The Office: The Deposition, 4.12

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The Office

Writer: Lester Lewis, Director: Julian Farino

Summary (NBC): Michael finds himself between a rock and a hard place when Jan sues Dunder Mifflin and Michael is deposed as a witness. Kelly trash talks Pam after Darryl beats Jim at ping pong.

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The Office The Deposition quotes

Ryan: Take the call, friend.

Michael: Hiya, buddy.

Michael: My friend Pat took a turn. That’s how I remember that.

Jan: Remember, it’s not just a pattern. It’s a pattern of disrespect and inappropriate behaviors.

Michael: My friend Disree got new specs.

Michael: My friend Inapro drives a Prius with his behind neighbor.

Michael: That is a lot of guacamole.

Jan: We went over it carefully … and just so that we wouldn’t leave anything up to chance or Michael’s judgement.

Darryl: Game, son!

Pam: Sometimes I bring him juice. My boyfriend is twelve.

Kelly: What has two skinny chicken legs and sucks at ping pong?

Kelly: I don’t talk trash. I talk smack. They’re totally different. Trash talk is all hypothetical, like, “Your momma is so fat, she could eat the Internet.” But smack talk is, happening like, right now. Like, “you’re ugly and I know it for a fact, ’cause I got the evidence. Right there.”

Kelly: Your boyfriend is so weak, he needs steroids just to watch baseball.

Kelly: Were Jim’s parents first cousins that were also bad at ping pong?

Jim: Bring me players.

Michael: Are you renewing your divorce vows before my deposition?

Jan: People underestimate Michael. There are plenty of things that he is well above average at.

Michael: I have seen The Firm, and I’m planning on renting The Pelican Brief.

Lawyer: And you were directly under her the entire time?
Michael: That’s what she said.

Michael: Come again? That’s what she said.

Michael: Delivery’s all wrong. She’s butchering it.

Michael: To be delicate, they hang off milady’s chest. They … make milk.

Michael: And frankly, the timing was nothing short of predominant.

Michael: Well, it depends on how you define “begin.”

Michael: Line.

Michael: I throw myself at the mercy of the deposition.

Lawyer (reading Michael’s diary): “Tan almost everywhere. Jan almost everywhere. Hee hee.”

Lawyer (reading Michael’s diary): “More tomorrow. XOXO, Michael.”

Toby: Um … could you make it 11?

Michael: I don’t like the lump.

Lawyer (reading Michael’s diary): “Just as hot as Jan, but in a different way.”

Michael: Her actions are completely rightful.

Michael (reading Jan’s statement): “I am out of carrots. I am out of sticks.”

Dwight: He has gone from completely hopeless to simply miserable.

Dwight: He works here, dumb ass.

Lawyer (reading David Wallace’s statement): “What do you want me to say? C’mon, he’s a nice guy.”

Kelly: The floppy-haired girl you date won a point.

Michael: I think you’re a nice guy, too.

Michael: You expect to get screwed by your company. But you never expect to get screwed by your girlfriend.

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  1. I am going to use the difference between “talking trash” and “talking smack” in my daily life. Thanks, Kelly. It’s good to know that talking trash is more hypothetical. I’m adding that to the list of life lessons I’ve learned from The Office.

    I can’t believe this is the last new one for awhile. :( I’m going to go talk some trash and some smack about the AMPTP now. I encourage you all to follow.

  2. What is going on in this show? This is supposed to be a comedy? This is just plain depressing, not even a smile. You just want to give Michael a hug.

  3. This is the funniest ep of the season. I can’t believe how they can be so funny while poignant and revealing at the same time. Man, I will miss this show while the writers strike.

  4. OK, that episode was amazing and the best of season 4. So emotional, very character driven. I love the corporate politics at HQ!

  5. I really liked this episode. The Michael story was really sad though. I wonder where they are/were going with it. The ping-pong stuff was hilarious! And Kelly with the trash-talk vs smack-talk – so funny! Now it’s going to start sinking in that this is it… and I want to cry…

  6. Wow… leaving the season like this was just so awkward. This was such a beautifully written episode. I really love seeing Jan and Michael’s relationship in a deeper tone. Just wow. The ping-pong subplot was great and gave a great comic relief, but just wow. Jan is kinda a bitch. (sorry Tanster, it had to be said) Great ending to a sorta season finale. Fare thee well, Office: Season 4. We hardly knew ya.

  7. Awesome, awesome episode…and a few seconds of Mose!! I’ve never dreaded 9:31 more than I did tonight.

  8. Amazing episode. Amazing. Laugh out loud moments, really well done tension.
    Michael pushing toby’s tray off of the table alone gets this episode a 10.
    Dwight vs. Mose ping pong madness gets this episode an imaginary 11.

  9. This was a priceless Toby episode!!! I was expecting a bit more of a twist at the end to send us into the break of reruns, but still a good episode all around.

  10. This was beautifully executed. There was great character development for Michael (I think Man died tonight), and the sillier storyline was given the perfect amount of screentime (as opposed to the Finer Things Club, which got too much attention).

    So great. I’ll miss you “Office.” Come back soon!!

  11. I cried a little when the announcer said “And now an all-new episode of The Office,” but I smiled the rest of the way through. I am so sad this season is ending.

    Mose and Dwight playing ping pong is priceless.

  12. So good! Incredibly touching moments with Wallace, of all things. Poor Michael! But it was so funny, too. I laughed so hard when Michael pushed Toby’s tray off the table my dog thought something was seriously wrong with me. And the Kelly smack talk was great. Yay Lester Lewis!

  13. 9:30 came too fast. For a second I was afraid they would try and develop Michael and Toby a little too much (like Michael and Jim last week), but the tray-pushing killed me. Absolutely Fantastic.

  14. Kelly made me laugh so hard this episode, though I am really sad that it’s over! It is the only show I watch, so I guess the re-runs will have to do. :(

  15. wow!

    That was amazing. michael was so cringe-worthy, and I loved it!

    mose showing up at the end too. loved it. what a good way to close the season (for now, anyways)

    …what are the 5 stages of grief again?

  16. It all ended with Mose. It was pretty good. The only thing that would make this episode better- ice cream.

    PS-I think we should have a contest to write Michael’s diary. That would be pretty cool.

  17. Very well done, I especially liked the Michael/Toby moments and Dwight doing ping pong. Did Toby break in that scene where it panned to him and he was laughing or was that scripted?

