A message from Dwight

Monday, March 19th, 2007 | 40 comments


SPOILER WARNING! This message and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

Listen to an important message from Dwight K. Schrute by calling this number:


This phone number, as you may recall, is the one from Dwight’s business card, included in last fall’s Best Buy’s Severance Package.

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  1. 40. The Doctor  

    Aww, the number isn’t active anymore :(

  2. 39. Greg Smith  

    it rings about 8 times and I got a recording for Tracy Kaski (sp?), offices are closed July 4th to July 8th….you can get her assistant Brittany on her cell phone at 516-398-6950.

  3. 38. TWSS  

    I know this is a pretty old post but I just called the number for the first time and got a message from W. B. Jones. I wasn’t really listening because I was disappointed that I didn’t get the Dwight message, but he talks about his heating and air services and then puts you on hold (along with some awesome muzak). After you get off hold, some lady says “Thank you for calling” and then it hung up on me. :P

  4. 37. MAx  

    no need to record it
    go to whatsthescuttlebutt.com

  5. 36. Mrs_Krasinski  

    That was SO AWESOME!!!!
    I loved it. That episode is one of my favorites!!

  6. 35. Tina  

    Would it be possible to record it as an mp3?

  7. 34. phyllis*farm  

    Oh man, I thought I was the only one.

  8. 33. ER  

    That was Awesome!

  9. 32. secondrink  

    Aw, that was fun. I wish I had know about that Best Buy deal! That calender looks so cool :)

  10. 31. Mrs. Michael Scott  

    haha love Dwight’s voice on the phone.

  11. 30. Alison  

    I love House, too, but The Office is my favorite show. I wish both could win!

  12. 29. Markus  

    sorry alison (16), but I have to go with my man House. As much as I love Dwight, House has been my favorite for too long.

  13. 28. Lisa  

    Dwight has a sexy phone voice….

  14. 27. FutureMrsHalpert  

    Thanks Snow!

  15. 26. Snow  

    To Future Mrs. Halpert — There’s a Jim Mosby (Jim Halpert + Ted Mosby from How I Met Your Mother) who posts on here and other sites.

  16. 25. FutureMrsHalpert  


    Normally I know these sorts of obscure things, but who is Jim Mosby??

  17. 24. Alamedaman  

    how do you find out about this? clearly, NBC was going to use this as a tie in with the episode

  18. 23. iHaveA_Dundie  

    Unfair, I pressed 2 to get a Dunder Mifflin catalogue and nothing happened. I wanted to press 1 just so I could talk to him but I didn’t because I live far away from Scranton.

    PS I’m not crazy I know it’s fictional, but still who would pass up the opportunity to talk to Rainn Wilson as Dwight?

  19. 22. Stephanie C.  

    16- I voted again.

  20. 21. BeckySue  

    Hilarious stuff here! I cannot wait for this episode…or any new episode for that matter. Does anyone else think that Dwight sounds different on the phone??? I did.

    I thought the same thing about his camero and him not being the ARM anymore. Maybe he just thinks that he still is the assistant. He just can’t get over that can he??? Ha ha. Great stuff!

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