The Office: The Negotiation, 3.19

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The Office The Negotiation

Writer: Michael Schur, Director: Jeffrey Blitz

Summary (NBC): Darryl meets with Michael to negotiate a pay increase. Jim deals with the consequences of Pam’s confession to Roy. Supersized.

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Karen: Oh my god. You’re like agoraphobic.
Jim: Agoraphobic.
Karen: Yeah!
Jim: Really?
Karen: Yeah! You would rather sit on your couch and watch a Phillies game than go out to a movie with your awesome girlfriend.
Jim: Absolutely correct.

Dwight: Pam. Please call security!

Dwight: Every day, for eight years, I have brought pepper spray into this office to protect myself and my fellow employees. And every day, for eight years, people have laughed at me. Well. Who’s laughing now?

Michael: No need for consternation. Everything is under control.
Jan: Michael, last Friday one of your employees attacked another employee in your office!
Michael: It was a crime of passion, Jan. Not a disgruntled employee. Everyone here is extremely gruntled.

Jan: Are you going to take care of this?
Michael: Yeppers.
Jan: What did I tell you about “yeppers”?
Michael: I don’t remember.
Jan: I told you not to say it. Do you remember that?
Michael: Ye–sh.

Pam: I really don’t want to talk about it. I don’t mean to be rude, but I just, I don’t want to comment on what happened. It sucked.

Jim: I guess, all things considered, I was lucky Dwight was there. And Roy was lucky that Dwight only used pepper spray. And not the nunchucks or the throwing stars.

Jim: Hey man, I never got a chance to thank you. For stopping Roy. Thank you.
Dwight: “Thank you” not necessary, and thus not accepted. I saw someone breaking the law and I interceded.

Dwight: Don’t want it. Won’t open it. Don’t need it. Won’t take it. Citizens do not accept prizes for being citizens.

Jim: It was a little glass display case for his bobblehead. That would have made us even, I think. He saves my life, I get him a box for his desk toy. Even Steven.

Dwight: No, don’t call me a hero. Do you know who the real heroes are? The guys who wake up every morning and go into their normal jobs, and get a distress call from the commissioner, and take off their glasses and change into capes, and fly around fighting crime. Those are the real heroes.

Angela: You saw it? Describe it please.

Angela: Well … good for Dwight.

Michael: Wikipedia is the best thing ever. Anyone in the world can write anything they want about any subject. So you know you are getting the best possible information.

Michael: By leaning back, and by whispering, I established a dominant physical position.

Jim (under his breath): Sex. Steve Martin. Teri Hatcher.
Michael: What?
Jim: What?
Michael: No, what did you say?
Jim: I didn’t say anything. I was waiting to see what happened.

Kelly: That is the bravest thing I have ever heard.
Ryan: I can’t imagine what I would’ve done.
Kelly: I can. You would have left me to fend for myself. Like the time we were on the ferris wheel and that kid dropped a milkshake on me and you just laughed.
Ryan: Well that was funny, that’s why.
Kelly: Oh it was? Okay, well the next time that you get scared that you think a murderer is in your apartment in the middle of the night …
Ryan: Okay …
Kelly: … and you call me to calm down.
Ryan: … you know what, I didn’t …
Toby: Can you stop?
Kelly: You can just call somebody else because I’m not doing it anymore, Ryan, I’m not.
Ryan: Well don’t talk to me about calling people in the middle of the night for no good reason.
Toby: There’s a bunch of people back here maybe …
Kelly: I call you in the middle of the night to tell you tell that I love you.
Toby: Guys …

Toby: I don’t think Michael intended to punish me by putting Ryan back here with Kelly. But, if he did intend that … wow. Genius.

Michael: Tactic number six. Change the location of the meeting at the last second. Totally throws ’em off.

Michael: Number 14. Declining to speak first. Makes them feel uncomfortable, puts you in control.

Michael: I am declining to speak first.

Darryl: Are you wearing lady clothes? Those look like lady pants.
Michael: No. This is a power suit.
Darryl: That there’s a woman’s suit.
Michael: I do not buy women’s clothes. Would not make that mistake again.

Michael: Pam, would you please tell Darryl that this is not a woman’s suit.
Pam: Omigod, that’s a woman’s suit!

Michael: There were these huge bins of clothes. And everybody was rifling through them, like crazy. And I grabbed one. And it fit. So I don’t think that this is totally just a woman’s suit. At the very least, it’s bisexual.

Kevin: Who makes it?
Michael: Um, MISSterious. And it is mysterious, because the buttons are on the wrong side. That’s the mystery.

Pam: Michael, the pants don’t have any pockets.
Michael: No, they don’t, see? Italians don’t wear pockets.

Pam: It’s been a really rough couple of days. This helps a little.

Darryl: Yeah, he looks like Hillary Clinton.

Michael: I made one tiny mistake. I wore women’s clothes.

Kevin: So Karen, how do you feel that Roy tried to kick your boyfriend’s ass over another woman?
Karen: I feel great, Kevin. Thank you.

Karen: When I heard Jim and Pam had kissed, my reaction was to have lots of long talks with Jim about our feelings. Roy just attacked him. I’m not sure which one Jim hated more.

Michael: You make a very compelling argument.

Pam: Sorry I almost got you killed.
Jim: Yeah. That was nuts.
Pam: He could have broken your nose or something. Crazy. It’s just so stupid. I mean, getting back with Roy and everything. I mean, what was I thinking, right?
Jim: No, I mean you guys really seem to have a strong connection.
Pam: Not anymore. It’s um, it’s completely over now.
Jim (chuckles): We’ll see. I’m sure you guys’ll find your way back to one another someday.
Pam: Jim … I am really sorry.
Jim: Oh yeah, don’t worry about it.

Michael: … every year, I get a $100 gas card. Can’t put a price tag on that!

Dwight: When Han Solo returns to the Death Star in the Millennium Falcon, and shoots down the TIE fighters and saves the rebel cause, do you think he does so for a free beer?

Jim: It’s like when he annoys me, and I want to screw with him to get him back. He never sees it coming. But now, I want to be nice to him, and actually give him something, and he’s like an eel. I just can’t grab onto him. It’s infuriating.
Karen: Maybe you just feel guilty about all the pranks.
Jim: Well … yes, that’s probably what it is. So what do I do?
Karen: Hmmm, I don’t know. Maybe you should go back out there and sell paper so we can go on a trip.

Creed: Here’s the $40 you gave me.
Michael: I didn’t give you $40.
Creed: In a way you did.

Stanley: Yeah, I heard how much Michael makes. I still think he’s way overpaid.

Michael: Okay, here’s the straight dope. No tricks, no Wikipedia.
Darryl: What?

Darryl: You gotta get out there and earn, son.

Darryl: You gotta call your girl … and get paid. Show who wears the pants in the relationship.

Darryl: Make it happen, Cap’n!
Michael: I’m makin’ it happen … Sergeant.

Creed: So the big fella pulls out a sock filled with nickels. Then Schrute grabs a can of hairspray and a lighter …
Angela: You’re useless.

Kelly: You are so mean.
Ryan: I don’t know what you’re talking about.
Kelly: Yes you do, Ryan Bailey Howard. You called me stupid.
Ryan: No, I said your idea was stupid.
Michael: Toby, c’mon, let’s go.
Toby: Where?
Michael: Where? — I’m gonna smack you in the head with a hammer. C’mon, let’s go.
Kelly: What is so stupid about wanting to name a baby Usher?
Toby: All right.
Kelly: Usher Jennifer Hudson Kapoor.
Ryan: Don’t you see why that’s insane?
Kelly: Oh, so I’m crazy now?

Michael: Don’t ever touch a black man’s radio!

Kelly: Dunder Mifflin Customer Service, this is Kelly. Oh yeah, I can totally help you with that. Okay, let me just get the folder out. Okay, it seems here that you ordered 12,000 reams of paper. Oh, twelve reams …

Darryl: Okay, bring it home now. And don’t forget the new black man phrase I taught you.
Michael: Pippity poppity, give me the zoppity.

Darryl: Yeah, I taught Mike some new phrases. I want him to get the raise. I … just can’t help myself.

Kevin: Jim! Roy. Look out!
Jim: Thanks Kev! I’m … good, though.

Michael: So who’s the boy toy?
Jan: That’s my new assistant.
Michael: Were you going to tell me that you hired James Van Der Beek?

Michael: It’d be nice to get a memo. We are lovers.

Michael: You give me a good raise, or no more sex. What are you writing, perv-ball?
Toby: Just preparing for the deposition.

Toby: This may be the first time that a male subordinate has attempted to get a modest, scheduled raise by threatening to withhold sex from a female superior. It will be a groundbreaking case … when it inevitably goes to trial.

Roy: I’m so sorry, Pammy.

Roy: I just thought you guys were really good friends, or … maybe he was gay or something. Not that that’s wrong.

Pam: I think that we both made some bad choices.

Roy: You mean you’re not even going to try to go out with him? I don’t get you, Pam.
Pam: I know.

Dwight: Look, there’s a teddy bear in a policeman’s cap.
Jim (under his breath): I didn’t think you’d notice …

Michael: Why don’t you just take that pen and stab me in the heart?

Jan: What’s wrong with you?
Michael: Ohh. It was a weird day. I accidentally cross-dressed.

Michael: All right, Levinson. Here’s the rub.

Michael: Negotiation is an art. Back and forth, give and take. And today, both Darryl and I took something. Higher salaries. Win-win-win. But, you know, life is about more than just salary. It’s about … perks. Like having sex with Jan.
Jan: Michael!

Jim: I … will never say a word. And now … we are even.

Andy: I graduated from anger management the same way I graduated from Cornell — on time. Now I’m back, got a second chance, and I’m not going to blow it. So look out, Dunder Mifflin! I mean “look out” in a fun way. You know, not like, “I’m going to hurt you.”

Dwight: I am not a hero. I am a mere defender of the office. You know who’s a real hero? Hiro, from Heroes. That’s a hero. Also Bono.

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  1. Omg. Wow. Haha. That was amazingI didn’t like the Jim and Pam part, but I like that Roy’s being supportive at last

  2. OMG. Jim’s face at the end was absolutely PRICELESS.

    Excuse me while I go process seeing Dwangela in action, literally.

  3. hilarious episode. there are so many moments i laughed out loud i can’t even name them all. great from beginning to end. i only wish they have previews from next week at the end.

  4. decent episode. Hardest laugh was at the very end with Andy getting owned by Dwight

  5. Good episode.
    I feel so bad for Pam.
    Although, Dwight and Angela getting caught by Jim was pretty funny.

  6. Okay so my last prediction was somewhat true…That Roy would say something about Pam needing to pursue Jim…

  7. That was great!!! Wow…. I taped so I can watch it again! But Roy was encouraging Pam? That was totally not what i was expecting!!! and Karen… “I don’t know what Jim thought was worse”… I laughed so hard… and Michael and his suit!!!! OMG! when he sat next to that woman wearing the same thing… I lost it!

  8. Maybe a little too much hype on the Roy punching Jim in the face business.. But everything else was great.

  9. Jim’s reaction to Dwight & Angela was HILARIOUS and PERFECT and just… -sigh- cute!

  10. I wouldn’t say it was the best episode, but it had it’s moments. Dwight + pepper stray = hilarious (especially at the end when he sprayed Andy…omg). Roy is no good, and will never change- hopefully Pam’s silence at his question about dating Jim was an indicator that she will try to persue him. But yeah, I felt bad for Pam this whole ep. Can anyone agree though that Jim was adorable in this ep (esp. at the end)? Oh, and Michael’s Wikipedia negotiation tactics were pretty funny, as was Kelly and Ryan’s bickering.

  11. Such a great episode. I was talking to my dad right after the cold opener, and we agreed – Dwight pepper-spraying Roy is funny, but Dwight pepper-spraying Roy and, by accident, everyone else (himself included), is the greatest. idea. ever.

  12. I was surprised at how many office couples were making out! Ryan and Kelly together are so funny. Dwight and Angela are so endearingly strange. I’m still kinda annoyed that the clip of Roy had gotten out. Or I’m at least annoyed with myself that I watched it. Did anyone notice that look Karen gave when Roy came in the second time?

