Videos of ‘Beach Games’

SPOILER WARNING! Videos and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

Here are promo and preview clips of this week’s episode, ‘Beach Games.’

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  1. I don’t think we’re being misled by previews, I think something big is going to happen in Pam’s moment of ‘honesty’. Didn’t the spoilers for the finale say they deal with the fallout from this ep?

  2. Wow! I can’t wait for this episode. That promo might be misleading but i can’t wait to see what Pam says. Great Promo

  3. I can’t wait a week to hear what Pam has to say!!!!
    :( But it looks dawesome!

  4. Wow, look at Jim’s face when Pam’s about to tell everyone “the truth”!

    Hopefully we won’t have to wait until the finale for a Pam confession to Jim!!!

  5. So I’m confused. This episode is supposed to start at 8:40, right? But in the promo they refer to My Name is Earl as having a “one-hour season finale.” But that would put The Office on at 9, making it pretty difficult for it to be supersized. Does anyone know what the deal is?

  6. I don’t think we are being misled since Jenna seemed pretty adamant not to miss this episode

  7. The speaker on my computer isnt working can someone type what Pam starts off saying??

  8. AHHHHHH DID NOT EXPECT THAT! Wowzers, I hope he doesn’t reject her on the spot (I hope he doesn’t reject her at all, for that matter).

    Can’t wait till Thursday! *squee*

  9. “i’ve been trying to be a little more honest lately- Theres a few things i just want to get off of my chest.”

    something like that

  10. Pam says, “I’ve been trying to be more honest lately, and I just need to say a few things”

    HOLY #&$(

  11. QUÉ?!!!
    wow. Pam is really steping up to the plate.
    If she really does tell Jim about her feelings, I don’t think it would be in front of everyone.
    But WHO KNOWS?!
    I’m totally excited.

  12. My speculation: In the British Office Tim asks Dawn out, in front of the office, when he thinks she had broken up with Lee. So maybe Pam thinks that Karen and Jim broke up and declares her love or interest in him?

    I’m guessing a) Pam “neverminds” out of it, b) says something about being in love with Jim or wanting Karen to die a thousand deaths or just move or c) says something completely off the wall, like she’s quitting or gay or something.

  13. oh my god, oh my god, oh my god!

    Oh-and Jim wearing a hat? So cute. :)

  14. OMIGOD! IM SO TOTALLY FREAKING OUT! i have butterflies and they will not go away. i REALLY NEED THIS EP NOW!!!!!

    but if im let down i swear im gonna kill something.

  15. SOoo excited. Yeah, but it seems random for her to do it in front of everyone, and why is Jim sitting next to Angela? I hope he just doesn’t say anything and talks it over with her later or something, at least once he can compose his thoughts/feelings first.

  16. I know Pam is trying to be more honest and assertive, but to declare her feelings to Jim in front of everyone, with his girlfriend probably sitting nearby…i don’t think so. I think the preview is teasing us, once again.

    I think Pam is feeling low, with not being invited to participate in the beach games. She decides to pursue the art thing in new york. The “few things” she has to say are probably associated with that.

    But who knows?????

  17. Brittany,

    She says, “I’ve been trying to be more honestly lately, and i just need to say a few things.”

    (I just watched it again to get that, and I can’t believe I didn’t realize that was Jim they were showing when she says it! The first time through, I thought it was Michael! Duh!)

    Merreh, you are right…the synopsis for the season finale is that the office is “buzzing” from the events at their day at the beach. The only thing I can imagine the office buzzing about would be something big, like if Pam tells Jim she loves him right there in front of everyone!

    Damn NBC if they’re misleading us! ;)

  18. yeah I agree, I don’t think Pam will tell Jim how she feels in front of everyone. I think it will be about something else.

    I can’t stop watching Jim fall on his face. LOL

  19. Wow!

    I’m sure its not Pam spilling her guts in front of Jim and Karen and the rest of the office, but if she can so much as HINT that she’s got some unrequited love going on for him, that’s enough to get the wheels spinning in Jim’s head and have further consequences.

    I can’t wait! Go Pam!

  20. I just want to warn everyone that this promo has the smell of the PW promo when the voiceover was “Is this the night Pam fights for love?” And look how that ended.

    As I’m telling my friends, don’t get excited because we don’t know what Pam actually says and we don’t know how Jim will react. Could be another classic curveball.

    With The Office, Seeing is Believing.

  21. I hope she’s going to say “Karen, Jim is so not worth it. He’s just a small town paper salesmen, we both can do better.”

  22. I love that Pam is trying to be more honest…but the real question is: Is NBC being honest in this clip?

    Fool me twice. Strike three.

  23. I happen to remember a certain promo of a certain episode called ‘Phyllis’ Wedding’ that advertised Pam deciding to fight for Jim’s love…and instead she went home with Roy. So it’s probably not that…but then again it is almost the season finale. But I don’t think Pam would do it in front of Karen and everyone.

  24. Before I saw the clip I thought this episode might be good for Jim and Pam. But after seeing the clip I think that NBC is trying to throw us off. Either Pam is going to confess or she is just going to sidetrack around her feelings. And for some reason I feel like if she does confess, she might not hear what she wants to hear.

  25. I know we’ve all been burned by NBC’s manipulation of our feelings in other previews, but this one is different.

    Everyone looks shocked in that scene (look at Ryan in the first cut of it). And then as they’re closing, and Jim’s got a shocked look on his face, you can see Angela turn and give Jim a “what the..?” sort of glare.

    From that look Angela gives him, something obviously is about Jim and Pam looks really, really happy and relieved when she says her line, like she just let go of a 1,000 lb. weight. What else could that possibly be about?

    Pam is definely going to say something to Jim, but the disappointment may come in the response. I don’t think Jim is going to respond the way we all hope he does.

    That’s just my take on it.

  26. yeah, but jenna said in her blog that we seriously cannot miss this episode, and I don’t think she would mislead us.

  27. in front of everyone?
    when she says she has a few things to say, jim is looking right at her like- “oh god”

  28. Wow even though that was a short few seconds of Pam, I’m so “OMGOSH!” Is is Thursday yet?

  29. I actually made the best bet with my friend to relieve my office anxiety (yes, i know I really need a life) Anyways, I bet that by the end of the season, if/when Pam tells Jim how she feels that he will brush her off for karen. He says that Jim would never do that. It’s really a win-win (win) situation. If he brushes her off, I’ll be extremely angry but at least I’ll get some money out of it. If he doesn’t brush Pam off, I’ll be so happy, I won’t even care about giving him the money.

  30. Does she bitch them all out for not coming to her artshow? (but looks at Jim the whole time)

  31. 10 | Brittany

    Pam says

    “I’ve been trying to be more honest lately and I just need to say a few things.”