  18. Wow what a great episode! It is so sad that we’re going to have to wait till who knows when for that famous “amazing table read” episode, especially after seeing this episode. It figures that the episode that is left in the air is the one they have been talking about for 2 years and is written by Lee and Gene, two of my favorite Office writers.
    All I can say is this is why I love the office, I can laugh and also cry in one 30 minute episode. This definitely had that season 2 “officey” feel to it, not too over-the-top or anything. Pam trying to beat Kelly at ping pong was classic, as well as Michael driving up to NY with Jan, “I’m going to throw-up”. I’m laughing just thinking about it.
    Writers Strike please be solved soon!

  19. Great episode. Loved the interchanges between Michael and Toby! So funny! And the stinger at the end was brilliant.

    For the love of The Office, please end the Writer’s Strike. I will not make it through the remainder of the school year without it.

  20. This episode is a great example why we should support the writer’s strike. Beautifully written and should never be taken advantage of. I will miss you but I understand. I will wait for your return. Good luck.

  21. Why is Michael so loyal to Dunder Mifflin after they showed the proof that Wallace never seriously considered Michael for the job? I’m confused…

    Ryan is an ass.

  22. Wow, I’m so in the minority here. I feel unsatisfied by that. I missed everyone else in the office! The corporate stuff was funny but…
    I guess this strike just has me too upset to enjoy it. :(

  23. I don’t think I enjoyed it as much as other people did. The Michael and Jan stuff was great but the ping pong storyline was weak and could have been done better.

  24. Kelly was hilarious! Is it just me, or does it seem like in every episode Jim and Pam aren’t really together?

  25. I’m with you #38…I didn’t care for this episode. I was going to give it a 5/10, but seeing Mose at the end warranted an extra credit point. :)

  26. i loved this episode, laughed all the way through. Steve Carell was awesome tonight. Perfect balance of comedy heart.

    Wasn’t too crazy about Jim and the ping pong. I was thinking oh my god how old is he and then Pam’s like
    “my boyfriend’s 12” lol. My thoughts exactly lol.

  27. This was a great episode! I loved Pam and Kelly playing ping pong. I was so looking forward to a Christmas episode, though. I guess we’ll have to wait and see what happens.

  28. Very good episode, but extraordinarily sad as a final episode.

    Also, Pam as the jealous girlfriend, defending her boyfriend’s pong playing skills? Ludicrous. As well as WAAAAY out-of-character. Find a better JAM moment, people! This trash is nothing, and it makes me depressed.

  29. Thank you #40.. that’s what I’m saying. I don’t think I can get used to the “office stuff” being so much in the background, with a non funny story line. I mean it wasn’t horrible, but it didn’t do it for me. The rest was funny. I’m just overall sad because it could be the last one and I feel cheated, cheated by studios, Zucker, AMPTP, all of them!

  30. Overall this was a pretty good episode, but the ping pong was pretty stupid. I was worried for a second that Michael was going to quit. Jan/Ryan/Wallace are all asses.

  31. I think I would have liked this episode a lot better knowing that there would be new one next week. The tag at the end was probably the only reason why I didn’t thoroughly dislike this episode.

  32. Not the funniest episode of the season, but it sure was the darkest of them all. I like the darker comedy that The Office turns to every now and then, and often they are the episodes that make me mad that Steve hasn’t gotten an Emmy for his portrayal of Michael Scott. This was an episode that I thought I’d cringe through mostly, but I ended-up empathizing with Michael for most of it, even when he tried to put a “Thats What She Said” into his testimony. The scene with Toby alone was great, you could tell that there was a part of him that wanted to not hate Toby, but deep down in his subconscious, he just couldn’t help it.

    And yes, the tag was amazing. I’ll miss The Office more then I want to admit.

  33. Steve Carell is an great actor, and this episode definitely brought out his amazing talent! He is probably the only person that can make me laugh out loud and cry in a span of half an hour!

  34. I really liked the episode. It had its funny moments and its heartbreaking moments. Steve Carell did an outstanding job. He always breaks my heart when he tears up.

    I’ve never been a big fan of Jan’s. This episode didn’t help any. That performance review was beyond harsh.

    I liked the ping-pong storyline. Kelly cracked me up with her trash talking, and my goodness J.Kras was looking especially hot tonight!!

    I’m sad and angry this is the last episode of the season.

  35. I’m just reiterating a lot of what I’ve been reading. I really liked the corporate stuff, but the ping pong storyline really did not strike me. It seemed a bit forced. However, the corporate story was great. Steve Carell’s performance once again was hilarious and heartbreaking.

    But the most heartbreaking part of tonight was the fact that this was our last episode, for a while at least. :(

  36. The ping-pong storyline seemed kind of lame. Doesn’t Jim EVER do any work?
    I thought he was a good salesman…? Last week Jim got the feeling that he was turning into Michael – I thought this might make him take his job more seriously, or start re-evaluating his career choices.

    Instead, he’s playing ping-pong.

    The stuff with Michael and Toby was GREAT though.
    The lawyers thinking Ryan was a woman was the best part.

  37. The episode–wow! :)))))

    Michael was so well written–the writers wrote what we just saw–and Steve did such an amazing job interpreting.

    The reality (last episode for a while please God just a short while but whatever beer me strength)–WAHHHH! :(((((((

  38. how sleazy was Ryan buddying up to Michael– I always wonder now that Ryan is in charge why he hasn’t moved to get Michael fired — I think that David Wallace actually likes and respects Michael and he is the reason Michael is still a branch manager

  39. Poor Michael. Such a loyal guy! I have to admit, my favorite part of this excellent episode was Mose at the very end playing ping pong. I think Mose should make an appearance in every episode! It was a good way to end things for now. I was left smiling and satisfied.

  40. Defintely SO bittersweet.
    Also J.Kras looked SO good tonight, so that’s going to make my Office-less Thursdays even more painful.

  41. I thought this episode was excellent and hilarious. I can’t wait to watch it a second and third time.

    Good-bye Office. I’ll miss you.

  42. This episode was awesome :D

    Steve was brilliant! The different reactions and so many different things thrown at him, priceless. I was excited to see JamicanJanSunPrincess make a cameo, although it was no help to them.

    The little fight Michael and Jan had in the cafeteria ending in “I love you.” “I love you too.” give me hope that nothing will happen to probably my favorite couple on the show.

    As for the ping pong stuff…Jim looked sexy with his shirt unbuttoned! That’s about all…

    Overall, Bravo Steve. You Rocked this episode hard core!!

  43. Huh?

    I didn’t get the point of that episode at all.

    The ping-pong thing was just dumb. It didn’t serve a purpose in the episode at all. It felt like filler. Just like the FTC all over again.

    The lawsuit thing was completely melodramatic and not funny at all. There wasn’t really a point to it either. All it did was to show us that things are sorta bad between Michael and Jan and sorta bad between Michael and corporate. But we already know those things!

