The Office Season 2 bloopers

Here are quotes from The Office Season 2 blooper reel.

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The Office Season 2 blooper reel quotes

Steve: I’m going to have kids, and I’m going to get married, not necessarily in that order.
Rainn: What if she’s 55?
Steve: And they’re going to live here. What? Rainn laughs.
Steve: What?
Rainn: I love you. I love you, Michael.
Steve: I love you, too. What are you even talking about?
Rainn: I was just talking about… I farted!
Steve: Are you kidding me?
Rainn: I did.
Steve: Oh my god! This is my place!

Leslie: Stanley Howard.
Bobby Ray: Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration.
B.J.: Ryan Howard.
Bobby Ray: Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration.
B.J.: This is my dad.
Leslie: Yeah, hi.

Angela: I’m sorry, are we boring you?
Jenna: Not Phyllis.

Rainn: Marijuana leads to crack, which leads to crystal meth, which leads to death, which leads to…

Steve (playing with the boxing cat puppet): I want to give you a nappy head, because you’re Leslie. But that’s not your character’s name.
Leslie: Who’s Leslie?

Rainn: And where is the clitoris? If someone says next to the vagina, does that mean on the leg?
Rainn: What does the female vagina look like?
Rainn: My uncle told me it looked like a sausage casing.

Steve: We’re almost there. Even though this is a cul-de-sac. Melora laughs. I missed my left.

Angela: I look forward to drug testing. I used to get a runner’s high, which is why now I lift. Jen Celotta laughs. What could I possibly bench? I have no upper-body strength.

Steve: This is not a joke. This is not a carnival.
Creed: Carnivale. Everyone laughs. Carnivale.

Steve: Nice job. Nice work.
Phyllis: But this says “busiest beaver.”
Steve: I know, it says “Busiest…”
Phyllis: But…no. Look. Laughs.
Steve: You screwed that up, didn’t you? I guess we have to go back, don’t we? We’re wasting a lot of tape. Give me that!

Steve: Everybody’s having fun, having a good time. Got the brainiacs, and the dorks, and athletes, and sluts, and the…

Steve: God, what happened to NBC? I mean, seriously. Man, they’ve got, like, nothing. Desperate Housewives. That is a good show. Some Hottie McTotties on there.

Lee: I’m going to pull her pud.
Brian (to Jenna): You have a pud?

Steve: What line of business are you in?
Greg: I’m a salesman.
Rainn: Really? So am I. Of what?
Greg: I sell yarn.
Steve: You’re a yarn salesman?

Rainn: “You are so little and petite, but to me, you are extra, extra sweet.”
Rainn: “You’re evil like a hobbit…”

Rainn: Take that, Steve Carell. Oh, yeah. Big movie star now. Got your own trailer. Number one on the call sheet. Everybody likes me! I’m Steve Carell! I was so funny on The Daily Show! I was so good in Bruce Almighty! (Shoots The 40 Year Old Virgin poster full of paintball shots) Where are you now? I can’t even see you anymore!

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