  13. During the Jim and Pam scenes, I was yelling at the screen, “Tell Jim you love him Dammit!!” and of course i was laughing the whole time. And Jim’s face was priceless

  14. Who got the cameo as Jan’s new assistant, Hunter? Goddamn NBC never properly shows the end credits.

  15. omg! i can’t believe that roy actually encouraged pam! i was not expecting that. i really liked roy when he said that. he finally got it. plus dwight’s pepper spray thing was amazing! that was brilliant and especially at the end when he sprayed andy and had to give all of his weapons to toby! plus michael’s girl suit cracked me up so much! the woman wearing the same outfit was classic

  16. plus dwangela is becoming my new favorite couple…they are so oddly sweet…i just hope JAM actually happens soon

  17. Well, not as many laughs as usual, but it was still an amazing episode.
    I think my favorite part was right after Jim sees Dwight and Angela making out, and he goes back into the bathroom and they show his face. His expression was just priceless.

  18. DWANGELA! oh my gosh that was soooooooooo funny! i just about fell of my couch! that was awesome. i felt so bad for pam when she was apologizing to Jim. she looked like she was gunna cry. did anyone else hear roy call her pammy? i thought she hated that.=P

  19. Wow, I didn’t expect to see a single negative comment here. *is totally baffled*

    My first reaction is that may be the best episode of the Office ever…and I’m not one to toss a comment like that about lightly. It had heart, it had drama…and I don’t think I went more than 30 seconds at a stretch without laughing out loud. Michael in women’s clothes! Michael taking a road trip with Toby and Daryl! Ryan and Kelly! Dwight and Angela! Jim forced to be nice to Dwight! Gah…so much to process, I can’t wait to go watch it again tonight.

    I was so worried after waiting so long and building it up in my mind I would be disappointed like I was with GWH…not even close to being disappointed here. Wow wow wow, that was great!

  20. Dwangela=amazing!

    Pam, grow a pair already!

    Karen, even you know what a bad relationship you guys have.

    But Dwangela. Wow.

  21. Totally perfect episode. The ending was a great surprise, especially since it was Andy. I expected Angela to be turned on by Dwight being the hero.

    Toby was great, especially that line that if Michael moved Ryan next to Kelly to get back at him – genius.

  22. Hehe, Roy thought Jim was gay.

    Roy was quite sweet in this episode, I’m sad to see him go.

    Dwight and Angela finally have an on camera kiss!! Yay!

  23. When is Jim going to finally realize that him and Karen are not right together and start going for Pam again. They are obviously perfect together.

  24. the scenes with michael and toby were definitely the funniest to me (i will never get over how much michael hates him), although i wish i had been laughing more than feeling awful for jim and pam, which is what ended up happening. but all in all, i think it was a really well done episode. i just wish it had been longer after all this waiting. it was over too soon and that was the biggest letdown! okay, maybe i’m a little irate with karen, too

  25. Boy did Jim’s anger at Pam for getting back with Roy really come out or what? It was almost too obvious. I just wish Pam would’ve “spit” something back at him that was equally loaded with her pain. I, too, was surprised at Roy’s suggestion to Pam about Jim, but maybe she’ll listen this time.

  26. Fabulous episode. I was so nervous when Pam said she would talk with Roy. I thought for sure they were going to get back together, and I was gonna be majorly ticked with Pam.

    Oh em gee. Dwangela? That has got to be the cutest thing I’ve ever seen.

  27. The episode was good, definitely a lot of LOL moments but i am SO MAD that jim and pam didn’t discuss what happened more. I swear to God I almost cried at that moment in the break room where she tries to bring it up with him and he’s like brushing it off, like, oh i’m sure you’ll get back together. i was dying for her to say “Jim, I told him I had feelings for you as well which is why he went apes#!t” I wanted more JIm and Pam action..or at least clips from next week to get me excited….sooo sad ..i mean…just get togheter already or at least have one SWEET moment after all these weeks of no new episodes but it was just sad sad moments between them!! :( karen suxxx!!

  28. Yeah, JK looked so pale and thin and that wig is so bad. Man, does Karen wear the pants in that relationship. I don’t think they’ll have that last much longer.

  29. Kind of seemed like a weird episode. the confrontation seemed more natural in the cut down NBC YouTube version than the overly silent version in the episode. It would have seemed more realistic if only because it was open to interpretation how long the pause was if, instead of panning from Jim to Pam to Roy, they cut between them with multiple cameras. Likewise, when Pam seemed to switch between going on about how “crazy” Roy’s attack was and suddenly being extremely awkward when apologizing to Jim at the vending machines, and the camera stayed on her face, it seemed unnatural for both The Office’s style and real life n how it was played. It also seemed like they took a long time to get Michael, Toby and Darryl to New York; it seemed a lot of the supersized scenes took place in the first two acts and it felt a little too padded. And the final Dwight Angela scene seemed inconsistent and kind of tongue-in-cheek compared to the past. Even when they thought they were alone, Dwight and Angela behaved a certain way together. This just seemed overly like a gag.

    Just seemed like a lot of weird directing choices. Like, everything seemed natural and in line in the script, especially but just how it came out felt somehow off. Especially Pam and Jim at the vending machines. And because of the drama, it kind of took away from possible moments for comedy. Some good laughs, but not as many as usual, and I’m usually okay with that if the JAM stuff is good, which it wasn’t really this time around.

    But anyway, Pam’s refusal to say whether she would try to date Jim or not with a slight smile, as well as Jenna Fischer’s commenting that especially in the season finale, Pam would continue to try to get what she wants, just says we’ll see a mirror of Casino Night, with Pam going after Jim. Seems like what the entire season’s been building to.

  30. Jim and Pam in the lunch room was very painful to watch.

    Loved Angela shirt/sweater – very cute.

    Kevin…a little late on the save.

  31. yeh, this episode was one of the best, definitely. Angela stole the show a little with her visit to each person to get the story of what happened, as well as her makeout session with Dwight. But everyone was highlighted at different points and everyone was hilarious.

    Also, Roy was really sweet and although I don’t want him with Pam, he redeemed himself a little.

    Finally, the writers really showed how ill-matched Karen and Jim are…from him not wanting to go to the movie and her trying to bully him into it to the scene in the breakroom where he is trying to talk to her about his guilt over Dwight and she just shut him down…

  32. I loved this episode. It was so good and so funny because nearly every character had a line. And not just “a line,” but really funny ones. I laughed so hard when Kelly wanted to name her baby Usher Jennifer Hudson. How Kelly is that? Ryan making out with Kelly was killing me. So much funnier than Dwight and Angela.

    The only bad/sad thing about this episode is Jim’s seeming indifference to Pam. He’s protecting himself! He is convinced that Pam will go back to Roy no matter what, so he won’t even try to be nice to her. And he’s definitely mad she went back with him. He’s hurt, but it doesn’t give him the right to be an assh*le. And the way he’s treating Pam is making me like him less. I can’t wait for the end of Jim and Karen. How blah are they together? He’s so not that into her and I think she knows it too…

  33. everyone should lay off karen. if your boyfriend was attacked for kissing another woman (with whom he has feelings) what would you do?

    this was a great episode. ryan and kelly killed it for me.

  34. Dwight and Angela made the episode for me. I want them to get married and have a two very well behaved Schrute babies.

    Jim, are you mad at Pam? I couldn’t really tell.

  35. Creed was hilarious in this episode…”a sock filled with nickels”…loved it!

  36. I love that just maybe it’s Roy who pushes Pam to Jim. I hadn’t thought of the possibility until tonight.

  37. Jim’s reaction to Pam was spot-on, I think. I just don’t understand why he’s supposed to bend over backwards for her and be same-old, pull-you-out-of-your-rut nice guy Jim to her, even now, with their history. He wasn’t mean to her in the break room, he just didn’t engage her in conversation. Things are NOT the same between them, nor should he pretend they are. Is it so wrong that he’s angry with her? Hell, I’M angry with her, and I’m not even in love with her. Time to step up to the plate and swallow your fear, Pammy. Fear and shyness are no longer valid excuses for you to let your life pass you by.

  38. This was one of the best LOL episodes of Season 3. I thought that Toby had the best scenes of the show, first listening to Ryan and Kelly argue then seeing them making out, then dealing with Michael and going to New York, then at the end taking Dwight’s weapons away.

    Angela getting turned on by listening to various versions of Dwight’s act of heroism (except Creed’s)was classic.

    The look on Jim’s face after seeing Dwight and Angela making out was LOL funny.

    I was surprised that Roy was supportive of Pam going after Jim. When he said “I don’t get you Pam”, I expected her to reply “You never did”.

    Yeah, Jim’s/John’s wig looks terrible and he looks really tired, especially under his eyes. I guess that’s from moonlighting on the movie Leatherheads.

    Overall the episode was worth the wait (almost).

  39. I don’t think Roy was encouraging Pam to pursue Roy as much as he was just tossing out an off-the-cuff comment to see how serious she was about Jim. I’m definitely not going to pat Roy on the back for that conversation.

  40. Oops – I meant I don’t think Roy was encouraging Pam to pursue JIM. He’d definitely like it if she pursued Roy, though!

  41. i’m so sick of karen. i liked her at first because she was easy-going, but her insecurities have made her so negative. if i knew my “boyfriend” had feelings for a girl that was 5 feet away everyday, i’d have some dignity and end it…not insist on dragging it out until and continue getting hurt. i’ve seen a lot of decent women turn crazy that way. i feel like the writers have dragged KIM on way too long because they like the actress. but im so bored with the love triangle. jim always seems so worn out and he’s so mean to pam. what are we supposed to feel once they get together?

  42. Standouts: Darryl. And Creed. What brilliant comic timing, both of them.

    The Kelly/Ryan arguing and subsequent make-out – cute and so real.

    Jim/John K. – I agree that he looked exceptionally pale, even ill, and the wig underscored the the goofiness of the smirky face he is always pulling.

    So funny in all – I watched with my teenaged daughter for the first time – great bonding experience! We roared.

    Pam/Jenna was wonderful – I am banking on that sad self-reflection in her face when Jim retreats telling her she is sure to go back to Roy.

    Someone remarked on Karen’s shutting down’s Jim’s feelings in the breakroom – in response to his heartfelt request for empathy disguised as “what should I do” she slams him with “go sell some paper so we can take a trip” – beastly flagrant contempt for his feelings. You don’t grown closer to someone who does that to you.

  43. i loved this episode. you can’t lose when michael schur is the writer!!! was jim wearing a wig?

  44. Pam you disappoint me. Of course, blah blah realism, blah stretch it out, Jim needs time to cool down. Whatever. I’m more sad about this than Nurse Robert’s potentially dying.

    Dwangela. Thank you.

    But Pam, listen, I’m not going to give you any sympathy anymore when you make those mopey faces when Jim and Karen are exchanging their godless kisses.

    I’m so glad 30 Rock was extra hilarious.

  45. I’ll echo everyone’s comments here and say this was just an all-around great episode. I was consistently laughing out loud throughout the whole show. I’m so glad we got to see more of Darryl, who I think has been under-used this season and is just so funny.

    I did think Jim’s hair looked kind of odd… is he actually wearing a wig?? And why??

    I thought the comment Roy made to Pam about him not getting her because she wasn’t taking more initiative in pursuing Jim was a little out of place… it just doesn’t seem like the kind of thing Roy would say, especially as someone who seemed to prefer women to be on the submissive side.

    Also, the JAM scene by the vending machines was super intense. Some fantastic acting by both JF and JK. He struck an amazing balance between sounding vulnerable and in denial and hurt all at the same time; she did a great job of sounding like she wanted to say so much more. It does seem like there should’ve been more discussion about what happened; I mean if my boyfriend went after a good friend of mine, I would’ve been adamant about sitting down and talking about it. But what the scene turned out to be was great too.

    I am starting to see how the Karen/Jim thing is going to end. With Roy out of the picture, and Karen becoming so overbearing and pushy, there’s not a whole lot keeping JAM apart now other than social awkwardness and timidity…

    Dwight and Angela were TOO funny this episode. What a great one.

  46. plenty of ammo to blow apart the Jaren relationship in this episode. Someone in the mentioned that Karen only understands “the kiss” as only being that, and doesn’t realize that Pam was 9 years into the relationship with Roy, and engaged at the time of it. I think Karen’s behavior towards Jim is also not gonna fly with Jim down the line. I am starting to their relationship fall apart, just like we did with Michael and Andy, who seemed so close soon after the merger. The one disappointing thing is that I see nothing formulating between Jim and Pam, which really doesn’t get them closer to being Jam. maybe season 4 material.