    And once again, it was an episode that wasn’t focussed on the office.

    I think this show needs a good, long rest. Maybe the writers will take the time to rewatch seasons 1 and 2 and remember what made this show so good.

  44. I liked that episode. The Office proves time and time again that you don’t always need canned punchlines to be funny, and that a little drama in a comedy is ok. Now that they’re done with new episodes, my tv goes off. Let’s do everything we can to support the writers and end the strike! Don’t watch the reruns! Don’t watch online! And whatever you do, stay away from whatever they try to put on in its place! Mose is awesome!

  45. Superb, masterful A storyline. Steve Carell rips my heart out with those moist eyes after being so betrayed. The ending with Michael and David Wallace – just beautiful. The B storyline was fine. I’m happy with any Jim and Pam moments. Maybe it’s me taking this too seriously, but I’m getting a weird vibe with Pam pushing Jim to win for her. Kelly was fierce. That girl is totally “street”. Who knew?

    It hit me. No more new shows. I want to see where Michael and Jan are going with their relationship. I want to see Jim become a man rather than the 12 year old Pam says he is. There seems to be a motion for dear, sweet, infuriating Michael to realize that maybe Jan isn’t his friend, and he learns to stand up for himself. The “Dinner Party” episode was going to expand on this. I want to see more. Please, please…lets get a deal on the table and end this strike.

  46. Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Yesh.

    I so love the things this show chooses to be. Another gem from the writers.

  47. I’m so sad.

    But what a great episode! Granted, I’m usually The Office’s softest critic, but I truly loved it. I literally cannot wait to see what happens with Michael and Jan. And Kelly… oh, wow. I have a soft spot for ping pong in my heart (I can’t explain, haha), so this was perfect.

    No more TV from now on. I can’t believe they think they can feed us reality crap and and expect us to actually watch it.

  48. That episode ripped my heart out. Dang! Could have had a little more funny, but it was a great episode. GREAT. Loved the parts with David Wallace and all the “nice guy” buisness. The part at the end with Dwight and Mose was simutaneouly funny and kind of terrifying. Ohhhhh I AM GOING TO MISS THIS SHOW!

  49. I don’t even know what to think. I’m still reeling from the realization that Season 4 is most likely done.

  50. I really liked this episode! I guess I’m one of the few. I laughed out loud, I cried a bit (dang Steve Carell gets me) and I thought the ping-pong sub plot was totally plausible. They’ve always goofed off when Michael’s out of the office, and Kelly…wow. Thats all I have to say about that. I am sad thats the last one for a while. ABSOLUTELY LOVED Mose and Dwight at the end though!

    ThreeHolePunchVersion, I dont think Pam was so much jealous as getting sick of Kelly’s constant insults. Which I think is in reason, it is hard to predict people’s reactions in that situation.

  51. I’m on the brink of tears ): it was a great episode though. Very sad seeing tears in michael’s eyes.

  52. What a great episode. The difference between trash talk and smack talk might have been my favorite Kelly moment since her talking head on Princess Diana’s funeral.

  53. My life is not bad, it’s comfortable and drama free, but lord have mercy it can be boring. Sad as it may sound to some, I measured my weeks from Office episode to Office episode. It really gave me something to look forward to during the week. It was a good episode, but a depressing one….I’m just so bummed out it is over.

  54. Where were Angela, Andy & Creed? It’s the a second week in a row with an Angela-lite episode. I miss her!

  55. Steve was so great in this episode! I loved his almost liking of Toby and then the throwing of the tray. Kelly was funny but I wanted to hurt her. Come on Pammy, you should have given her a piece of your mind. I loved that they both sucked at ping-pong though.

    Man, I am going to miss my little Office.

  56. What a bitter/sweet episode with Michael showing a side that makes anyone’s heart hurt and hating all those that disregard his good intentions (Jan and Ryan included), and the last episode for who knows how long. Beautifully written and acted, reminding us the brilliance behind this show. Great job, but know that we will miss it!

  57. The Jan/Michael interaction in the lunch room reminded me so much of Dwight and Angela. I miss Dwangela!

  58. Did anyone else notice that Michael only picked up on the fact that Wallace called him a “nice guy?” That’s what Michael always clings to. I thought the episode was sad. Maybe I’m just sad it’s over for a while.

  59. I thought this was a great episode. I loved seeing Pam call out Jim lol. And poor Michael!

  60. “My boyfriend is twelve.”

    LOVED this episode!!! Jim and Pam were cute without laying on the whole relationship drama. And I don’t think Pam’s turning into Karen, I mean she’s not exactly forcing Jim to be an adult. She’s the one that built the makeshift ping-pong table and brought him juice!

    It was also nice seeing another side of Michael in this episode. The legal aspect was hilarious too, especially when the one lady kept reading back the transcript every so often with all of Michael’s “that’s what she said”s.

    Man, I’m going to have no motivation to live for these next few weeks :/

  61. Michael making a complete mockery of the legal process in his deposition had me in stitches. The whole “That’s what she said” part was absolutely amazing.

    And the ping pong storyline, I loved it! Especially Pam calling out Kelly and then them both sucking.

    And Dwight and Mose at the end, awesome!

  62. For some reason, I just love the line they read off about asking David Wallace about Michael: “What do you want me to say? He’s a nice guy.”

    I just think it’s such a real line. I feel like that is exactly what a real David Wallace would say.

  63. “No, now you are butchering the joke!” haha this was HILARIOUS. Also the entire scene with Kelly trash talking Pam was brilliant. However, I am trying NOT to focus on the fact that this was the last episode until the WGA strike is over :(

  64. This was my favorite episode of The Office ever. Between the hilarious dialog in the meeting room, Michael and Toby and lunch, and the absolute brilliance of the characterization of Michael, I cannot think of an episode I enjoyed more. Here’s to each one of us writing a letter to NBC to get those writers back to work

  65. I am SO sad. I ADORE this show. This episode made the temporary break even harder because it was sooo good.
    Thank you The Office for making life amazing :)

  66. not the funniest episode, although it had its moments. this episode really gives me hope for the future storyline of the Office though. season 4 has had some very funny moments, but it’s been kind of disappointing to me…way too over the top sometimes. i just think that tonight’s episode opens up a lot of doors for some great plot lines whenever the show returns. what will happen between jan and michael? personally i don’t like seeing them together the way they are now as much as it was before when jan was still trying to reject her feelings. i’m really interested to see how this plays out. and the part at lunchtime between toby and michael…i almost started believing that michael was gonna actually start being nice to him! i can’t wait for this show to return and i’m really hoping that the writers will return to what made this show so great.

