Thursday’s Office Marathon

Here’s the lineup:

Three out of the four episodes were written by members of the cast: B. J. Novak (“Ryan”) wrote The Fire, Paul Lieberstein (“Toby”) wrote The Client, and Larry Wilmore (“Mr. Brown” from ‘Diversity Day’) wrote Performance Review. Halloween was written by Office executive producer Greg Daniels.

My favorite episode, of these four, would have to be The Fire — this was the first time that one of the Office cast members responded to an email I sent!

Looks like the quotes sections for some of these episodes are a little sparse — that’s what I’ll be working on tonight. If you have a favorite quote that’s missing, just file it in the comments section for that episode, and I’ll make sure to add it!


  1. I am positively giddy…4 episodes in prime time. Love the commercials…classic scenes. (DO YOU WANT TO DIE??!!)

  2. I’ve been counting down today at work. Also on another channel they’re playing the super-sized finale! So I get 5 episodes tonight! WHoo Hoo!

  3. I am in Canada! And I am a lucky girl! I’m really looking forward to the Halloween episode the most. There’s some good Jim/Pam moments in that one. And I love Dwights costume.

  4. Sara, are you in Canada? — I heard they were replaying the finale in Canada. Lucky you! :)

  5. Joe McCarthy, Richard Nixon, Studebaker, television, North Korea, South Korea, Marilyn Monroe. RYAN STARTED THE FIRE!


  6. Awesome blossom with extra awesome is my favourite line from the Client. Made me giggle.

  7. Did anyone notice the endearing-not-like-Roy line last night from ‘The Fire’? When he asked to hang w/ Jim & Pam b/c the warehouse guys were getting too out-of-control? (Previous scene showed them smashing beer bottles in the parking lot.) I never noticed this scene before. I’m nervous now! Does this mean that Jenna Fischer’s comment to Kristin Veitch @ the NYC upfronts about us seeing a kinder, gentler Roy next season may be more true than I thought?!

  8. That comment, together with Jenna and Angela mentioning that David Denman (“Roy”) was physically buffing up for next season, should make for some really interesting storylines in the fall. Can’t wait! :)

  9. Argh, anyone else here in Seattle annoyed that they bumped the 1st two episodes for some boring local program?

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