  47. This was one sexually charged episode. I LOVED IT. Kelly and Ryan. Dwight and Angela.

    And for everyone who said Jim and Karen were doing more than talking those nights… now we know.

    Toby, I absolutely LOVED everything he did.

    And lastly, Roy is okay in my book. What is wrong with Pam? And I’m sorry but Jim is asking like such a jerk for someone who instigated a kiss with an engaged woman. If he expected zero consequences, then he’s stupid.

  48. Creed=the BEST part of the episode… perhaps even of the entire season.

    “It was about 11 or 11:30 at night..”

    So friggin’ awesome. Creed just might be the funniest character ever on television.

  49. andy actually seemed like he was trying to be better this episode. does anyone else think that roy might try to tell jim to go for it with pam or was that just a totally redonculous thought in my mind?

  50. Jenna rocked the house with some amazing acting. She told Jim she was sorry for what she did to him in the break room, of course Jim thought she was talking about the Roy thing. She’s really saying she is sorry for hurting him and she’s sorry that she might have lost him forever.

    Darryl! Darryl! Darryl! You rocked in this episode.

  51. I’ve been hearing alot of talk with Andy in this episode, I guess recording stopped before it happended. Can anyone explain?

  52. Kim E,

    I’m pretty sure John was wearing the wig because his head is shaved for Leatherheads… It did look funny, though.

  53. Jim’s hair was sooo odd. Jim disappointed me a bit…how he refused to listen to Pam when she was saying she was wrong and sorry for getting back together with Roy. She needs to prove to Jim that she only wants him! I wish Jim listened to Pam.

    Aww, poor Toby. So funny how he’s stuck in the back with Kelly and Ryan.

    Angela and Dwight…soooo adorable! Made me very happy.

  54. Jamtastic, I thought the same thing. I they might have Roy call Jim to apologize and say something like “I just couldn’t get over her feelings for you” or something to plant the seed.

  55. Jamtastic, it seemed weird that Roy would even talk to Pam about pursuing Jim, therefore, I don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibility that Roy would say something to Jim, although I don’t know how that would go.

    By the way, if JK was wearing a wig, I did not notice. Did someone already mention the reason why he’d be wearing a wig?

  56. Jamastic, I was thinking the same thing too. I think it was cool how Roy was kind of pushing Pam to “at least date Jim”. I can’t wait to see how the next episode will work out. Jim and Karen are falling apart, I think.

  57. I have never posted a comment before, but I feel compelled to note that this episode seemed especially packed with cool throw-backs to old episodes. For example —
    1. Michael pulling out his Chris Rock routine in the car with Darryl and Toby (Diversity Day)
    2. Creed returning the $40 that Michael “gave” him (Casino Night– where we first learn how much Creed loves stealing)
    3. Michael learning some more phrases from Darryl (again, Casino Night — Dinkin’ flicka!)
    4. When Michael describes his negotiations as a win-win-win (Conflict Resolution)

    It was fun to try to spot them all — I’m sure I missed some. Will have to watch again….

    As for the whole Jim/Pam thing, I agree with the commenters who found the break room scene realistic. She’s broken his heart more than once now. Can’t say I blame him for wanting to avoid getting “hit” by Pam yet again. But that doesn’t mean I didn’t yell at my TV in frustration over their lack of communication. Bravo to the writers for keeping it real!

  58. Andy was at the very end of the episode. He was coming back from anger management.

  59. Andy was at the very end after the commercial. He comes back from anger management and Dwight pepper sprays him. Then there’s a funny scene where Toby is confiscating all of the weapons from Dwight’s desk.

  60. The scene between Pam and Roy in the coffee shop was very nicely done. It was not hard to figure out what Pam meant when she told Roy that they had both made some bad choices.

    I thought Pam was going to cry after talking to Jim in the break room. Jim hardly even looks at her. I agree with KimE #64 and others that Jim is trying to protect himself by staying detached from Pam because he does not see any hope of being with her. But he did walk into the break room knowing she was there so he was making some effort to interact with her. If he wanted to avoid her completely he could have just turned around and walked away. What I think was weird is that (unless it’s in the deleted scenes) Jim still does not know what triggered Roy to go after him, and he does not ask Pam.

    I did not notice if Roy called Pam “Pammy”, but if he did, that would explain why, in an earlier episode, she said “ole Pammy’s getting what she wants, and don’t call me Pammy” (or something like that).

    I can hardly wait for next Thursday. Hopefully someone posts the deleted scenes on YouTube so us Canuckleheads can seen them.

  61. I miss seeing Meredith, she never seems to have any scenes in the show anymore.

  62. For those asking about Andy – right before the end they show Andy in the parking lot. He is talking about turning over a new leaf. They they show him walking is and saying “Hi, I’m back” (I’m paraphrasing) at which point he gets hit in the face with pepper spray from Dwight. He falls to the floor screaming in pain. The next (and last)scene has Toby standing over Dwight at Dwight’s desk taking all Dwight’s weapons (pepper spray, nunchucks, throwing stars, etc. from him. It was friggin’ hilarious.

  63. This episode was so funny. My husband and I had to rewind it every few minutes to catch some other unbelievable joke going on in the background. Although the new ‘hoodspeak that Darryl taught Michael was beyond.


    On a more serious note, it just broke my heart that Jim was so abrupt to Pam. I understand why hes upset, but I would have thought as friends that he would have confronted her and said “what the hell were you thinking?” You can see how hard she is trying to be the new and improved Pammy, I mean Pam. I cant believe he wouldn’t even listen to her.

  64. I just remembered another throw-back — Dwight confusing a hero with a superhero (again, Diversity Day).

  65. Some of the fill-in characters should have more in their lives than just work, go home and thats their day, and we don’t hear enough bout the “R.Kelly” relationship. This episode seems to be a start as to filling that void though with how Toby and Darryl became key roles, and that we are starting to learn more about R.Kelly’s relationship; wonder if they become that couple that grows up, have a couple kids, but then always have something to argue about everyday and makeup for it?

  66. PS: Oh yeah – Ryan and Kelly
    OMG – Usher Jennifer Hudson Kapur.


  67. How fast can 42 minutes go??? VERY,VEERY,VVEERRYY fast if the show is the best on tv. What a great, great show. Funny with Angela asking about what happened with Dwight and Roy. Each time she was getting more and more turned on. Great. Michael wearing a woman’s suit was really funny. When Jim saw Dwight and Angela kissing the look on his face said it all. He is not telling anyone now Dwight and him are “even”. Loved Kelly and Ryan making out. Seems they are finally going to let Ryan have more feelings for her then they would show in past shows. But when will Jim and Pam get together? Isn’t this season almost over? It had better happen this season or I will be really upset. Please,please don’t make up wait until next season. That would be t-o-r-t-u-r-e…Toby going crazy listening to Kelly and Ryan was pretty funny too. I still feel bad that Michael hates him so much.

  68. I forgot about Dwight describing what a hero is. Priceless.

  69. Does anyone else think there is any significance that Pam and Jim are the only ones who know about Dwight and Angela? Will this come in to play later? Or am I just really digging?

  70. Hey, Allison –

    Yeppers, you weren’t hearing things. I heard the ‘Pammy’ bit from Roy as well.

    Well here’s ‘Ol Pammy’s chance to get what she wants. Should be interesting to watch her jump through hoops for Jim. Or maybe she’ll just cut the walking-on-eggshells crap and just boldly confess her feelings to him, followed by an intense lip-lock, of course.


  71. This episode really reminded me of the episodes from season 2 – classically funny with some outlandish humor thrown in. It seemed that lately (especially all the party episodes) the show had kind of lost it’s “classical humor” touch to more slap-stick comedy. Don’t get me wrong, the season 3 episodes are still hilarious, but not quite as funny as season 2. Glad to see that they’re back to the humor that made everyone fall in love with the show.

    I loved this episode (especially all the kickbacks to the old episodes). Overall, an excellent episode, but I’m just glad that the there’s no more waiting 5 weeks! :D

  72. That episode was so great! Especially the end when Dwight maced Andy. What a perfect way to detensify that opening, suddenly it became hilarious. Great, great great!

  73. Is it possible to download The Negotiation episode that aired tonight? I missed it :( Bumming BIG time.

  74. I loved the episode. But I will say that I was disappointed in Pam. So much for her new lets be honest thing. She should have spoken up. She had it right there and just let the moment pass, again.

    Jim looked awful. Pale, his hair looked dirty. And what was with the five o’clock shadow? Just awful.

    I personally love Toby. I was glad to see him finally have a larger part in the show. And daryll offering Toby a place to stay and “its not that big” in referance to Michael. Loved it.
    But Oh Poor Toby.
    Now that Roy has been fired, how many more appearances will he have? Wondering how that is going to pan out after their talk.

  75. Did anyone else hear Roy call Pam “Pammy” when they were having coffee? Because if he did, she specifically asked not to be called Pammy. :)

  76. I was prepared to be disappointed by this episode after the six weeks of anticipation, but it delivered in a big way. Toby and Darryl were hilarious, Michael was in classic form and Pam was heartbreaking, but I think they all got upstaged by Angela. This was by far her best episode ever.

    I also about died when we found out that Ryan once called Kelly in the middle of the night because he was scared someone was trying to break in.

    Does anyone else think that Toby’s mounting frustrations – his ongoing trouble with Michael, sitting next to Ryan and Kelly, his ill-fated courtship/stalking of Pam – is going to lead to some type of meltdown?

  77. Ryan also knows about Dight and Angela, I think.

    This was one of my favorite episodes!!! Verrry, verry good! – even though I felt it feeling really bad for Pam. Man, Jum just SLAMMED her. Ouch.

    I also thought it was interesting that when she says to Roy that she did not break up with him just because of Jim, Roy doesn’t even ask what the other reasons were. I think I’d wanna know. Kinda important.

  78. Everything everyone else said. THE OFFICE is back and firing on all cylinders. I just want to give props to Dwight for this ep. His pepper spray bookends the ep perfectly, and I like the pathos added to him and Jim with the fact that he’s oblivious to being set up for pranks, but is suspicious of a genuine act of gratitude.

    Plus, I was pumping my fist in the air when Dwight and Angela had their first onscreen kiss followed by the absolutely shocked look on Jim’s face when he realizes that Dwight actually HAS a girlfriend and that she was the woman in his room in Philly.

  79. Also, Michael’s negotiation tactics learned from Wikipedia. I’d love to see what he does with THE ART OF WAR.

  80. jk-

    i also think there’s a possibility of jim and pam re-bonding over dwight and angela. i hope it happens!

  81. Overall I thought this was an excellent episode that was very well written. Even though at times it seemed like a rehash of Conflict Resolution, how it was strange that everyone in the office wasn’t more interested in finding out what Jim had done to make Roy attack him, and it was hard to believe that Michael would be making just slightly more than Darryl makes, not to mention how Michael is supposed to be such a great salesman but he doesn’t know the first thing about negotiating with people, these minor complaints were more than made up by all the great laughs. I think I laughed the hardest at the first of the two conversations between Ryan and Kelly:

    Kelly: “That is the bravest thing I have ever heard.”
    Ryan: “I can’t imagine what I would have done.”
    Kelly: “I can. You would have left me to fend for myself. Like the time we were on the ferris wheel and that kid dropped a milkshake on me and you just laughed.”
    Ryan: “Well that was funny, that’s why.”
    Kelly: “Oh it was? Ok, well the next time that you get scared that you think a murderer is in your apartment in the middle of the night…”
    Ryan: “…Ok…”
    Kelly: “…and you call me to calm down.”
    Ryan: “…you know what I didn’t…”
    Kelly: “You can just call somebody else because I’m not doing it anymore, Ryan, I’m not.”
    Ryan: “Well don’t talk to me about calling people in the middle of the night for no good reason.”
    Kelly: “I call you in the middle of the night to tell you tell I love you.”
    Then after some time has passed, with Ryan and Kelly making out in the background:
    Toby: “I don’t think Michael intended to punish me by putting Ryan back here with Kelly. But, if he did intend that… wow. Genius.”