  67. This episode reminded me a little of “Business School”. Steve can do no wrong. I am just a sucker for good Michael…my heart was breaking. Good night, sweet show.

  68. This was a sad episode for three reasons…
    1. It was the last episode of this year, and possibly this season.
    2. It was a sad episode for Michael.
    3. I didn’t actually like the episode tonight, and that in and of itself leaves me feeling disappointed, since I usually love every episode.

  69. I thought the part where Pam asks Jim to practice because Kelly was talking trash, excuse me, talking smack was really cute. I love Jim agreeing and saying “bring me players”. Too cute!

  70. GREAT episode! I’m really going to miss this show :(

    We can all get through it together guys, at least we have officetally.

  71. I loved the episode. I felt like Michael was finally becoming the man in his relationship with Jan. It’s always nice to have a reminder that Michael can be smart if he tries.

    The ping pong plot was fantastic. I personally think Pam’s “My Boyfriend’s 12” comment had to deal with the fact that he wanted Pam to bring him juice, not his wanting to play ping pong.

    I thought this was a great episode to potentially end the season with. Jim and Pam are ubber functional and Michael is realizing he deserves more in his relationship with Jan.

    Plus Cousin Mose!

    Goodbye sweet Office. Thou shall be missed.

  72. What really got me was the part at the end with Michael and Wallace. One of the commenters asked why Michael remained loyal to Dunder-Mifflin in the end. Think about it: Jan’s comments about him in her performance review were so brutal, but Wallace answered the questions about Michael being considered for the job with a lot of tact and showed a lot of respect for Michael, despite the fact that he wasn’t being considered. The whole point was respect, which is what makes the “Nice Guy” scene with Michael and Wallace so poignant at the end. “I think you’re a nice guy too.” Of course he is; he was the only guy in the room who treated Michael with any kind of respect at all.

    Great episode, and a little heart-wrenching.

  73. My favorite parts of this episode:
    1. Dwight’s “he works here, you ass hole!” outburst
    2. Michael making what was probably his best TWSS ever: “Come again? That’s what she said.” It was especially great because of the situation, and that he characteristically displayed absolutely no self-awareness.
    3. Dwight’s ping pong prowess, list of heroes, and first trip out of Pennsylvania. (I wonder if it was out of the country, though, because wasn’t his travel visa contested by the Shoah Foundation?)

    If the strike is resolved relatively quickly, does everyone here think the writers will pick up where they left off, or will they stick with real-time? If they go with real-time, how will we get caught up on everything we’ve missed? We’re witnessing history here, and not in a good way. I can’t wait until this all works out.

  74. Emmy nod for Steve in this one…

    I loved the throwback to Michael’s man-crush on Ryan in his diary!

    And PB&J are very satisfyingly lovely together. Pam-pong!

    Where was Andy? He would have been a great contender for Jim. :(

  75. Loved Mose’s RecSpecs…they compliment his amish beard. I also liked the fact that Toby, unsuccessfully, tried reaching out to Michael. Hilarious. And what a great cold opening! “Hey buddy”

    I really hope Toby thinks to save that copy of Michael’s diary. I could see that coming up in later episodes easily. And if Jim and Pam were to get their hands on a copy? Gold…

  76. I refuse to believe that this is the last episode of the season. Who knows? I’m just going to take the strike day by day. Also, this was a cute episode flled with a lot of heart. I loved Mose and Dwight!

  77. Michael/Ryan! Hahaha, I loved that. And Pam/Jim were too adorable.

    I don’t know if the thought of this being the last episode made me more emotional during this episode, but…embarrassingly enough, Michael made me a little teary tonight. After he found out what Jan and David had said, and still called the company loyal. Always the ‘nice guy.’ Gah. It was just heartbreaking to watch. Steve was absolutely brilliant.

    Show, what am I supposed to do without you? :'(

  78. This episode was not a typical ‘Office’ episode, but it was a refreshing change that I enjoyed.

    While this episode had very, very few laughable moments, it made up for it with very, very many thought-provoking moments.

    Forget the JAM storyline (which I do love, of course). Forget the sub-plots of all the other characters. Tonights episode was about main character Michael, and it put some of the incidents he has been involved in into a very different perspective.


  79. Oh man, what a time for a hiatus. This episode truly shows why the writers are so brilliant; they can combine the comedic aspect of the show with an intriguing look at the heart of the characters. This is definitely a 10 in my book. I guess it’s off to watch some Office DVDs…

  80. How fitting was it that Michael Schur was the last person Onscreen. Bravo to the writers for this episode…brilliant.


  81. 102 | Bree,

    Really? I laughed more in the first 5 minutes of this ep than during all of last week’s ep.

    I do agree it had some great drama too but Steve stole the show. This could be an Emmy submission for him.

  82. Sorry to say I thought this was kind of a downer for TO — Jan & Michael’s story line was pretty serious, and while Jim, Darryl, & Kelly were having fun, Pam was definitely not her light-hearted, supportive self. What’s with that? Maybe I will miss my favorite show too much.

  83. pam was p.o.’d. whats with that? and what was with kelly? is she mad at pam b/c pam has a steady boyfriend and she doesn’t? maybe she doesn’t like the role reversal. i guess we have a while to analyze… *deep, sad sigh

  84. Kudos Lester Lewis! Wow what a great episode–so hilarious, awkward and poignant. I am really going to miss this wonderful show so much–can’t wait until it’s back.

  85. I really didn’t like this episode. It was just weird. The one storyline was depressing and the other just seemed generally out of character. I laughed once, when Toby laughed at them asking about Ryan in Michael’s diary.

  86. can anyone tell me what the tail-end part was? My PVR cut out. Arghh, I hate having to work Thursday nights! Especially this one.

  87. 96 | dwight’s beard

    lol I totally missed the “come again?” part. I mean, I heard it, but I totally missed the joke. I’ll have to watch the episode online…oops, guess not.


  88. Boy, if there was one line that sure reached out to us from the writers tonight, it would be one of David Wallace’s:

    “We never meant for you to get caught in the middle of this.”

  89. The best part was Michael talking about Ryan in his diary! The worst i think was when the Jamaica picture came back.

  90. I loved the way Michael gracefully handled one of the most awkward situations possible. The way he described the difference between his perception of their relationship and Jan’s perception was brilliant and most diplomatic. I really like it when the writers show the endearing side of Michael Scott.

