The Office: Viewing Party, 7.08

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The Office Viewing Party

Writer: Jon Vitti, Director: Ken Whittingham

Summary (NBC): Erin and Gabe invite the office over for a “Glee” viewing party. Michael deals poorly with hearing people call Gabe his boss. Meanwhile, Andy grows more and more jealous of Gabe’s relationship with Erin.

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In a poll conducted November 11-15, 2010, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.37/10

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The Office Viewing Party Quotes

Kevin: They should do that thing where they play the really good music to get him to come out.

Dwight: Ugh, they shouldn’t televise any of this. It just encourages copycats.
Angela: Just say “copies.” Why do you have to drag cats into this.

Gabe: What if it’s another Waco?
Erin: It’s pronounced “wacko.”

Jim: Some events are so newsworthy, so historic, that you have to stop everything to watch. Balloon boy, Michael Jackson’s funeral, uh, things that if you didn’t see them live, you wouldn’t really care that you didn’t see them at all.

Andy: I bet he’s wishing he had a hybrid, right?

Kevin: I bet he’s wishing he was strangling someone.

Michael: You go sell these and buy yourself a nice spaceship.

Michael: What is ‘Glee’? Some sort of television program?

Michael: I’m kidding around. I’m not actually angry.

Michael: I know what Glee is. I am a total Gleek.

Michael: You know who my favorite character is? The invalid.

Erin: Take Gabe, take Michael, you make Gay-Mike. Best friends.

Kelly: First they say that Mr. Schue doesn’t know anything about choreography. And then, like three episodes later, he’s this fantastic choreographer? Pick a lane, people. And what was with Jesse’s sudden turn on Rachel? Between Dream on and Funk? Where the heck did that come from? Honestly that show, it’s just, it’s irresponsible.

Dwight: Thirst. Now that’s a show I’d watch.
Angela: I would watch that.

Dwight: Tonight might be a convenient night for us to have some intercourse.

Erin: Those posters used to be real French ads.

Michael: Gabe likes to entertain a lot. And he cooks in an oven. And all that jazz. I just have a different lifestyle.

Gabe: You don’t really toss the dough.

Gabe: I like to create soundscapes.

Phyllis: Which one’s Glee?
Kelly: You have to stop.

Kelly: Is this a Glee watching party or a Glee pausing party?

Michael: I want you to shoot me like a hundred times in the groin until I’m dead, okay?

Ryan: What is this, samurai woodcuts?

Dwight: Are you going to quiet that baby or do I have to?

Dwight: I’ve been raising children since I was a baby.

Darryl: I wonder if there’s a guy in China right now looking at a bunch of our stuff.

Darryl: If I was a girl and I had to choose between a tall dude who loved Asia, and a you-looking dude who loved sweaters and wearing sweaters, I’d choose you.
Andy: That’s really nice, thank you.
Darryl: And I’d blow your mind.

Dwight: You know, it’s not really necessary for me to sit here holding her all night. Just go to Gabe’s refrigerator, get a lump of suet, or any kind of congealed animal fat will do, really, tie a piece of string to it, tie the other end to her toe, pop the suet in her mouth, she’ll be happy for hours.

Andy: Is that White Diamonds by Elizabeth Taylor?
Phyllis: You know your perfumes.
Andy: My nanny used to wear that.

Andy: I just ate an entire seahorse.

Andy: I feel exactly like a seahorse.

Erin: What’s the longest thing you’ve ever seen?

Gabe: Michael, you’re making this harder than it has to be.
Michael: That’s what she said.

Pam: I know what you have to do. Please stay with Cece.

Pam: Remember your concussion?
Dwight: I do. But you married my worst enemy.
Pam: I know.
Jim: Well, I think enemy’s a strong word, ’cause I think we have a really charming back and forth.

Jim: What kind of pizza would you like?
Dwight: Surprise me. No. Pepperoni.

Andy: Hey, Creed. Do you read Chinese?
Creed: Better than English.

Pam: Jim, just don’t think of it as degrading.

Dwight: Beer me, Jim.

Dwight: Can we stop the fake prissy act? Join the real world. Sex contracts exist, okay?

Dwight: You’ve been with a blonde before? It’s the big leagues.

Dwight: She’s in heat. She’ll eat your face off.

Pam: The reverse cycling ends tonight!

Dwight: A single piece of pepperoni, please.

Kevin: I wanted to eat a pig in a blanket… in a blanket.

Kevin: Please, Michael. Just make the Glee happen!

Phyllis: Bob and I took our time. The first time we saw each other naked, we didn’t even make love. We just stared at each other until we fell asleep. It was magical.

Michael: He’s a weird little skeevy guy with no waist.

Erin: I’ll raise it all I want. I’ll raise the roof!

Michael: If you break that girl’s heart, I will kill you. It’s just a figure of speech. But seriously, if you break that girl’s heart, I will literally kill you and your entire family.

Michael: That girl’s going to turn my hair gray.

Andy: I accidentally ate some seahorses.

Gabe: This one’s called “Earthrise on the Moon.”
Andy: That’s so beautiful.

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  1. Wow, Jon Vitti! He wrote, hands down, some of the funniest episodes of “The Simpsons”. Also, he’s back with Greg Daniels. Should be interesting.

  2. Yeah, the premise seems uninteresting but Jon Vitti has such a good track record that I’m excited for this! I’m interested to see how he writes for this show…

  3. When I saw the episode title, my first guess was a viewing of some completed segment of the Dunder Mifflin documentary, and I was thrilled! A ‘Glee’ party is sort of disappointing, but I do look forward to another visit to an officemate’s home. Will it be Gabe’s or Erin’s?

  4. Look, if there’s someone to console Andy about being jealous of Erin and Gabe, those would be Michael and Pam, they both used to set Andy up with Erin, and Michael caused their separation.

  5. WOW I loved it. Best of the season for me. The Jim/Pam/Dwight interaction was awesome.

    The moment at the end I was confused for a second then I remembered Erin was an orphan and I was all like :)

    Great episode. I lost it when Jim was feeding Dwight.

  6. WOW! Such a great episode this week, especially compared to last week’s! I’m a huge JAM fan, but they’re so much better with Dwight in the mix!

    Erin and Michael’s moment at the end was great. She seemed a little more toned down this episode, I don’t like it when they make her so stupid.

  7. “Who is Glee?”

    Honestly, one of the funniest episodes in a long time. I lost it when the pizza hit the fan. The Dwight/ JAM thing was… sketchy. But, other than that, I loved this episode. I can’t think of the last episode during which I laughed this hard.

  8. This season has been above average so far. This episode might be the best in the season.

    The Michael/Erin bit at the end was unexpected but it was really great and acted as a good bookend to the opening scene. Almost everyone got a relevant an funny role this week: Phyllis, Kevin, Gabe, Oscar, Kelly. This reminded me a lot of when Jim had a BBQ in Season 2.

  9. I liked this episode much more than I expected to! Classic Jim/Pam/Dwight interaction, and great small moments for everyone from Creed to Kevin to Angela. I love the understated moment between Erin and Michael; it made you think for a minute rather than stating it obviously. I laughed the loudest when Michael tossed the pizza into the fan, and when he named his favorite Glee character…you know, the one played by that guy who played a pizza delivery guy on some other show…?

  10. Great episode! For the first time ever, I actually liked Erin, especially the moments with Michael and Erin at the end.
    Loved the Dwight/Jim/Pam stuff, of course Dwight would be great with kids! Overall awesome episode. Interesting to see what Gabe was like too (soundscapes!?).

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