need watch the deleted scene on NBC’s ‘Office’ site. It’s now clear that Karen didn’t want Jim to attend Pam’s art show, and, as some have said, Jim probably wasn’t eager to go there and run into Roy, and I suppose it’s possible that Pam didn’t even give Jim an invitation.

    It’s funny to think that Pam and Jim are about as distant as they’ve been since the show launched. It’ll be interesting to see where the writers take the relationship in the ensuing weeks.

  234. All I’ve gotta say about the first deleted scene is…

    Karen. WOW.

    Oh, yeah. Gotta love Stanley’s TH, too.

  235. “Kill it, kill it, kill it!”

    “One crisis at a time.”

    “People never go out of business.”

    Great lines, did not reapeat the Kevin line but it was awesome too.

    Also, anyone surprised that Roy “gave up” his act so quickly? He was so determined to get her back and change his ways, (he really was remorseful) that I thought for sure if he were successful, like tonight, he’d be very careful of Pam’s feelings. He was not. Taking her for granted again, Roy? Did not heed Cinderella’s advice.

  236. Also, let’s set the record straight: there’s no reason to expect much Jim/Pam action next week, either. The CFO lives in New York if I remember correctly (definitely not anywhere near Scranton); Jim has been invited to the party, presumably because he’s Michael’s number 2, and he brought Karen as his date. Pam won’t be there. I’m glad, I wanna see more of the Jim/Karen dynamic in a date setting. All we’ve really seen is them dancing at the wedding.

  237. btw did anyone notice that tonight’s opening theme wasnt the long one or the short one ? it was like in the middle lol

  238. Another great episode…but that’s kind of redundant isn’t it since they’re pretty much all great! I haven’t read all the comments so I’m sure someone already mentioned it, but I really liked the allusion to Pam and Roy’s terrible first date…just like the minor league hockey game, Roy brought his brother to the art show and left without her. So despite all his efforts, it looks like Roy really hasn’t changed after all…and I think Pam noticed, even if only a little. Michael’s use of candy bars in his “lecture” had me rolling, as did the sequence where Dwight covered Meredith’s head with the garbage bag, bat flapping away inside. I liked Karen helping with the prank this time and I also loved Ryan being called on being so condescending of Dunder Mifflin’s business practices despite the fact that he isn’t good at his job. The Michael/Pam moment was priceless, as was the Ryan/Kelly ending.

    That said, the bat subplot is up there with the bird funeral as being one of the silliest stories of the series. But at the same time, how could you not love Angela lying prone on the ground when the bat was flying around? It was nice to see Oscar too, although the webisodes spoiled me…I want some more Angela/Kevin/Oscar interaction! As far as JAM goes, like I said I think tonight Pam got a big hint that Roy is still the same and therefore the wrong guy for her, and I can’t imagine their new relationship lasting long. So there’s still lots of jam left in the jar. More Michael and Jan next week? I can’t wait!

  239. Wow, deleted scene #1 should have been kept in, if only that first part with Karen and the flier. It didn’t explain anything in its entirety, but it gave us a deeper glimpse into the Jaren/Ram dynamic…

  240. The lack of JAM was a little painful, but I still loved this episode. The best part was that was so much ensemble action–everyone had a part to play in this episode, no matter how small. Michael was back to his loveable, but still cringe-worthy self. I loved when Pam asked him if he had something in his pocket, and luckily he did! :) The best part’s were Angela’s Stop-Drop-and-Roll, Jim pretending to turn into a vampire, and the Dwight/Meredith scene at the end. Oh my gosh. Can you imagine having a BAT trapped in a garbage bag over your head?!?!?! That would be horrible. I too, was waiting for Jim to show up at the art show, and when Michael turned up instead, I flipped open my phone, saw that it was three till nine, and realized he wasn’t coming. That was a little bit heart-breaking. And though I was kind of upset with Gil at the time, I’m glad he said what he did, and hope that Pam takes it to heart.

    One thought–everyone’s talking about Jim moving back to his old desk–what if KAREN moves back to his old desk, or to the one that he’s in now in order to “keep an eye on him”, or “be closer to him” as I’m sure she would put it. That would be horrible. (I’m still about 100 posts back, so I don’t know if someone else brought this up already…)

  241. I have been searching for the torrent since 10:30 pm, it is currently 2:43 am, I have yet to see the episode yet, there has to be some dedicated fan who knows what is going on here.!

  242. “And yes, I’m as much for Jim and Pam (hate the term “Jam”) ending up together as the next person, but it just isn’t realistic to throw them together just yet. It wouldn’t go along with either of their characters.”

    Jeez, I think they’re going on at least five or six years of beating around the bush. We’ve seen three of them. That’s not quite a whirlwind romance, and it’s not very realistic, either. Not saying it’s never happened, but it’s the rare exception, not the rule.

  243. Did anyone else think it was funny when dwight held up the broom/stake when jim walked away?

    Can you imagine if he was deranged?!

  244. I LOVED the bat. Though I thought Jim should have come out with fangs at the end of the day. The whole ensemble was great tonight.

    I too was initially disappointed w/ Jim not showing up to the art show, but I liked Dorky Dancer’s comment (249) and someone else (sorry, too lazy to look back) that even if Pam didn’t invite Jim specifically, she was probably hoping he’d show up. I think we’ve all been thru those times, when we really were hoping to see a friend/crush, and then they cancelled or never came. it hurts.

    Last observation on the JAM thing (since there are reruns coming up i think i can hold it to this one post for the month ;-). This may be projecting, but I think it was hard for Pam to deep down believe that Jim actually was in love with her. (“What?”) There were hints all last season, of course, and on the one hand she could see it in his eyes and was uncomfortable, but on the other hand, I think she might not have felt like she was cool enough for him. He’s cute, he looks good on the basketball court, he’s funny – and then this season he comes w/ a girlfriend who is self-confident and dresses better than she does and has a more prestigious job. I think that Pam’s self-esteem is actually so low that she can overlook the whole declaration of love and think that she wouldn’t stand a chance against Karen. Which is sad, but not unrealistic. Jim hasn’t given her much to go on since he got back.

    that’s my 2 cents, anyway.

  245. Pam’s just playing it safe. They sort of spill it out through the whole ep. She won’t try something risky in her art (i.e. Jim), but goes with the safe things, like a stapler or a building.

    I wonder if Oscar’s comments would have pushed her to be a little more rebellious, while Michael’s might have drawn her back down the “safe” path?

    All in all, I haven’t enjoyed the last two eps, really. The two before that were much funnier. I am looking forward to the next one, though.

  246. Those of you looking for the torrent: BitMeTV has it. It seems that there was a problem with the transmission (it changed resolution back and forth a couple of time), so scene groups didn’t release it since it would necessarily be nuked. Someone did a cap and released it, though. It should be on public trackers any time.

  247. Roy used to pull that crap and worse when they were together the first time and she put up with it THEN. We’ll have to see if she’s learned her lesson.

    Yay, more Meredith and Creed! This was a very well-balanced show and had even amounts of all of the characters (incl. Kelly, Oscar, Kevin). I loved it.

    Dwight fearless and brave and hilarious.

    Jim – great prank. He probably didn’t go to the art show because he’s really TRYING with Karen. He knows he still loves Pam, and should stay away from Pam some so he can be a good boyfriend. Anyone notice that he yawned again in this episode and looked tired? Think Karen’s still putting him through late night talks? I DO!!

    Ryan can be a jerk and deserves what he got. He puts down his job and his company, but I’ve known plenty of people who do that at their jobs. It gets old, but some people like to just complain.

    I think Gil was being a snob, but I don’t think he meant for Pam to hear. I don’t think he was being intentionally mean, but I also think he’s right about what he said, unfortunately. (I was an Art History major in college, so I’m kind of an art snob, too.) I’m sure that his comments will haunt Pam for a while, and maybe that will be a positive thing.