    In the end he was forced to choose between his two loves. It all came down to the relationship. Where did he feel most valued? Where was the loyalty, trust, and appreciation? Dunder Mifflin had a measure of that in David Wallace while Jan betrayed his deepest, most personal thoughts to the world for her own gain. Jamaican Jan Sun Princess was an accident. Jan sharing Michael’s diary in the deposition room was cold and premeditated.

    I’ve always liked David Wallace. I like his character even more now. The writers did a brilliant job of having him treat Michael like a person and not just a means to an end. David Wallace, I think you’re a nice guy too.

    If we had to leave on an episode, I’m glad it was this one.

  91. Did anybody else see a little bit of David Brent in Michael’s looks to the camera? Obviously Michael was down, but he seemed to have that David look of sadness and resignation.

  92. This episode was: good not great.

    I liked the Michael- Jan story better than the ping-pong plot. Mostly because of Kelly, she was just kind of annoying. Pam wasn’t acting like herself either. She seemed different. Overall, I loved the Michael vs. Toby stuff. It was funny.

    One of the best things about this episode: Well-thought-out short ending.

    Like when Ryan was fixing his hair through the TV screen in Launch Party…What was that?

    I also loved the part when Michael said “That’s what she said” in reply to one of the questions. :]

  93. Michael called “line”. That was the BEST part of the episode for me.

    Bravo, Lester. Bravo.

    I think I’ll wait until tomorrow to seriously review. It will give me something to look forward to in lieu of new Office Episodes.

    Keep on keepin’ on, WGA.

  94. Awh…Michael and Jan. I love the Levinscott pairing. I think Jan is going to realize how much she has hurt Michael, and I think she feels guilty about that performance review. She told Michael she was suing the company for “them”, she was trying to get them out of debt. She got carried away and turned into corporate Jan again, and hurt Michael in the process. She doesn’t realize how fragile he is, but I think this will change.

  95. This has to be the last episode before the strike? I want to know what’ll happen with Michael and Jan. I felt really sorry for Michael, caught between Jan, who wanted to use him and Ryan who wanted to use him. I loved that Wallace was a human being. I loved Dwight and Mose at the end.

  96. The scene with David Wallace at the end, and Michael’s last talking head were heartbreaking…we all feel so bad for Michael. He got dumped on by everyone. Maybe it’s time for him and Jan to take a break–it won’t take her long to realize what she did to deserve it. Even Michael, as dense as he can be, figured out right away that Jan was in the wrong.

    Kelly is hilarious, but did anyone else want to punch her in this episode?

  97. Amazing episode. One of my favorite of the season. Moments I loved: the stenographer reading back the “that’s what she said” joke and Ryan being as hot as Jan, but in a different way.

    I understand why Michael chose Dunder Mifflin. He even explained why. You don’t expect your girlfriend to screw you over. And Jan brought the diary before she knew about the picture, even though Michael was going along with her coaching. Even though Wallace was never seriously considering Michael for the position, ultimately he and the rest of corporate chose not to remove Michael despite Jan’s recommendations. Jan, his girlfriend, was actively working for his demotion.

    I’m really going to miss this show.

  98. I have always loved the Michael and David Wallace interaction. My David Wallace crush keeps growing and growing.(twss) I loved how Pam said her boyfriend is 12 and she ends up acting like she’s 10! I am so going to miss this show.

  99. Once again, I’m going to have to watch this episode a second and third time to really appreciate it.

    One of the funniest lines was when one of the lawyers requested that they make 10 copies of Michael’s diary, and Toby says “Make that 11.” He’s loving this!

    Then the most awkward moment for me was when Michael was coming through the cafeteria line, looking around the lunch room, and sees everyone huddled over reading his diary pages! Then being forced to sit next to Toby…I thought, “Oh my God! They’re going to bond!” Only to have Michael push Toby’s tray off the table like a 3rd grader!

  100. I totally thought Dwight was playing ping pong against a gorilla at first…it wasn’t until they panned to him again that I realized it was Mose. Did anyone watch 30 Rock? I think that’s where I got the idea from.

  101. I just start laughing the minute Kelly comes on the screen. The girl is hysterical! Love how she is all ‘ghetto’ now that she is dating a brother. I am so glad she cleared up the difference between trash and smack. I, for one, have always been a little confused with that. Please, settle this strike soon. I am so going to miss this show.

  102. Michael didn’t say the line about carrots and sticks. Jan did in her evaluation of Michael, if I recall correctly.

  103. Pretty good episode, too bad it’s the last one. I was glad that they didn’t focus on Jim and Pam too much. Such a boring relationship now.

  104. Beautifully written and acted episode. Steve Carell was nothing short of magnificent last night. So sad that The Office is leaving us for awhile.

  105. I feel so terrible for Michael. He really is a nice guy! :( And I’m sad that this is the last episode! Those stupid executives need to wake up! The writers deserve SO much more for creating such an amazing show.

    *Funniest part of the episode was when he whipped out the framed “love contract” haha.

  106. if they brought up the picture and michael’s diary in the deposition, why didnt they ask the camera crew for footage, since this is, in fact, a documentary that is being filmed and should have some of the footage that would help in either case?

  107. I have to say, I love the dramatic stuff this year. And I don’t mean the soap opera Jim and Pam stuff like last year. I mean the realistic, dark stuff this show was based on from the British version. I reminds me of how low they dragged down David Brent in the first 90% of the Christmas special. And now it’s over :(

  108. I don’t know what I’m going to look forward to every week now, tear:( Last nights episode was ok, I like the Michael/ Jan storyline but the ping-pong thing wasn’t all that. I need more Pam/ Jim, ugggh.

  109. Ohhhh Steve breaks my heart every time with those sad Scott eyes…. I felt so bad for him.

    And Kelly? I guess she is really good at talking smack, because I wanted to smack the hell out of her every time she spoke in this episode.

  110. Fantastic work, Mr. Lewis. Nothing can simultaneously break my heart and make me laugh like an idiot like The Office. I love where Michael’s character is going this season, and I love where Jim’s is going. I just hope there is more season in which to enjoy it.

  111. I really liked this one alot. Steve did a great job acting in this one! “line?” was absolutely hilarious! I thought the ping-pong plot could have been strengthened, but it was still pretty good. The whole “TWSS” thing had me rolling on the floor! It was my favorite part by far. All in all, it was a good episode, mostly because it was not as over-the-top as most of season 4 has been. I really like the show better when it stays within the office/corporate setting.

  112. the funniest moment of the episode was toby laughing at michael’s “ryan is hot” diary entry. it was kind of a small victory for toby.

  113. I think the whole David/Michael stuff was great. First, that there was at least one person in that room who doesn’t treat Michael with the utmost disrespect was a breath of fresh air. Second, what does Michael want the most in the world? Friends. I believe in the end he just clung to what David said in his statement of “he’s a nice guy” and thought, “This guy is my friend, I’m sticking with him.”

