Happy 15th anniversary, The Office!

It is ridiculously impossible to believe that exactly 15 years ago, The Office debuted on NBC with its first episode, Pilot.

The show remains, in my heart and the hearts of still-obsessed fans everywhere, one of the most beloved and cherished shows on TV.

It was pure magic and lightning in a bottle. It had a cast of exquisite chemistry. It had a brilliant team of writers and producers. It had a committed and caring crew.

Most importantly, it gave us love and laughter.

Happy anniversary to The Office. Miss you still. Terribly. 


  1. Still my fav show!
    I miss the good ‘ole days of checking OT everyday for more news and connecting with other fans (and sometimes cast or crew!) in the chat room!

  2. DENISE!!!!! How are you? It’s been so long. Yes, I remember those days with great affection. And our chat room! Lol, so many awesome memories there. 💕

  3. I would check here as soon as I finished the show to get the insights and comments of other fans!
    Happy 15th!

  4. Amazing! The Office will forever be so incredibly special to me – and now I get to share it with my son! He’s seven and watches it with me on a near-daily basis. We can have entire conversations made up of Office quotes, and his Dwight costume at Halloween was a huge hit. :) How I loved participating in this website back in the day! Thanks for still being here and keeping it going, Tanster! :)

  5. Kennnnna, OMG! Now the memories are flooding back. Love that you’re bringing up the next generation of Office fans!

  6. Hi everybody,
    i just want to say that the office is surely one of the most iconic serie, i ever seen.
    Discover lately in France, i felt so happy and sad at the end of the last episode ( did you felt the same ?), as an orphan. Everyone in this office were like some of my family. My last birthday theme was……Dunder mifflin..i was hopping to see michael coming in the room saying “that’s what she said” (you want a pic of the cake for the blog)…
    miss you all…
    maybe a comeback?

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