    Michael – Great to see him triumph (again) in the face of adversity.

    I think the student whose textbook got ripped was David Daskal ( ) from Average Joe: Hawaii. I’m not sure, though.

    If the prospect of Jim changing desks comes up, I think he’ll stay where he is. Pam will be devastated and Karen won’t know the difference. Orrrr, he could move and interact with Pam more and Karen will be pissed/sad.

    I have to stop. So many good points have already been made, so I’m sorry if I’m rehashing them.

  248. I personally felt Angela should have gone to Pam’s art show. Pam seems to be the closest person to a friend that she has. However, she may have injured herself after her drop, stop and roll and therefore was unable to attend!

  249. that ending was so awesome it nearly made me get all weepy. i love that in some episodes the ‘documentarians’ cut michael in behavioural polar opposites.

    ultiamtely though, michael was trying to just be a nice helpful throughout the whole episode, and i can empathise with him that it really must have hurt to have one of his favourite employees ‘backstab’ him in a sense and publicly decree Dunder Mifflin’s going down the you know?

    when he showed up at the end to support pam and then offered to buy the painting that was so moving, just showed michael’s deep down care and respect for his friends and employees like pam


  250. did anyone notice the naval academy shoutout michael made in ryan’s car? does anyone know why he said that, is there a naval academy graduate that works for the show? just curious coz i happen to be a student there now.

  251. chris 332,

    I think Oscar and Gil’s comments might help her be a little more risky, but I don’t think Michael’s comments with encourage her to stay on the safe path. I think Michael just gave her something she desperately needed, something that (as far as I can tell) no one has given her yet. When she left Roy, and started taking art classes, and tried to move forward did anyone tell her that they were proud of her? Not that I can recall. Possibley her parents, although they might have just been frustrated at having to call off a wedding. And Jim, who had wanted her to move on so much, and argued with her about it in Boys and Girls, certainly didn’t say it. I’m sure we would have seen it, if he had. So, Michael steps in and says he’s proud of her. And, sure, he was only talking about the art, but the art is a part of this new thing she’s been trying to do. So, I hope that it only gives her more confidence in herself and helps her to realize that she needs to keep moving forward.

    But that’s just my 2 cents. *shrugs*

  252. This show has become a ridiculous soap opera that someone mistakenly thinks is still funny.

    Multiple romantic relationships don’t make this show good. Neither does Steve Carell acting like an ass at huge social events.

    This show used to have decent episode plots with truly awkward situations. The show was a true parody of the relations in an office. It followed a documentary format that was real enough to make the viewer uncomfortable at times, but pushed it just far enough to remind the viewer that it was, in fact, just a parody. The characters had an arc that they were following which was completely killed in season 3. “Gay Witch Hunt” was the only episode this season that has been even remotely funny.

    Now it’s just a week-by-week who’s dating who or who likes who or who’s dumping who. It’s middle-school bullcrap. It’s idiotic and banal. At this rate, I would give this show 1 more year at best.

  253. Well, Jim was probably mad at Pam for getting back with Roy, so even if he knew about the show he probably wouldn’t want to go. And in his own way, Roy was trying to be a better more supportive boyfriend, but he just doesn’t know how to relate to Pam in any other way than to talk abut how her art is pretty without understanding any meaning in it.

    Aside from Jim completely ignoring Pam, I really enjoyed tonight’s episode.

  254. And can I just say that in less than 30 seconds every week Creed consistently proves himself to be the most fascinating person in the building!

  255. As I haven’t been able to get here til this morning, there are way too many comments to catch up on…but I want to say the Pam-Michael was touching and meant so much more to Pam than Michael could know, that it is interesting that Pam’s kick in the pants came from someone she’s not particularly close with (Oscar) and someone she doesn’t even know (Gil). I think Pam really has to come around when she realizes that even Oscar thinks she lacks courage and honesty. But I think this Pam transformation has been portrayed so well because this is the way most people are- they want to change so they venture out often times timidly, they slide back when it gets frustrating or scary, and they really need someone to notice and be proud of them for trying. Good job writers and Jenna!

    Also I was waiting for Jim to show up too, but I think the Michael appearance the right choice. Jim was there for Pam for years and now she needs the strength to change her life for herself.

  256. i would just like to say that i am so so so excited to see kelly ryan scenes from now on !!
    ahh yay!

  257. Wow, my previous post was full of omissions!

    Most importantly- the Pam-Michael MOMENT was touching…

  258. Michael: What do you say we get our Fris on before class?

    Gotta love the throw…to no one. Clear across the campus.

    College kid: Dude?

    Get your Fris on, Mike!!

    Oh and you gotta love Michael’s line about Ivory towers, then he points towards Ryan’s professor and say Ebony too.

  259. The scene with the bat, Dwight, and Meredith is the most I have ever lauged at something in the show.

  260. I’m sure there are so many students at the U of Scranton playing frisbee before class out in the 7 degree weather this time of year….

  261. Ya – that’s what I was wondering about – the weather! We know Phyliss’ wedding took place on Feb 10th – the invitations said so. And if Phyliss is still on her honeymoon (6 weeks), then why are all the trees in full bloom?! Usually they ‘hide’ that stuff better on the show. I’m confused as to the timeline now…?? I know they referenced Pam’s art show last week’s episode, did they mention it was the following week??? Any ideas?

  262. A great episode. Short, sweet, and to the point in every scene. The Office at it’s best. Michael was not overly obnoxious, Pam was sensitive, Roy tried but wasn’t successful, and there was a bat in the office, including some Dwight/Jim pranks. Fits up there with other great Season 2 episodes, and stands out above the other more plot-driven, but not quite as funny episodes of the third season.

  263. I think it should be noted that Rashida did an excellent job at portraying Karen as a horrible actress

    I watched her and saw her trying to act. It was jarring, it was SO bad. So stiff and uncomfortable and unbelievable.

    That’s a testament to Rashida though, and to the writers who are making it clear that Jim/Karen just don’t have that connection, even though they seem on the surface to be perfect for one another.

  264. I kind of wish your quotes weren’t separated from each other. A lot of them wouldn’t make sense out of context. For example, Kelly yelling “Kill it!” That was funny because she was talking about not killing animals right before that, but you don’t include those things in your quotes.

  265. Her mom doesn’t live in the area i think, remember in the first season (or second..) how her Mom “came down to visit”, so yeah i think they live somewhere else

  266. I thought this episode was awesome! I know Roy was faking it! That was a good job of “fake acting” by Jim and Karen. Looks like more Jim/Pam tease tension coming up! But, ya gotta love Michael Scott, hes dumb, but hes sincere.

  267. I’m glad Jim was left out of the whole art show. I think it had to be just about Pam. If everyone had been there she wouldn’t have heard those comments from Oscar & Gil or realized what a prick Roy is. I was so glad she had her own apartment to go back to without him. It was important for Pam to start to realize that she’s playing it safe too much and has to make some decisions that really reflect what she wants, rather than what’s safe and comfortable (and non-controversial). I just hope the writers don’t go too far and have her go to some crazy extreme behaviours in effort to break out of the “boringness.”

    I thought this was a great episode and really was true to the characters and where they are going. I didn’t see so much soap operaness in this one – that’s another reason I was glad Jim didn’t come up at all. We didn’t have to see any awkward glances between the two of them or any of that garbage.

    After the camera showed some of the more developed art pieces and then cut to Pam standing there in front of her drawings I just thought she looked cute. I like her drawings, I hope she won’t give up and just start pushing it a little. Give her credit for having the courage to hang her art up there – it’s a good start.

  268. Oh yea, sorry but just one more thing. I didn’t think all of Michael’s remarks to the students were that all bad. If Tony Robbins had done that bit with the school book I think people would have been all over it. Unfortunately there was too much “Michael” for the students to hear what he was saying, but I think he exposed an important truth about the ability of companies like Dunder-Mifflin to survive. It really has to be focused on the personnel (even if the boss is a little kooky) and the clients as individuals. I’m a graduate student at a top ranked business school (IU) and many of my colleagues seem to have the same “big business” corporate snobbery as the kids in the class that Michael spoke to.

