The Office Lolcat: Costume Contest

Lolcats inspired by The Office Season 7 episode, Costume Contest:

The Office Lolcat: Costume Contest
Angela: I really want that coupon book.

Since I canceled the costume contest (not enough entries), would you be interested in a lolcat competition instead? We haven’t done one since January 2009 (see The Office Lolcats archive) so we’re due. Those Office Monopoly games aren’t going to give themselves away. :)

Post a comment if you’ll play. We’ll have a contest if there is enough interest. K THX


  1. Yes definitely! I actually wanted to enter my cat in the costume contest but it was hard enough to get one picture of her, let alone two with the newspaper/date.

  2. It was canceled! Those who entered should have just gotten the prize (just kidding). I love the LOLcat things. I’m in.

    [from tanster: yes, so sorry!]

  3. Sounds awesome! Are Canadians eligible to win?

    [from tanster: anyone can enter, but to be prize-eligible, you must be in the u.s. thanks!]

  4. Does the quote have to be a from a particular season and when does the contest end??

    [from tanster: this post is just to gauge general interest. thanks!]

  5. Unfortunately, I too am unable to participate because I’m in Australia :(

    I really hope fans in the US jump on this competition, it’s always my favourite, I love it :D

  6. I’d love to enters the LOLcat contest! I just wish I would have known about the costume contest in time, I was Pam for Halloween!

  7. Also, Tanster, are you going to make another Talking Head Contest someday? I think that one was my favorite of all time.

  8. I told my cat about this contest and she said, and I quote: “so you’d finally have something to do with all those goofy pictures you keep taking of me.” So, yeah, we’re interested.

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