  32. I think she’ll say something like “I was in a relationship for years that was all wrong. It took a good friend to make me realize that there were better things in life. I wish that things had worked out between this friend and I but the timing was wrong. I am really glad that he found someone to be happy with. He deserves happiness.”

    This way, Jim knows she loves him, yet she hasn’t technically stepped into Karen’s territory. I can’t see Pam publicly declaring her love to Jim and thereby publicly hurting Karen.

  33. Yeah, I’m so confused! I know NBC has tricked us before, but Jenna did say not to miss this episode, and I agree that *she* wouldn’t mislead us. My guess is that she lets Jim know how she really feels (whether it’s in front of everyone or alone), but he doesn’t react positively. Maybe he tells her that it’s too late…that he’s in a relationship now, but then Karen gets the job at corporate and *she* breaks up with Jim (maybe she realizes that she and Jim just aren’t meant for each other), opening the door for JAM to rebuild their friendship/relationship in season 4.

    Argh! Why do we have to wait 6 days?!

  34. I bet she outs Dwangela!

    If it is a confession, I would be crushed by a flat out rejection, if it’s not followed by Pam kissing him on spot.

    Come on even at Phyllis’ Wedding…”Hypothetically speaking if Pam was interested.” Something good must come out of Phyllis’ Wedding.

    Beside the union of BVVR and his lobster.

  35. A few things:

    The schedule on my DVR shows The Office starting at 7:40 Central and it shows Earl being 40 minutes. Maybe the schedule is wrong. … Someone asked what Pam says. Here goes: “I’ve been trying to be more honest lately and I just need to say a few things.”

  36. Wow, what a tease.

    Very intruiging. In fact, I’m thinking “Holy crap”. But I’m not sure….

    The long wait until Thursday will seem like weeks….

  37. #37 Mike, EXACTLY how I feel about it. She does look like she wants to just be rid of what she’s saying. Also, Michael wished for her to have courage, so…..

  38. I agree with #44. This gave me such an OMG moment (I got to harness my Kelly energy). I am so excited now! Oh, God. If she declares her love for Jim in front of everyone INCLUDING KAREN, I think that Jim will have to repsond negatively in order to kind of protect Karen from too much hurt. But I don’t think Pam would deliberately try to hurt Karen either. So either Karen leaves the beach early or Pam spills the beans and gets a less then positive response from Jim.

    AAAAAHHHHH! I MUST KNOW! How will I make six days (Lord…If you have to kill me early in life, just please let me make it to the end of this seaon!) HEhehehehehe.

  39. Oh, Pam! Here’s my guess: They’re playing good ol’ Truth or Dare and Pam does pick truth, but . . . there is no way she would confess her feelings in front of everyone else. I’m not sure what she’ll say, but I don’t think it will be anything directly toward Jim. I think the promo’s a big tease!

  40. i dont think she is going to tell jim she loves him in from of everyone.. i think she might tell Angela something since she is next to jim

  41. #43, i’m with you here. I think she talks about missing her friend. Though Jim’s face is pretty obvious!! Look out, world, here comes FNB!!

  42. Heh, promos are kind of a show of their own… But it looks suspiciously like guts were spilled. Especially because of Angela turning her head to look at Jim as if trying to spot a reaction. It seems kind of BIG. Mmm… we shall see.
    I must say I love the new Pam. Magic camp finally paid up for Michael, he turned good ol’ Pammy into a vamp. Okay not a vamp, but you know, he upgraded her a bit. Now about those shoes, Pam…

  43. I think Pam will say something like “Jim, I feel like we’re not as close anymore. I really wish things could be like they used to be…” That way, it’s showing Jim she really cares about their friendship, but isn’t coming on to him.

    Everyone quit complaining about the 6 day wait! At least it’s not 6 weeks! Besides, it will fly by like always.

  44. I just have to add that I have totally caved on my self-imposed spoiler ban this season. I don’t want t to look, because I’m glad I remained spoiler free for last season’s finale, but I can’t seem to help myself! I’m excited for FNB!

  45. I really don’t think she would do that to Karen. She is too nice. I keep thinking she’s gonna say that she’s unhappy or something and decides it’s to time leave the office, (Maybe after seeing Karen and Jim have fun all day.) to which Jim will be totally bummed out about. But wait, that would go against everything this season has been building up to for Pam. Oh, I give up.

  46. Hey now don’t get your hopes up. Probably Dwight will pepperspray her or something.

  47. Why did I look at this???…and that’s only a few seconds of a supersized episode. YEAH!!!

    Maybe Pam will confess that she wrote the message about Michael on the bathroom wall :)

  48. i love the buzz that is created by a little 6 second promo. Teasing us or not, NBC really knows how to package this show. My hope is Pam admits feelings without actually completely spilling her guts. Like saying how much she misses her friend or how much she has gone through personally. At least something that builds into the season finale. is this show good or what?

  49. After the rollercoaster of this season, they better not be jerking my chain again. I can’t wait for this, and the excitement in her eyes and the hope/anxiousness in his are just pushing me to Thursday.

  50. When she says “I want to say a few things”, her back is facing the camera. They could have easily dubbed that voice over from another scene.

    Can’t wait what happens regardless.


    a confession of pranks might be more tactful, and maybe a mmore subtle way of being like, “jim, i want to have your prankster babies”

  52. i felt like season 3 just started(ironically getting to the end of season2 with jim’s confession to pam) :D

  53. no. 66: “jim, i want to have your prankster babies”

    that, by far, is the funniest thing i have ever read in the comments EVER.

  54. In the promo, pam sounds really happy but kinda nervous…and she is looking right at jim. it may not be a declaration, but i think it’ll be something that involves him indirectly at least.

  55. no freaking way man… Pam declaring in front of everyone is just too insane

  56. OMG! I started crying. not gonna lie. this is gonna be good.

    and how cute is Jim in a hat. hehe

  57. I’m with whoever said this could be Office Truth or Dare. Seems apropo of the games Michael has planned for the day & the campfire atm.

    What does she say… I think she says she has feelings, but in an understated way that nonetheless most Office-ites get. remember the whole office buzzing in The Secret. Maybe this is a reverse on that

    i’m wondering if karen/jim fight earlier on this day. karen seems fed up and increasingly disdainful of the office & michael.

  58. Wow.
    I’m flabbergasted [lol]
    I truly think that this promo is just a tease..
    But I am still hopeful, like a few of you have said already.