  269. I say Jim will be moving back to his old desk, and we shall start seeing some more of the new Pam honesty and courage in the near future. I just don’t know how they are going to top last year’s season finale, any thoughts?

  270. i think Pam would make a good architect, not an artist in the traditional sense,but she can do illustrations. maybe she can do children’s books

  271. Michael is tactless but he is honest. My hope is Pam will take Oscar and his friend’s comments to heart and learn to speak up. I don’t want her sweet personality to change too much but she’s in love with Jim and she needs to let him know. And Roy, though miserable without her, is not good enough for her. She needs to cut all ties with him. Awesome episode! I love this show!

    “Good night Mary Beth!” – Creed

  272. I really liked the episode…Michael was great! I am really glad that the writers decided not to make the art show a big Jim and Pam moment. I mean…Jim and Pam are not really even that good of friends anymore. It is sad because they used to be “best friends” and one would want their best friend to come to see their art. With that said…I was glad to see some development of the other characters and I am over the moon that Ryan has to go sit in “the annex” near Kelly…that will be awesome to see!!

  273. I thought this was the Greatest episode of the office! The scene with Pam and Michael was so touching! I really think that this a new beginning for Pam! I hope that the show will continue for years to come!

  274. Michael is certainly no Mr. Keating (Dead Poets Society reference), but as misguided as he is, he actually does have some good leadership qualities. That, and I would love working for a boss who values goofing off in the workplace as much as I do. … Pam and Jim will never get together for any longer than a brief moment in time, like last season’s finale. What Conan O’Brien called the will-they-won’t-they sexual tension is a key driving force in the series. Once Daphne and Niles paired up in Frasier, the series was done for, ditto Maddie and David in Moonlighting. … Having said that, I wish they would come to their senses. Roy is a neanderthal, the kind of guy I hated in high school 10 years ago. And Karen, she’s a hottie, but Pam …. she is so hot.

  275. Regina, I am sure that it will because as a wise man (or not so wise) once said, “ain’t no party like a scranton party, cause a scranton party won’t stop”

  276. I thought that last night’s episode was great, but what I liked about it most was how it stayed funny and true at the same time. Now, I keep the faith with the whole Jim/Pam thing (I’m also not into the phrase JAM – I think people in a couple should still get to maintain individuality), but what I love most about this show and do not want to see compromised at any cost is the way that the characters behave like real people with their abilities/experiences would.

    First off, Pam. I completely understand going back to Roy at the wedding. She was feeling vulnerable, and as a few people have mentioned, Roy is safe and familiar. She was lonely; he was there. And Roy did seem to be taking a genuine interest in her and he knew how to hit all the right notes to remind her why she liked him in the first place. So she rebounded from Roy with… Roy. Bouncing back to an ex is hardly a unique phenomenon and it is rarely long lived. And you can tell she’s already regretting it. Pam’s had a rough time of it lately, and yes, largely of her own making, but courage is hard. And it’s hard to overcome fear of rejection when the man you want has a hot girlfriend you genuinely like despite yourself who recently told you that the man had dismissed your one kiss as “not a big deal”. So despite his flirting, you have this evidence to the contrary. Courage is hard. I do think this episode is a good turning point though – it’s hard to hear truth unvarnished and she got a bit of that from Gil and Oscar last night. Maybe it’ll be the boot in the ass she needs to make a real change. And I wanted to hug Michael too when he gave her the heartfelt validation she needed when she was at her emotional bottom.

    Now, Roy. Everyone keeps saying how Roy showed himself to be a jerk last night, but I would like to respectfully disagree. Roy’s besetting sin last night was trying waaay too hard. Despite the call back to their first date, I think Roy brought his brother to say to Pam “look, I even brought more people with me to see your art!” and his comment about no one from the Office coming was probably meant to be like “see how much more I care about you than those guys!” It came off as fake because he wasn’t sincere; but I think he said those things in a desperate attempt to make Pam happy. Roy is limited. He understands that he screwed up the first time, but he only understands his screw up on a superficial level. In his head he’s trying to fix what he did wrong the first time, not understanding that his trying too hard doesn’t put everything back to the way it was. The invite to his place came off like a desperate last ditch effort to me. Roy is floundering. Like a real person with his capabilities.

    Now Jim. I don’t blame him in the least for not going to the art show. Part of me wanted him to show, but again, that’s not what a real person would probably do. Not unless they were a total masochist, which is exactly what Jim is trying not to be anymore. I think he told Karen to take the job in Scranton because he genuinely liked her and had hope that because he was attracted to her it would buffer him from his feelings for Pam. And nothing that Pam has shown him since has indicated any real sort of feelings for him. She dismissed it to Karen, she played it cool in front of him, and after 2 rejections, he has no reason to think that her feelings toward him changed. It’s not exactly as if she called off her wedding and showed up on his doorstep. So he tries with Karen. Then his little prank with Pam forces him to face his continued feelings for Pam. Not only does he at that point have jealous Karen to deal with, but he also doesn’t want to still have those feelings. If I were him (and I swear I’ve been in situations like that) I would start avoiding Pam at all costs until my feelings faded a little more. Then she gets back with Roy on the very evening that he almost slips (she’s very cute when she dances, is she?), and he knows very well that Roy will be at the art show since he can hear them talking about it. It already hurts to be around her; it can only hurt worse seeing her with him, and going to the art show might permanently damage his relationship with Karen since it would only add to her jealousy. Jim can’t go, it hurts too much. And Jim can’t put himself out there again where Pam is concerned without a clear sign from her, and I can’t think of something more opposite than a clear sign than going back to Roy.

    [As a side note, I totally understand Karen’s jealousy. Your boyfriend tells you he still (a year later!) has feelings for a woman he’s friends with? An unattached woman who seems to flirt back and sounded almost high when she tried to deny her feelings back? Karen’s not stupid, and she really loves the Halpert. Wouldn’t you? So, she’s acting jealously from time to time. What I like about Karen though is that she is assertive and does have self-respect, so I think this arrangement will be short lived. She won’t put up with it for much longer.]

    Finally, even the absurd characters, Michael and Dwight have been shown in the past few weeks to have caring, sensitive sides that give them humanity. Michael’s desperate need to be liked and his lack of self-knowledge lead to absurdly, painfully funny scenes, but in the end, his heart is good. Dwight may be totalitarian and odd, but he’s also chivalrous and loyal. And that’s why I love this show. The more they develop the side characters too, the better the show will be.

    One last note re: the desk situation. Jim may move, he may not move. I bet the deciding factor is Andy. Andy can’t sit where he first sat because Oscar is back. He can’t sit where Dwight is because Dwight’s back. I bet he ends up in that seat. It will be interesting to see if Dwight and Jim form an anti-Andy alliance…

    Ok, I know it was a book, but I wanted to get everything in… sorry for the long post.

  277. my DEFINITE favorite part was when Dwight saw the bat for the first time and literally fell off the desk! His fall was so hilarious — I actually wondered if he had a stunt double!! We had to rewind and watch that one a couple of times. That whole scene actually was just too hilarious.

  278. This episode was really great — even my husband who loves the show but isn’t actually to the point of obsession (like me), noticed how good it was. It left me with a happy feeling. Everything in the Pam/Jim situation is coming together perfectly. I have actually really enjoyed what they have done with that. The past few episodes have been critical t show Pam’s development. We have seen her basically crumble. She has hit rock bottom I think (from childishly asking to be set up, to being with Roy again, etc.) I really don’t think she can go anywhere but up, and I think we now see that she finally has the courage.

