1. If you look closely at the picture on Pam’s desk in photo #4, you’ll notice that it’s the picture they took during the Free Family Portrait Studio.

  2. Nellie is at Andy’s old desk???!!! I was REALLY hoping she’d at least be kept in the annex.

  3. CREED!

    Also, it’s nice to know that we’ll see some of Toby this season, although Paul Lieberstein is in charge of the potential Dwight spinoff.

  4. 5 Andy, either Pam or Toby, probably Toby since he was running a meeting in another picture.

    Love seeing Dwight back in his old clothes!

  5. #4, I’m not sure it is – Pam’s not wearing the same thing she was wearing in that episode in the photo, and her hair is down, whereas it was tied back in the episode. It actually looks like she’s wearing the same outfit she wore in ‘Special Project’ when she first came back from maternity leave.

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