The Office: Viewing Party, 7.08

Thursday, November 11th, 2010 | 109 comments


The Office Viewing Party

W: Jon Vitti, D: Ken Whittingham

Summary (NBC): Erin and Gabe invite the office over for a “Glee” viewing party. Michael deals poorly with hearing people call Gabe his boss. Meanwhile, Andy grows more and more jealous of Gabe’s relationship with Erin.

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The Office Viewing Party trivia


In a poll conducted November 11-15, 2010, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.37/10

The Office Viewing Party Quotes

Kevin: They should do that thing where they play the really good music to get him to come out.

Dwight: Ugh, they shouldn’t televise any of this. It just encourages copycats.
Angela: Just say “copies.” Why do you have to drag cats into this.

Gabe: What if it’s another Waco?
Erin: It’s pronounced “wacko.”

Jim: Some events are so newsworthy, so historic, that you have to stop everything to watch. Balloon boy, Michael Jackson’s funeral, uh, things that if you didn’t see them live, you wouldn’t really care that you didn’t see them at all.

Andy: I bet he’s wishing he had a hybrid, right?

Kevin: I bet he’s wishing he was strangling someone.

Michael: You go sell these and buy yourself a nice spaceship.

Michael: What is ‘Glee’? Some sort of television program?

Michael: I’m kidding around. I’m not actually angry.

Michael: I know what Glee is. I am a total Gleek.

Michael: You know who my favorite character is? The invalid.

Erin: Take Gabe, take Michael, you make Gay-Mike. Best friends.

Kelly: First they say that Mr. Schue doesn’t know anything about choreography. And then, like three episodes later, he’s this fantastic choreographer? Pick a lane, people. And what was with Jesse’s sudden turn on Rachel? Between Dream on and Funk? Where the heck did that come from? Honestly that show, it’s just, it’s irresponsible.

Dwight: Thirst. Now that’s a show I’d watch.
Angela: I would watch that.

Dwight: Tonight might be a convenient night for us to have some intercourse.

Erin: Those posters used to be real French ads.

Michael: Gabe likes to entertain a lot. And he cooks in an oven. And all that jazz. I just have a different lifestyle.

Gabe: You don’t really toss the dough.

Gabe: I like to create soundscapes.

Phyllis: Which one’s Glee?
Kelly: You have to stop.

Kelly: Is this a Glee watching party or a Glee pausing party?

Michael: I want you to shoot me like a hundred times in the groin until I’m dead, okay?

Ryan: What is this, samurai woodcuts?

Dwight: Are you going to quiet that baby or do I have to?

Dwight: I’ve been raising children since I was a baby.

Darryl: I wonder if there’s a guy in China right now looking at a bunch of our stuff.

Darryl: If I was a girl and I had to choose between a tall dude who loved Asia, and a you-looking dude who loved sweaters and wearing sweaters, I’d choose you.
Andy: That’s really nice, thank you.
Darryl: And I’d blow your mind.

Dwight: You know, it’s not really necessary for me to sit here holding her all night. Just go to Gabe’s refrigerator, get a lump of suet, or any kind of congealed animal fat will do, really, tie a piece of string to it, tie the other end to her toe, pop the suet in her mouth, she’ll be happy for hours.

Andy: Is that White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor?
Phyllis: You know your perfumes.
Andy: My nanny used to wear that.

Andy: I just ate an entire seahorse.

Andy: I feel exactly like a seahorse.

Erin: What’s the longest thing you’ve ever seen?

Gabe: Michael, you’re making this harder than it has to be.
Michael: That’s what she said.

Pam: I know what you have to do. Please stay with Cece.

Pam: Remember your concussion?
Dwight: I do. But you married my worst enemy.
Pam: I know.
Jim: Well, I think enemy’s a strong word, ’cause I think we have a really charming back and forth.

Jim: What kind of pizza would you like?
Dwight: Surprise me. No. Pepperoni.

Andy: Hey, Creed. Do you read Chinese?
Creed: Better than English.

Pam: Jim, just don’t think of it as degrading.

Dwight: Beer me, Jim.

Dwight: Can we stop the fake prissy act? Join the real world. Sex contracts exist, okay?

