Wendy’s Review: Cocktails

I am not a violent person, peeps. But when super-spy Sydney Bristow was still hunting bad guys each week on “Alias,” I secretly hoped for a chance to kick someone’s ass in a red wig and high heels, too. Say what you will about my violent tendencies back then, but I blame J.J. Abrams.

He directed this week’s episode of “The Office” and, as a result, cranked up the action meter on our friends in Scranton.

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Rainn Wilson to host SNL on Feb. 24

Moving this back to the front page to remind you this is tonight!

As GMMR reported today, Rainn Wilson is scheduled to host Saturday Night Live on February 24!

Arcade Fire is the musical guest.

Can’t wait to see what Office parody they come up with …

Source: TV Guide and TV.com. Tipsters: Stacey, Gruel omelette.

Rashida Jones on the radio

The Office’s Rashida Jones talked to a few radio stations yesterday:

Phoenix’s 104.7 KISS FM talks to Rashida about American Idol, auditioning for The Office, and Oprah.

LA’s 106.7 KROQ’s Kevin and Bean Show talks to Rashida about fan reaction to Karen, and her new TV show, The Rules of Starting Over. (It’s about 40% into the clip.)

By the way, if you missed Rashida’s appearance on Letterman Thursday night, here it is.

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The Office attracts upscale viewers

From Variety:

Among adults 18-49 living in households earning $100,000 or more, ABC sets the pace with an index of 112 (meaning its audience is 12% more likely than the average adult under 50 to bring home the big bucks). NBC was close behind at 107 …

The top-indexing programs in the $100,000 category through January were NBC’s “The Office” (138), ABC’s “Boston Legal” (135), NBC’s “The Apprentice” (132) and rookie dramas “Brothers & Sisters” on ABC and “Studio 60” on NBC (both 131).

Link: ABC, NBC draw upscale audiences

Melora Hardin talks Office chemistry

SPOILER WARNING! Article and subsequent comments will contain spoilers.

The Boston Herald talks to Melora Hardin about Jan’s chemistry with Michael:

“She’s a very complicated, multilayered, conflicted and flawed woman who’s been fighting really hard in a man’s world for a really long time,” she said. “She’s gotten a really crusty, cold, hard exterior. But she has a soft, gooey center, and Michael sees that and he goes right into that and she responds to that.”

Link: ‘Office’ affair: Hardin feels a chemistry with Carell on hit NBC comedy

Wow, Melora’s dad was “Deep Throat” on The X-Files! — one of my favorite TV shows of all time.