  114. The line, “I think you are a nice guy” may be more brilliant than at first glance. Michael may be saying that in response to him but being called “a nice guy” but totally unqualified for advancement to corporate. Is THAT what he is telling Wallace rather than a pure compliment? Think about it! Maybe Michael has a sense of irony hitherto undetected?

  115. Awesome episode! One of the best of this season so far (I refuse to believe this season could be over), I think. Toby was awesome, Steve Carrell was outstanding in this episode and I just loved it all. Kelly & Pam etc. This is the first episode of this season where nothing seemed slightly off to me. Everything was perfect. No out-there story-lines, nothing too crazy, but just crazy enough.

  116. oops – just wanted to correct that my comment was to 127 | little tuna (sorry! – it’s early this morning and I can’t read :))

  117. Did anybody else think that episode DID feel a little season finale-ish? Obviously there was no big Jim/Pam advancement like season 2 and 3, but Michael’s storyline was big and heartbreaking and it reminded me of Hot Girl (season 1 finale).

    Well, way to break my heart by going out with a brilliant episode.

  118. You know what it is about Michael? Jan and Dunder Mifflin are the same. They can both screw him over terribly, leave him exposed and hurting and he takes it. Is that loyalty or just a desperate need for love and acceptance? In any case, his official and private relationships aren’t too different. For that matter, on the opposite side, Jan keeps coming back to him, Dunder Mifflin realizes he’s not great at what he does but they’ve never fired him for it. It’s like both of them realize his humanity and decency which neither of them can display. I don’t think Jan and Michael are over but I think Michael is growing up a bit this season. The credit cards, the debt, the reality of Jan. It’s a strange new world he’s entered, and dang it, I NEED MORE!

  119. While I’ve really liked all of S4, for me I must say that I wasn’t terribly impressed with this ep. Maybe it was because of the two totally separate story-lines dividing my attention, but I just couldn’t get into it. Sure there was the great acting by Carell (again!) and Kelly totally stole the show, but the sum of the parts did not exceed the whole (TWSS!).

    It was like chinese food – good while it lasted, but feeling empty soon after.

    Oh well, Perhaps a few more viewings will change my view…

  120. Michael in this episode was the perfect reflection of how many fans probably feel right now with the strike.

    We’re caught in between two loves. We love our show and we love the writers, but we have to give up seeing new episodes in order to support the brilliant writers of our show. And we don’t really know how to handle the whole situation (Don’t watch online “promotions”, but can use and don’t watch reality tv, which is easy for me since I don’t watch it anyways).

    All we can hope for now is that “Jan” (i.e. Networks/Studios) starts reading/appreciating our diaries (i.e. letters/fansites) and not parade them around for their own net gains (i.e. “promotions”).


  121. I loved Kelly’s “Hey, hey, you, you, I don’t like your boyfriend. No way, no way, cause he sucks at ping-pong” lol Something to that effect.

  122. Firstly, Can you really imagine Jim being bad at any sport? Secondly, I think they have had too many episodes recently where only a handful of characters have been used, and what happened to the Andy – Angela storyline, are we meant to just forget about it?

    Lastly, how funny was Dwight and Mose under lights, it sorta brought a Forrest Gumpness to Dwight. I can’t wait for the new episodes to come back, I hope NBC get their act together soon.

  123. I am a HUGE Michael/Jan fan, so this was EXACTLY what I needed to hold me over until they have new episodes again.

    I loved the beginning where they’re in the break room and Jan’s laughing. She has a sense of humor that we didn’t really know she had.

    Also when she said ‘I love you’. That literally broke my heart.

    All-in-all: GREAT EPISODE!!!!

  124. I loved this episode, it was the perfect combination of realism, comedy, and awkwardness. I think the best stories are the ones that show both sides of Michael. He isn’t totally insane or dim-witted, he actually has a perceptiveness that allows him to eventually say and do the right thing. Of course, showing him stumble along the way is what makes the show brilliant. I loved Kelly in this episode too, her “smack-talk” was awesome! I missed Andy and Angela in this one, but Kevin’s proclamation of “awesome” when he sees the ping-pong table made up for it. This show will be sorely missed for the rest of the season!

  125. I think Michael really liked how Jan called Dunder Mifflin a “boys club.” It’s probably the only club he ever felt like he was in. That’s why he’s so loyal.

  126. Does anyone else feel sad for toby as much as i do?
    I laughed and then i felt so sorry for toby when michael tipped his tray over at lunch :(

  127. Great, great episode!!! Michael pushing Toby’s lunch off the table was perfection, along with Toby’s giggle at the Ryan references in Michael’ diary.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, who would’ve ever thought that Michael would end up being more sane than Jan? Wow. That woman doesn’t just have issues, she has subscriptions! Haha

    Now, I’ll be dragging out my DVD’s to get me through the dry, dry, so very dry, spell.

    Writers, I support you!!!

  128. Some of this season has been amazing, but the rest has just been depressing. I SO LOVE The Office, my favorite show by far, but where are all the laughs? Most of the time it makes me feel awful. None the less, I will remain faithful. :)

  129. Does anybody know if the people Dwight mentioned are actual ping pong players?

    [from tanster: yes, they are! i actually googled them.]

  130. I think my first comment didn’t go through, so if it didn’t just in summary – I agree with little tuna a page or so back that I loved when Michael said “line” during the deposition. Last night’s ep was so funny – great job to Lester Lewis on his first script. Hope he has a chance to write many more episodes soon!

  131. I really liked the Jan/Michael storyline; I love seeing a different side to Michael. However, the ping-pong stuff was a bit weak for me (and I am a huge JAM fan). Was funny to see Kelly as her usual irritating self though.

    Can’t wait for new episodes; in the meantime I guess I can watch season 1,2,3 on my DVD’s. I hope the writers get what they deserve and the strike comes to an end soon! You writers are awesome!

  132. Was that Ryan and two clones sitting at a table in the background of the lunch scene? Sure looked like it.

  133. Hearing Jan’s lawyer read Michael’s diary was so funny. That entire meeting was funny. There was so much deadpan humor in this episode. The whole “that’s what she said” conversation kept me from doing my homework.

    Oh Toby, I felt so bad for laughing when Michael pushed his lunch off the table. But it was fun to see Toby’s reaction to Michael’s diary entry of Ryan. HAHA

    Great tag scene with Mose and Dwight.