  59. Sorry, what did Pam say? John just looked so good, it was kind of a distraction.

  60. Since it’s on and that can be tricky for people outside the US:


    V/O: And when the Office goes to the beach… (sumo werestling, Michael looking pleased)

    V/O: The truth comes out (Pam by the fire, looking like she’s ready to spill)

    Pam: I’ve been trying to be more honest lately and I just need to say a few things (lit by the fire in front of the office staff. Jim’s face looks very interested but very worried)

    Hope that might help people until it’s YouTubed

  61. They do have a way of making the promo appear to have more JAM story than the actual episode does. But nonetheless it’s good to see Pam bringing Pammie back!

    Maybe she is going to out Dwangela while she is at it

  62. Oh I hope she doesn’t out Dwight/Angela. Did you see Angela’s face in Traveling Salesmen when Andy did her wrong?

    I doubt Pam wants the wrath of Angela upon her.

    Maybe she’ll be more cryptic than blatantly outing them in front of everyone. Maybe telling Angela that being in love and being happy is nothing to hide and she should be proud because not everyone gets that lucky. Something like that.

  63. Oh my God, Pam!!! As much as I want her to be honest with Jim about her feelings, I hope that’s not what this is, because I really don’t think I could handle her saying that in front of EVERYONE, including Karen. I’d have a heart attack. Eeee!

  64. I don’t think Pam will tell Jim in front of everyone. I expect that the part with Pam standing in front of Jim is from a different part of the show than her voiceover.

    For me the best part of the promo clip was when Pam looks over her right shoulder at the camera and smiles mischievously. Clearly she’s planning something.

  65. I agree with everyone saying that’s probably not as it seems. That’s NBC for you….

    I like the scenario someone described where she’s talking about missing her friend…Maybe even wishing Jim happiness with someone new after missing her chance. It makes her look like the bigger person, but lays the seed with Jim at the same time.

    If she does confess in front of everyone, I highly doubt Jim is going to respond positively…And he shouldn’t. She’s putting him on the spot front of his girlfriend and coworkers…Not cool.

    I would LOVE for it to be about her saying she’s going to art school!! :) That would be such a great step for Pam.

    Lastly, I know everyone hates Karen, but seriously, if Pam sat there telling the world she wants my boyfriend, it would take A LOT of restraint to keep me from smacking her…and I don’t want Pam to get smacked. lol. However, I wouldn’t blame Karen if she did it.

  66. Ok, so I have a spoiler ban on myself but I figured since this is a promo that I’m going to see it during Heroes anyway soooo…

    I am sure that NBC is just messing with us because I don’t think that Pam will completely confess her feelings to Jim in front of everyone. I think her statements will be about something else. But, I think she will say something that will finally clue Jim in. The look on his face is so telling and so reminiscent of Season 2 Jim. Whether she’s saying that exact line during that moment or not, she is obviously facing him at some point and this causes his reaction so, that has to be something right?

    Hey, I’m just happy that it appears they have actual contact in this episode!

    I know the ep descrip says something about Pam being forced to watch Jim and Karen all day so obviously she’s finally had enough. That and the fact that Jenna was very clear that she doesn’t want us to miss this episode makes me very hopeful :)

    I hope if she does confess to Jim, she does it in private though.

    OMG, I cannot wait until Thursday!!

  67. i just thought that maybe pam admits that she and jim kissed on casino night…eyyyyyy! why isn’t it thursday already?

  68. Ok, sorry to post again but I just watched it again and I noticed Angela’s reaction. OMG, that slow turn with the kind of WTF look she’s giving Jim is….wow. And Pam seems so breathless and nervous. And I just cannot get over the look on Jim’s face!! That’s his “Pam” look for sure :)

    Also, why are the Earl parts of the promos always longer than the Office ones?!?!

  69. i havent been able to get any of these nbc videos to work lately, it keeps saying “embedded error”…anyone getting this message?? or is this clip on youtube??

  70. I agree with Elisabeth when she says that Pam will think that maybe Jim and Karen broke up and be ready to finally say something but then realizes they didnt and backs off and just says something else. But somehow, Jim will know what she was going to say??? i dont know..but im excited

  71. OH MAN! ohmanohmanohman.

    my theory: she’s not going to confess anything about jim or her love for him or anything. whatever she says WILL be important though, not just something to throw away.
    jim just thinks that she is going to say something about him. and that’s the most i need.
    i actually don’t think any confessing is going to be going on in the season’s finales. i don’t know what will happen, but the writers will conjure up something good.

  72. Oh my gosh. I am so nervous for Pam, regardless of what she actually says. She’s so breathless!

    I really think that mischevious look at the camera is really important.

    I can’t handle the suspense!

    I’m not sure why Karen wouldn’t be sitting next to Jim, but from the angle, it’s not certain that she isn’t. I’m kinda hoping that Jim and Karen get into a fight early in the day or she sprains her ankle or something…

  73. As excited as I was the first time I saw the promo, the more I watched, I came to realize that NBC is teasing us with the editing of the clip. I think something big will happen, but not in front of everyone. Pam’s not that brave (or stupid).

  74. if you look at it when pam is standing and facing jim, shes no longer moving around like she was when she was speaking right before, so i think the voice over is from before and if you see shes like stopped moving and seems to be talking slower straight at jim. soooo something is going down. no matter what she says to him she is saying something directly too him.

  75. i highly doubt that she will confess her feelings for jim in front of EVERYONE. because:

    1) she’s not that couragous
    2) that would put jim in a tough position and she wouldn’t do that.

    although i agree with everyone who says that she might say something about her friendship with jim.

  76. What if the writers are trying to surprise us by having Pam confess something to Jim in front of everyone. I mean, no one expected Jim to say “I’m in love with you” to Pam on Casino Night. We all expected him to tell her he was transferring. So… who knows.

  77. yeah i’m trying not to get too excited about the nbc promos because it doesn’t always come out to be what it actually is. but it’s says something that their trying to hook viewers by the possibility of jim and pam.shows us what sells with the office. not that i didn’t know that before.

  78. I’m guessing that her head turn and smile is after the “say a few things” big scene, it might even be the final shot of the episode.

  79. Who cares about whether or not Pam confesses her love (she won’t), let’s talk about how cute Jim is looking in that hat.


    Please don’t do it in front of everyone Pam!

    I’m so nervous.

  81. wow. I am now obligated to watch what happens, hoping to see what I want to happen but knowing what will probably happen. UGH!! the wait is gonna take forever!

  82. There was another promo during the Kentucky Derby that had an extra second or two of Jim losing his sumo match.

  83. OMG!!!!
    I am super excited.
    I hope some good shizz goes down, and we don’t get dragged along and fooled like with other promos (i.e., Phyllis’ Wedding)

  84. Well, I remember in Jenna’s blog she said that the characters come a long way in the last few episodes, especially this one…so it will be interesting to see how it plays out. I mean, the boose cruise was a great “out of the Office” episode.

