What’s next for Steve and John

Since it’s a rather slow Office news day (not counting spoilers, of course), how about some tidbits on what Steve and John are up to?

Steve Carell

  • Get Smart. Work starts in March on the big-screen version of “Get Smart,” in which Steve plays Maxwell Smart. Read a short blurb about it here.
  • Horton Hears a Who. Steve will supply the voice of the mayor of Who-ville in an animated movie version of “Horton Hears a Who,” scheduled for release in 2008. Jim Carrey will voice Horton the elephant. See the full article and first-look image here.

John Krasinski

  • Brief Interviews with Hideous Men. John will write and direct the big screen version of the David Foster Wallace book. More information at Cinema Blend.
  • A New Wave. Okay, this isn’t a future project, but I thought y’all might be interested in this if you haven’t seen it yet. This is a movie John made last year which is still awaiting release. Warning: this is no Jim Halpert. Watch the trailer of A New Wave here.


  1. That looks like a bad impression of a good Ed Norton movie. I’ll probably put it on NetFlix when it comes out.

  2. Watching John in the trailer for “A New Wave” is like watching Jenna in “Lollilove.” I watch these things and I just think, “Pam did NOT just do that. Jim did NOT just say that.” And then, yeah, I try to convince myself that Pam and Jim are fictional characters.

  3. You are right about John’s role in A New Wave. That is no Jim Halpert. I can’t get over hearing him drop the eff bomb.

  4. I can’t wait for Get Smart with Steve Carrell. He’s perfect for the role! And I loved the original show!

  5. I can’t wait for Steve Carrell’s new movie, he’s so talented!! How exciting! I gotta see that animation movie too.

    And yay for John directing! I bet he’ll do a wonderful job! But oh man, A New Wave…what the heck, haha? John saying the eff word…seriously, what a downer. For me that’s a huugggeee turn off. I love John and I can’t wait to see how his career sky rockets but ack…made me realize how fictional The Office is and how different people can be.

  6. I love that A New Wave trailer. The first time I saw him curse, it was on that Day Players thing from Jarhead. When he said, “you f***ing day player” I choked on what I was drinking.

  7. I’m a little skeptical about “Get Smart” since Don Adams already did it perfectly but if I had to pick anybody who pull it off, it would be Steve. Who knows? It might turn out to be great. I mean Steve is a fan of the show and he’s obviously excited about it so it must be something in it. I can’t wait to see it.

  8. Melissa, i totally agree! Carell as Maxwell Smart is going to be PERFECT! I loved Get Smart so i’m super excited for this movie!

    John’s movie, New Wave, looks great! He looks awesome in that role! He’s talented. True, no Jim Halpert, but that’s one kickass John Krasinski. Woot.

  9. First impression: I think I’m with Brian on the JK movie…at least the trailer alone would not make me run to the theater (or video store). I’m sure John’s great in it though so I may have to catch it for that.

  10. “A New Wave” looks a little disappointing, writing wise. The plot line is a bit cliche, as is some of the dialogue shown in the trailer. John deserves a better script than that! But it gets props for using a Bob Mould song behind it : )
    Just my 2 cents.

  11. “A new Wave” or whatever, doesn’t look good. And no, I am not offended by swearing. That didn’t bother me. It’s the acting. The acting looked really, really bad.

  12. andrew keegan AND jkras. my high school crush and my current crush. holy eff. i will go to see this movie based soely on the massive amount of hotness on the screen at one time.

  13. Wow, you’re right, that’s no Jim Halpert! Language aside, I’ve never seen John even ACT upset before. Pretty wild!

  14. why is everyone so suprised that krasinski cusses? I mean everybody does it, why can’t he. And no, not because he’s Jim Halpert, should be an answer.

  15. First off, not “everyone” cussess. I know I don’t go around saying the f word everyday. And it’s just so surprising to see him…the adorable Jim we all know…play a character like that. Especially for those who have never seen Jarhead, they only know him as Jim. Oh well, whatever, it’s his life. I still support him but like everyone else, it’s just odd to see him play a role like that.

  16. Is no one else excited abot Brief Interviews with Hideous Men? I was a huge fan of it the day John Krasinski told GMMR about this project. I want to be an extra in it, but apparently, it’s filming in the East Coast. GODDAMNIT

  17. If you don’t want your image of “Jim” permanently ruined, don’t watch the clips from Kinsey and Duane Hopwood on youtube.

    Watching Duane I thought man, Jim is being such a tool.

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