Dwight: You’ve been with a blonde before? It’s the big leagues.

Dwight: She’s in heat. She’ll eat your face off.

Pam: The reverse cycling ends tonight!

Dwight: A single piece of pepperoni, please.

Kevin: I wanted to eat a pig in a blanket… in a blanket.

Kevin: Please, Michael. Just make the Glee happen!

Phyllis: Bob and I took our time. The first time we saw each other naked, we didn’t even make love. We just stared at each other until we fell asleep. It was magical.

Michael: He’s a weird little skeevy guy with no waist.

Erin: I’ll raise it all I want. I’ll raise the roof!

Michael: If you break that girl’s heart, I will kill you. It’s just a figure of speech. But seriously, if you break that girl’s heart, I will literally kill you and your entire family.

Michael: That girl’s going to turn my hair gray.

Andy: I accidentally ate some seahorses.

Gabe: This one’s called “Earthrise on the Moon.”
Andy: That’s so beautiful.

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  1. 109. Sylvia  

    It’s impossible for Michael to be Erin’s real father. First, Michael lost his virginity at 28, and he’s now 46. Erin would have to be in her teens. Second, that would be way too melodramatic if they went that route. Erin has a special type of love for Michael. Is not a romantic love, it’s a tender love. She loves him for the guidance that he is bestowing on her, and how they connect like family. And it shows, who else other than Erin has such a positive view of the man?

  2. 108. Jimmy  

    They’ve shown that Erin looks up to Michael several times and also mentioned the foster home thing several times. She looks at him like a father figure…that’s it. She isn’t his long lost daughter, and she isn’t in love with him.

  3. 107. chris  


    I agree with you that it would be awful and way over the top if Erin turned out to be Michael’s long lost daughter. It would be awful in the same way if Astrid turned out to be his daughter as someone alluded to on another thread. I just can’t envision the writers doing either. Erin’s an orphan, right? I don’t think we know how she became orphaned. But there’s nothing in Michael’s past that we know of that would suggest even if he became a parent at a young age that he would relinquish his custodial rights to his daughter. I just think she see Michael as a largely responsible, strong, and good hearted adult male she’s never had in her life and she finds that comforting.

  4. 106. Moon  

    I thought this was a pretty good episode, but I am a fan of Glee so maybe that’s why. It was fun to see most of the cast involved in the show and I did think the moment between Erin and Michael at the end was cute — until the weird back and forth banter. My favorite line was Kevin’s “I bet he’s wishing he was strangling someone!” Ha, ha, just the sort-of smart-mouth thing I’d say…

  5. 105. eastcoast_girl  

    I beg to differ. Actually, Andy does want very badly to get married and raise his litter of NardPups. At the moment, Erin is part of the plan. She is attractive, but very limited intellectually. If it weren’t so icky, Erin is best suited romantically to be with Michael. I can only hope she’s not his long lost daughter. That’s way too soap opera-ish for a mockumentary comedy.

  6. 104. chris  


    Gabe’s not very manly, I would agree. But Andy’s definitely not very manly either. Dwight’s probably the most manly character on the show–and he’s done pretty well with women–maybe we’ll see Erin with him in Season 8. He was interested in her when she first arrived. Now that would be better stuff than any of this Gabe/Andy rivalry, plus it would give Angela fits. With Erin’s interactions with Michael, it’s almost as if she’s pining for a strong man in her life she’s never had before. That’s why I don’t think either Andy or Gabe are right for her long term.

  7. 103. chris  


    Dwight, Andy, and Gabe have all had a thing for Erin. She may be naive and uneducated, but she’s pretty attractive. Guys aren’t all that complicated when it comes down to it. I don’t think any of them are/were trying to marry her.

    As Dwight would probably say, she one’s of the plain, hearty women that make Scranton great.

  8. 102. darth scranton  

    @95 todd, I mentioned that, but it was way back @19…I’m so glad someone else noticed that! Also, Tanster posted a great photo compilation about it in the tidbits section. Artie is one of the only reasons I watch Glee (him and Sue…and Kristin Chenoweth, when she’s on).

