Office receives 2 Golden Globe noms

The Office garnered two 2007 Golden Globes nominations this morning:

  • Best Television Series, Comedy or Musical: The Office
  • Best Performance By An Actor in a Television Series, Comedy or Musical: Steve Carell

Congratulations to Steve and the rest of the cast and crew! Here’s hoping for an acceptance speech as hilarious as last year’s. :)

The Golden Globes awards show will air January 15th on NBC.

Read the complete list of nominees here.


  1. Don’t forget that John was in Dreamgirls and that movie is nominated too! I saw it last night at a local premier and while John only has about 10 seconds of air time, he looks great and is involved with a major story line….he’s trying to get Deena (Beyonce) to act in his film and that leads to BIG things in the movie.

  2. It’ll be tough for Steve this year. He’s up against Alec Baldwin (who I’d say has momentum right now) and Tony Shalhoub (does everyone remember the Emmys?).

  3. Why wasn’t House nominated for Best Drama… that is bullcrap. But Hugh Laurie should win easily… hes the best actor and character on tv. word

  4. Anyone who has acted will tell you that comedy is ten times harder than drama. How hard is it to pretend to be mad and surly? How hard is it to-truly-make someone laugh?

    At least the Golden Globes honors comedy.

  5. I think it’s kind of crappy how they bunch together the series, mini-series, and special supporting actor nominations. They bother to separate the comedy, drama, mini-series, etc. for other categories but then they go ahead put them all in one category for supporting actors anyway? The reason for my rant is that I’m mad that Rainn Wilson didn’t get a nod :(

  6. As much as I want Steve to win, if Alec Baldwin wins instead, I won’t be that unhappy. Both are fantastic in their roles.

    I still can’t believe neither John Kransiski or Jenna Fischer were nominated. Hopefully the Emmys next year will right that wrong.

  7. sobersoul I agree with everything you said about House and Hugh 100%

    that and why no love for John, Rainn, and/or Jenna?!

  8. That Beyonce is so full of herself…I hope Jennifer Hudson wins and she doesn’t.

    Congrats, but I was surprized there were no supporting roles nominated. I wonder why. Shaloub won’t win, the Globe’s tend to go for newer artists in a category. Alec Baldwin might win though. He’s so good in that show. I thought Carrel would get a nod for Little Miss Sunshine too.

    John will be in the new Clooney/Zellweger movie. His days of 10 second roles is over!

  9. I do agree I was shocked that there were no supporting actors nominated, I was hoping for Pam/Dwight/Jim nods…

  10. Chris is definitely right.

    The Globes tend to reward the newer people in big categories (remember, as hyped up as the Golden Globes are as an awards show, those of us in the industry know that they’re only decided by 89 members of Int’l press – these people aren’t even in the film/TV industry like those who vote for the Oscars and Emmys…they’re just journalists).

    Since Tony Shaloub won the Globe in ’03 (and didn’t win in ’04 or ’05), and since Steve won last year…it’s probably most likely that Alec will take it this year. And since “The Office” wasn’t even nominated for Best Comedy last year, it has a terrific chance of taking home the award this year.

    But still, go Steve!

  11. Best Golden Globe award “acceptance speech” is The Queen’s leading lady… short; sweet; sincere. Both of them.

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