What’s next for Steve and John

Since it’s a rather slow Office news day (not counting spoilers, of course), how about some tidbits on what Steve and John are up to?

Steve Carell

  • Get Smart. Work starts in March on the big-screen version of “Get Smart,” in which Steve plays Maxwell Smart. Read a short blurb about it here.
  • Horton Hears a Who. Steve will supply the voice of the mayor of Who-ville in an animated movie version of “Horton Hears a Who,” scheduled for release in 2008. Jim Carrey will voice Horton the elephant. See the full article and first-look image here.

John Krasinski

  • Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. John will write and direct the big screen version of the David Foster Wallace book. More information at Cinema Blend.
  • A New Wave. Okay, this isn’t a future project, but I thought y’all might be interested in this if you haven’t seen it yet. This is a movie John made last year which is still awaiting release. Warning: this is no Jim Halpert. Watch the trailer of A New Wave here.

Casting side for ‘Nikki’

They’ve just come in. Michael shows Nikki the toy drive box.
Michael: The least I could do was give some poor, sick kid a bike.
Nikki: That rocks.
Michael: Yeah, tell you what, if you want it, it’s yours.
Nikki: Thanks. I want to give you something.
Nikki whispers something in Michael’s ear, Michael blushes.
Michael (excited to camera): That’s what she said!
They head into the office.

Angela (suddenly worried): Where’s Dwight?
Nikki: He had to pee real bad.
Nikki and Amy laugh as if they’re in on some joke. Angela rolls her eyes. Michael looks around, then turns to Nikki.
Michael: Wow. I’m sorry about this. I had no idea this party would be so lame.

Michael sees Andy talking closely and intimately with Nikki. Michael checks her marked arm. He crosses over to them.
Michael: Hey, what are you doing? She’s mine.
Andy: No, she’s not.
Michael (confident): Well, you are about the feel like an idiot because I know she is mine because I marked her.
Nikki: You did what?
Nikki looks for a mark.
Andy: Well, you must’ve marked the wrong one.
Michael: You don’t think I know which one I marked?
Nikki (finding mark): You did. What the hell?! You marked me.
Michael: I wanted to make sure I was giving you 100 percent of my attention. Because I like you. I really like you. In fact, I would love it if you would accompany me on a trip to Sandals: Jamaica.
Nikki: Are you kidding? Do you even know which one of us you’re asking?
Michael looks down at her arm, then —
Michael: Yes.
Nikki: Okay, we’re leaving.
Nikki grabs Amy and heads out, taking the bike on her way. Michael looks crushed.

Casting side for ‘Cindy’

A very attractive waitress comes over.
Andy (reading name tag): Hello, Cindy, we are in dire need of some help here.
Cindy: What can I get for you?
Andy: We will start with a round of Nog-A-Sakes.
Cindy looks at him, confused.

Andy: He just had his heart broken, Cindy. You wouldn’t have done that to him, would you?
Cindy: I don’t know.
Michael: Yes, you would have. Look at you, I bet you break up with guys every hour.
Cindy laughs a little as she crosses away.

Michael dangles a fork full of chicken in front of Jim. Jim doesn’t take it. Cindy is approaching.
Andy: You guys heard of The Game? Check this out. Okay, Cindy, I want you to close your eyes and imagine your dream house.
Cindy is hesitant.
Andy: Come on, do it for your buddy, Michael here, he’s had such a hard day.
Cindy decides to play along. She closes her eyes. We see Dwight trying to get Jim’s attention.

Andy (to Cindy): Now, open your eyes and describe it to me.
Cindy: I don’t know, it has four bedrooms and a loft …
Jim turns back to Dwight to “explain” what’s happening.
Jim: Now she’s up and she’s trying to describe how to properly butcher a goose, but she can’t remember.
Dwight (shouts to her): Cindy! Cindy! You make the slice just below the jaw. Right here. (Makes throat slashing move) And don’t forget the bucket for the parts and feathers.
Cindy looks disturbed. Michael and Andy are annoyed at Dwight for ruining the moment. Cindy goes to leave, then turns to Jim.
Cindy: You sure you don’t need a drink?
Jim shakes his head no.

Casting side for ‘Martin’

SPOILER WARNING! Here’s a casting side for what looks to be a scene from The Convict.

Michael wanders nonchalantly over to Martin.
Michael: Hey buddy, how you doing?
Martin: Good.
Michael: High five!
Martin gives him a ‘high five.’
Michael: No, stand up. Gimme five.
Martin stands up and as he gives the ‘high five,’ Michael somehow manages to tap him on both trouser pockets and a jacket pocket.
Michael (offering two hands): Both together.
As Martin ‘high fives’ Michael with both hands, Dwight appears behind Martin and pats him down.
Martin: What are you doing?
Michael: Nothing.
Martin: Something’s gone missing, right?
Dwight: How would you know that?
Michael: No one’s accusing anyone.
Martin: Well you are accusing me because you just came over and did a stop and search in the middle of the office.
The other staff have stopped what they are doing and are watching this unfold.
Martin: What’s gone missing?
Dwight: His PDA. He saw you looking at it.
Martin: You saw me looking at it? Well then I must be guilty.
Michael: It’s routine procedure, we just need to check your pockets and your desk.
Martin: Okay, I don’t believe you’re allowed to do that.
Michael: See, now that sounds like you have something to hide.

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