  85. Maybe Pam is going to say something about Jim’s wig that people are still convinced he’s wearing. Either that, or she’ll tell the group about how she and Michael have baby-making plans in 30 years. (what? no scary stories around a campfire?)

  86. Pam isn’t going to admit anything. Remember when Pam was supposed to “fight for love”? As nice as that would be, she’ll probably say that she doesn’t like sand in her shoes, or that she plays solitaire on the computer all day instead of working. That counts as being more honest, right? ;)

  87. I say Pam will hint to it instead of being extremely open and direct, but Jim will still get the picture and dump Karen. She might even say something none of us know (fling with Packer???)!!!

  88. ok I have watched this promo and many survivors and i realized that this is probably like the end of survivor with the jury asking questions and giving their opinions. So I feel when Pam is saying I have been trying to be more honest it is a start to her speech to the finale winners like in survivor. So my guess would be that she says what a wonderful person Jim is and that she wishes him the best and knows he would do the best job but would miss him greatly. Just how survivor friendships build. Please let me know if u understand my analogy.

  89. I think Jenna’s idea in 120 is the best I’ve heard so far. But doesn’t it look like Jim is losing the sumo games? Do we think he wins at something else and then is the obvious choice for the job at corporate, causing Pam to give her “speech”?

    I always look forward to the subtle lighting in the out-of-office episodes (Booze Cruise, Casino Night, etc.), this could be along those lines…

  90. i just gasp-squack-squealed. really loudly. twice.

    thank goodness i’m home alone..

    AND WHY AM I WORKING ON THURSDAY?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

  91. Pam doesnt have the guts to say anything so stop discussing it people!!!

  92. “So good luck with your new job in New York, Jim, and Toby, I’ve had a crush on you like, forever!”

  93. Jim and Pam haven’t had too many opportunities this season to have some fun and flirtatious moments together. I think a proximate reason for the disconnect between the two is that Karen’s almost always there. When Jim and Pam pulled a prank together, Jim realized that he still had feelings for her. How can they possibly get in a groove when his girlfriend’s always standing behind him at his desk? So, I hope that Jim and Pam get some quality alone time together during Beach Games.

  94. Yea, I am calling shenanigans on NBC’s promo people. You know Pam isn’t going to stand up there and go “I LOVE JIM HALPERT AND KAREN YOU SUCK PLEASE GO AWAY”

    She could be saying anything when Jim looks at her (in that adorable hat being adorable) so I am not getting my hopes up for anything other than maybe her putting her vote behind Jim for the new job (or Karen if she’s really sneaky)

  95. UGH! The Earl promo is so long, and the Office promo is so short, only to be interrupted by Scrubs.

    Thursday cannot some soon enough,

  96. Jenna #120– I think you’ve called it right. The NBC press release talks about “survivor like” games. She could say something like I know Jim would do a wonderful job but I would miss him more than anyone… I’m thinking of something likethat scene in the first Bridget Jones movie when she gives a toast praising Colin Firth before he leaves for his job in America.

    Jenna’s scenario works b/c she could express admiration (and read-between-the lines love) for Jim but without making some ridiculous ultimatum or offending Karen

  97. Tanster, can you please post the first preview on YouTube? I can’t watch the NBC video. THANKS A GAZILLION!

  98. Does anyone else think that maybe Pam’s speech is her announcing that she’s going to try to get the corporate position in the season finale? I know this is a bad guess, because of her low position as a receptionist, but… maybe?

  99. I have nothing but hope for this week’s episode “Beach Games.” I feel like the last three episodes haven’t really had any face-to-face jim and pam conversation like i like. Little secrets have been said, but not face-to-face. As much as I love the thought of jim and pam together, i feel that pam sorta deserves what she has gotten. But i would LOVE to see them together anytime…but let’s get back into reality.seriously. Jenna Fischer says that we cannot miss “beach games” and i’m not gonna miss it for the world!! can’t wait!!

  100. hmm… maybe the speech will go like this:

    “I’ve been trying to be more honest lately, and I just need to say a few things. Jim, I’m a better Sudoku player than you. So suck it.”

    i’m kinda hoping they have a fight somewhere either in this episode or the season finale ’cause jim’s been kind of a jerk ever since “The Merger”.

  101. Look.. I was all about JAM, but they both ruined it. If Pam were to admit any feelings for Jim, she would be a home-wrecker. If Jim were to reciprocate those feelings, he’d just be a bastard, because he stuck with Karen all this time while not actually liking her.

    I hope she admits her feelings and gets shot down.. I think that’s what her character needs to grow. Let’s not forget how stupid/desperate she was when she got back together with Roy and tried to change him- she’s got loads of room to change.

  102. Pam’s a homewrecker for possibly ending a 6 month relationship where no I love you’s have been exchanged and where the man has already confessed having feelings for another woman?

    Yeah. Not seeing that.

    Jim took it upon himself to attempt to split up a NINE year relationship three weeks before their wedding. But to ditch Karen after half-heartedly dating her for 6 months would make him a bastard?

    I’m not quite sure I understand that.

  103. In the next to last ep of Season 2 (Conflict Resolution), Jim confessed that he was the one who complained – then redacted to Toby about Pam planning her wedding on work time. Maybe Pam will confess something she may have done to Jim. A prank? Something to sabotage his chances of success at the beach games?

  104. with the premise for The Job – different characters vying for a promotion at corporate – has anyone considered the possibility that Michael will actually get the promotion?

    this would sort of make sense, for two reasons. for starters, we keep hearing that “something ‘big’ is going to happen” with Michael and Jan. doesn’t that fit the bill, or at least work as a set-up?

    and here’s the big one. if Michael gets a position at corporate, that would – you know where I’m going with this, right? – make Jim Pam’s boss.

    I’m just going to let that one simmer.

  105. follow-up. what if Michael gets the promotion, decides to move to New York, and pops “the question”? (he’s been pretty quick to do so before, after all.)

  106. This is all fake hype by NBC. Following their track record of advertising, they usually mislead us 75% of the time. And yes I made that number up.

  107. I doubt Pam is going to say anything to Jim really. They always mislead in the trailers plus Pam doesn’t need to tell everyone she works with that she has feelings for Jim that is a personal thing. If she were to say anything it won’t be at that moment.

  108. I agree with whomever suggested that perhaps they are playing a game of “Truth or Dare.” I’m thinking that’s what is happening, and Jim’s nervous look comes from Pam choosing “truth” and having to answer a question from Michael…maybe he asks “Pam, what’s it like to watch Jim and Karen together so soon after he pledged his love to YOU?” Okay, I have no idea, just a thought…

  109. Maybe so there is no misunderstanding of it being “just a kiss”, pam decides that if everyone finds out all at once “she controls the story.” Jim won’t be able to change or water down what happened.