    And the second conversation, while not quite as good, was still hilarious:

    Kelly: “You are so mean.”
    Ryan: “I don’t know what you’re talking about.”
    Kelly: “Yes you do, Ryan Bailey Howard. You called me stupid.”
    Ryan: “No, I said your idea was stupid.”
    Kelly: “What is so stupid about wanting to name a baby Usher? Usher Jennifer Hudson Kapoor.”
    Ryan: “Don’t you see why that’s insane.”
    Kelly: “Oh, so I’m crazy now?

    And Kelly’s customer service call in the background when Angela looked for the folder with everyone’s statements on Toby’s desk was great, too:

    Kelly: “Dunder Mifflin customer service this is Kelly. […] Oh yeah I could totally help you with that. Ok, let me just get the folder out… Ok, it seems here that you ordered 12,000 reams of paper. […] Oh, 12 reams of paper…”

    Creed had two very funny scenes, the first when he gave Michael back the $40 he had stolen from him, and then when he told Angela how he remembered the incident with Roy.

    Creed: “I remember it was very late at night, like 11-11:30. Big fella comes in screaming about God knows what. I think maybe Halpert had stolen his car – something like that. So the big fella pulls out a sock filled with nickels. Then Schrute grabs a can of hair spray and a lighter…”

    The whole negotiation Michael had with Jan for a raise was great, but my favorite part was Toby’s talking head.

    Toby: “This may be the first time that a male subordinate has attempted to get a modest, scheduled raise by threatening to withhold sex from a female superior. It will be a groundbreaking case when it inevitably goes to trial.”

  82. I just loved the last shots of Dwight’s arsenal. I saw pepperspray, nunchucks, throwing stars, a police baton and a taser. Did anyone else see any other weapons?

  83. Something that hasn’t been brought up…did any one else appreciate some “normal,” albeit brief, interaction between Michael and Jan? Once Toby left, their little 30 conversation about Jan asking Michael what was wrong with his day and him opening up to her, showed how non-disfunction their relationship can be when they try.

    And I love Ryan and Kelly! I missed half of their dialogue because I was laughing so hard! He’s such a jerk, but there’s a lot of guys out there who remind me of him. Not wanting to like someone and being hardcore, but liking them anyway…

  84. I don’t think you can talk about the Jim / Pam thing in terms of a single episode. So far this season, I’ve been totally sucked in by the whole love triangle-turned-square-now-a-triangle-again … and this episode kept with it. It’s still very real to me, and that keeps it interesting, for me.

    Now, as for everything else:

    Steve Carell is still the main reason I watch, and wow, he was in top form. Big laughs. I love Darryl’s relationship with Michael Scott, and to see more of it was awesome. And I always love it when we see how much everyone likes Toby (at least outwardly) while Michael is so openly contemptuous. The scene in the car, for instance.

    Coincidentally, while I was waiting for the episode to start I was thinking about how little making out we’ve seen on the show, considering how many couples there are/have been (Michael-Jan, Dwight-Angela, Ryan-Kelly, Jim-Karen, Roy-Pam…heck, even Oscar-Gil and Kevin-Stacy). And then we get the most makeout-filled episode EVER.

    And I’m glad Andy’s back, especially if it means he’s gonna receive some physical abuse from time to time. Dwight can always buy more pepper spray.

  85. Yes Ana I noticed that too about Michael and Jan when Toby left. It was a real, normal conversation and you see “comfortableness” there. I love that.

    And Hooray for Jan giving Michael not just a 6% raise but a 12% raise. Awwww, she wuvs him.

    So excited for the future of this couple. Their dynamic is fantastic and very interesting. BooCoo Chemisty there.

  86. I think Karen actually took the whole pretty well. The part I thought “Wow! What a ho.” Was when Jim was venting to her, and she pretty much told him to stop his whining. Karen kind of reminds me of the inconsiderate boyfriend. . .

    I felt so bad for Pam.

  87. Hi, I’ve never posted here before, but I look on this website everyday because I love the Office. I loved the episode from tonight, but felt very sad for Jim and Pam.
    I wish they were friends again. I wish Karen would go away too. I am going to keep my fingers crossed!

  88. Jim looked like he was sweating (possibly throughout the whole episode) – even at the very beginning, when he was talking to Karen about going out.

    I enjoyed this episode – I didn’t think it was too much drama. The dramatic part took place in the first couple of minutes (with Roy charging towards Jim and Dwight saving the day), so the rest went back to the great comedy that The Office is.

    As far as Roy encouraging Pam to go after Jim – I figured he thinks you cancelled the wedding for this guy, and you’re not even going to try to pursue him? Then why call off the wedding? (from Roy’s point of view).

    Poor Toby. I wonder how he got back to Scranton… (since Darryl said he was going to spend the night at his cousin’s, and Michael went off with Jan).

  89. Its official……I love them all, but Michael Schur has become my overall favorite writer. His episodes are usually my favorite ones and tonight there was no exception….at all.

    Also there were so many classic lines tonight but one of my favorites had to been the most unexpected one of the night, and that is Karen’s line about not being sure which thing hated more….the two of them having long late night tals or getting attacked by Roy.

  90. I really liked this, but I need to watch it again for a solid opinion on the JAM-action. I thought the negotiation scenes were a bit forced; I hate to be one of those folks who don’t like the prizes they’re given, but I think this is one episode that would have been fine as a regular length episode (as opposed to Phyllis’ Wedding or Cocktails, which should have been longer episodes).

  91. What did Darryl say when he was taking a picture of Michael’s pay stub? I’ve played the clip over and over and I think I heard something I can’t bekieve. Please could someone check it out?

  92. i loved this episode, despite being distracted by jim’s toupee the entire time. it was awful! i wish they’d just let the guy get a haircut instead of subjecting us to a wig. his head isn’t shaved for leatherheads, just neatened up and not as flippy.

    everyone else was spot on!

  93. “You guys seem to have a strong connection. I’m sure you’ll find your way back to one another.” (Jim)

    I sure hope this is foreshadowing for the JAM scenario instead of Pam and Roy. Poor Jim and Pam. They are so messed up right now.

    Does anyone else feel like their relationship has gone way too far in the hole to fix? I’m starting to feel that way.

    I hate this feeling…gah.

  94. I really enjoyed this one. I espcially love the dynamic the secondary characters brought to this show. I didn’t feel it was so Jam centric. I also still think this show will survive whether Jam gets together or not. Steve Carell was balls out funny tonight. And to say that Roy was in top form tonight would be an understatement. Every scene he was in felt very real to me….even his suggestion to Pam that she go after Jim.

    On another note….the Jam they did have was outstanding.

  95. I couldn’t find the info under tactics on Wikipedia – do you think someone took it off?

  96. I loved Anglea’s reactions to the stories about Dwight. But I was thinking…remember in the webisodes over the summer, it was revealed that Angela had the hots for Roy? I think she liked both parts of the story. First, Roy barging in all big and tough, then Dwight coming in saving the day. Also, I am surprised that nobody has yet to mention how good of a job Melora Hardin (Jan) did in this episode. I was watching this episode with my wife and kept looking at her, because at times she says the same things to me that Jan said to Michael. I think that Jan likes Michael more than she leads on and she really wants to change him. She wants him to be the perfect man(which we all know will never happen). Here is some food for thought for the season finale…what if Pam finally goes to the art school in NYC? Thus leaving Jim alone in Scranton?

  97. tonights episode was great!
    The whole kelly and ryan thing made me crack up
    “Whats wrong with naming a baby usher?”
    The dwight beating up roy
    and lets not forget the return of andy

  98. A LOT of stuff seemed to be said under people’s breath tonight, but one of my FAV parts was after Jim gave Dwight that certificate for bravery. Dwight said they gave it to kids and pointed out the panda bear at the bottom. Jim said in a barely audible voice, “I didn’t think you’d notice that.”

    Cracked me up!! Nice…

    Also, loved the Jim/Pam scene by the vending machine. Did anyone else notice how long he lingered at the machine? His face while he’s standing there was fantastic acting. He looked so torn… :(

  99. Great episode, nice way to start off the final run of the season.

    IT’S BACK!!!

  100. Wow, yep, Wikipedia took that down FAST. It was just there! Oh well… now someone who actually needs advice might get it.

  101. so much that was great about this episode..

    I must say that Jenna Fisher should clear a place on her shelf because she is winning an emmy for her performances this year —

    And andy coming back omg- his talking head in the parking lot – “the new andy” was amazing and then coming back into office and getting mased I was on the floor

  102. Do you really think Jim is wearing a wig? I know his hair is cut short for Leatherheads and that’s why his hair looked like that tonight. They tried to make his sharp 1920’s cut look like the shaggy-haired Jim cut, but it’s not working. Looks bad. I agree, they should just write in a haircut for him, 122.

  103. I didn’t notice that Jim was wearing a wig… It just looked like his hair needed to be combed!

    Does anyone have a screencap yet? I’m interested in looking at it again closely because now I’m curious.

    Incidentally, too bad that prop guy who used to have the LJ account is no longer working for the The Office – I bet he would tell us!

  104. “It was late at night, like at 11 or 11:30. The big guy walks in shouting God knows what. I think Halpert stole his car or something. Then big guy pulls out a sock filled with nickels, and then Shrute pulls out a can of hairspray and a match – ”

    Greatest Line in the History of the Show.

    Other things…
    Jenna Fischer, you are amazing.

    David Denman will be missed.

    Andy’s return scene had me in hysterics. As did a lot of other scenes.

  105. Here’s a weird thought. Maybe Roy will go to work for Bob Vance (Vance Refrigeration). Bob’s a big tough guy too. I could see Phyllis telling him about what happened and him seeing Roy’s side of it. How would he feel if another guy kissed HIS fiancee?

    Jim/John looked tired, I thought, but not really pale. But I can also see him looking like that because he just went through a wacked out situation and has made him stop and think. Besides, if you were dating Karen, you’d look like that too!

  106. The opening scene was the best ever!! Dwight came out of nowhere with that pepper spray. Yeppers!

  107. I just keep thinking that if Usher Jennifer Hudson Kapoor were to come into existence, Michael would constantly be saying to him “USHER!!! This man’s annoying me.” Like in the Bugs Bunny cartoon.

    That’s what I think when I hear Usher. Not the singer, the almost obsolete occupation.

  108. I knew, knew, KNEW Jim was going to be mad at Pam… and still it broke my heart to watch it. I think it’s good though, because the combination of him rebuffing her and Roy asking her about Jim got her thinking about it. I just loved watching her try to hide her smile during the coffee shop scene.

    Oh, and about this wig business, I did notice Jim’s hair was a bit strange. Could there be a Jim wig? If so, every man on the planet should buy one.

  109. LOVED:
    1. Dwight with the pepper spray (duh) and Dwight refusing Jim’s efforts to thank him.
    2. Jim trying to thank Dwight.
    3. Kelly and Ryan bickering. Was starting to get scared that Kelly was delusional and had no clue how mean he was.
    4. Michael in a woman’s suit.
    5. Jan helping Michael.

    1. CREED!!!! Sure I chuckled at his lines in the past, but I really didn’t understand the Creed love until tonight!
    2. ANGELA!!! Absolutely tickled by her getting turned on by the different accounts of Dwight’s bravery.

    And it broke my heart, but it HAD to be this way: Jim’s response to Pam, OUCH!! But honestly, if the writer’s went any other way, it would lose it’s reality. Bravo. We can be friends again!

  110. Such a great episode! I’m a conservative voter and I’d give it a “9/10,” easily. Dwight saving Jim was brilliant! And Jim finally paying him back was equally brilliant! Nicely done Mr. Schur!

  111. Am I crazy? The second commercial break, NBC ran a promo for its comedies, and I SWEAR that there was a flash, maybe no more than a half a second, of Jim and Pam kissing, and it definitely was not the kiss from last season.

    Is NBC teasing us, or am I seeing things (that I very much want to see in the future)?

    (No one else has mentioned this, so I’m hoping someone can corroborate what I witnessed.)

  112. I don’t get Jim’s comment about Steve Martin and Teri Hatcher. Could someone explain….?

    Loved this episode!

