‘The Office’ put Scranton on map

From the Scranton Times-Tribune:

Many fans … are stopping here on their own, leading a local group to think the TV show and its legions of devotees might flock to an organized “Office Convention,” similar to wildly popular “Star Trek” conventions around the country.

The potential of “Office”-themed events was seen when Rainn Wilson, who portrays Dwight Schrute on the show, visited the city and drew throngs of fans to the Mall at Steamtown on Dec. 17.

The “Office” convention steering committee plans a formal call for volunteers in the next few weeks, and would like to host the event in October or November — downtime in television production when cast members may be available.

Link: ‘The Office’ put Scranton on map; group looks to capitalize


  1. I think the idea of an Office convention is a pretty good idea, and I like that it’d be in Scranton, but why October or November?

  2. Is it weird that at work whenever we get something in the mail from a company in Scranton I laugh? I feel this weird connection to that place. I wonder what made them decide to use a real place over a made-up city?

  3. You mean that Scranton is a real place? It must be a wonderful, magical place.

  4. I live a lot closer to Scranton than LA, so I would definitely consider going to this. And, Barry, I think the reason they’re considering October or November is because it’s during a break in shooting and they figure they can get more cast participation that way.

  5. I’m so much closer to Scranton than LA. If they had a convention I would definitely go!

  6. I’d totally go to that, since I don’t live very far away in the first place :)

  7. First comes a convention, second comes “THE OFFICE: THE MOVIE”

    Jim and Pam together finally!
    The mysterious gray curly haired woman from the earlier episodes speaks!
    The mystery of Creed unraveled!
    Dwight and Andy fight to the death! And only one will win Angela’s heart!
    And it all culminates in one wacky Kevin wedding!

    Coming to a theater near you June 2008!

  8. Yesssss….I’m so there. It will be the height of my personal geekdom.

  9. I live like ten minutes (not even) from Scranton, so to me it’s a little weird that so many people want to come here, but I do incredibly love The Office so a convention would be AMAZING, especially so close to home.

  10. I SO want to go to Scranton. I’ve gotta visit the Anthrocite Museum and stop by Cujino’s for some tasty bread.

  11. I’ve been wondering how long it would take for The Office convention to happen! Ever since “The Convention” episode, I’ve been waiting and waiting. I don’t know if I’d be able to attend in October or November, but I would keep myself busy reading about everybody’s experiences and watching videos online! I mean, Kristin from E! would definitely attend, don’t you think?

  12. LOL @ #8 Liz!
    “The mysterious gray curly haired woman from the earlier episodes speaks!”
    There’s been so many times when I’ve watched those eps and been asking myself-“Who is that lady??” The world will never know.

  13. I would definitly go! The thought of November is scary though since you could get a snow storm!

  14. I would LOVE to go to an Office Convention. How cool would THAT be? Also, how cool is it to do it in a small town like Scranton, and make their economy bigger, than do it in LA or some bigger city that really might jack it up.


  15. wow, i have been a fan of the office since the begining and i went to the mall at Steamtown. I can’t say how disappointed i am that in order to see the cast members you have to pay so much money. i have put allot of time and energy into this show and it saddens me that it is being handled this way.

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