  134. I’m depressed not only because we’re not getting new episodes, but because the season arcs will get really thrown off. I know Season 3 made much more sense and played much better to me when viewed as a whole. If the season ends after episode 8 (or 12 depending on your counting), we won’t get that chance. And I think we were going to get a Michael character arc, just as we did with Pam in Season 3. He seems to be losing some of his illusions this season.

  135. this episode was fantastic, my favorite of this season so far i think. great pam and jim, very cute that he was defending her honor like that. really good development with jan and michael, classic michael! i loved toby being there. kelly stole the show, all her smack talk was hilarious, i lost it when she started singing that avril levine(?) song!! and mose! great way to end for now. i am boycotting the reruns.

  136. I am so glad some one finally told me the difference between “trash talk” and “talking smack”. I can now sleep at night.

    Also “Just as hot as Jan, but in a different way.” is one of the best lines I have ever heard.

    Best episode of the season in my book.

  137. This episode was amazing. I felt bad for laughing out loud when Michael tipped over Toby’s tray. It was perfect!

    The ping pong scene was perfect, and for those of you that thought it was too cartoony, you should see how ping pong goes down in a college dorm. Kelly’s smack talk would have been considered weak.

    [from tanster: lol!]

    Great job!! I’m really going to miss my Thursday night salvation during the hiatus.

  138. After a second viewing, and after lifting myself out of my black clouded strike induced haze, I’ve decided I love this episode! And I would pay to read the rest of Michael’s journal (I mean diary) :)

    Oh please let this not be the last one… please.

  139. This episode was not that funny. There have been much funnier ones but it was still a really great episode. It shows the versatility of this show and how entertaining it can be without necessarily having to make you laugh. I really enjoyed this episode. Very well written from start to finish.

  140. The best scene was Toby laughing at the entry in the journal about Ryan. Too funny!

    Loved Kevin saying “Awesome” at the sight of the pingpong table. Who knew Dwight could play?

    Who could not feel bad for Michael in this episode? So clueless but so endearing.

    Pam building Jim a practice table. We need more JAM moments.

  141. I thought the Michael storyline was very well written (the diary, the transcript of the meeting, lunch with Toby – hilarious stuff!).

    However the ping pong storyline was a little weird. I wish it involved more diverse characters. Also, JAM definitely don’t act like they’re dating!

    But I can’t complain too much because Jim looked HOT playing ping pong.

    Best line: “Line.” I’ll definitely be using that one in real life!

  142. I think that is the funniest situation I’ve ever seen them put Michael in – a perfect foil for his simple brilliance. Oh man. Also liked Jim and Daryl – “Want to go play on the table upstairs?”

    Oh well. See everyone in Season 5, if there is one. Thanks for your greed NBC. Hopefully people will still be watching TV when you finally realize you shouldn’t shaft the people who drive your business.

  143. Interesting episode. The best way I can describe it is “Fan’s Ep.” It felt like something only longtime viewers of the show would enjoy. It was kinda Arrested Development-ish in that you couldn’t jump into the series and fully enjoy what was going on without some serious backstory. It required such a knowledge of the characters and history but really rewarded you for doing so.

    And, for maybe the first time ever, I could have completely done without a B-story, or any Jim and Pam antics or Dwight craziness. I would have been more than content with an entire half-hour of Michael being deposed. It was riotously funny and incredibly heartfelt at the same time.

    Line of the night: “He said, ‘line.’ Like in a play.”

    Small moment of the night: The stenographer reading “That’s what she said” with the emphasis on “said” as if it were a genuine statement. That is such amazing attention to detail I am in complete awe of it.

  144. The Deposition was definitely a want-to-go-up-to-Michael-and-give-him-a-huge-hug episode. The episode revolved around Michael, but I thought that it gave us another good glimpse at his overall character. I was surprised at how little the other characters were shown in this episode. (no Andy, Creed, Angela, Stanley…) But I like seeing sweet Michael…I keep contradicting myself…
    but yeah, pretty good episode…sad that it’s the last one for awhile.

  145. kelly’s smack talk and michael at the deposition both had me in hysterics. but i think that michael the magic (#145) raises a really good point. the humor this season has been more dark in places, like the british office.
    i thought the ping pong was great and realistic and very season 2 (office olympics anyone?) and cute jim and pam. pam was being driven nuts by kelly and wanted jim to beat darryl for her. her building the practice table and his “bring me players” was sweet and felt like one of their old collaborations again. i was happy to end (for now) on that note.
    this season we are getting less quantity of all the characters but more quality. i like that.

  146. I LOVED this episode! Michael and Jan rocked and I laughed out loud at Dwight’s ping-pong player heroes. Toby was awesome as usual and Michael’s Diary was hilarious.

  147. Anybody else catch Jim’s “Thank god you’re here!” followed by an improv situation to explain to Dwight why there’s a makeshift pingpong table in the room? A shot at the show, and maybe a rib on Angela Kinsey as well?

    I also googled “irie” to understand the joke and got back “Rastafarian vocabulary referring to positive emotions or feelings, or anything that is good.” Totally something he would write post-Sandals…if he could spell it, anyway.

  148. Great episode. I can’t help but feel sad for Michael as everyone around him uses him to achieve their own goals, not just in this ep either. For whatever reason, Michael is unable or doesn’t have any real friends and will grasp to anything resembling friendship i.e. Ryan, Jim, Dwight, Jan, Pam.

    He knows that despite it all, he will be regional manager of Scranton – a position he relies on as his main social network and so much more. He’s willing to forgive anyone as long as that world remains intact.

    Michael realized that Jan had intended on using his diary even before the picture was revealed. But did Michael realize, before or after, that Ryan’s off-the-record comment as buddies was actually business or truly just as buddies?

  149. I’m so sad!! I can’t believe it. The dinner party episode would have been brilliant. I was so upset last night when the Mose/Dwight part came on… It was great but all I could think of was… This is the last new bit of the office I will see. Even watching the deleted scene (which was awesome!! I missed Andy during the episode and “I call next meeting!”) it’s just not the same…. tear. WGA all the way!!!

  150. Wow! That was such a great episode! I loved Steve in this episode! I was so sad today because my friend gave me a stapler in jello for my birthday and I almost started to cry! The strike needs to end!

  151. Hey – I figured that Rainn Wilson’s listing of ping pong masters would have been one of his brilliant improv moments — but no, it was even more brilliant when I realized that he actually researched and remembered these names!!

