1. That’s totally a different baby playing CeeCee! What happened? I bet they couldn’t get CeeCee #1 to fall asleep in Rainn’s lap – so they had to trade her out for a sleepier baby.

  2. Yes Jim, you do have a really charming back and forth! Ha! SO excited for this one. Seems to have a bit of the Dinner Party vibe goin on.

  3. Did they change the baby? Also, I don’t really like that Dwight is able to calm the baby and not her parents!

  4. Looks great! Wanted to see more of the ‘Glee’ part of the episode, but it looks HA-LAR-I-OUS!

  5. looks cute, but that is clearly not the same baby that played Cece in the last episode! :( did they think we weren’t gonna notice?

  6. Looks like it might be good. Had no clue it was a different baby until reading these comments. Can’t believe people actually noticed that.

  7. Yep, baby looks the same to me. Don’t really care either way though. Looks like a good episode.

  8. Should have stretched the Cece episodes out a bit because it’s so obvious that’s a different baby, kind of takes you out of the moment. The other baby looked like a chip off of the ole facial expression block of Jim’s, this baby looks like an actor ;-)

  9. Looks awesome!! Yup obviously a different baby, no biggie though. Can’t fault them if baby #1 was not available/wouldn’t cooperate.

  10. All I really want from this episode is a JAM talking head in which they say that they dislike Will and Emma because they find “will they/won’t they” relationships on TV to be annoying and manipulative.

  11. Yes, definitely a different Cece. I personally don’t care as long as I can see Jim holding a cute baby at least once in the episode :-)

  12. This looks like a good episode but it seems like a lot of the episodes so far this season have taken place outside of the office. I want them to go back!

  13. PEOPLE! calm down! yes, that is a different baby playing cece. but with babies, they’re only allowed to be filmed for a very short time. often, there will be 2, 3, or even 4 babies to play the same character. that’s how show business works. i do kind of wish they had found identical triplets or something, but whatever.

  14. Come on, folks. Let’s not lose focus over a simple baby change. So it’s not the same Cece as last Thursday’s episode – it’s not the end of the world, or The Office for that matter. They’re not going to use the same baby every episode. Let’s not draw conclusions until we’ve seen Thursday’s ep.

  15. Wow, this new baby sucks!! I don’t think I’ll be able to enjoy the show anymore.
    Just Kidding. Never would have noticed if it wasn’t pointed out to me.

  16. Eh, I don’t care about their baby. I hope the episode doesn’t focus too much on them and their baby, because I was really looking forward to this one.

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