  279. Pam and Roy? Why?

    Otherwise there were some funny scenes like when Michael called Ryan “a bit of a tease”. My favorite scene was when Gil said that “real art has honesty and courage” – just what Pam doesn’t have and needs to to face her feelings towards Jim. That was excellent writing and made the show for me.

    I didn’t love it, I didn’t hate it. But I thought Jim’s prank was lame. In fact Jim’s pranks on Dwight lately have been really lame. Could Karen sound more wooden when she is playing his “straight man”? Jim either needs to only do pranks with Pam or cut them out entirely.

  280. Oh yeah, I loved when Dwight fell off Pam’s desk too. Definitely not the brave soldier he proclaims to be. (Or was that Gareth :) ?)

    re: Tide Detergent’s comments – I don’t think Jim and Karen even appear to be perfect for each other. They both seem really stiff and uncomfortable when they’re together.

  281. I loved it when Dwight jumped on Pam’s desk and his ass was right in Pam’s face

  282. I sign on the following day and already near 400 responses…OT is blowing up. May have already been covered, but…

    – Ryan’s desk move paves the way for Andy to be sitting with Jim and Dwight (what a trio)
    – Roy obviously can’t conceal his true self and Pam can already see through it
    – Okay writers, we get it, Michael makes an arse out of himself in public…TURN THE PAGE.

    Some funny stuff like Angela’s reaction to the bat (loved the makeshift head protection), but otherwise just an average episode IMO.

  283. did anyone notice that Pam said she hasn’t had her break through yet regarding her art. I bet her break through will come when she finally comes clean to Jim about her feelings

  284. Why didn’t Jim and Karen go to Pam’s art show? Watch the deleted scene on NBC and we have the answer. Had Oscar not walked into the kitchen, Karen would have ripped Pam’s art show poster down. She’s not interested in supporting Pam and she sure as hell isn’t going to let Jim support her!

  285. Everyone is talking about Dwight’s hilarious fall from Pam’s desk (which it was).

    But can someone please give it up for Angela’s “stop, drop, and roll” only seconds after?

    That was classic stuff!

  286. Loved your comments, Like a Carpenter! Your summary of the show is right on target, and I, too, love the way we get to see the softer side of some of the seemingly obnoxious characters. I loved the way that Dwight comforted Pam when she broke down and cried after she convinced Jim that he shouldn’t object to Karen moving next door to him.

  287. I wonder if that 57 percent that voted that Pam did not “do it” with Roy – still think so. its pretty obvious after last nights episode that they did

  288. I dunno if this was mentioned before, but did anyone notice that the poor kid who got his book ruined by Michael was on Average Joe? I think it was the second Average Joe….

  289. I apologize if I step on any toes or repeat any comments already mentioned, but I just can’t read through that many pages…at work at least. I just really wanted to get this point across and see if it helps others enjoy the show on a different level.

    Essentially, I try to view this show through several lenses. One, as the real viewer that I am, viewing this as a scripted comedy. Second, as the fictitious documentary crew assembling the footage to create the most compelling television show they can whilst staying true to the people involved. And three, as a viewer in the fictional world viewing the shot as an actual documentary.

    The first is the easiest and really doesn’t need much explanation. Moving on.

    The second and third go hand in hand but differ somewhat. Viewing it through the eyes of the documentary filmmaker(s) I can look for the themes that are trying to be stressed. They’re obviously pulling for Jam and are fully aware of what even the two of them aren’t. They’re orchestrating this story and, in turn, decide which bits go out and which don’t, thereby creating characters in the process (which may or may not be accurate depictions of the real people).

    As an in-world viewer I get to have the most fun. I can see what was ultimately broadcast and guess at wasn’t. In this world, all these things actually happen so my mind can run completely free pondering what else happened. Did Pam invite Jim to the art show? What was his reaction if so? Invitation or not, why didn’t he go? And what did he do instead? Was Pam upset? The possibilities are endless because these people are real and their lives don’t go away at 8:00pm every Thursday night.

    Well, I hope that was somewhat informative and/or amusing. Or I’m just a diehard Office addict whose done way too much thinking about it.

  290. I agree with some posts (that many others have not mentioned) that Jim seemed a little angry, for lack of a better word, about the RAM reunion. His talk about Brangelina, etc., gave me the impression that he was tired of talking about it and probably tired of thinking about it. I can’t help but think some delightful spill of emotions (even if it’s just a dribble instead of a deluge) will come next week. Especially if folks are getting liquored up.

  291. Did anyone else notice Angela praying while she was on the ground and the bat was flying around the office. Watch it again and turn up the volume. Its hilarious.

  292. I agree that the show is not, nor should be, JAM-centered, but I hope they give us one sliver, tiny, miniscule beacon of hope next week before the show goes on hiatus for a thousand years (okay 3 or 4 weeks, but it feels that way!)…

  293. best moment –
    when Dwight’s arm starts shaking as soon as he realizes that its a bat (not a bird)

  294. OH my heck, I just have to say I watch every week for something to happen between pam and Jim and Im really starting to get annoyed if something does not happen soon, Im boycotting! C’mon anyone but roy! He is a total douche and she so nows it! Pam grow a pair and tell Jim he is the hottest thing alive! Or at least Dwight! PS.I loved this whole episode, I most loved when Jim was behind dwight at the water ready to bite his neck and dwight was so nervous! Just the terry tuff guy look on Dwights face was so classic!

  295. You know, I do understand why they can’t put jim and pam together RIGHT now (let’s face it, it wouldn’t be as exciting as the “when will they get together?” has been). But I gotta agree with a lotta out there about Roy. If they have to put Pam with somebody, could it be someone who treats her well? She looks like someone who has no self-respect when she lets herself go back with such an oaf. Until they can put Jim and Pam together, I would like to see someone who elevates her a little, even though they are not “meant to be” because in real life, there are people that are great and helped you become the person you are, but you just weren’t in love with them.

  296. It’s funny to see all the women posting who are mad at Jim because he’s now “a jerk” or “not as nice as he used to be,” all because he doesn’t dote after Pam like he did in seasons 2 and 3.

    Guess what? Jim moved on with his life. He acted on his feelings, they got rejected, so he moved on. Pam is the one who isn’t honest, who doesn’t have the guts to act on how she feels (Jim’s done both). So how does this make him a jerk? He has his own life now, and understandably wants to keep Pam out of it (as no more than a friend, anyway.) How can women be so ignorant? Where do you get this double-standard from? Too many of you demand that we act in such a way that your feelings are never hurt, yet somehow overlook the fact that we have our own. It’s a very selfish logic.

    Karen at least is brave enough to go after she wants. Pam deserves her sadness, and she deserves Roy.

    Though I did feel for her at that art show.

  297. Stephanie C. is exactly right. Great episode.

    I complained about last week’s episode, but this one was back to the high quality I expect from the show. Very entertaining.

    Loved Gil’s comments about Pam’s art. Great to see more Creed and Meredith. Great that Jim *didn’t* show up at the art show.


  298. I am so sick of everyone talking about JAM… can we just watch the show to get a few laughs out of it? Seriously, the way some of you guys talk, the whole show revolves around Jim and Pam. They don’t really make the show… they’re just the little sub-plot that happens to be going on at the same time. Don’t get me wrong, of course I would love to see them together, but I don’t get mad or upset with every passing week that they aren’t. It’s a story within a story, and personally, I find the Michael/Dwight relationship to be about ten times more interesting and funny than the whole JAM relationship.

  299. Corporate Booty (378):

    Yeah, I was one of those who thought “she didn’t”, but my mind was (unwillingly) changed about 2 minutes into the show last night. I really wanted to believe that Pam would be strong enough to not backslide, but she did. It makes total sense; real people don’t just change that quickly. It’s really easy to be “strong” when you think your knight-in-shining-armor is waiting there for you. But, when that is taken away, it’s all too easy to fall back into something that takes away the hurt and loneliness.

