The Office Halloween episode casting news

OMFG. Guess who’s appearing on The Office’s final Halloween episode?

From Entertainment Weekly:

The host of The Colbert Report is reporting for comedic duty on The Office! Stephen Colbert will guest-star this season as Broccoli Rob, a former member of Here Comes Treble, Andy’s a cappella group, EW has learned. In the Halloween-themed episode, Andy (Ed Helms) discovers that the smarmy, competitive Broccoli Rob is singing a different tune about the history of the group and stirring up drama, which only intensifies the rivalry between these two frenemies.

Can’t think of more perfect casting!


  1. OMG, now I’m excited. We need Michael Scott to be a part of this final season somehow. Christmas episode perhaps??

  2. Omigodomigodomigodomigodomigodomigod…

    This is just about the 2nd-best Office-related news I could imagine.

    Now… can we make this Daily Show reunion complete? (And no, I’m not suggesting bringing in Jon Stewart.)

  3. Ahhh mini Daily Show reunion!! Now we just need Michael back 1 more time. Pretty please Steve?

  4. I remember way back when everyone wanted Stephen Colbert to be Gould. That seems like centuries ago.

    [ from tanster: that’s right. i remember that! ]

  5. Ohh…. what if they brought back Steve and Amy and had them get married on a special Christmas episode? Michael loves snow, and Holly and Christmas – three of his favorite things on the day he’s always been dreaming of! That would be pretty cool…Whatever happens this season, I just truly hope that they bring back Michael for one episode to have him get married to Holly.

  6. OMG!! This makes me all kinds of happy!!! :D I have loved Stephen Colbert since Strangers with Candy. BEST. CASTING. EVER. can’t wait.

  7. Yes! My hero joins my favorite show of all time! This is the best news a girl could ever ask for!!

  8. someone PLEASE correct me…but didn’t broccoli rob die? falling off a mountain? he was reading the Cornell news letter and told Phyllis about it…I’ve seen the episode twice…and now I’m guessing I either heard wrong or there was a joke I didn’t get.

  9. @johnny
    Andy was reading about someone else, but he read that Broccoli Rob became very successful in his music career. That made Andy want to start his own band.

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