1. My dorm room looked a lot like that too. I wish I took pictures. I’d recommend it to anyone because dorm room walls are always so ugly.

  2. That is AMAZING1 Well done!! And I thought I was obsessed!! Now that I know there are girls out there with rooms like that, I’ll never be fully satisfied or smiling (that’s what she said) until I find one lol. Seriously, that is awesome :-)

  3. My wall is kind of like that, but with various TV shows. I do have that Post-It note poster above my bed, though.

    This is intense, but AWESOME.

  4. I am absolutely the same! Except that most of my pictures are of John Krasinski (Let’s be honest, I pick favorites) Every time there is a feature in a magazine I have to run out and get it as soon as I can

  5. I have a few magnets, pictures, and quotations covering only the top freezer door in my kitchen. That’s all my husband would tolerate of my obsession.

    Hmm…maybe I should think about going back to college?

  6. What magazine is that to the right of the Angela/Dwight EW issue? I don’t remember that one.

  7. This puts my dorm room to shame, though you’re missing a very important wedding portrait in that space above your bed.

  8. looks like one of the walls in my bedroom and also the wallpaper on my phone. well done!

  9. I love it! I hope there’s a mini-fridge somewhere covered with Office magnets like mine was! The Dwight poster is my favorite. My boyfriend’s name is Dwight and he’s loving all the attention with his name being in the mainstream!

  10. Mine looks a lot like that with a whole bunch of pages from the page-a-day calendar as well. People always seem overwhelmed when they come in. Haha.

  11. if i didn’t have so many band pictures up, my room would probably look a lot like this. XDD
    it’s just a bit more diluted with the band pictures/posters.

  12. Ahhh this is awesome!! My dorm room has the poster of them in the conference room, but it’s not quite as elaborate as this. Nice work!

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