    The way I see it, Pam already knows it was a mistake, although she won’t admit that just yet. She’s already seeing that Roy is still the same guy she decided not to marry. She needed to get back with him in order to put the whole issue to rest for good. She now KNOWS that Roy doesn’t make her happy; there won’t be any “did I do the right thing?” questions running through her mind. With that issue disposed of, she can then make a clean break and start working on those courage and honesty issues plaguing her. My prediction: she won’t be with Roy long. By the end of this season, it’ll be over.

  300. Jim and Pam aren’t the most important part of the show, but it’s the only one that you can really speculate about and wonder what’s going to happen next. There’s not really that kind of tension with the other characters. The Jim and Pam thing has more of a, “Then what happens?!” quality from episode to episode.

  301. Oh, and can I just say that I LOVED this episode?

    I was very pleased with the reappearance of the ensemble. Brilliant.

    And yes, I shed a tear when Pam hugged Michael at the art show. And I laughed out loud at Stanley’s “Goodbye”, and Creed’s “Good night, Marybeth”.

    The show isn’t just about Jam for me. Of course, that is a big part, but it’s not the whole thing. Just because they didn’t talk to each other in this episode doesn’t make it a bad episode, in my opinion. I am just as happy with more Creed and Meredith!

  302. Volumes have been said about the main plotlines of the episode, so I just want to touch on some smaller details that I don’t know if they’ve been covered yet that I found really funny.

    The fact that Dwight has not only a pen flashlight, but also a dental mirror/spything in his desk at all times.

    Creed being perfectly still during the initial freak out, and then being fully participant in Dwight’s extermination of it.

    Kevin for saying possibly the funniest line of the ep, “I…am a hero.” As well as him running into the camera during the initial freak-out.

    Toby comment on how the windows don’t open reminded me of the fact that in Las Vegas, all the windows for the hotel rooms don’t open so that people who’ve lost all their money can’t commit suicide by jumping out. I wonder if Dunder-Mifflin, or the architects of the building complex had that in mind.

    Michael walking down the stairs with the CD player with the “Hello, I’m Brandon Pidelgro, CEO of the Teaching Company” undermining Michael’s own intro.

    Michael saying “Write that down” to the class and the entire auditiorium typing it down on laptops.

    The stake broom just reminded me of Xander.

    Angela has a crucifix in the office? For some reason that doesn’t surprise me.

    In large, the fact that this show can have Dwight putting a plastic bag over Meredith’s head and be a comedic moment and in the same ep have Pam hug Michael and have it not come off as awful is just genius.

  303. m3k1 – WOW! its cool to hear your take on why you changed your mind.

    and yes – that first scene where Roy is at Pam’s desk is very telling. It’s obvious that their physical body language has changed, and that something def happened that night when they left the wedding

  304. Am I the only one who thought that, just for a moment, Pam looked like Deb from “Napoleon Dynamite” when the art show first started? It was just a second, but I saw a weird resemblance (possibly from how she was carrying herself, too).
    Just a thought…

  305. poop is raining from the ceiling. POOP!

    one of the funniest episodes ive seen

    n the scene w/ pam and michael at the art show
    was quite touching

  306. I think Gil’s comments about Pam’s art speak volumes about her relationship with Roy. She’s afraid of risk and dishonest with herself and that’s why until she faces herself she won’t grow. Yeah, saying it when she’s standing right there (or right in front of the pictures) was harsh, he could’ve waited til they were outside but it did seem to register with Pam as evidenced by her reaching out to Michael afterwards. What a nice guy he was to her, too!

  307. The Michael/Pam scene was probably one of the best of the whole series. It shows you that Michael is a good guy and Pam’s sadness. And it’s still funny (Do you have something in your pocket?)

  308. It’s funny to see all the complaining about Jim and Pam not interacting this episode. If the same people who are complaining about Jim and Pam watched Cheers back in the 80s, they would’ve killed themselves ten times over.

  309. im sick of JAM
    its lasted long enough
    the jammers just need to move on like jim has, n just enjoy RAM’s undeniable genuine chemistry:

    “your art is the best art of all art”

  310. I think Jim’s Brangelina/Frangelina comment was a direct commentary on the fans JAM thing. Like “get over it, I have.”

  311. But did you see Jim’s face right after the comment as the camera lingered on him for a spare microsecond?

    No, he’s not over it.

  312. “Your art is the best art” was a great comment? I thought it was tacky and lame. I think Pam thought so too…

  313. the Michael and Jam scene at the end made me cry… Michael for the second time did the right thing, he’s not all snobbish like Oscar’s boyfriend. And Michael actually said something inspirational about how inspiration can’t occur without camera and had to spoil it by saying “unless you have a camera”. Typical Michael, but it rocks!

  314. RAM has no chemistry…that comment (#408) made me throw up a little in my mouth. Even so, Jim is trying to move on – why can’t we let him? I’m not going to analyze every microsecond of film and tiny eye flicker and unintended gesture to look for signs that he’s not over Pam. I think he is over JAM for now. I know I am.

  315. I’m not going to analyze every microsecond of film and tiny eye flicker and unintended gesture to look for signs that he’s not over Pam. I think he is over JAM for now. I know I am. RAM has no chemistry…that comment (#408) made me throw up a little in my mouth. Even so, Jim is trying to move on – why can’t we let him?

  316. Umm, because he’s not. Those microseconds of screentime are put there to remind us of that. They’re not accidental. The writers and directors want those to come across. And that’s why I look for them.

  317. I agree with Comment #421. The writers/director put all those “microseconds” of screentime on purpose.

    That’s what I love about this show. Their gestures do most of their talking… even more than their lips would ever do.


  318. Finally, a funny episode! Just full of belly laughs the entire time, more than i’ve had all season.

    Poop is raining from the ceiling. POOP!

  319. Does anyone have a link to a website that has Pam’s paintings? Especially the one of the office building.

  320. it’s called sarcasm orange. i thought the lamest line ever would help point that out

    n corporate booty: Rylly! all the way hehe

  321. #398, Andy is in an anger management program. They mention it in a deleted scene in the episode after he punches the wall (I believe.) Seems like an important bit of info to leave out, if you ask me! I’m sure they’ll cover for it when he comes back.

  322. Well well, we’re in for a ride with the whold JAM thing. I’m in it for the long haul so all you Jammers hang in there with me. I’m satisfied with seeing those microseconds of Pam’s disgust with Roy and Jim’s disappointment with RAM. I loved the Dwight and Meredith scene. I haven’t laughed that hard since the Injury with Michael, Dwight and Jim in the car with the spray bottle.

  323. Yeah, I caught the sarcasm, rich m. I thought the fact that I wrote that I threw up in my mouth a little would help point that out.

  324. I analyze the show too, phyllis*farm (#420), but the JAM angle is over-analyzed, in my opinion. People look for Jim and Pam interaction when there isn’t any. People project what they want to see there. Some things really should just be accepted at face value. And “he’s not” what? I don’t think he’s over Pam, if that’s what you mean. I said he’s trying to move on, which is exactly what he’s doing: trying to move on. I think his “Brangelina” talking head was a mild jab at people who are obsessive about Jim and Pam’s relationship.

  325. Orange-

    I was saying that he’s not REALLY trying to move on. He may tell himself that and try to convince himself, but he’s not. That look last night, to me, is no less telling than the line “It’s not really a date if the girl goes home to her fiancee. Right?” only that was made verbal.

    And Jam is analyzed moreso than any other aspect because it’s the most serious portion of the show and deserving of the most analyzing.

    In regards to the Brangelina line, I’m not buying it. His joke was the desperate ramblings of a desperate man. He’s trying to make light of the situation with a (bad) joke and failing miserably. How do I know? Because I’ve been in that situation before and can painfully recognize myself in that talking head.

