The Weekend Tally

Tipsters: Denise, Nancy, AndrewV


  1. “Jim and Pam are going to get married”

    Thanks Breda, that’s all I needed to hear. ;)

  2. this is so exciting. how does cute animals overload or whateve have anything to do with entertainment?


  3. WE’RE IN FIRST PLACE!!!!!!!

    and to think our initial goal was to get on the front page. we didn’t want to do that. we wanted to be more than that.

  4. What a great weekend tally. I really enjoyed all the articles. Thanks Tanster and the Tipsters (sounds like a cool band name)

    This is hands down the best entertainment site I am aware of. Go vote if you haven’t already.

  5. I’m definitely going to go see Brothers Solomon. Not only because of the scene with Jenna Fischer, but also because Will Arnett is my favorite person ever… (outside the office universe)

  6. I voted for you tanster and your #1 right now, yippee! Love me some!

  7. I finally signed up and voted and as of 11:11 am central time, officetally is #1!

  8. Those DVR-ratings confirmed what we all already knew. Nielsen’s, by themselves, do NOT give an accurate picture of the ratings.

  9. @2.
    I too was curious as to the three different spellings of said name.
    1.) Krasinski
    2.) Krasin-ski
    3.)Krasinksi ( which was clearly a mispell but seriously).

    But where exactly did the hyphen come in to play?

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