1. This is SO cool, because I was just “visualizing” a deleted scene, and this one comes along!

  2. Okay, I love that third deleted scene – lol. ‘You can’t fire us anymore.’ Makes me really want to make some yummy juice pops…

  3. Oh how that fourth one makes me smile. There is something about a pranking Jim Halpert that makes my heart flutter!

  4. LOVE the 4th one! Can’t wait until old school Jim is back for a full epi. Oh, and whose phone was that???

  5. @ Ginger, that was more than likely Dwight’s phone. awww i’m so happy to see Jim back to his pranking days. i’m glad that even though he’s married and is a father to be he still has his pranking side. :].

  6. In my opinion, the 4th deleted scene should’ve been the tag. That was too awesome to be deleted!

    Call your friends and family! Tell your neighbors! Send out emails! Write a text! Get on whatever social networking site you fancy and alert the world that Prankster Jim is back! :-)

  7. I can’t believe they cut the 4th deleted scene! it really would’ve been perfect as a tag.

  8. That 4th deleted scene should have been in the aired episode! Jim, Dwight’s phone, jello, Toby…that was beautiful!!

  9. My heart is very full at this moment. My love for Jim Halpert never stopped obviously, but Manager Jim just didn’t measure up to Salesman Jim! I’m soo excited to have him back!! =)

  10. That jello prank makes me want to do that to my friends. It so good to have Old Jim back. Boss Jim was good but salesman prank pulling Jim is great.

  11. This episode would have been so much better had they left the 4th deleted scene in as the tag. The scene with Dwight and Ryan was good, but compared to this 4th scene, it looks more like the deleted scene.

  12. @26Megan – My sentiments exactly… I was absolutely giddy all day last Friday, then a bit sad when I realized how long til March 4th. But 2 more weeks is better than waiting all summer :)

  13. Great deleted scene it shows how Jim puts things in jello and adds realism by having him face the consequences.

  14. Would it be sad if the last one made me tear up a little bit out of nostalgia? Because it did.

  15. Ok, now THAT is the Jim Halpert I fell in love with.

    Welcome back, brutha! (<– that's my Desmond impression)

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