  110. I don’t know what Pam’s got on her mind, but she seems like she can hardly contain herself. And she did give the camera a sly looking smile. In her blog she did tell fans not to miss this episode so, being the diehard JAM fan, I’m hoping it’s got something to do with my pal Jim. Waiting for Thursday night is KILLING ME!!! Deep breaths, take deep breaths, easy now (that’s what she said).

  111. I refuse to read too much into this. But…

    At least Pam looks happy this episode, which can’t be a bad thing. I refuse to speculate any further than that. I will admit when I saw this promo on TV last night my heart sank a bit, because NBC promos are so misleading… But honestly, how many times are they going to torture us? It’s gotta get better sometime!

  112. Ok so here’s my two cents:

    Anyone here watch Grey’s Anatomy? I used to, but I did very quickly learn that Shonda Rhimes is a master of deceiving people with promos. And with 40 mins of tape to work with, and the multitude of storylines in any given episode, shes got a lot to work with.

    That being said, even with a supersized episode, NBC has less to work with, but they do a pretty good job of deceiving us to some degree. I think whoever said that they might have dubbed the “I just need to say a few things” over the shot of Jim’s face, but I cant be sure. I’d have to see things in context.

    My predictions: I think Pam does say something to Jim, but I really doubt that its a big “I love you” speech in front of everyone. Whoever said very people are able to do that hit it right on the money. I don’t think shes quitting, or going back to school for art (unless its the biggest kept secret on the show), but whatever she does say makes an impact with Jim. She is facing him directly, and whatever she does say she’s extremely nervous about. That also leads me to believe its more than just a prank, it must be something more heartfelt.

  113. #141, Dorky Dancer — You took the words right out of my mouth!!

  114. I think the following things are good possibilities for this episode: a Jam fight, Jarim breakup, and Dwight finally beating Jim at something (samurai style). I think Pam will say something, but I don’t think it’s going to be anything like, “I love you. I just needed you to know. Once.” THOUGH, if she did, I have to say that it would thrust me out of my chair and into the air, where I would be jumping up and down for at least a 30 minute period.
    That being said, though, making misleading promos is the one thing NBC is really good at. Think back: If you followed promos, Niles and Daphne on “Frasier” would have been a couple from like the eighth episode of the series, Ross and Rachael would never have had a will-they-won’t-they relationship, and, after the promos from “Phyllis’ Wedding of Despair,” Jim and Pam would now be living happily in a new house with his-and-hers bathtowels.

  115. maybe Jim and Pam all ready dot together in the episode them Pam has to tell everyone that Jim and Pam are together.

  116. For those of you thinking NBC is being misleading: they could be. I know they try.


    Jenna Fischer placed emphasis on this episode herself. That’s worth something. A big something.

  117. Yes, promos tend to be overstated. In a way, they’re supposed to be because that draws more curiousity.

    That said, it’d be natural to look at the Beach Games promo and guess that Pam tells Jim her true feelings. That’s what they want you to think. And there’s a chance that could happen but it’s not likely.

    My guess is that Pam says lots of things about how she feels about the people in the office–Michael, Dwight, Angela–and then gives a cryptic message to Jim. Maybe it’ll be something that only Jim picks up on. Maybe she’ll simply say to him, we used to close…I miss that and I want that back. As much as people want it, I can’t imagine the writers having Pam completely spill her guts and declare her love. They’ve always been much more subtle in the way they’ve directed this relationship(remember Jim’s 27-seconds of silence on the booze cruise?) I think they’ll stick with that approach.

  118. I wouldn’t be surprised either way of what Pam really says, ie I love Jim or something we don’t really care about. What I DO think will happen is that Karen will get the corporate job, which either makes Jim and her break up or Jim is left in Scranton alone with Pam, which would give season 4 a much more season 2 feeling.

    However, something tells me what Pam says will be about Jim, mainly that the previous big Jam tease was for Phylis’s wedding, but that was before the new Pammy.

  119. No one has speculated on what I think is the most critical factor that could affect Pam’s behavior: Is there alcohol involved? The girl sure loosens up when there is.

    I am kidding, sort of, maybe not…

  120. yeah you guys…I think it’s a “misleading” promo…yet again. I know something big is going to happen but she won’t confess her love for Jim in front of everyone. HOWEVER…I do think she’ll say something that is kind of inside so Jim will understand, and it’ll give him an idea that she still loves him. But I doubt she’ll flat out say, “Jim I love you…” I CANT WAIT FOR THURSDAY!!!!

  121. I was just thinking the same thing Jan and Tyler. It just occurred to me that it’s not real likely that Pam would say all this stuff meant for Jim alone in front of everyone else. She’s not *that* new of a Pammy, but if she’s had a drink or two, which her manner in the promo sort of indicates, she may indeed end up saying a lot of things. Jim certainly has a look of total surprise. And seeing how fallout from Pam and Roy have repeatedly impacted Jim’s relationship with Karen, it makes sense that this may be the final straw with Karen laying down an ultimatum in the finale. Gah! Which means the final line is going to be, ‘Choose Jim! Is it her or me?’

  122. Fingers crossed that the “New” Pam is finally honest with Jim about her feelings. I have to say my favorite part of the promo is when Pam says she’s trying to be more honest, the camera pans to Jim (with that great OMG look), and you can see Angela look over at Jim. It’s obvious to everyone that Pam’s speech is geared towards Jim.

  123. So I think Jenna#120 makes sense (“ok I have watched this promo and many survivors and i realized that this is probably like the end of survivor with the jury asking questions and giving their opinions. So I feel when Pam is saying I have been trying to be more honest it is a start to her speech to the finale winners like in survivor. So my guess would be that she says what a wonderful person Jim is and that she wishes him the best and knows he would do the best job but would miss him greatly…”)

    Or, she might say that she thinks Karen is the most competent person in the office and that she should get the promotion.

    I have also been thinking that if she was fed up with watching Jim and Karen playing all day (as in the ep description), maybe she decided to take that graphic design internship at corporate (see boys and girls). It might just last for the summer or something – then she would be in NY with whoever got the corporate job. I’m not sure how they would get her back to scranton in the fall though – surely they wouldn’t train someone to do art and then send her back to being a receptionist. I really hope they don’t have this split office thing again, I really didn’t like it when jim was in stamford.