  113. first off, i am a great office fan and have finally decided to come join in the posting fun here. second, i’m surprised no one has realized that jim now knows about the dwight-angela situation. it seems now that thats all jam has going for them, and rocky relationships and emotional overload. i think this detail is small but, may just get jam together again. and also, if you know what section of commercials the “kiss” was in, i can look on tivo. its not like nbc hasn’t done this to us before.

  114. Great job with the quotes as always, Tanster. This is all :) But before I go let me just say that I agree with Kelly. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with a baby named Usher.

  115. 1. The previously mentioned kiss was on 30 Rock, not The Office
    2. Jim’s Terri Hatcher/ Steve martin comment was just his way of making fun of making fun of Michael’s stupid negotiating tactic.

  116. oh, and travelingviolet, your not going insane… i saw something. it looked like jim and pam making out near the vending machines… i hope i’m not going crazy. someone, please confirm this so i can jump for joy that maybe this will end in happily ever after fashion.

  117. I loved all of the scenes where Michael uses mumbling as a negotiation tactic, especially when he tells Daryl that he has a ‘very compelling argument’ heeheehee

  118. Amelia ~

    All I remember is that it was in the NBC comedy promo that was part of the second commercial block. James is saying that it was 30 Rock, though.

  119. Great episode. Few points:

    A. I think Jim looking bad was intentional. His look mirrors the current JAM state. Pam is good for him, and as the JAM coefficient approaches unity, Jim looks better. :)

    B. Funny moment sticking in my head: Creed being oddly avuncular and giving Michael that $40. So good. Also, loved every Toby moment.

    C. Jan is stunningly good looking. Her looking at Michael from across the table? Yowza! Incidentally, she’s gonna be in trouble with corporate for giving Michael the good raise without Toby present (since it’s known that they’re a couple).

    D. Finally, I think the wait until this episode (from the last one) was just too long. I had my hopes up for so long that the magic kinda’ wore off. When the fight happened, it was like I was burnt out on the excitement of waiting too long, and it wasn’t as good as it would’ve been had there only been a week between episodes.

    Anyway, that said, I still think this was one of the best episodes of the season.

  120. my favorite part was when toby asked michael where they were going, and michael said he was gonna smack him with a hammer. toby agreeing to go rather than listen to mr. & mrs. kapoor was hilarious.

  121. The talk about a jim/pam kiss in a promo — could what you guys saw have been Tina Fey and Jason Sudeikis kissing from 30 Rock ad? Sudeikis looks like a 35 year old Jim Halpert.

  122. I love the new OSCAR-ANGELA dynamic, since the Return, and in the Cocktails deleted scene they seem to have become very close, especially when Oscar protects her from Roy.

    And i though Pam said she doesn’t want to be called Pammy any more.

  123. I can’t believe there have been no mentions (or at least very few mentions) of one of the funniest lines of the night …

    Stanley: Yeah, I heard how much Michael makes. I still think he’s way overpaid.

    Classic Stanley line!

  124. Oh that Creed … he actualy called him “Cheroot” -not Shrute- when he said “… pulls out a can of hairspray and a match…”

  125. So much making out in one episode! Dwangela and then Kryan. Thank God Karen and Jim did not. I still think their relationship is complitely dysfunctional… :(

    Jenna Fischer, I LOVE YOU! David Denman made me feel so sorry for Roy. Jim was an ass though.

  126. …Maybe I just need to watch this episode again, but where was the Teri Hatcher comment?

  127. Jan kinda creeped me out again when she got all over Michael about saying ‘yeppers.’ If and when they do break up later, her control issues will be why.

  128. We also forgot to mention that Michael quoted the previous episode “Conflict Resolution” when he said win-win-win.

    I missed Andy’s scene :( I hate when they say “Thanks for watching the office” and you think it’s over!!!!! aaargh!

  129. Anyone else notice that Toby called Jan “Pan” when they were in the meeting? I backed up (Tivo) and swear I still heard the same thing. But I think it was just a minor blooper, nothing significant.

  130. I loved how Michael confuses his words again — he referred to his suit as “bisexual” rather than “unisex.” Classic!

  131. Great writing.
    Great acting.
    Iffy directing.
    Bad wig.

    Now a few things:

    Craig Robinson is fantastic.

    Jim’s sex/Steve Martin/Teri Hatcher comment was, I think, purely intended to throw off Michael’s “walk out of the room” tactic. He just wanted to do something to disrupt Michael’s shinanigans.
    Why those prases? “Sex” because that word will catch anyone’s attention, especially Michael’s; “Steve Martin”…hmm..I don’t think he’s been referenced before, but it’s a good guess that Michael likes him. Teri Hatcher was mentioned above (“I share my birthday with Eva Longoria…so…I have a perfect icebreaker if I ever meet Teri Hatcher”)

    I really like the fact that now Pam and Jim know about Dwangela, but neither knows that the other knows…that could be fun.

    Lastly, thank you Michael Schur for a much-needed heapin’ helping of Creed. (“sock filled with nickels…can of hairspray and a lighter” is one of the best lines in the series)

  132. concerning the commercial, I just sat with my Tivo for 20 minutes looking for it…nothin


  133. Three things had me laughing so hard I was practically crying last night. Dwight’s “Who’s laughing now line” was possibly the funniest thing I’ve seen in a while. And Michael’s shoutout to Wikipedia made me laugh really hard. And Kelly and Ryan in a cubicle together all day is just what Tobie said it was… Genius!

    I was wondering how they were going to resolve the whole Roy-finding-out storyline and keep that fine balance the Office has between the soap opera and the comedy. It needed to be funny or the show would have crossed that line; last night’s episode succeeded brilliantly.

    Although the Jim/Pam story is the serial plotline, I love that it’s being played out the way it would really happen. I loved Karen’s line about how her “reaction was to have long talks about [their] feelings. I’m not sure which one Jim hated more.” I completely want Jim and Pam together, but I have to say I was really liking Karen this episode. She handles things for the most part in a fairly mature way and I like that. “Go sell some paper so we can take a trip” was great too. I will be very sad when Karen inevitably leaves.

    One more thing – as much as I love the realism of the Jim/Pam relationship and wouldn’t want to see that compromised, I kind of hope it doesn’t end like real life does. Because nine times out of ten, that relationship ends with the distance building until they both really do move on.

  134. I loved Creed’s retelling of the drama; easily one of the episode highlights.
    I agree that there was something “off” about Jim–at first I thought it was supposed to be the same day, so it’s understandable, but then I realized a day or two had passed since the “incident.” He looked very tired and a bit thinner than usual. I hope this is only temporary; not only do I miss season 2 Jim, but I now miss Healthy Jim.

  135. whoa, when did ryan and kelly turn into such fiery lovers?

    oh and, to amelia and travelingviolet, i saw the kiss too, and about screamed.

  136. I loved Michael’s negotiating tactics. He tells Jim that mumbling gives him all the power and then Jim used it against him to better effect when he mumbles “Teri Hatcher, Steve Martin”.

    Another tactic is declining to speak first. It’s working for Michael until he speaks first by telling Darryl that he is declining to speak first.

    Jan’s interaction with Michael was great. As Pam once said, “Jan used to treat Michael like he was 10”. The way Jan scolds Michael for saying “yeppers” reminded me of that. And yeah, Jan looked stunning, as usual.

    Creed’s take on the fight was so off base you gotta wonder about his altered reality. The same may I am still wondering why Kelly would want to name a girl ‘Usher’.

  137. This was a great Michael episode, he’s finally returned to normal now that Andy has been gone. Too bad he came back right when everything was going well.

    Karen is getting easier to stomach, right when she will be leaving shortly.

    Pam is getting weak again, right when she needs to continue being “Pammy”

    Why do I have the feeling the writers don’t want anyone to get used to anything?

    It still felt short….I guess going on an Office drought made me want what…like a 2 hour episode? haha

    I kept watching the clock going “no, not just 10 more minutes!”

  138. If the JAM kiss is real, someone needs to put it on Youtube NOW. If it’s from another show like someone suggested, we need to know that NOW. Or we’ll all go insane.

    I was suprised at how mature Roy was afterwards. Especially the coffee shop scene. And Jim being all tired was good – just attacked by Roy, in a relationship he’s pretty “blah” about, and everyone has bad days/weeks.

    Did anyone notice how when Roy and Pam hugged goodbye at the restaurant Pam had her arms around him very akwardly and seemed stiff? Such brilliant acting!

  139. 172 – I think Ryan and Kelly have always been fiery because sex was pretty much all they had LOL. What else do they have in common to keep them together?

    I really enjoyed this episode. Michael breaking down and explaining, somewhat like an adult, why he was having such a bad day, was so honest and sincere. And the glint in Jan’s eye when he refused sex? Awesome! I love Melora.

    Any episode with Darryl is priceless. He and his cell phone are their own supercouple in the making. Just hilarious

    When Roy looked at the camera and made his comment about there being nothing wrong with being gay – wow, David Denman really is adorable. I’m going to miss him. But I’m glad after everything, he was able to go out with a little dignity.

    Jim’s bitterness toward Pam was absolutely deserved and I understand it – but his cold remark about Pam/Roy having a connection and finding their way back to each other hurt. As did his inability to even look at her when he walked into the breakroom. That, coupled with her small smile as way of greeting him, was just painful. But the ice has been broken, at least. They’re speaking again and at this point, that’s kind of all I can ask for.

    Finally, I loved the crack’s in Karen’s armor starting to show. She’s jealous, she’s insecure, she’s threatened – and its finally making it to air! Her catty remark to Jim about “sell more paper so we can go on a trip!” was perfect. Why shouldn’t she be annoyed that her boyfriend cares more about his relationship with Dwight K. Shrute and puts more thought into it than his relationship with HER?

    And her talking head about which Jim hated more, their 5 nights of talking (which I hope can be put to rest was really *just* talking) or Roy’s attempt to beat him up…she’s starting to get some self-awareness that they have some real problems that aren’t going away.

    Fantastic episode! I can’t wait for next week

  140. About Karen:
    “if i knew my “boyfriend” had feelings for a girl that was 5 feet away everyday, i’d have some dignity and end it…not insist on dragging it out until and continue getting hurt.” -58 | Lauren


    First, let me say that I really liked this episode. I do, however, think that it was a mistake on NBC’s part to release clips that gave away so much of the episode. I think we all knew that something was going to have to go down between Roy and Jim, and they just gave it away. Michael’s outfit would have been a lot funnier if I hadn’t seen it a week ago, too.

    Dwangela-It’s about darned time for you to release some of your sexual tension!

    R’Kelly-What a strange relationship that is. BJ is always saying that it’s the worst relationship ever and Ryan knows it, but he doesn’t seem like the kind of character that would get tied down by someone he likes. I also think he’s going to break Kelly’s heart, and she’s just too sweet to be hurt.

    Darryl-So freaking funny!

    Creed-If I weren’t already married and young enough to be his granddaughter, I think I’d marry him. He’s just so charming ;) Hilarious.

    PB&J (and Roy and Karen)-In this department, this episode was almost difficult to watch. Pam is still being so meek, Jim is freaked out and he’s coming off like a jerk. Pam still can’t gather up the courage to actually express her feelings, but I have faith in her. Fancy New Beesly is going to shine through this season (it has to, they’ve hyped it up so much) and I think this episode was the catalyst that she needed. I just hope it doesn’t compell her to move away.

    I also got the feeling that Karen is starting to realize just how hopeless her relationship with Jim really is. I know in one of the next couple episodes Jim is making reservations for their six-month anniversary, and I don’t think that will end well. I think Karen will break it off when they’re at dinner.

    Kudos to Roy for redeeming himself after trying to knock Jim’s block off. He apologized to Jim (it had to be difficult) and he is finally Pam’s advocate. I think he finally realized how terrible he really was during their relationship. Someone mentioned that when Pam said there were a lot of reasons for her calling off the wedding, he didn’t ask any questions. I don’t think he needed to ask, he already knew.

    Poor Jim. He’s so confused. Karen is overbearing, Pam seems to break his heart and then turn around and give him some hope–I’m sure he thinks he’s imagining any glimmer of a chance he thinks he may see. As much as I hope this isn’t the case, I don’t think Jim can ever feel the same way for Pam again. If they get together, I doubt it will last. He just doesn’t seem like the same old Jim-he seems a little more gruff and a little less selfless, and I don’t think it’s temporary. That makes me sad, but I think he’s growing into himself as a business man with a career at Dunder Mifflin, and he just can’t be the same carefree, goofy Jim that he used to be.

