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  1. I went to target today and bought a lot of Office merchandise! It was amazing! There were mugs, “I Love Jim” notepads, pens, pencils, mouse pads! Everything was very cute!
    The pencils come in packs of 4 for $1.
    There were 2 mugs for $1.
    2 pens for $1.
    And lots of different notepads for $1.

  2. Question: Is Hulu going to be free, or do you have to pay for it.

    And I’m off to Target…

  3. So I called my local Target and the lady said they’re not in. Hopefully the goodies will be in eventually. I’m so excited just reading all the different things that are available!

  4. the “new theme song” sounds like the song they used in the begining of the season 2 bloopers

  5. how did everyone do on the quiz? I was quite pleased with a 10 :-) It’s not too hard especially if you’ve seen both UK and US versions a million times like someone who will remain nameless…

  6. I agree with the guy who wrote the open letter to NBC. And I have gotten some people into “The office” thanks to iTunes. Since I told them to download a couple of episodes of The office and see how it is. They now have all 3 seasons downloaded. And you can get it for free through VHS, DVD recorder, Tivo and so on. So it was a dumb move by NBC. But I don’t know if they wont go back to iTunes for a little while. Maybe sometime next year.

  7. Back from Target, and they didn’t have the goods yet. But it looked like they were clearing the shelves for new stuff, so I will probably check back later.

    And I hope they keep the theme song the same!! The other one sounds too… fake. I don’t know how to explain it, but it does.

  8. Okay, serious, can John be any cuter? I don’t think so. Thank you for this great weekend tally – I must run to Target now!

  9. i haven’t seen that john clip from shrek the third before either. does anyone else think that that face at the end was cuter than any jim face they’re ever seen in their lives?

  10. This would seem to be firm evidence that there is a new theme, and that this is it. For those who don’t download it, it’s the same tune. The piano playing is more accented, and the instrumentation gets kind of “sci-fi” at the end. I don’t know. It’ll probably grow on me and seem normal.

  11. I don’t think that’s the new theme. I thought the theme sounded like that in the last contest’s files.

  12. I think its a good move for NBC to take all the shows off of ITUNES, it will have to force more people to watch the shows first run or tivo them. Hopefully better ratings will come of that

  13. That’s great both the British and U.S. versions of The Office made the TIME list, but I don’t know how authoritative that list is considering it doesn’t include Futurama, Firefly, or Spaced.

    Thanks for posting the tip about Office merchandise in the $1 bins at Target. I’m not sure if the Target in my town has a $1 bin, but I’ll be sure to look the next time I’m there.

    I think that music for the promo contest, Jay Ferguson – New Office Theme, plays at the end of the Pilot when Jim takes the the yellow Jell-O with the World’s Best Boss mug inside and puts it on Michael’s desk. I doubt they’re going to change the intro now to use it instead, which is good since I agree that the current intro music is better.

  14. The “new theme” is the same one that is used on the season 2 bloopers. I don’t like it. I hope they stick with the original version.

  15. Thanks for all the updates! I’m especially excited about the cheap Office-related goods at Target. I drove over to my local SuperTarget – thinking that since I’m in the hometown of the store, they’d most likely have the items. Unfortunately, they did not – at least yet – but I’m hopeful!

    Am I’m usually not one to gush over JKras (since I feel a little too old to do so), but could he BE any more adorable? Good hair, little 5 o’clock shadow, looking a little more muscular, perhaps? What a way to end the weekend! :)

  16. i was so ready to complain about liking the office theme the way it is…

    and then i watched john’s interview and totally forgot what i was going to say.

  17. hi Happy Smile Patrol: As with all lists, it’s subjective. The Time critic, James Poniewozik, described how he chose the list, and I find insightful the following criterion he used:

    “Two Shows, One Slot. Where two shows with the same creators or talent had similar themes, milieus, characters or narrative styles, I generally picked one. So: Monty Python but no Fawlty Towers … I did include both versions of The Office because they were different achievements….”

    At first, like you, I was a bit disappointed because some of my favorite shows like “Northern Exposure” and “Frasier” didn’t make the list. But taking the above criterion into account, the inclusion of “St. Elsewhere” and “Cheers”, respectively, serves as a surrogate citation for the abovementioned shows, just as “Buffy” and “The Simpsons” being on the list would be honoring “Firefly” and “Futurama” as well (and regarding “Spaced”, he admitted that his list is biased more towards American than British shows). There’s obviously more than 100 great TV shows of all time, and I’m just glad that “The Office” made the list, which is a nice (and well-earned) pat on the back for the producers, writers, cast and crew.

  18. I just saw a commercial for Nike (for the US Women’s Soccer Team) that had Rainn Wilson in it. It was pretty funny… he did the sports bra thing like that gal did back in the 90’s when they won the World Cup. I can’t find the commercial on YouTube but I’m sure it’s floating around somewhere.

    [from tanster: posted in last week’s tally.]

  19. Oh, never mind, I found it in the previous Weekend Tally. You are all over it! 18 more days until the new season starts! I can’t wait!

  20. I’ve had that version of the theme for ages, I think its just an alternative by the Scrantones. They use different ones on the blooper reels and stuff so its probably just that.

  21. Yes! I got 100% for the quiz thing! lol Thanks for posting the Steve interview! Hes so nice! haha
    Thanks for all the updates Tanster!

  22. I also have to say John was absolutely adorable in this. Makes my Monday more sunny :)

    Please John, do a movie in Cincinnati :)

  23. Holy Crap I just spent/wasted/enjoyed an hour in that Time Magazine top 50 list. Is that a sad commentary on my life?

  24. OK ok, why does JK have to go and be all even more cute in that Shrek interview? That look at the camera…oh my god! I’d never seen that Tanster thanks.

  25. Wow, that open letter to NBC was awesome. My thoughts exactly. I can honestly say that without iTunes, I would not have converted at least 8 of my friends to being fans of The Office. I really hope someone at NBC reads that and sends it up the ranks. They really are making a mistake removing their shows from iTunes.

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