    See the link

  152. I really enjoyed this episode. There was so much tension for Michael! I think after that whole transcript with David Wallace was read, the thing Michael focused mostly on was, “He’s a nice guy.” I’m not even sure he cared about the job or not after that! And I loved how he realized that Jan used his diary before she knew about the picture. I would be so upset if someone did that. I enjoy how The Office shows a lot of real relationship moments. The silence between Jan and Michael in the car was spot on. There’s an issue that sometimes doesn’t get resolved. I’m very curious to see what happens to the two of them, although now it seems I might have to wait awhile :(

    It was also great that I watched this episode after personally playing an hour of ping-pong. Funny storyline.

  153. Great episode.There was only one bad thing..WHERE WAS ANDY?!..They could have used him to play ping pong and show his anger problems

  154. I loved Michael. He was my hero, and Steve’s performance was excellent. This was a funny ep, but sad at the same time. We all knew this was it for a while and so it was bitter sweet.
    My favorite scenes were in the cold opening with the fake messages. The best one was the note that looked like a cartoon hotdog saying Hiya Buddy, and Pam “forwarding” his fake phone call, but didn’t put it on speaker in front of Ryan. That was clever. It was funny to see that Kelly had taken on her boyfriend’s personality with talking smack and her bad self attitude. That type of transformation really happens to some girls. Haughty Kelly brought out the beast in Pam. Michael and Toby’s scene in the cafeteria cracked me up, and Michael pushing Toby’s tray off the table was great! Jan and Michael’s conversation in the car was so real. You can disagree over something very serious, but life goes on and you have to eat dinner. I love the Office and will miss it dearly. At least I have nice memories of finally seeing Jam together. I want the strike to be over soon so my life can resume.

  155. I refuse to work for another company than Dunder Mifflin. I don’t want any other boss than Michael Scott. Since it’s not possible for me to work for DM, I’ve decided to retire at 34 year-old. It’s Michael Scott or nothing.

  156. Great episode, one of the best of the season, but it’s too bad that the writers strike put a damper on this episode! Now what do I have to look forward to on thursday nights? Oh well-I’m starting my letter to Jeff Zucker now, see y’all in season 5 (or let’s be optimistic and say season 4!)

  157. It was a great episode! It really made me feel bad for Michael though. I sort of wish the Toby moment hadn’t ended with Michael pushing the tray.

  158. Wow. Six months ago, I never could have imagined that I would be so apathetic about the possibility of no new Office episodes. I loved this show so much for the first three seasons, but the fourth has been sub-par. The mood of the show is different and not in a good way.

    It’s depressing when you try to think of ONE good episode out of the season, and all you can do is pick out a couple that you didn’t dislike.

  159. brilliant! i just watched it with my volleyball team. we were all cracking up, especially at kelly’s “smack talk.” and jim looked VERY good this episode…:]
    and we all said “awww” when michael told david wallace he was a good guy. a very solid episode. hopefully these “talks” between WGA and AMPTP will resolve the situation soon and the season will continue!

  160. I absolutely loved this episode. I gasped at the end when Michael said that the company didn’t do anything wrong and wow, just the whole figuring out where his heart and loyalties lie was amazing.

    I really appreciated how Toby was trying to reach out to Michael – like he’s not giving up on him. I think when Michael pushed his tray off the table, it was because little boy Michael couldn’t handle emotional closeness with Toby, even if adult Michael knew deep down that he needed it.

    By the way, I’m going to hell for this, but there are great scenes with most of the other cast members in the deleted scenes. I am human. Forgive me writers. But they were great and very funny.

    To Desperate Canadian (#129) – I like LevinScott! That’s the best name pairing for them I think.

    Have faith, friends – more episodes will come soon!

  161. Great episode, the stuff at the depo was completely brilliant and funny. I could have done with out the b-story, although it was fun finding out Dwight is a ping-pong master.

    I support the writers but I really hope the strike ends soon. Imagining the likelihood of not having an Office Christmas episode this year is enough to make me wanna cry myself to sleep.

  162. Um, Jim “defending Pam’s honor”? Cutest thing ever. I really like the way we are getting to see characters grow this season. There’s only so far their stereotypical scenarios can go before we have to get to know them as people. This time, we got to see a little bit of Jan’s true colors and got to see Michael make a good decision. Way to go writers! Come back soon. I’ll be rocking myself to sleep in the corner until then.

  163. MORE ANDY!!!!!!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!! All we’d need to spunk up this season is more Ed Helms…
    On the other hand, I really liked this episode and I think they left us in a good position (cliffhanger-wise) for the episodes to come… Whenever that will be…
    Dwight’s ping-pong history was great and Kelly was hilarious…
    I’m glad Michael has realized how crappy Jan treats him… Even though it doesn’t seem he can do much better…
    I like how Jim and Pam have settled into a normal relationship now… Jim is even comfortable enough to get slightly embarrassed by her… Great character development…
    In conclusion… MORE ANDY!!!

  164. #147 Callan, I really agree with you about Kelly and the smack, they are turning her into a brat just like Ryan. And where were the rest of the Office people? It was like they were never there! I still feel sad that this was the last show for a while. Well at least we all know we are in the same lonely boat without a paddle:-{ together.

  165. I really liked the main storyline of this episode. It caught me off guard, and combined drama with comedy very well. Michael interacting with Toby, David Wallace, Ryan, the lawyers – everyone was great.

    I could have done without the ping pong. That did nothing for me. And make that three weeks in a row without any Angela/Dwight/Andy material.

    While there is a great deal of contention about the value of season 4 – and I am one of them who thinks it has slipped some – it is still the only show I watch, and I am already sad to see it stall due to the strike.

  166. This season has been great and especially this episode. How can anyone be disappointed in this season, I actually feel if any season felt out of whack and derailing its season 3. Now they’re back to old pranks and Michael is fighting for his job (again). its nice that Jim and Pam are finally together so we can worry about other characters this season, which has been fun. Plus c’mon, 4 hour long episodes in a row ain’t a bad way to kick off a season. I’m just sad that this is probably it this year for The Office.

  167. I agree with Ian (#212)–this season has been great. With the exception of Survivor Man, which I wasn’t the biggest fan of (though I believe the last scene with Jim and Michael will come to be very important later on), it has consistently delivered solid episodes packed with both the subtle and outrageous humor nothing like The Office can’t do. Best part is how characters have been developed a lot more–especially the supporting cast (Creed, Andy, etc.).

    The Deposition was by far, one of the funniest episodes of the season! I agree, B-story wasn’t very important but I loved the small Jam moments and Kelly–hey hey you you I don’t like your boyfriend ’cause ’cause ’cause ’cause ’cause he sucks at ping pong! I LOVED Michael’s storyline this episode, it brought me to hysterics and also warmed my heart. And I really enjoyed how Toby was a big part of the storyline (I’ve missed him this season!) Toby giggling after hearing Michael’s diary entry was priceless.

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