    Man, Orange, it seems like every couple of weeks it comes down to me and you, huh? Gotta love it. :D

  326. Yeah, that’s supposed to be “fiance.” One “e.” With an accent mark. That I can’t figure out for the life of me how to do. My bad.

    “…and I misspelled, in front of the entire school, the word ‘failure.'”

  327. phyllis’farm, I don’t know if he’s really over her, either, but it was so refreshing to watch a non-JAM episode that I’m going to take this one at face value. Even if the Brangelina comment was part nervous rambling, I still believe a large portion of it was directed at viewers. Don’t get me wrong – I think Jim and Pam will come together, it’s destiny, etc. etc., but like I said, I’m just relieved that they took the focus off of it, at least for one episode.

    Have we been at odds before? I don’t remember, honestly. At least it must have been civil ;-).

  328. I agree with you on that. In fact, I was rather surprised at how much I enjoyed this episode given that my least favorite ones in the past have been those featuring very little Jam (Grief Counseling in particular). I really loved this episode…favorite of the season.

    Now, let’s get Joss Whedon to WRITE an episode. The Office/Firefly fanboy in me might spontaneously combust at the mere thought, though…

  329. no Gould (#412)–just clarifying here, but did you mean to say you believe the writers threw that talking head in there to, in some way, diss the fans who like discussing the Jam dynamic?

    I am a fan of the “whole show”, definitely. I’m happiest when the ensemble shines (as in this episode, for instance). However, as Tyler alluded to in comment 395, Jim and Pam’s saga is the most “discussable” (forgive me if I invented a word there!) part of show. Just the number of comments on the subject testifies to the fact that everyone can find something they relate to in that storyline. We’ve all “been there”. The story is complicated; that’s why we talk about it. And that’s why we keep watching. And the writers/producers/NBC execs know that. That’s why I, personally, don’t think that Jim’s “brangelina” comment was a subtle directive to the fans to “get over it”.

    And to reginaroadie (397): I, too, thought how perfect it was that Dwight keeps a small flashlight and mirror in his desk drawer, just in case he needs to investigate something (and by the way, kudos to Dwight for even finding that bat in the first place! Good eye, Dwight!) I also thought it was so great how when he said “…real business is done on paper. Write that down.”, all the students TYPED it into their laptops! So much for paper, huh?

  330. Oops, obviously, in the second part of my comment to reginaroadie (the paper comment), I am talking about Michael, not Dwight .

    My bad…

  331. About the Brangelina/Frangelina comment:

    I don’t think the writers were taking a jab at the fans who discuss, in detail, the dynamic of Jim and Pam, but rather they were having Jim compare the office gossip to the celebrity tabloids. You see Kelly giggly with Pam about Roy, and in the deleted scene, we see Meredith trying to tell a joke/gossip with people about Roy and Pam’s hook-up in the kitchen. The hubbub about Pam and Roy getting together was monumental in the office, just like how Brad and Angelina getting together was monumental in Hollywood.

    The WAY Jim said it, like it was very tired news, was done on purpose because, let’s face it: Brangelina and the Pam/Roy saga are both very tired news. The way that people are carrying on about the relationships gets old, and I think that it puts Jim in a bit of a tricky situation because of the Jim/Pam/Roy history.

  332. As a hard core fan, I’m sure I should know this, but I don’t, and I’m sure you all will be able to help me out. Jim has said several times that he told Pam twice about how he felt, or that he “laid it out” for her and she rejected him twice. I only remember the once, at Casino Night. What am I missing?

  333. 443 | Kristen I think he means when he told her outside, then when he kissed her in the office moments after

  334. Kristen, I think the two times in his mind were both in that episode, the first in the parking lot and then the kiss in the actual office.

  335. Oh, thank you! That makes sense… I’ve been driving myself crazy for weeks trying to figure that out.

  336. Very late comment, probably nothing new, but I feel the need to put in my 2 cents. I really loved the episode last nite, I watched Michael’s whole presentation through my fingers…so cringy. And the whole bat scenario was absolutley hilarious. Loved seeing Ryan being put in his place, literally and figuratively.

    This was an important episode for the growth of Pam. Roy will always be Roy, (he can’t help it) and is wrong for her, as she is for him. I think she sees this. Also, Jim wasn’t there to build her up; she needs to do that for herself. And (most importantly), it takes honesty and courage to be a real artist, and to live a happy life.

    Michael always finds redemtion in such rewarding ways (for us). I welled up at the end, as did most, not just because Michael was being everything Pam needed, but that he was doing it from such an honest place.

    There you have it. Awkwardness, hilarity, realization, redemption, and heart. What else could a fan want? Just my 2 cents.

  337. the moment where michael was telling pam that he was proud of her and he loved her art, almost made me cry! It was so sweet and one of the reasons why michael can be human…i can’t believe that pam got together with roy. i feel so bad for jim…i loved that ryan got moved next to kelly! so funny…does that mean that jim is going to get his desk back?

  338. Can someone please summarize what happened in like the last two minutes? From when Michael is talking about Pam’s art (after saying “is that my car? is that your car?”) to the very end. Please? I had an important phone call I had to take and was not recording the episode. You’re the best. Thanks!

  339. Mr Soups On: Basically, Michael tells Pam that he’s “really proud” of her, Pam gets welled up and hugs him. Michael hangs the painting of Dunder-Mifflin up in the office. Ryan moves into the tiny space next to Kelly, who is flipping out over the fact that they are going to be so close together during the day.

  340. If Jim doesn’t moves back to his old desk, that empty desk would be a perfect spot for a one Mr. Andy Bernard. Smack dab in the middle of Dwight and Jim, to people who really hate him.

  341. Mr. Soups On: Michael also bought Pam’s DM building picture, and hung it in the office.

  342. Well we don’t know if Michael bought it or if Pam just gave it to him, but yeah, the painting is now hanging by reception @ DM.

  343. By any chance, among Pam’s paintings, could the second building she drew (the picture under the coffee mug) be the house she wants with the terrace? I can’t tell…

  344. CH and Kayla (457/458): I think I know what it is. I think it’s the Penn Paper building from the opening credits. I taped the episode for my boyfriend and I paused it and asked him what he thought. He thought so too.

  345. I thought the last two episodes were duds–but this one reminded me all over again why I love this show. I loved the look on Ryan’s face as Michael raced further and further off the tracks. One whole grade is not worth turning Michael loose on a classroom of your peers.

  346. Anybody else catch what I think may have been the most important line of the night? Pam’s talking to the old lady about her art, and says something to the effect of “I guess I’m just waiting for my breakthrough or something.”


  347. As a die hard JAM fan, I don’t want to complain about their current relationship which is not honest each other. I am still enjoying tension between them, which is very classical and romantic like Jane Austin’s novels. However I am getting concerned about JK’s performance. As we all know, he is not well-experienced actor but he tried so hard and was very sincere in the first and second seasons, which really made Jim realistic and likable. Jim looked like a just ordinary thoughtful young man who everybody wants to be close to as a co-worker, friend or boy friend in reality. He was nothing like a male beauty of typical melodramas. Thanks to Jim’s character, JK really took off and became popular and got some movie jobs, as well. I am so happy for him as his fan.

    However his acting in the season 3 does not seem to be as sincere as previous seasons. As someone said, he just looks tired or is not very into the series. Even when he saw Pam and Roy going out hand in hand in the Phillys’ Wedding, JK’s acting was just too obvious. I think Jim’s character in the season 3 requires more subtle expression because Jim has hidden his feeling for so long that even he himself does not know what he truly feels, while he was able to show his feelings at least to the camera crew in the season 2. JK really should concentrate on his acting and try to get into the drama. This is a little thing but he has lost too much weight so now he looks even thin. He looks more of handsome celebrity rather than our ordinary nice guy, Jim at the moment. Jim, Come back as you were.