    Andy-Hate him. I hope he loses all of his anger management skills, punches another wall after he recovers from the pepper spray, and gets fired. I don’t like him, and he seems to break up the unity of the office. No one seems to feel comfortable around him and he is always putting a damper on things. His “personality mimicking” was funny-ish, but he’s hard to watch. He makes me cringe, and not in a “yikes, stinks to be him” sort of way. It’s more like a “yikes, he’s really awful” kind of thing. If he stays, I hope the writers can find a way to integrate him into the office in a more cohesive manner.

  141. Whoops! I forgot to mention that someone said that David Denman’s IMDB profile lists him as a character on an upcoming episode. I think there’s a possibility that he’ll be speaking to Jim on Pam’s behalf in that episode…

  142. Awesome episode. My favorite part was Michael taling to the camera talking about the perks of having sex with Jan while shes standing right there. I also loved it when Andy got shot with the pepper spray. I don’t think Daved Denman will be gone forever. I think he’ll continue to try to get with Pammy (don’t call me pammy) and make a few more appearances. Good point John about Jim’s looking kinda bad. I feel bad for him. Sucked to have Schrute jump into a fight and save you.

  143. Two things I don’t get, and maybe it’s because I’m a guy:

    1.) Why are so many people feeling so sorry for Roy? If your boyfriend/husband tore up a bar and threatened another man in your office, would you really stay with him? (and from the sounds of things, this has happened several times before.)

    2.) The people who think that Karen should just “give up on Jim, and get out of the way.” I’ve never seen that in any relationship out there. I’ve seen some pretty peed off people throw a fit and storm off, but never just “give up.”

  144. Everything EXCEPT Jim and Pam was AWESOME. Creed’s retelling of Dwight’s heroics, Kevin warning Jim about Roy, and oh my word, Ryan and Kelly. I also loved Toby’s excitement about the groundbreaking HR situation between Michael and Jan. Darryl’s new phrase for Michael was also priceless.

    On Jim/Pam (as I refuse to call them JAM): Jim is irritated by Pam, and Karen doesn’t seem phased or troubled by their history. Jim and Karen are in it for the long haul — did you hear Karen refer to a trip together? Good for both of them — they are a great match.

  145. “1.) Why are so many people feeling so sorry for Roy? If your boyfriend/husband tore up a bar and threatened another man in your office, would you really stay with him?”

    I don’t think many wanted Pam to get back with him or stay with him after all that. Despite his antics in the bar, they just weren’t right for each other. However, I’m glad they let Roy exit the show (maybe) on a good note. He apologized to Jim, he walked away from Pam, and even put in a good word for her getting with Jim. I’m also a sucker for the original cast, so I’m going to miss him.

  146. am i the only one who thinks jenna is looking a little more full in the face?

    i think i’m going to be the first to postulate that she is pregnant.

  147. I loved the episode last night, and the scene in the break room with Jim/Pam was SO sad!! But, when I rewound it and watched again, the only thing I could notice was Jim’s butt!!!

    Did anyone else notice that? The entire shot when Pam is telling Jim about how she shouldn’t have gotten back together with Roy is her sitting there with Jim’s butt on the right side of the screen. I’m not complaining or anything, but now I can’t watch that scene and feel sad. All I feel is, ummm, happy?

    I mean, it’s a nice backside. And I can’t believe I just commented about a celebrity’s ass…

  148. Karen: Hmmm, I don’t know. Maybe you should go back out there and sell paper so we can go on a trip.

    Omg did this piss anyone else off? Didn’t read allll the comments, but still wtf?

  149. i love how darryl is the only character on the show who calls michael MIKE. don’t know why…but just love that.

  150. I’m not sure if Jim was wearing a wig or not…but I’d hate to see Jim get a hair cut as many are suggesting. Rainn Wilson has often said on interviews that the hair makes the character. I think this is as true of Jim as it is of Dwight. The boyishness and unkempt quality of his hair says something about his character…gives him a sort of innocence, vulnerability, lackadaisical (sp?)attitude. Plus, I think it is darn cute ; ). Don’t mess with the hair!

  151. chris: regarding feeling sorry for Roy, I think it’s like this: when two people have been together for a long time, and then they break up and meet at a coffee shop, you must understand that the sex and the romance has all been stripped away, but there’s still lingering traces of a relationship floating in the air there that hasn’t had time to blow away yet.

    Roy’s made his mistakes. Now he’s paying for them. He’s not always a nice guy. It’s ok to feel sorry for him. :)

    mycapawasdetated: I think Ryan and Kelly are still together because Kelly is H-O-T. :) Also, about Andy, I also don’t see Andy (as we know him) fitting in. Though, maybe the writers will be able to pull something off.

    Voltaire: yeah, that “hug” was perfect.

  152. Steve Martin was referenced in Valentine’s Day episode at the end of Michael’s Lazy Scranton video. “Great Scott!” And it wasn’t a Chris Rock reference in the car as someone early on mentioned, but a Chris Tucker reference. Though he did pretty much the same voice for them.

    I rewatched the NBC commercials this morning (ugh!) and the only making out was on 30 Rock. They didn’t even have an Office commercial. Just 30 Rock, Scrubs and Andy Barker, P.I.

    Finally, that was an icy stare Karen gave Jim when Roy came over to apologize. Anyone else notice Karen and Jim never really talked about WHY Roy attacked him. That was weird. I think I’d be talking about it with my significant other. Maybe they did over the weekend though and that’s why Jim looks so wiped out, he’s spent all weekend talking it over with Karen. Yikes.

    Also, that was unexpected that Oscar stood up to protect Angela in case Roy did anything when he came over to get his check. Cool how no one but him and Pam said a word in that whole scene.

  153. best. way. to. deal. with. roy. confronting. jim. ever.

    also ANDY’S BACK!
    and DWANGELA!
    and ROY FIRED? : – (

    funniest part of the ep –
    “perks.. like.. having sex with jan-”

  154. In the coffee shop, the first time through I thought Roy said, “I’m so sorry, Pammy.” But in rewatches, it actually sounds more like “I’m so sorry, baby.” If I recall he used to call her that a lot, when he’d come up during the day or after work.

  155. “The ONLY realistic outcome for Jim and Pam is for Jim to continue being “kinda happy” in his relationship with Karen, convincing himself that he actually is really happy, and for Pam to forget about her time with Jim and move on to some other relationship.”

    I disagree. This whole season has been about Pam’s growth as a character. Speaking her mind, going after what she wants. She’s had some major setbacks, yes. This past episode showed her shying away once again because of her guilt over what happened, but I think there’s more FNB left in her. She’s going to stand up for what she wants, and after this season, I think that’s realistic.

    Jim may turn her down because of all the heartache she’s already caused him, but I don’t think Pam’s made this journey to just forget about Jim all together without taking a chance.

  156. Big Turkey!,

    Mwah ha ha ha ha. I totally notice Jim’s butt the first time too. And I didn’t know why either. It was if it were saying “Hey, here I am, Jim’s butt, look at me.”

    I think maybe it was the angle of the camera.

  157. I will go home tonight and rewatch that scene (not like I wasn’t going to rewatch the whole episode anyway!), but I really hope Roy said “Pammy”…it would make her little speech at Poor Richard’s mean that much more.

  158. …and is anybody else as bummed as I am that it’s been 14 hours since the show aired and we don’t have a SINGLE deleted scene up on yet??

  159. am i the only one who thinks jenna is looking a little more full in the face?

    i think i’m going to be the first to postulate that she is pregnant.

    183 | just saying…

    Whoa! Tread lightly, my friend. No woman out there wants to be mistaken for pregnant if she’s not. Unless it’s ABSOLUTELY unmistakable, I wouldn’t feel comfortable jumping on that bandwagon.

  160. Jim isn’t being a jerk, I don’t think. He’s just protecting himself. Think about it– jim tells the girl you love her, she tells him no, she’s going to marry Roy, so he has move to another state to get away from her, then is forced to come back by the Merger. Despite everything that happened, they’re getting friendlier and friendler and fall back into that same pattern. Just when he thinks he might have another shot with her (“Hypothetically, if I thought Pam was interested…” coupled with that grin that tells you he DOES think she’s interested), she walks out of the room holding hands with Roy. In his mind, he’s been kicked to the curb with his hopes dashed twice now, and is trying desperately not to hurt himself again, seeing that she has now (albeit unconsciously one time) refused him for Roy twice. It’s up to Pam or some other character aware of the situation (i.e. Phyllis and Roy) to give him something concrete to hold onto, because he believes he’s misinterpreted it every time.

    And I LOVE creed.

  161. BlueJeanBaby– I’m so glad I’m not the only perv-ball who noticed it!! :-)

    AND #198 “In his (jim’s) mind, he’s been kicked to the curb with his hopes dashed twice now”

    I’d never thought of that… how his smile in that “hypothetical” TH meant that he had a glimmer of real hope and was then dashed yet again by her walking out with Roy. Great point, and no wonder he barely looks at her!!!

  162. I can’t wait for when Angela blogs about her character getting very horny over Roy and Dwight and making out with Rainn Wilson

  163. I wish Darryl was in episodes more often. He was so great last night.

    And, I was left to wonder how many hits the Negotiation tactic site on wikipedia had last night after the episode aired, it was genious!

    Some favorite lines/moments:
    -“Were you going to tell me that you hired James Van Der Beek?” LOVED IT!
    -“It sucked.”
    -“I don’t think Michael intended to punish me by putting Ryan back here with Kelly. But, if he did intend that … wow. Genius.”

    -I loved Creed as well, he was hysterical.
    -Jim and Pam was bittersweet…but this is going on and on and on, and I don’t know how much more I can take.
    -Dwight and Angela at the end was priceless! Jim’s reaction was so funny.
    -As usual, Michael was amazing, his woman’s suit was awesome.

    And, I am so excited that Andy has returned, I am so excited to see what the writer’s are going to do with him next!

  164. 198| Those are the doves and 199| Big Turkey

    Yea Pam did dash his hopes after the “hypothetical” TH… And I understand somewhat of where Jim’s coming from… But he didn’t help the situation when he was dancing and smiling with Karen… That’s part of the reason.. well most of the reason… that Pam left with roy. I feel that they keep bashing their feelings without reliazing fully whats happening. But that didn’t really give Jim the right to be so much of a jerk, although it did give him a tad bit of a right…

    I actually believe Pam has as much of a right to be as mad about the situation if not more so… I mean she was with roy for 9 years and engaged for 3. SO whay? She needed closure about the relationship with Roy and she figured she may as well try to get it while Jim is seemly “happy” with karen… he’s dashing her hope too a bit by bit everytime he’s with Karen in the Office..

    Dont get me wrong, I am a HUGE Jammer… but i wish we saw more then the drama and I hope they do get together.. I doubt it would be the end of the show.. there are other reasons people watch… Thats exactly what the episode last night proved!!!

  165. Fast nationals indicate that last night’s episode was only viewed by around 6.7 million viewers, with a 3.1 ratings in adults 18-49 (behind both Survivor and Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader). I’m hoping that most folks don’t realise a new episode is on, after the long hiatus, because if not, the ratings erosion is a bit worrying. Such an excellent, excellent episode last night’s was too. A real pity.

  166. What I loved: Jan, Michael, Darryl, Toby, Kevin, Dwight, Andy, all pitch perfect in writing and acting. Perhaps a little too much with the Darryl cell phone stuff which I didn’t get but other than that just right.

    Lots of good little jokes spread through out, too many to mention, but especially the Toby, Jan, Michael stuff and the coda with Dwight, Andy and Toby.

    What I didn’t care for so much: Pretty much everything to do with the Karen/Jim/Pam/Roy thing, although it was well acted, especially by David Denman and Jenna in their various scenes, not just the coffee shop one. Even if Karen magically disappeared tomorrow, the Jim/Pam friendship is pretty much not fun anymore.

    They had a lot of baggage already even if it had been this year just Pam leaving Roy for Jim, and now with the Karen thing added, ugh, there’s not much special about their relationship that I look forward to these days.

