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  1. Ricky Gervais was also on NPR Fresh Air last night, with a repeat broadcast of an old interview about season 2 of extras, and a new interview talking about OFFICE and the differences between the two, producing, etc. If I didn’t have to run, I would try to find the link for you — perhaps later?

  2. Hi mayonegg, all the morning breakfast shows on the East Coast should carry it, or at least have news of it when it happens.

  3. Rachel,
    I heard that interview yesterday on NPR and it was really interesting. The NPR website should have a link. The original interview was from Dec. 2006.

  4. Thanks _bales! I think I’m going to start with the E! network and then go to the morning shows from there. The noms aired on E! last year…

  5. Aww! I really wish I could see David in that role. That should be interesting.

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