  348. Claire – I could not disagree with you more. I think JK is a fantastic actor dramatically and comically.

    And everyone please, please, please stop comparing this show to Friends. It is so different. There is no laugh track, more realistic characters, cringeworthy humor and much deeper emotional acting. I loved Friends almost as much as The Office, but it was a more typical sitcom and can’t be put in the same category as our fav. show!
    AND…. JAM is sooo much better than Ross and Rachel.

  349. I don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet, but Pam’s art show also made it very clear (if we had any doubts) that Pam has NO friends. Not even the one best friend that she’s had for years that she may not see often but is still around, or even some old friends from high school that she doesn’t have much in common with anymore but they are still there for some female socialization. I think it adds to Pam’s lowliness, and highlights the fact that Roy served as both her best friend/boyfriend for such a long time that nothing/no one else really existed.

    Thing is, I think this aspect is key in preventing Pam from pursuing Jim and the two not getting together. Can you imagine if Pam had a female friend to confide and confess everything to, and that friend will likely be the voice of confidence and reason for Pam to actually do something? Friends are also good at pointing out the obvious (Don’t get back with Roy! Can’t you see Jim is still in love with you?? etc.). Pam has no one to work through her feelings or possible actions with…and what you get is, well, a lonely, unconfident and un-acting Pam.

    OK, just a thought haha.

    I really enjoyed this episode.

  350. 366 | Heidi

    I watched Dwight’s fall over and over, too! Chaos can be so funny!!

    I don’t think Jim will move desks. It’s a hassle to move all of your stuff and he doesn’t want to have to deal with Pam all over again. I think he’s really trying with Karen.

    Has anyone noticed that we haven’t seen Jim and Karen kiss? I know that’s not what the show’s about, but the other couples have PDAs. Jim’s not the type to be insecure, but I think that Karen’s ex-boyfriend will be some charming, suave guy. Didn’t he work at the corporate offices?

    Pam has a LOOOONG way to go. She returned to her meek little self. What happened to the Pam with the gorgeous blouse and CLEAVAGE? (That was before the merger, right?) Of course she knows that Roy is a tool, but she won’t feel like she has any other choices and will stay with him.

    When Kevin ran into the camera, OMG I laughed.

    384 | Matt – I noticed Angela saying something while she was face down, so I had to rewind and crank up the volume. Hilarious.

    394 | m3k1 – AMEN!

    I love Dwight’s preparedness for almost EVERY conceivable situation. A dental mirror? COME. ON!!!

    How cute was that bat? (sorry, I’m an animal lover)

    Meredith’s screaming throughout the episode rattled my bones. She’s awesome. Creed is THE BEST at being a weirdo.

    332 | Purple Belt – I think that the student was David Daskal. Jim is still being put through the ringer by Karen. Why else would he be yawning and look so tired? The yawn was intentionally shown, just like every little thing on the show. He’ll eventually get tired of her questioning his motives at every turn.

  351. While I disagree with #464 on JK’s performance, I do wonder about the contract status of the major players. Despite what Pam Beesley’s MySpace says, this is about the time in a show’s history when the main stars try to get out of their contracts to do movies. JK, in particular, would seem to be in that category.

  352. “I don’t have a lot of experience with vampires. But I have hunted werewolves. I shot one once, but by the time I got to it, it had turned back into my neighbor’s dog.”

    my favorite quote from the episode.

  353. The Office is not “Friends”. It is totally different. That’s like saying that any sitcom is exactly the same. Why not compare it to “News Radio”, “WKRP”, “Sports Night” while you’re at it – those all were at least work-related comedies. “Friends” was based on the people and not the environment, where The Office is based on the environment and the people are an added bonus.

    Not to mention Friends was totally implausible – 6 white people with very few non-white friends in New York City where they both have large, expensive apartments and rarely have work? Yeah, right.

    Jim and Pam are nothing like Ross and Rachel. There have always been sitcoms and in those there have always been unrequited/timing related problems, for example right now on “Ugly Betty”, Caroline and Richard in “Caroline in the City” and many, many others. They don’t all have to be compared to Ross and Rachel. How long ago was that show anyway? I can’t wait until people haven’t even heard of it anymore. Talk about overhyped.

  354. Claire I also could not disagree with you more. He’s one of the best actors on the show!! You can’t fake his comedic timing and those faces…that’s what makes him so good. Sorry but I think you should rethink your JK theory.

  355. p.s. what’s with all of the re-runs in the next couple of weeks?? We need to keep these new episodes rolling!!

  356. anyone kno what meredith’s answer to the joke in the deleted scene is? i am really curious. i couldnt understand her and the hand gestures werent that much help. lol. but she is still my favorite alcoholic.

  357. Yeah Claire, I also am going to have to disagree with you on this one. I think JK is the most naturally gifted actor on the show — a show filled with extraordinary talent. I think season 3 is pushing his abilities and he’s meeting the challenge flawlessly.

  358. In response to JK’s acting…

    I see what Claire is saying..he has changed, but I think that’s just his role now. He isnt the same Jim he was the first two season. So, I think the writers are trying to show that he has changed. It has nothing to do with his acting. How can he just lose his acting talent because he took a few movie roles? I assume it’s just part of this season. He is with a new woman, and a new attitude and persona come with that job.

    I do have to say that Jim has been different but honestly, we have to expect that he cannot remain the Jim from back then. I hope that pretty soon we see him being disgusted with his new ways, and moves on. Well, dont we all wish he would move on?

    JK’s doing a great job.

  359. I can’t believe people are criticizing John K’s acting!! He’s incredibly talented and very funny! Your right his character is changing,but that only shows what a great actor he is,by being able to show through his character that people change as they evolve,the way we all do!His scenes last episode were so funny w/Dwight.Best part of the episode.Definitely not surprised that Pam is back w/Roy.It’s called taking the safe road,which is very like Pam to usually do.

  360. yeahyeah (#466)

    Yes, I think the art show made very clear what we have all believed, that is, that Pam has no friends outside of work (and Roy).

    I think her only friend might be her mom, but she lives how far away? We know Pam doesn’t see her much.

    Jim used to be her confindant; in season 3, she has had no one to really talk to. She has a bizarre, budding pseudo-friendship with Angela at work, but Angela is not really interested in Pam’s life, just in using Pam as a sounding board.

    I’m sure, when she moved in with Roy, oh so many years ago, that she did what most people do when embarking upon an intimate romantic relationship: devote all of their time and energies to that one person, to the exclusion of everyone else, including good friends. Pam was with Roy for what, nine years? During that time, she relied on Roy for her social life. I mean she didn’t even have her own car! And she once said, regarding buying new clothes, that it was going to be nice having some after work clothes that weren’t pajamas; obviously, she didn’t go out much–it was work, Roy, work, Roy, work, Roy.

    Understanding how lonely Pam’s life really is just makes it that much easier to understand how she can revert so quickly back to her old ways, ways which she once renounced.

  361. I agree with on what you said about Jim and JK’s acting in the saeson 3. I just wondered if I was the only person that is not prefectly satisfied with Season 3’s Jim so I wanted to ask how other people is thinking. I am glad to hear that everyone is enjoyting the changed Jim’s character. I didn’t mean to say that JK’s acting is not great. This is my best faviorte show at the moment and I’m supporting JK. I just want the show to be getting better and better and JK to keep contributing to this show. That’s all. Sorry if I said something harsh. All I said is based on my love about the show like all of you.

  362. hard feelings…haha!

    I think do have to agree that Jim has changed. I think it lacks something this season, but we all know that it is written into the script to show that things arent the same anymore. I just wish it wasnt awkward anymore. So Claire, dont feel like any of us were attacking you…..I know I wasnt. I was just noticing the change too.

    Let’s all think happy thoughts now!!!

  363. I had to say that this episode had to be the best of the season…mabye go so far as the best of the series…thus far. I absolutely loved this episode and the ending actually made me cry!! That has never happened before so that HAS to say somthing! The episode was not only halrious like always! but it was extremely touchy, heartfelt and sad!, but very sweet!