    Krasinski looked for-real sick during the entire episode. If he was recovering from a flu or something like that then my sympathies. If he was not sick then someone there needs to have words with the makeup and lighting people. :)

  167. I heard “Pammy”.

    Also, regarding noting that a woman possibly being pregnant, I like Dave Barry’s advice: “You should never say anything to a woman that even remotely suggests that you think she’s pregnant unless you can see an actual baby emerging from her at that moment.”

  168. I am still debating about Karen’s “you should go out there and sell paper so we can go on a trip.”

    I think it can go two ways (mabey 3):

    1. She mentioned earlier in her talking head that she ‘wasn’t sure what Jim hated more’ talking about his feelings or Roy going after him. So maybe she was sparing him further greif, by saying – lets not talk about this anymore, lets act instead – if you look at Jim’s face when she leaves – he is after all, smiling. He doesn’t look like he was just hurt by her.


    2. She comes off as hypocritical because she was willing to talk about her feelings for 5 nights in a row and make him talk about his, but then when HE wants to talk about something, she’s all about moving on.


  169. when I saw that Dwight kept pepper spray attached to the bottom of his desk + Jim’s line about thank god Dwight didn’t use his numchucks or throwing stars – I laughed so hard. I thought I was going to piss my pants

  170. This episode was my favorite of the whole season!It’s amazing how many jokes they can pack into a 40 minute episode. Dwight coming to the rescue for Jim was awesome and I also loved Jim’s reaction to the Dwangela kiss.

  171. 209- I took what she said in a negative manner, though you’re right – he didn’t show any sign of being upset by what she said. I felt like she was saying, “Hey I don’t want to waste time discussing this, why don’t you get back to work so you can make money to take me on a vacation.”

  172. “When I heard Jim and Pam had kissed, my reaction was to have lots of long talks with Jim about our feelings. Roy just attacked him. I’m not sure which one Jim hated more.”
    I loved this quote. I think it shows that Karen knows that Jim is not as in to their relationship as she is.

  173. So I’m really proud of myself, I managed to make it these long weeks without so much as a sniff of the preview videos and I missed last night’s episode and thankfully got someone to tape it for me. I watched it this morning without having been spoiled and I was definitely not disappointed!

    I just loved when Roy comes back in to pick up his check and everyone is so on edge and then as he’s leaving Kevin busts out of the breakroom to “warn” Jim. Hilarious.

    and obviously at the end when Dwight sprays Andy with the pepper spray, classic!

  174. I agree with Orange is the new green (54), Jenn G (77) and Zorro (109) in that Jim was completely justified in acting the way he did in the breakroom. In seasons 1 and 2, Jim and Pam were close friends, often flirty with some tension, great energy, trust, etc. Jim took that to mean she wasn’t 100% committed to Roy and that maybe she had feelings for him. Pam’s inability to be honest or show courage in Casino Night showed Jim that was not the case. [we of course know that isn’t entirely true, but Jim doesn’t know that]. Enter defensive Jim, a Jim that only relies on express verbal signals from Pam, and even then doesn’t trust her. Who could blame him?

    1. In the Merger Pam asks Jim if he wants coffee. In the old days Jim would be thrilled to spend time with her. Now it’s “no thanks.” [don’t forget Pam said they were “friends” confirming very painfully what happened on Casino Night]

    2. In Graduate School Ryan’s desk gets moved opening up Jim’s old desk with a better line of sight of Pam. In the old days Jim had that line of sight and loved every minute of it. Now he keeps his new desk and can’t be bothered with line of sight of Pam.

    3. Since the Merger Jim hardly visits Pam’s desk for candy. In the old days that was his excuse to see her and talk. Now, why bother?

    4. At Phyllis’ Wedding Jim and Pam have a nice moment at the back of the room, perhaps suggesting some reconnection, but by the end of the night, $20 and some insecurity leads to Pam leaving with Roy. So, when Pam says its completely over with Roy, Jim very understandably either doesn’t believe her or doesn’t care.

    I am not thrilled with Karen and understand that will end soon anyway, but that doesn’t mean Jim should get with Pam. The trust is completely gone, the friendship is sporadic, the hurt is obviously still there…how does that equal a successful relationship (the very thing most of us want). I think if and when JAM happens it will be believable and solid…something that could last. I hope the writers hold off a little bit on that because Pam is still a mess (she is getting better, though) and that puppydog love Jim had for her is obviously gone.

    I think Pam will come clean at the end of tthe season, but don’t be surprised if we get a response from Jim that is similar to the Negotiation.

  175. I was so disappointed with the Jim and Pam relationship in this episode. It’s like they aren’t even friends now. Why doesn’t Jim move back to his old desk, it is where he belongs.

    I liked the scene between Roy and Pam though. She needs to be encouraged to go after Jim, but I doubt she will make a move while Karen is there.

    There is still hope though. The Christmas episode gave me that when Jim told Michael about rebounds. Karen is his rebound and he knows it. I think that is why his relationship with Karen is pretty much just at the office. He never seems to want to do anything with her.

  176. I agree with Zorro in that I think the season finale will be when Pam reveals her feelings, maybe tries to act on them. And Karen will reveal she is pregnant or some other cliff hanger. . . .
    I was getting sooo frustrated with all the commercials last nite. And for other shows – like, we waited for weeks and are NOT interested in the new lineup! I felt like an addict who got the 1st one free and then had to keep paying for each little hit after that. Overall, great episode. Carrell is The Man.

  177. When will The Negotiation be available on iTunes? I thought I could get it after work last night and it’s still not available!!

  178. So I was thinking about everyone’s comments and I’ve decided that here is what I’d like to see the authors do with the Jim/Pam relationship.

    I think Pam will make a move possibly at the end of this season or at the very least Jim and Karen will break up. I would like to see them re-establish their friendship slowly over the course of next season, and slowly have it naturally turn into something else the way it would have the first time if not for Roy. I also would like to buck the conventional wisdom that if they get together it’ll be the end of the show. The show does not revolve entirely around them. Also, the vast majority of their relationship would play off screen anyway, the pranks on Dwight would continue, and being in a relationship doesn’t mean you never have problems. I would just like to see it done realistically. Will they/won’t they tension is fun, but it can only be sustained for so long, and I would like to the show to continue for another 3 years.

  179. I was a little worried that after waiting soooo long for this HUGE episode I would be disappointed. Was I ever wrong? One of the best episodes of The Office. Worth the wait but pleease don’t ever make us go 6 weeks without a new episode again.

    “Poop is raining from the ceiling. Poop.”

  180. Jim won’t move back to his desk or deal with Pam as long as Karen is still around. She’s been holding him emotionally hostage ever since Traveling Salesmen. How do you think Karen would react if Jim took back his old desk? That’s right…get ready for another week of sleepless “talks about the relationship.” Jim will ALWAYS play it safe, even if it’s emotionally unhealthy, because the one time he took a risk, he got hurt. Bad.

    And Karen has officially moved from cute to mildly annoying to crazy jealous to bee-yotch with her “why don’t you go sell some paper so we can take a trip?” comment.

    Yeah Karen? Why don’t YOU drink a nice tall glass of SHUT THE BLEEP UP??

  181. How great was it when Michael explained to Jan what was wrong? I think the sad Michael bits are the best.

    “It was a weird day. I accidentally cross-dressed. And then Darryl made me feel bad for not making any money. And then I had to ride up here with stupid Toby. And then your assistant was all young and hot.”

    Tragically Hilarious. Oh, Michael Scott.

  182. Did Jim’s ears look extra big in this episode or was it just because of his hair?

  183. I expected the ratings to go down because they showed re-runs so long. Most people probably didn’t realize it was new.

  184. Did anyone else notice that no one was really surprised when Roy went after Jim? Does that mean everyone pretty much knows… well, I don’t know, what do the other office people know about Jim/Pam/Roy? Are we to assume they know what we know?

  185. I may be mistaken but in addition to his base salary Michael would get a decent commission on his paper sales, plus he would likely get a small commission on everything that the Scranton branch sold (kind of an incentive to keep has sales staff motivated).

  186. #229 | Michelle —

    Good point. You have to wonder what they know, esp. after this exchange::

    “Kevin: So Karen, how do you feel that Roy tried to kick your boyfriend’s ass over another woman?
    Karen: I feel great, Kevin. Thank you.”

    Hmmm, Kevin knew about Jim’s feelings for Pam a long time ago (and the whole office after Kelly’s outburst in “The Secret”). So maybe everyone just assumes that’s it… they probably don’t know about Casino Night.

    I’m going to have to think about this one….

  187. I have two comments:

    First, I’m a huge Jammer and was kind of encouraged by the combination of Pam/Jim and Karen/Jim interaction last night. It seems like Pam is trying to salvage her relationship with Jim…while Karen seems to be increasingly doing/saying things that might sabotage her relationship with Jim. The whole situation is arguably at its most complicated ever, with everyone involved hurt, confused, and lacking the awareness/confidence they need to find a quick resolution. However, I’m sticking to my positive outlook here because I believe the new assertive Pam will eventually find a way to excavate the old romantic Jim from beneath the layer of bitterness that all of this has caused.

    Second, I agree with everyone that likes the “reality” of this shows plot development. But, I don’t think that reality has to necessarily equal heartache. Sometimes, in real life, people who are meant for each other actually connect. I recognize that this sometimes takes a while–years or decades even–but it happens. So, what I’m saying here is that I don’t think that the writers are faced with a straight-up “ratings or reality” choice. I think, personally, that if they are smart about it they can find a third option that satifies both without sacrificing too much of either.

  188. Hey Pam-casso, that “third option that satisfies both” would definitely make for a win-win-win situation :-)

  189. In response to the post concerning the ratings. Maybe the ratings are down because people are getting sick and tired of the Jim, Pam, Karen and Roy thing. I know I am. End it already. Please!!!!

  190. I don’t think the ratings are down because of that. I have a ton of friends who watch the Office and did not know that it was on last night.

  191. Best line of the show – “Jim…Roy! Look out!” Kevin is the best.

    Great episode. About time we got a new one. I liked that they had Roy go out on a positive note. For a minute there I thought they were going to get back together and I was going to give up on the US version and just watch the UK one instead (The US version seems to keep getting dumbed-down for American audiences)

    Jim handled the thing with Pam very well, I think. His reply to “we’re done for good now” (“We’ll see.”) was what Pam needed to hear. She’ll needs to have some guts and go out on a limb like he did. Which I’m sure the writers will have her do for the season finale, then find new ways to drag this thing on for another year.

  192. I thought it was odd that Karen showed no emotion whatsoever in reaction to Roy’s attempted punch at Jim.

    Is she just a bad actress, or is the character completely numb and unfeeling? Maybe both.

  193. Great post NJ Branch (218). I totally agree with you. The spark JAM had in season one and two is completely gone and if they got together now, they’d be broken up in no time. Not enough time has passed. When it happened in the UK version, the timing was right, the gift was awesome and it just worked. It’s not going to happen this year. More time needs to pass and the spark needs to return.

  194. As someone who spent this ridiculous hiatus rewatching every single episode to date, this episode was very different from anything we’ve seen before in that so many of the characters weren’t acting like their usual selves. Yes, people change when something significant happens, but for this FICTIONAL show I think having so many people act so unusual all at the same time took away from the episode.

    And since when has Karen had such a selfish and b*tchy attitude? I hate the Jim/Karen relationship as much as anyone else, but you have to admit Karen has never shown any signs of being THAT self-absorbed or spoiled that would justify that “Maybe you should go back out there and sell paper so we can go on a trip” comment.

    Other examples of characters being out-of-character: 1) Angela being so obviously turned on in front of the rest of the staff and the cameras. Even when Dwight and Angela didn’t know the cameras were on them, they were still pretty conservative so I don’t know why she all of a sudden would be THIS obvious with her lust for Dwight. 2) Roy encouraging Pam to go for Jim? Are you kidding me? 3) Jim being SO cold with Pam? Yes, I understand why he was acting like that but it was just too dark for this show.

    I’m sorry this post is so long; I just had to get that off my chest.

  195. I loved this episode ! I would like to see the old days of Jim/Pam the cuteness and the flirting of it all. Maybe Karen will leave at the end of the season in some great fantastic way. Then Jim and Pam will spend the 4th season reconneting and possibly having a “re-do” at casino night 2008.
    As far as the ratings go my friends and I Tivo it. I wonder how many ratings are missed becasue of Tivo.
    Without the angst of JAM I have really enjoyed all the other story lines. The writers of this show are amazing.