  124. RealityCheck – I know its not your fault but….that ruined my day!!!!

  125. ok i dont know if this will make sense…but what if she does say some of her feelings out loud to jim but then says that that is why she has decided to take a job somewhere else..or something like that..
    like..jim, i respect you and karen’s relationship so im leaving

  126. So the US weekly thing makes me think that Jim will be sent to corporate, will visit Karen in scranton on weekends. in the meantime, karen and Pam could become friends left alone in Scranton (leading to all sorts of interesting tension), but ALSO maybe Pam goes to NYC for that art internship sometime during season 4….

    I’m hoping I’m wrong … that scenario doesn’t really thrill me. Jim going to NYC is plausible but seems like a repetition of sending him to stamford.

  127. I’m still with my theory that Karen gets sent to NY. It makes sense from a ratings sort of view, people watch the office for JAM. Not that it’s the only reason to watch, but let’s be honest, watching Karen and Jim just isn’t as interesting.

    I do like the idea of Jim in New York and Pam going to the class there, I could see the writers going with that. (If Jim has to go to NY)

  128. Hey folks, it’s also possible that Greg Daniels is trying to lead us all astray just like the NBC promos. Daniels has proven in the past that he doesn’t like leaks or the possibility of spoilers ruining the surprise.

    His comments were very ambiguous: “Someone takes the NY job” and “Pam is on a journey of self-discovery.” We know this already. Then he adds, “her happiness MAY be more about her self-realization.” That leaves open a lot of doors.

  129. Now that i’ve read Greg Daniels comments. I bet Pam in the season finale will be all like “oh, I have to find mysellf first in order to be truly happy” and be all Iike “I don’t need a man”. Then they’ll make us wait another year before Jim and her finally hump. That’s just my half-baked theory.

  130. I still say there’s a really good chance Michael gets the job. Consider the following.

    1) Michael is a VERY talented salesman. We don’t see this side often, but we know it’s there. More importantly, he’s a better salesman than either Jim or Karen. (Arguable? I don’t think so.) At the very least, expect it to be competitive!
    2) Michael and Jan just broke up. His behavior in the past several episodes was definitely related to his dating Jan (Women’s Appreciation, anyone?). Perhaps breaking up with her will prove to be a smart business move?
    3) Jim and Karen, competing for the same position? They’ll probably cancel each other out. It probably won’t be pretty.
    4) I said it before, I’ll say it again – JIM AS PAM’S BOSS. Come on. You know it would throw everyone for a loop and be kind of awesome.

  131. Anyone else notice how the spoilers and promos have really dropped off lately? Whatever is going to happen seems meant to be kept a secret, and no one is really giving any solid clues.

    It’s ridiculous that one day and one week seem so far away.

  132. In the preview Pam seems like she’s been running, and I think that she will say something Jam related. Jenna said that we should miss this episode and she is a huge JAM fan, so I hope something good is going to happen. Also I hope that it will be as funny as last week episode :)

  133. I don’t mind the lack of preview clips but why haven’t they posted deleted scenes from Women’s Appreciation yet? I miss the “aha” moments when an unaired clip changes my perspective on the episode.

  134. One thing I am totally sure about is Michael will not be going to corporate. He is the hub of this ensemble comedy, the star of the show, and there is no way they will wreak that dynamic. I don’t think the fundamental premise of the show works without him in that (one) office they have within The Office.

    Odds probably are that Karen will head to NYC (or Jim)

  135. Jan #179–

    Maybe since the episode was supersized, there is less footage for good deleted scenes? Just a guess.

    As far as the lack of spoilers and videos, maybe there is just too much Jim/Pam goodness to even leak any videos! I know it’s unlikely, but a girl can hope!!

  136. Pam, Pam #180 and Tyler #176

    I agree that sending Michael to corporate would inevitably unravel the premise of the show. They pass off that the show is a documentary about people in the workplace but the focus is really about people in the workplace and how they deal with an oblivious boss like Michael Scott.

    Plus, if Michael is such a great salesman–he is–he’d be useless working in corporate. They need his sales skills running a sales branch.

    NoGould #177

    I have a feeling the lack of spoilers is due to Greg Daniels and NBC playing the season finale close to the vest. They don’t want to ruin any surprises and are doing everything to keep it that way. I mean, they even shot multiple endings. That was mainly because they didn’t know whether Rashida would be under contract next year but it still helps them keep us fans in the dark.

    Hmm. I wonder if we’ll ever see the ending they don’t use…

  137. Okay, I get what y’all are saying, they can’t put Michael in New York. Yeah, yeah. (I think people are putting too much emphasis on “why the show works” as opposed to “what would happen in real life”, but whatever.)

    Let me just say this: though I think Michael will GET the job, that doesn’t mean I think he’ll ACCEPT it. He loves his employees way too much.

    And besides, someone needed to entertain the possibility of Jim managing the Scranton branch. It’s just too good.

  138. As I said, Michael’s a great salesman and I think, even in real life, corporate would tell him he’s too valuable to leave the Scranton branch. So, whether it’s based on reality or what works for the show, I’d bet he’s told to stay where he is.

    But, Tyler, you have an interesting point when you suggest Michael gets the job but ultimately refuses the offer. It would work that he stays in Scranton to be the big fish in the small pond. Also, as we know from his relationship with Toby, Michael hates corporate. He may be vying for the job just to prove a point.

  139. So, I am reading all of this, and even though I don’t know what is going to happen, I do feel this.

    Does everyone remember last season when there was a fake leak in the NY Times or something like that about Jim and Pam, and since it was in the Times, we were all like “it’s gotta be true.” Honestly, US magazine, not a real viable source for credible info, #1, and do you really think that Greg Daniels is going to drop something that big with it being true. I mean honestly. Greg Daniels might not have even said that, since there is no official news out regarding whether RJ is doing “Rules” or not, I am holding out hope that Jim and Pam will be back to their old Season 2 selves, which I miss, horribly. Jim and Karen are sooooooo boring to watch. And the focus is never really on her anyway, it’s on Pam. And it still says “Guest Stars, Rashida Jones” in the credits. Ok babble off

  140. Even here in austria, europe my friends and I are DYING to see this episode!
    two thumbs up for the agonizing cycle of jim and pam…. :):)

  141. Okay. New theory.

    In ‘The Merger’, when Jim and Karen are talking about going to Scranton:

    Jim: You’d actually move to Scranton?
    Karen: Yeah, if they let me, I think I…I think I would.
    Jim: New York City is 45 minutes down the road from here. And you wanna move to Scranton? I dunno. If I were you I’d move to New York.
    Karen: Yeah, you know…I might do that. I, who knows? I…I might do that.

    Some of you might already know where I’m going with this.

    Jim and Karen are going to New York City together. If those pictures of them doing a re-shoot in NYC together are any indication, they will have some downtime and be able to hang out in the city a little.