  9. 101. britney land  

    Kelly: You know what, I’m so confused. Is this a ‘Glee’ watching party. Or a ‘Glee’ pausing party? Because we keep stopping it to get a history lesson about television when some of us just…

  10. 100. ohthehughmanatee  

    RE: the michael/erin scene from the end, erin’s pregnant pause after michael says, “i’m not your father” actually made me gasp. it would blow my mind, but looking back it feels possible that the writers will make erin michael’s long-lost daughter. ellie kemper looks young enough that she could be michael’s daughter even if she was conceived when he lost his virginity at age 23. erin is sweet and painfully naive, just like michael. i think ellie and steve even resemble each other enough for it to be believable!

    i haven’t been able to shake the idea since watching the ep.

  11. 99. Dylia  

    And about the whole Cece thing, apologies to whoever’s daughter Cece was in the past episodes, but I find this episode’s cuter.

  12. 98. IT Guy  

    Solid Episode. Enjoyed the many callbacks to past episodes, and the “full” use of the ensemble cast. But I thought Andy’s storyline was the least enjoyable to watch.

    Also, I never bothered to watch Glee until after watching Viewing Party, and have found that I kind of like it.

  13. 97. Oakey Afterbirth  

    @73 – I hadn’t considered it, but you’re totally right – this would’ve been a great Packer episode.

    This actually would’ve been a great chance to have Packer or Cordray in a social setting. We’ve seen Packer in laid-back office settings, but a full outside-the-office epi would be great. Would also have been a good way to meet the new guy, as someone pointed out.

    @82 – I see what you mean but I can’t believe it was meant to be as dark as it came off to be. I can’t even see The Office going into that territory. I think the darkest we’ll see Michael is him contemplating jumping off of the office building because he’s “depressed”.

  14. 96. ontheflippityflop  

    @93 You’re not the only one. Jim is so unfriendly and unfunny this season. And his hair is the worst.

  15. 95. Rupert E.  

    Just OK ep. Agree somewhat with 58 that Michael is being over-played, but this is by design I think as we come to the end of his tenure. Worst part about eps like this is the Gabe, Andy and Erin thread. Not just the story but the characters themselves. Only Andy is truly interesting but they’ve made him much less so last 2 years. Erin, and especially Gabe, are expendable to the show IMO. So many other ways to go, other (better) characters to get into storylines. Too bad. I’m confident the show will redeem itself for the end of this season but Gabe+Erin as focal points in Season 8 without Michael Scott around may be unbearable (for me at least!).

  16. 94. NC  

    All of Andy’s pining is making me miss pre-anger management Andy. At the start of this season, I was hoping this Gabe/Erin thing would push him back to the dark side. Still hoping…


    The backyard of someone’s house is one thing, but I agree that car sex parked on the street is probably unbelievable for Angela. Then again, love makes you do crazy things…

  17. 93. Officefreak  

    Sweet episode. Nicely played writers. I love everything- but Jim. I am the only one who is finding Jim less and less likable? Blah, whatever.

    The whole Erin/Gabe thing, it has to stop, okay? Andy deserves her, not Gabe. He’s so weird and awkward. Totally not manly.

  18. 92. Cinema Goddess  

    I really enjoyed this episode, especially the little moment between Erin and Michael. Since Erin grew up in foster care, I guess she latched onto Michael as a father-figure and that shot of her face when he said he wasn’t her father almost made me cry. Erin should definitely not be with Andy.
    I can also safely say that I have never loved Dwight more. I hope he and Angela have a baby next season.

  19. 91. Nick  

    Another beautiful episode. Definitely not filler, to the people who say that it is.

    I love when the characters are put in situations outside of the office – it creates circumstances that allow us to learn more about each character. One of my favorite parts of this episode was the Erin-Michael moment outside of Gabe’s apartment building. Michael without children & Erin without parents… it’s like a puzzle – the pieces just fit. That little scene was really powerful – not only to us, but to the development of those two characters!

    I cherish these thoughtful moments in The Office. (and also the hilarious ones – and there were plenty in this episode!)

  20. 90. Jhony  

    Great episode but the whole Andy/Erin thing is so boring. Usually I find Erin annoying, but when she had her little moment with Michael, I was glad to see another side of her. I had no idea she thought of Michael as a father figure. It’s those kind of serious moments, along with the humor, that make the show awesome.

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