It’s Office premiere week!

Can you believe The Office Season 3 is FINALLY HERE?

Here’s a run-down of events for this incredibly exciting week:

It’s an insane week of Office goodness.


  1. I like the fact that you feel the need to have the season premiere on that list as if we couldn’t remember when that was. ;) My Tivo hates this list — it’s working in overtime this week — but I thank you!

  2. Can somebody put the Today Show interview on YouTube on Thursday? I’ll be at work when it airs :-)

  3. I like the fact that you feel the need to have the season premiere on that list as if we couldn’t remember when that was.


    That’s for people new to The Office. Just in case. ;)

  4. tanster: thanks for the list, and all the lists…you make it sooo easy not to miss anything.

  5. Sorry, Jennie. I had just realized the post I had responded to had nothing to do with your original post.

    I am now really wishing that I had gotten a Tivo machine with all the camel cash that was donated to me. That is way too much stuff for me to keep track of.

  6. Oh dear, John. That sounds rather painful!

    Actually, if you’re really careful, you can jump to the Season 3 post and scroll all the way to the bottom to post your comment, and avoid reading any of the stuff in between.

  7. Thanks for keeping us straight, Jennie! Even Jenna gave your calendar a shout out in her blog this week. That’s pretty sweet when the cast of the Office has to come to OfficeTally to see what’s going on with their show. Haha.

  8. “That’s for people new to The Office. Just in case.”

    We let new people watch this show? I guess that’s ok. No really, it’s nice that you’re looking out for the old and the new. Can’t wait to get more people into this show — including my parents!

  9. ohh man I forgot to check back here and now I’ve missed Rainn on Ellen. Dangg. I hope someone youtubes it up

  10. Hey can anyone tape any of these appearances?? Put them on youtube or something?? I don’t know if I’ll be able to see them all. Thanks!

  11. Aww, thanks for putting up the video clips! Haha, gotta love Rainn. And oh my gosh, that monkey painting..haha. Great stuff. :D

  12. That preview of tomorrow’s episode was so funny. How far are they really going to go this year?

    This is in reference to the clip that went with the awesome interview between Steve and Jay Leno.

  13. John and Jenna on the Today Show was pretty good. I was hoping they’d show a video clip from tonight’s episode, but no such luck. They both looked fantastic though!

  14. I thought it was hilarious when, at the end of the interview, Meredith said to John, “You don’t need a pick-up line. You are so. Cute!” So true. Go Jim/Pam!

  15. I liked when Jenna said “I even play poker with some of the guys” and John faked a surprised look and said “WHAT! That’s such a nasty habit”. You can tell they enjoy working with each other.

    When Meredith told John at the end “You don’t need a pick up line, you’re so cute” John acted like he was embarrased! He seemed so down to earth and genuinely surprised that he has a huge fan base of adoring women (myself included).

    And I liked how their clothes were the same color scheme too. Very cute.

  16. I’m ready to weep. The Megan Mullally Show wason TBS at 8 and I watched some with Lisa Kudrow. At the end, she said “Tomorrow we’ll have Rainn Wilson on,” and I thought “that’s weird since the office is TONIGHT.” And then at 9, her show was on CBS and I figured it was the same thing… WHY DIDN’T I WATCH IT?!!?! I am so angry, I didn’t realize the TBS one was yesterday’s, aarrghh. I had Regis and Kelly on instead which was really boring.

  17. ARG!! Damn me for being in class and not being able to turn on the volume on my computer to watch the John and Jenna clip from this morning. I was going to watch, but I couldn’t find the headphone jack on my TV, and my roommate might have killed me if I put the volume actually on.


    9 hours exactly.

  18. I just watched the Leno interview, it was hilarious. I love Steve. Also, I think Jamie Lee Curtis has lost her mind. She was SO touchy-feely with Steve, and he was a good sport, but he definitely looked a bit uncomfortable to me.

  19. Tanster,

    Since I don’t have your email address or know you other than through this site, I just wanted to post a very sincere thank you for all the amazing work you do with OfficeTally. I read it every day, and it’s my source for all things “Office” to which I’m grateful since it’s such a favorite of mine. Especially this summer while we had to wait for the new season, you kept us all so informed and excited about the show and the people who make it. It’s been fantastic to find a community of people who love The Office as much as I do, and you (and James and GMMR) have helped create that.

    I don’t know how you find the time to manage OfficeTally and maintain a full-time job, but am extremely appreciative. Yours is the first Website I read when I come to work each day (in my office cubicle…). Thanks again,


  20. Nicely said, amywink. I’m also feeling very appreciative to our hosts for getting is through the long dry summer in such fine style. tanster & James: you’re the best.

  21. Ditto, amywink. It’s amazing that we survived four months! Do you all remember how we felt the day after Casino Night? The waiting has been a pain but this site was a nice distraction — especially the iPod challenge this summer. You guys rock!

    And to keep us going in these last few hours with all the video and spoilers and all, thanks thanks thanks!

  22. That Ellen “practice interview” with Rainn is freakin hilarious. Thanks so much for the link.

  23. Thank you so much for posting these clips! I knew I didn’t need to set my PVR to record any of it because I could just come here.

  24. Just saw the Conan O’Brian clip for the first time! Thanks for posting it! John is so cute! I love his Dunkin’ Donuts story and the rastafarian story! so funny!

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