The Office: Gossip, 6.01

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The Office: Gossip

Writer: Paul Lieberstein, Director: Paul Lieberstein

Summary (NBC): Michael feels left out as the rest of the office gossips about the summer interns. While Michael searches for the next juicy rumor to share, Andy struggles with heterosexuality. Season 6 premiere.

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In a poll conducted September 17-21, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.11/10

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The Office Gossip quotes

Jim: This is parkour. Internet sensation of 2004.

Jim: Technically, they are doing parkour, as long as Point A is delusion and Point B is the hospital.

Andy: Hardcore parkour!

Kelly: If they get married before I do, I’m going to kill myself.

Michael: This place is like Spaniard Fly.

Dwight: I guess I have a face you can trust. I think it’s because of my low cheekbones.

Michael: I should have known. Poop Ball?

Michael: The third wheel is what makes it a tricycle.

Dwight: Stanley’s way past the middle of his life. Especially considering his height to weight ratio.

Kevin: I might have extra. It just depends on how many I eat.

Michael: How do you un-tell something? You can’t. You can’t put words back in your mouth.

Michael: I have seen that movie half a dozen times, and I still don’t know who the real Spartacus is.

Michael: Anorexia. She’s an anorexitic.

Meredith: She’s gonna hate being a mom.

Kevin: Do you like it as much as you like men’s butts?

Oscar: If you resisted Brad Pitt a little bit, he would still need to get to you?

Oscar: What exactly is my responsibility here? To comfort insecure heterosexual men? That can’t possibly fall to me.

Jim: You’re going to regret that when you find yourself between a moose and her cubs at night.

Andy: Little Baby Tuna. Little Junior Toro.

Angela: You know a baby conceived out of wedlock is still a bastard.

Creed: If I can’t scuba, then what’s this all been about? What am I working toward?

Oscar: You think I’m the voice of the Taco Bell dog?

Toby: I have a daughter. How could I be a virgin?

Kevin: Who’s been saying that there’s another person inside of me working me with controls?

Dwight: You told people that I use store bought manure, when I showed you where my manure comes from?

Andy: Michael, am I gay?

Creed: Who’s the OB/GYN?

Michael: Pam! Look at that! That is the inside of your vagina!

Michael: Did you pee on a stick?
Jim: I did. But it was inconclusive.

Pam: We should have realized that you are an equal part of this.

Michael: Hey, whaddup Cynthia.

Michael: You can’t stop love, I guess, and quite frankly, I don’t think you should ever even try.

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  1. wtf…total weird interaction between Michael and Stanley tonight.Since when does Stanley talk Michael about anything like that?!?!?!

  2. This was such a horrific season opener. The rumors/gossip were over the top and what’s going to happen with Stanley? Pretty much destroying Michael’s car. The whole heterosexual thing with Andy was just weird. Blah…

  3. Wow. Just wow. This definitely was awkward and I think it was better than ‘Fun Run’ and possibly even ‘Weight Loss’ which was great. Wow, what a great, great episode. The cold open was one of the best ever (probably top three). Great tag as well. Just overall, the perfect episode. Stanley is hilarious! The characters all had a time to shine, and this is why it was so good. Different feel, but awesome.

  4. Negatives: The cheating storyline. Was not crazy about Angela’s cheating on Andy, and I’m not crazy about Stanley’s cheating on Teri. That’s a pretty heavy subject for a lighthearted comedy.

    Positives: Just about everything else. Two highlights that come to mind off the bat are Kevin and Michael playing Hangman, and the Alan Thicke reference at the end. Boy, does that kid ever look like Alan Thicke.

  5. I love the ultrasound picture ending. I should be getting my ultrasound in the next week. Wonder if my husband will do the same.

  6. Great episode! Loved how Jim and Pam tried to protect Stanley’s affair from the rest of the office at the end! Best cold open of the season as well! Strong start to the new season! I can’t wait to see what else is in store!

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