Buy Andy’s Xterra: Epilogue

Dwight Schrute Xterra

Remember Andy’s Xterra, from ‘The Office’ episode “Did I Stutter”? The car that, in reality, was owned by Kim, the head hair stylist for the show?

She sold the car on eBay last month. Normally, that would be the end of the story.

But as you know, The Office cast and staff LOVE their fans. So the story continues. Here is Kim’s report.

July 11

“Wanted to give you the update. My sale ended really well. The couple who bought my Nissan are so sweet! They are from Antlers, OK. Mine is the first vehicle they have ever purchased, wow right?

Their names are Justin and Leah. They are expecting their first child, a son, Noah. They own a Subway Sandwich Franchise … they even sent me a picture. They are truly adorable.

I have been telling the actors about them and getting even more stuff to throw into my SUV for them! I have four big gift bags full of goodies for them. I am just waiting for them to finish arranging the transportation part. Should be any day now that the semi truck shows up to take “Dwight’s Xterra” away.

I am so excited for them to open up the gift bags that I am filling the truck with! I even went shopping for baby stuff and made a huge gift bag from my family to theirs! I plan on getting my car detailed before it goes away so I really hope they are off to a great start.”

The Office

Dwight’s Xterra … being taken from California to OKLAHOMA!