The Office Lolcat: Costume Contest

Lolcats inspired by The Office Season 7 episode, Costume Contest:

The Office Lolcat: Costume Contest
Angela: I really want that coupon book.

Since I canceled the costume contest (not enough entries), would you be interested in a lolcat competition instead? We haven’t done one since January 2009 (see The Office Lolcats archive) so we’re due. Those Office Monopoly games aren’t going to give themselves away. :)

Post a comment if you’ll play. We’ll have a contest if there is enough interest. K THX


  1. Yes definitely! I actually wanted to enter my cat in the costume contest but it was hard enough to get one picture of her, let alone two with the newspaper/date.

  2. It was canceled! Those who entered should have just gotten the prize (just kidding). I love the LOLcat things. I’m in.

    [from tanster: yes, so sorry!]

  3. Sounds awesome! Are Canadians eligible to win?

    [from tanster: anyone can enter, but to be prize-eligible, you must be in the u.s. thanks!]

  4. Does the quote have to be a from a particular season and when does the contest end??

    [from tanster: this post is just to gauge general interest. thanks!]

  5. Unfortunately, I too am unable to participate because I’m in Australia :(

    I really hope fans in the US jump on this competition, it’s always my favourite, I love it :D

  6. I’d love to enters the LOLcat contest! I just wish I would have known about the costume contest in time, I was Pam for Halloween!

  7. Office lulz, yes! Will we be able to use our own pictures? My kittehz wants to be famouse

  8. Count me in. Of course, I’ll overthink it and come up with something lame instead of cool. :)

  9. Also, Tanster, are you going to make another Talking Head Contest someday? I think that one was my favorite of all time.

  10. I told my cat about this contest and she said, and I quote: “so you’d finally have something to do with all those goofy pictures you keep taking of me.” So, yeah, we’re interested.

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