Why Steve Carell is a nice guy

Check out this article posted at the Cerritos College website about a surprise visit Steve Carell made there last spring at his former teacher’s improvisation class. Some nice photos are included. Wish I could have been there to watch the students go crazy …

Thanks to Crystal for sending this in!

P.S. Although I updated the TCA Awards post with a link, you might have missed it: here is an audio clip of Steve’s hilarious acceptance speech at the TCA Awards this past weekend. Thanks to GMMR for spotting this one!

Jenna Fischer MySpace blog: The Greatest Week of My Life

From Jenna Fischer’s MySpace blog, dated July 26, 2006:

I just had the greatest week of my life filming a movie called “Quebec”. I never thought I could experience a cast, crew and creative vibe as awesome as The Office. I just figured everything would always pale in comparison. But, “Quebec” has been out-of-this-world AMAZING on every level.

First off all, I’ve loved living in Chicago. I’m originally from St. Louis so it’s been great to get back to my Midwestern roots. The people are warm and friendly. The days are HOT and muggy. Perfect! My folks even drove in for a visit. They had never visited me on a movie set before. It was a real treat. We went to Navy Pier, Michigan Ave. and the Lincoln Park Zoo.
You might be asking, “Jenna what makes this movie so great?” Well, number one is Steve Conrad the writer/director. He’s basically brilliant. he wrote The Weather Man. He writes great dialogue and he has a really cool overall vibe that is hip but sweet.

The movie, Quebec, is about 2 assistant managers of a grocery store (Seann William Scott and John C. Reilly) competing for the same job as manager. I play Seann’s wife. I’m a nurse. Lili Taylor is John’s wife and Fred Armisen plays their boss. Gil Bellows is amazing as the district manager of the grocery chain. And, Bobby Cannavale plays my boss at the hospital. During one of the scenes with Seann and Bobby I was laughing so hard I didn’t think I could make it through.

The movie isn’t one of those high concept comedies. Instead, it focuses on the humor of everyday folks in ordinary situations which I love. The interactions are painfully relatable and also very funny. I remember making the first episodes of The Office and I kept thinking. “This show is great right? I mean, it’s seriously funny. How can people not love it?” That’s I feel about “Quebec” now. I just don’t see how this movie won’t be awesome.

Another reason this movie is so terrific is Seann William Scott. His performance is going to blow people away. It has been a total joy working with him. His character is quiet and layered and sweet and so, so funny all at the same time. There is one scene in particular that I still think about. It is possibly the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. His work is out of this world. And, he is the nicest person on the planet.
The entire cast is great both personally and professionally. I’ll miss them a lot. We’ve been kicking around Chicago and having lots of fun.

In other news, I returned to work on The Office today. I hope I don’t sound like a broken record but I’m seriously feeling like the luckiest girl in the world. The first script of Season 3 is AMAZING. I know everything that happens! Finally!

It was hard to go back to Pam hair. It’s always a shock at first. Or, to see Angela in her severe wardrobe when I’m so used to seeing her cute jeans and t-shirts. The whole day felt like the first day back at school after summer vacation listening to people’s stories about what they did over their break.

Oh…we don’t have internet on set so far this year. They say it will be fixed in the next couple of weeks. And, I won’t have internet when I return to Chicago this weekend to work on “Quebec”. I’ve been totally out of the loop and haven’t opened my Inbox in almost 2 weeks. Yikes!

Updated Season 3 news

Have you checked out the Season 3 news post lately? Because the tidbits are now coming in more often, and they often include genuinely spoilerish information.

Of course, keep in mind that it’s impossible for me to verify the information — all I can do is link to the source. You’ll need to make up your own mind. ;)

You can find a link to Season 3 news in the sidebar under “Notable Posts,” always with the “last updated” date. The newest information is always placed at the top of the post. Happy reading!

Creed’s desk drawer must-haves

ipod-giveawayFrom Conflict Resolution:

Michael: Okay, Ryan, you told Toby that Creed has a distinct old man smell?
Creed: I know exactly what he’s talking about. I sprout mung beans on a damp paper towel in my desk drawer. Very nutritious, but they smell like death.

This week’s iPod Giveaway question is:

Besides mung bean sprouts, what else do you think Creed keeps in his desk drawer and why?

You have until Tuesday, August 1st at 11:59pm Pacific Time to add a comment. Please follow the rules!

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The Office wins two TCA awards!

The TCA (Television Critics Association) bestowed The Office with two awards tonight in Pasadena:

  • Outstanding Achievement in Comedy
  • Individual Achievement in Comedy, Steve Carell

Congratulations to the Office cast and staff! And it looks like almost the entire cast was in attendance, which must have made for some serious festivities …

For the full scoop, click here. (Link no longer available)

Update, 7/27:

  • Here is an audio clip of Steve’s hilarious acceptance speech. Thanks to GMMR for the find!
  • GMMR’s posted a few pics from the event!
  • More TCA pics here, here, and here. (Thanks, Jill!)
  • More pics courtesy of txvoodoo at LiveJournal.
  • The Kansas City Star has more about Steve Carell’s and Greg Daniel’s funny acceptance speeches. (The scathing review that Steve reads is real.)
  • The San Francisco Chronicle’s Tim Goodman reports on the night’s events, including news on a possible guest spot on The Office?