    I love how the show and the characters are evolving, and how we all def saw a side of Michael that we have never seen before. I know alot of people may have been bummed that Jim acted a bit cold toward Pam by not coming to her show and all, but seeing Pam with Roy and her seeing that he really hasn’t changed like she thought has restored my hope that she will again come to her senses and start to fight for what she wants.

    The Pam and Michael scene was amazing!! So sweet, and so heartfelt! And who didn’t love Dwight’s mission for the bat and Jim turning into a Vampire!! Greatness!! These episodes keep gettting better and better :)

  364. OK, I’ve only read about half the 500 posts so some of this might have been covered:

    Jim could not have shown up at Pam’s art show because Pam’s art was not very good. This would put the writers in a dilema. Would Jim be honest with Pam and say what he really thought, or lie to her like Roy and say it was the best at the show?

    Pam’s subjects are typical for a beginning art drawing course. Students are taught to see and draw the objects around them. There is little room for “courage and honesty” in such art.

    Van Gough’s early art was not very good. An art snob like Gil should have known that.

    I thought Dwight putting a plastic bag over Merideth’s head was very creepy. A lot of women have been murdered that way – many in the LA area by a pair of serial killers a while back.

    Jim could not have included Pam in the vampire prank because she had already left for the art show. Karen struck out in the pinch-hitter role.

    The funniest moment on the show was when Michael told the students “real businesses run on paper – write that down.” and they all keyed it into their comnputers.

    Second best line was about the ivory and ebony towers.

    Michael had a “Chunky” in his pocket. How was he going to work that into the speech?

  365. I think something big is gonna happen in the next episode, because by the looks of it, the show is gonna go on a mini break after this upcoming week. They are gonna leave us with a February sweeps little cliff hanger. I think with some honesty and courage (and some cocktails) Pam will tell Roy to “bleep” off. I also think Jim is gonna find out something bad about Karen from her ex-boyfriend. I also keep thinking Michael’s job will be in jeopardy because of his relationship with Jan.

  366. I loved this episode! i forgive them for last week. jim rubbing his teeth. the students typing when michael said write that down. it was all gold!

  367. Hey “evil like a hobbit” (cool name – I love Tolkien), I think you’re totally right about finding out something bad about Karen’s ex. I don’t think that it will be something that makes Jim jealous
    per se (like he wealthy or good-looking) but rather something that makes him reevaluate what he thinks about her. I already posted this theory under the spoilers section but I think it is that he’s married (which is something Pam wouldn’t do) or something else that makes him say, “she is not who I thought she was…”

  368. Third above average but not great episode in a row. The running vampire gag was funny but kinda fell flat after the first few jokes.

    I will commend this episode, however, for showing the Mike that I enjoy to watch. The goofy but not over the top Mike. The Mike you can’t help but like, not the annoying Mike that was at Phyllis’ wedding.

    Oscar and his partner’s comment about Pam’s art but more specifically her was right on the money. The truth hurts what can I say.

    Pam is going through a horrible time. It seems like every episode recently has her having some kind of breakdown. I feel really bad for her. Her situation this season has made me a Jammer. I’ve always wanted Pam and Jim to be together but I’ve also always managed to enjoy the show a lot without worrying too much about their relationship. Now I really really want them to be together.

    Can’t wait for the next ep. Its about time they dedicate some focus on Jan and Mike. It should be fun.

  369. Just went back and read some of the older comments about JK’s acting and I had to comment on it.

    The Office is a far more complex comedy show than what is usually on TV. As such you see characters that are complex and not always likeable. These characters are not one-dimensional.

    For the most part the creative team does an excellent job with handling the characters. If anything they overdo it with Michael sometimes but all the other characters are handled very well for the most part.

    Jim is not the same dude he was last season so you can’t expect him to act the same or to be as likeable. Let’s face it Jim is kinda bitter these days. He has a bit of a mean streak this season. I think it’s a totally realistic behavior pattern and JK is doing a great job.

  370. Steamtown Buff (#484):

    “Pam’s subjects are typical for a beginning art drawing course. Students are taught to see and draw the objects around them. There is little room for “courage and honesty” in such art.”

    SPOT ON! You’ve got it. Even though the rule of thirds (composition wise) is usually introduced in any beginning art class, the stuff she did looked like much of what my work looked like back in freshman year of college (even though stuff I did in high school was more advanced). The big thing about an art show run by an art school is that you show actual assignments, not just any art you’ve come up with.

    It really looks like there was a big focus on still life and perspective there. Not uncommon for beginners.

    One question people have not seemed to bring up: If Pam is eventually focusing on graphic design, why is she working in watercolor? Fine and commercial arts aren’t always mutually exclusive, but I wonder why so much painting is involved if she’s heading toward design?

    Main reason I ask – I’m a graphic designer, and even in college, we didn’t focus on painting techniques all that much.

  371. wallflower: I thought she wanted to be an illustrator, maybe? In one of the first episodes she said that Jim thought her illustrations were good. I thought that the corporate graphic design thing was just sort of an artsy outlet she could take. I dunno, just my opinion! :)

  372. The purpose of Pam’s art show wasn’t about showing us how technically or artistically proficient her art was. She didn’t even present it in a way that reflected that she cared at all about it. Surely someone in art school who has SEEN art would present her work in a more attractive way than simply tacking it to a wall! Even if she did nothing more than put each piece in a cardboard mat, that would have indicated SOME effort. There is still something lacking – she has no heart or passion (yet) in this endeavor. In that way, she IS lacking courage and honesty. I don’t think think the writers were even looking to start a debate over her talent as an artist. Gil made those comments because he was annoyed that he had to be there, and Oscar was making a bigger commentary on the kind of person Pam is. His comments are true in that regard. It’s not about how much imagination she put into the coffee cup hanging on the wall.

  373. Gill had a big mouth, it really hurt Pam, I’m sorry she had to hear what he said. But really he would not have said that if she was standing in front of him. {at least I don’t think he would have said that}

    I really thought that Jim was going to show up, but when Michael came in there and was so supportive and really liked Pam’s paintings and then buying the one of The Office, I never loved him so much. What a splendid moment when Pam was hugging him. By the way, what was in his pocket? I forgot!!!

  374. so…all this nothing going on between Jim and Pam is making me sad and, to be honest, a little less eager to watch every week – i just need some resolution!
    John is doing a good job of being Jim, trying to go about his life on his own. But writers: pam needs to take some of angela’s advice and just GROW A PAIR!!! I don’t know what i am going to do if this hyped one-hour season finale is (jam-wise) a repeat of last year…i could barely focus ALL SUMMER LONG! so unfair!!!! : )

  375. After seeing the scene between Pam and Toby i’m more convinced than ever the writers are hinting at a relationship betwween them.Yuk!!!!

  376. Pam and Toby? That would be so gross. And I am about ready to give up on Pam and Jim. Is there a “Team Jim-should-find-a-new-girl?” Because both of these ladies are driving me nuts.

    Love this show!!!

  377. That’s right. Jim was not at Pam’s art show. Don’t you people know that Jim was bitten by a vampire bat? And now he might be turning into a vampire? How could he possibly go to Pam’s art show?

  378. aww I like the moments between Michael and Pam, he can be so sweet sometimes.

  379. I quoted this episode and used the premise with Michael in my commencement speech. Hopefully I can win with it, haha.

  380. loved this one! ahahha Jim as a vampire!!! and Michael at business school! awww, he was sweet to Pam! :)

  381. The things that happen in real life at my son’s workplace are funnier than the scripts of The Office and that’s hard to believe……

  382. This episode was great, the ending took me totally off-guard. I had settled in for a night of hilarity, when it took a sharp left turn at the end. Michael’s line, “people will never go out of business” brought me to a startling halt. wait… that was… insightful and poignant… wow…

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