    Now, I actually live just outside of Stamford, and can take that same 45 minute drive to NYC. And I do. I’d assume Karen and Jim both did the same when they were living in Stamford. What I’m getting at is Karen is going to remember how much she loved that, and she’ll have a great time with Jim in New York, and – this is if one of them gets the corporate job, I guess – she’ll want to move there. And Jim won’t. And she’ll wonder why, because Jim loves the city too, and then she’ll realize why: Jim loves Pam more.


  142. To ALL- Regarding Pam/Jenna’s Myspace page. She regualary blogs on her myspace about upcoming episodes and when she blogs about upcoming episodes she said that “no one can miss ‘Beach Games’…seriously don’t miss it!” That obviously tells me something JAM will happen. She gets a ton a fan mail from viewers asking about JAM, and she of course can’t answer them. The show has avoided JAM for many episodes now, and producers now somethings gotta give, so of course A mega JAM moment will happen tomorrow. Even Jenna specifically said DONT MISS IT!

  143. So my current thought is they can’t send Karen to NYC alone… unless she’s really going to be minimized/is really doing Rules. If they indeed have her under contract next yr, she’s too much of a supporting character to carry a major storyline by herself in NYC. unless jim was with her, why would we need to see much of Karen in NYC … and apparently we are going to see more of the NYC corporate offices next yr ( i think I remember some quote/spoiler to that effect) so that somewhat rules out karen in NYC alone for me.

    I think they’ll have mass rebellion on their hands if they send Jim/Karen to NYC together.

    Maybe they do send Michael to NYC… temporarily… there is a power vacancy in the top job for a few episodes in Scranton… Jim/Dwight fight for control… then Michael just doesn’t fit into corporate mold (hilarity) and he grabs his old job back in Scranton as a lifeline. This is an adjustment of my earlier thinking that they couldn’t send Michael away but maybe they could for a few episodes, esp if he was still trying to manage scranton via video conference, or teleconference or something

  144. 191 – I agree completely with you. Hilarity WOULD ensue. It would be like Jim in Stamford, just temporary. I think it makes sense.

  145. Tanster, is there any way that you could distinguish between clips and promos? I decided that I would watch the promos, since that’s what everyone is showing, but not the preview clips.

  146. HA! That third clip is cringeworthy on several levels. Ya gotta love Meredith!

    Just yankin’ your chain…. not literally.

  147. I’m not watching the clips and reading all of this speculation doesn’t really spoil anything — but still can’t wait until tomorrow night’s show!

  148. I’m agreeing with Jake (#174) and Mary (#186) . . . what if Greg and the rest of the gang are messing with us?! This may be a bit of a stretch (or a big stretch) but what if the alternate ending thing isn’t even true? What if all along they’ve known EXACTLY what’s going to happen? Hmmmm . . . it’s been a long week and I have been thinking about this too much! Thank goodness tomorrow is Thursday

  149. looked like a cute brown polka dot bathing suit tied around pam’s neck

  150. Stanley, go to the back of the bus.
    Haha–thank god tomorrow is Thursday!

  151. The writers are kings (and queens) of subtleties. Like last week when there was all that tension between Pam and Karen (without them saying words to one another) just in what advice they were giving Michael. Or in Benihana Christmas with Jim/Michael’s rebound speech, the dialogue, below the surface, is usually referring to something else than the situation at hand. So, I think this is the way Pam’s speech will go (as many people have posted before me) that she will say something that seems pretty general (except that jim gets what she is saying). I could of course be wrong and I most probably am.

    I love how at one point I legitimately thought that jim and pam this season was a definite YES. Boy has this show thrown us for a loop what with all these spoilers.

  152. Also, I do believe that odds are the writers know EXACTLY what they are going to do with Jim/Pam, and they want to keep it ultra-secret until it happens. Hence, two endings, etc.

    Why all the secrecy if Jim and Pam don’t get together? Well, that means they do. :-)

  153. The show never really hinted at it but when Jim played basketball with the CFO in “Cocktails” I had had a suspicion that he could eventually be transferring to the corporate office. Spooky that it might be coming about. ButI find it unlikely that the writers would be so uncreative as to transfer him again.

    The most likely end of this season is that Karen is offered the job and Jim has to decide whether to go to New York with her or not. Theoretically the season could end exactly the same as last year – with Jim about to leave Scranton. But unlike last year, where we thought Jim was going to tell Pam he was leaving but he told her he loved her instead, he will tell her he’s leaving (or he’s about to tell her) but this time Pam tells Jim she loves him, possibly in the same way that Jim told her last year. The cliffhanger could be whether he stays for Pam or goes with Karen. I’m guessing that he stays.

    Anyway, that’s my two cents on the matter.

  154. In that last one when Michael is talkin to Pam. It looks like she has a halter top or halter bikini under her sweater. You can see the part that goes around her neck. FNB!?

  155. I’m looking forward to see how this plays out. This suspense is killing me. Greg Daniels’s comments have somewhat bummed me out. IMO, it is every bit as easy to kill a show by keeping the romantic leads APART for too long as it is to kill a show by putting them together too soon. However, I love this show for a reason and I am confident that the writers know exactly what they’re doing.

  156. I apologize if someone else has already suggested this idea, but what about Pam doing the art internship that Jan had mentioned in Boys and Girls from Season 2? Wouldn’t that be interesting if Karen goes to NY with the promotion and Pam is in the same city for a few months for her internship?

  157. Wait, are there two preview clips or three?

    Who’s that guy next to Pam? Is ALAN back? I hope so.

    If I hear this, I am done.

    Karen: Hey Jim, I’m moving to New York, want to come with me?
    Jim: I’ll follow you for some reason, sure!

  158. Hee! “I can’t stay mad at you…”

    I don’t know why, but I find that very very cute.

  159. #206

    That’s a great scenario! Karen gets the job, Jim decides to follow her to NY and, when Pam realizes this is truly her last chance, she tells Jim her feelings and that she doesn’t want him to go. Fade to black.

    To be continued in the fall…

  160. 209 – the guy next to pam was andy i think. cause i wondered who it was for a second too.

  161. Am I the only one that feels terrible for the writers? No matter what they do people are going to complain. Think about it, if Karen leaves for New York that would be the only way people would like the ending….unless jim follows her…and what if michael gets the job…then people would be upset that he left…and then what if Jim left….then people would be upset that Jim was leaving and the writers would be deemed “uncreative”?
    on a side note…(the daily show made a joke about if Iraq had a version of the office, Stewart said “in the first episode Pam flirts with Jim and then is stoned to death.”

  162. well it’s officially thursday. my countdown units just switched from days to hours, until later tonight when they switch to minutes.

    my obsession with this show is borderline unhealthy. go jam.

