Brian Baumgartner’s TV Guide blog!

Brian Baumgartner (“Kevin”) has a brand new blog over at TV Guide! And yes, this time he is blogging as Brian, and not Kevin. (He blogs as Kevin on MySpace.)

An excerpt from his inaugural post:

True story: while filming [the pilot], Angela, Oscar and I, at various times, thought we were going to get fired. For real. Like us, the actors. We thought art was going to imitate life and we were going to be downsized. We didn’t have any real reason for thinking this (or at least any reason that I am willing to blog about here), but we figured we were on the chopping block.

Brian also talks about The Secret and relays some good Hooters stories, but I think that’s because that episode was originally scheduled to air tonight, but isn’t anymore.

Go read the full post here!