  163. Here’s my take on the season finale:

    Karen will get the job, forcing her to evaluate her relationship with Jim, ask him what they’re going and how seriously they are. In a talking head Jim will say that he needs to either commit or get out since it’s been six months. He’ll be vague and indecisive throughout the episode probably. The possibility of Jim leaving AGAIN will push Pam “Don’t Call Me Pammy” Beesly to confess her feelings to Jim.

    One of two things will happen. He’ll choose Pam after some deliberation or he’ll go to New York with Karen. Of course, if he goes to New York, it won’t be like Stamford. In Stamford he was convinced that Pam didn’t return his feelings, but in New York he’ll know Pam’s in love with him. After swallowing his pride, he’ll come back. We almost certainly won’t know any of this until the fall.

    The second scenario is that Michael gets the job and Jim replaces him in Scranton. Dwight becomes Assistant Regional Manager again. Jim remains with Karen. Pam quits?

    The third scenario is that Jim gets the job. It’s possible–after all, the CFO seems to like him–but he was just promoted a few months ago. I don’t know if the writers want to create the “Jim gets a promotion and moves away” tension again. It was unpopular enough with the fans the first time.

  164. I can’t hear the videos here at work. Can anyone tell me what Michael is saying on the bus? I am so excited about tonight-only 11 more hours!!

  165. I’m not sure if anyone has made this point yet but I think that Pam says something pretty meaningful towards Jim because the description for the season finale says “still buzzing from the events at the beach”. Also, Brian Baumgartner says in his interview that Kevin plays a part in deciding Karen or Pam, which has to happen in the season finale. For Pam to be an actual option for Jim next week, something needs to go down this week.
    I can’t wait!!! Whoever mentioned below that they had an unhealthy obsession with the show…join the club!

  166. The office could just be buzzing when they figure out the reason for the Beach Games…Or it could be some JAM action…WHY ISN’T IT 8:40 YET?

  167. I don’t think Pam would ever address Jim in front of everyone– not their personal business– because the rest of the office is, for the most part, pretty ignorant of what happened. I’m hoping for an indirect declaration. Something about the camaraderie she’s seen today in the office, maybe some regrets about how the day has gone, with some meaningful looks at Jim. Or something like that, not obvious, but just enough to make Jim understand or at least wonder…

  168. Well even if Pam doesn’t say something in front of everyone, something must happen if Kevin is helping Jim to pick between Pam/Karen, right? Maybe she implies something and then she and Jim talk privately?

  169. You know what would be funny? If it’s actually Kevin who approaches Jim and, with his emotions on his sleeve, convinces Jim to stay in Scranton. Kevin is Jim’s best male friend in the office. It wouldn’t be very long and drawn out but what if he said something like:

    K: You know, if you leave Scranton again, I won’t be able to handle it.

    J: (eyes the camera) Ok, Kev. (laughs)

    K: (straight-faced) Seriously.

    (Jim loses his smile and looks wide-eyed at the camera and then back at Kevin, who’s staring him down. He nods knowingly at Kevin.)

    Or will it be something more like(after Pam confesses her feelings:)

    K: So, are you gonna date Pam now?

    J: (slightly dumbstruck) I can’t, Kev, I’m with Karen.

    K: But if you weren’t with Karen, would you?

    (Jim chuckles and shakes off the question.)

    K: What if Karen gets the job in New York?

    J: (walks past Kevin to leave breakroom, turns back to look at him) Then, maybe I’ll go to New York, too.

    K: But, Jim. It’s Pam.

    (Jim glances at the camera and back at Kevin, then looks down and stares thoughfully at the soda in his hand.)

  170. I predict Jim gets offered the job, but turns it down, because Karen wants it more than he does. I agree with many people who think that Pam would not put Jim in such an uncomfortable position by confessing her feelings in front of everyone. So I’ll say she is quitting or participating in the art internship (which could have her running into Karen in NYC).

  171. This show is driving me insane! There is no way Jim can leave Scranton again. Go Pam, confess your love to the Big Tuna!

  172. Ooooooooohhhh! So much buzzing going on!!! And still 5 more hours to go! Crap.

  173. The only way I’ll accept Jim moving to New York is Pam moving for the art internship. If that’s even open anymore.

    Come on, can’t they just stay in Scranton? Except for Karen? Can’t The Office just be The Office, your friends be your friends, your Jim and Pam be your JAM?

  174. Listen to the promo of Pam again. She’s obviously been drinking. She’s liable to say anything! (Three and a half more hours!)

  175. Loved when Michael said Stanley could go to the back of the bus! Is Pam wearing her swimsuit under her shirt? And why is everyong sitting on one side of the bus, all crammed together…there’s plenty of room on that bus…wouldn’t Stanley want his own seat?

    Pam must really be lonely to be sharing a seat w/ Andy!

  176. Beach Games Haiku (based on the Pam is drunk theory)

    Drunk receptionists
    Often kiss paper salesmen
    Team Pam for the win.

  177. OMG!!! I just thought of a new thing, maybe Pam got very DRUNK and spills the beans.

  178. elisabeth #233– awesome haiku. love it. 2 more hrs, but who’s counting?

  179. Normally I enjoy living on the west coast, but this is so unfair that I still have 3.5 hours to wait!

    I’m excited for tonight, excited for the finale, but can’t wait for May 14th. If they announce that The Office will be an hour long next year, I will be a very happy camper.

  180. Will Do-

    I’m with you. Living on the West Coast has its cons.

    I’m so bad, I usually read comments here before the show airs, then kick myself.

    Tonight… must… resist….

  181. ok it wasn’t “i love you jim” but we’ve made some serious progress! amen!!

  182. i thought it was really good how they did that. i loved this episode!! everything i hoped for!

  183. My DVR is so bad when it comes to timing. It cut of the very last few moments. The last thing I saw was Pam running off to go put her feet in the water, and Michael about to say something. Can anyone please inform me of what happened after?

  184. Please!!! Someone fill us in on the very last scene, my recorder missed it too!

  185. The bus of Scrantonians sings the theme from “The Flintstones”. Funny stuff. =)

  186. #25 – Woo! I called it. Yeah, she didn’t say “I love you” in those words, but Jim knows exactly how she feels, and so does the rest of the office. I can’t believe NBC didn’t trick us with the promo! How sneaky of them…they know all their promos are deceiving, so they made this one for real, knowing that the fans would be skeptical! ;)

    Anyway, hooray for Fancy New Beesly! She (and Jenna) kicked ass last night! Hilarious episode, too. Andy floating on the lake in the sumo suit is one of the funniest things I’ve seen in a long time! Excited for the season finale next week, but sad that it’s over til September!

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