  196. Jim’s hair is definitely a wig. If you have the iTunes download of the episode, some upclose shots definitely look unnatural. Weird, although I suppose that is what he/the show has to do for him to shoot Leatherheads.

  197. just read all the commnets and i have to agree that although the break room scene was painful it was very realistic. I do believe that in the season finale pam will finally reveal her feelings ..but likely Jim will shoot her down or karen will call in the middle of her confession ruining it or something. so sad. i know its realistic but it takes away somewhat from the show, if they would just be happy and go back to the old friendship (like someone said…if jaren break up and next season jim and pam go back to their old friendship and it develops into more) i think it would actually take away from the drama of the show and be sweeter, lighter, and funnier – and i DONT think the resolved sexual tension will take away from the quality of the show either, which i am sure the producers are afraid of. i remmember 10 yrs or so ago on the Xfiles it was a huge thing and a lot of people wanted mulder/scully to get together coz of the sexual tension but producers were afraid the show would suck if it were resolved, so they never did anything, but i dont think it would suck on the office.

    if anything i could see lots of cute moments, maybe jim and pam sleeping together and then at the office the next day sharing some nervous/akward smiles, etc, people like phyllis finding out theyre together and being happy, michael making jokes about it. i think it would be really sweet and add to the comedy of the show not take away anything! who agrees?

  198. I have to disagree with #241. Everything was totally in character. Roy has invested a huge amount of his life in Pam but deep down he really only wants what’s best for her. It was a really mature conversation they had which probably accounts for why she would stay with him for so long anyway.

    Jim’s just gotta be completely confused and frustrated. In his mind Pam has been over for a long time and now here it is resurfacing. It’s only natural he’d retreat. He retreated from her wedding, and from her refusal.

    As for Angela, come on, Jim mistook her for a hooker at the convention! She’s obviously got a side we’re only beginning to know.

    All this stuff just shows how the characters are getting fuller and better developed, otherwise they’d be just one-dimensional caricatures and that gets old quick.

  199. As far as the ratings go, I guarantee you it has to do with the fact that it was on 30 minutes earlier than usual. I almost missed it until I checked at the last minute. I actually missed the opening scene with Roy. I’m sure a lot of fans didn’t realize the time change.

  200. After all this time, I was kind of disappointed. I thought the jokes were fine, but I just didn’t care for the plot. I used to think that Jim and Pam should never get together, but now I just wish they’d get it over with instead of cockteasing us for years and years.

  201. I very much agree with your third paragraph, Kristina.

    On the other hand, this was one of the best in-character Michael Scott episodes of the season, I loved that aspect.

  202. I think that this episode was VERY good. Great stuff with Michael, Toby and Darryl. I didn’t think anyone was really out of character – perhaps Roy…

    Angela I think thought she was being very coy she didn’t say anything about Dwight. Perhaps it seemed obvious because we KNOW the secret. Everyone else does not (or maybe they do?). Angela and Dwight’s kiss was not out of character. Dwight and Angela thought everyone was gone (including the camera – he was hiding in the conference room).

    Jim was cold to Pam for two reasons: 1. I think he feels he is starting to get over Pam, and that it’s time to move on. 2. Pam obviously told Roy about the kiss – this got him attacked and brought up the incident again in front of his current girlfriend – I wouldn’t be happy either.

    Roy – I think he knows he has really screwed up – he lost his job and was HUMILIATED in front of the ENTIRE office. I think he came and picked up his check to make Pam see what a sad state he is in (and that he needs Pam – Pam is drawn to being needed).

    But why would Roy want Pam to go after Jim unless he’s given up on Pam?
    I think this is also his tricky way of making Pam think that he has changed and his more sensitive. Maybe that will make Pam think that he’s more concerned about her feelings than about his own?

  203. hey guys, this is off topic and i dont know if anyone else picked this up, (and i apologize if someone already brought this up) but when michael shows darryl his pay stub and then starts to take pictures of it on his phone, he says “im sorry, mike, some mother f*ckers got to hear about this.” i hope they dont get in trouble for this.

  204. Mike (250)

    i think he said “some of the fellas”. the MF is a biiiiiiiig no-no and i dont think the writes would even put that in the script…queer as f*ck was as potty mouthed as its gotten

    ..correct me if im wrong, people. ;)

  205. Daryl said, “I’m sorry Mike, some mo’ folks got to hear about this.”

    Only bad thing about this episode! So many times I was like “What did you say?! Speak clearer!” Michael, Daryl, Jim.

    The more I think about it, the more I think John K. really phoned in this performance. If anything was off and not quite normal in the episode it was him. Everyone else was really shining.

  206. So many times I was like “What did you say?! Speak clearer!”

    Thank goodness for closed captioning. I wouldn’t be able to transcribe quotes without it!

    (Like the “Sex, Steve Martin, Teri Hatcher” line — I had no idea that’s what Jim was saying until I turned CC on.)

  207. In response to 241:

    I think you make some great points, but I disagree on some level. I also rewatched all the episodes (yay for boredom) and I feel like maybe we haven’t been able to get to know Karen all that well yet, like with the regular characters. I think Jim’s reaction to Pam was natural, considering the circumstances. Angela has exhibited her feelings for Dwight (in a more subtle fashion, of course) in past episodes (like she got really upset at Kelly for calling Dwight a freak).

    I do agree that Roy’s reaction was a little strange, but maybe he felt so badly about everything and in the end, still loves Pam.

  208. This episode really made me realize how horribly depressing the relationship between Jim and Pam has been this season. It really sucks, cause that was something that always held the show together well in Season 1 and 2.

    And Karen has become a very strange character to figure out. It seems somewhat unclear to me whether or not she knew Pam was engaged to Roy. I guess she MUST know now, but I don’t get why she wouldn’t have anything to say about that to the camera.

  209. I’ve waded through the comments (don’t tell my boss) but haven’t seen this mentioned:

    I love the nasty look on Pam’s face when Karen is badgering Jim into going out. She is, literally, glaring at Karen. So much said in just an expression.

    That’s one of the things that make “The Office” so great: acting.

  210. I personally think Jim was being a jerk! He’s mad at Pam or blowing her off because she told Roy?! Hello, YOU kissed her, an engaged woman, yet it’s ok for him to tell his girlfriend but not ok for Pam to tell Roy because she was hoping to make a fresh start? Whatev!

    I do want Pam & Jim to be together but I really hope Roy & Karen are still part of the show. Which btw, once they are together are they really going to have 4 couples together on the show? Someone is going to have to break up, it’s just how tv works.

  211. I loved this episode best so far! I’m sure that’s getting old but it’s true!

  212. In response to #241:

    My point was that I just thought it was odd that ALL of the characters I mentioned just had to show their “other sides” all at the exact same time. It just comes across as sloppy writing to me. Why did EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM have to develop so drastically in THIS episode?

    I just picture one of the writers saying to his/herself ‘Oh wait! I completely forgot that I was going to gradually lead into ::insert plot points here:: for the season finale!’ No worries though, I’ll just shove them all into “The Negotiation” so what happens in the finale won’t be so out-of-the-blue!

    Yes, all of this was supposed to come out at some point, but it shouldn’t have happened all at the same time.

  213. Wow, I think it’s amazing there’s 250 comments in one day. This episode went by way to fast for a supersized one. I love Kelly’s name for her child ” Usher Jennifer Hudson Kapoor” Michael Schur did a great job!

    I love the Dwangela story line too.

  214. Roy was not acting in Pam’s best interests. If anything, he was feeling out the waters – “Do I have another chance to get together with her or is she really going to get together with Halpert?” – and was not encouraging Pam to get together with Jim. I mean, the guy is at a point where we’ve SEEN him trash a bar and attack another employee so that he lost his job, and there’s no knowing what he’s done that we haven’t even seen. Clearly he has issues with his temper, and since the last time we saw “sensitive Roy” it was obviously just a sham, there’s no reason to believe that THIS time he’s done a dramatic turnaround and is all sensitive and nurturing. So I agree that Roy in the second half of the episode was out of character and unbelievable. Good riddance Roy, and no offense to David Denman, who did a fantastic job with a very unlikable character.

  215. Well, Kristina, we’ll just have to agree to disagree on this point and see where the story goes, okay?

  216. Dwight is hilarious..awesome way of starting the show. What’s going to happen now between Jim and Pam?
    …..vacation for Jim and Karen?

  217. I am so frustrated at The Office even though I loved this episode. They are truly turning Jim into a jerk. Look at it this way: Jim tried to take an engaged woman away from her fiance’. (Roy being a piece of crap and no good for Pam is irrelevant.) Pam was with him for about 10 years and weeks from her wedding day. Jim gets rejected and hurt because she didn’t up and cancel her wedding and re-arrange her life for him? It’s pretty scary to get out of a long-term relationship when you’ve been in one as long as she has. She did a brave thing by leaving him and now she has to deal with Jim being mad at her. I love Jim but I’m starting not to like him for how he’s treating her. Just my 2 cents.

  218. Also, if I were Roy I’d do the same thing he did. After he calmed his temper and had to walk into the office with his tail between his legs, I’m sure he started thinking about things. When he asked Pam why she wouldn’t go after Pam, it is totally realistic. If my boyfriend called off a wedding for a guy (or so I thought), after I calmed myself down I’d be so curious about what happens next. Roy wasn’t “pushing” her to go out with Jim. He was curious if she was gonna try to get with Jim. I’d do the exact same thing. Roy is still a jerk but he was very humbled from his firing. That’s why he was nice to Pam.

  219. Man, they’re twisting the morals here. Jim and Pam should’ve been punished for their backstabbing kiss. I feel bad for Karen being dragged into this mess and there’s nothing she can do but watch her boyfriend fall for someone else. Pam is just causing trouble by dragging this out.

  220. I’m sorry, NoGould. I meant no disrespect to you or to your opinions especially since you did bring up some very good points. I didn’t mean to sound rude, but I’m sorry if I was.

    I’m also looking forward to next week. Now that they’ve established where all of the characters stand (no matter how tachy I thought it was handled), it should be very interesting to see where the writers take everything in “Safety Training.”

  221. Regarding the ratings, I almost missed it because I don’t get out of class until seven, and it takes me at least an hour to get home. I almost missed it myself, but thank goodness, I made it home in time for an amazing episode! I have to say that I loved the episode though. It totally made up for six weeks without an episode, although it was a pain to go that long without an episode.

  222. What happened to Jim’s fringe? it’s all screwed up and look like girl’s bangs.

    And this episode is a little disappointing and is exaggerated, but I still love The Office

  223. Favorite part: Ryan & Kelly…I just love their relationship dynamic. It’s so dysfunctional yet so realistic. And poor Toby having to deal with it all…BUT WHERE WAS MEREDITH THIS EPISODE??? She should really get more lines that actually air…

  224. Yeah Jim’s bangs are all weird cause it’s a wig.
    Which is really weird if you keep thinking about it every time you watch the episode…
    I was always a fan of the Jim hairstyle, so this is a tough blow.

  225. Meredith and Stanley are both underused. When your “guest star” Creed Bratton (come on! He deserves equal billing Office execs!) gets more and funnier lines than your regular cast members something’s wrong. Not that I’m complaining about Creed screen time, he’s one of my favorite characters, just that the others should get some more time and story lines too.

  226. Here’s a theory regarding Karen. I think at the end of the season she’s actually going to dump HIM, and not the other way around. With the breakroom interaction between Jim and Karen, maybe her suggestion to just go out there and sell paper is just her frustration with Jim over the little soap opera she’s gotten involved with between Jim, Pam and Roy. That the conversation was about Dwight was beside the point.

    And I think the finale will be her getting a job with corporate with New York and her saying to him “You know what, I’m done. I will always be second rate to her, so I’m not going to bother anymore.”

    Another acting observation from the ep. When Roy came in to pick up his check, I loved the slow rise and intense eye contact from Dwight. Reminded me of a cobra ready to strike.

  227. I agree with God (which is so rare these days ;) – I don’t understand Karen either. She seems to want to be in the Office antics sometimes (baiting Michael about his clothes) then tells Jim to get over the office politics and relationships and just go sell paper. It seems really odd. It would be nice to have known more about her or to have her be more of a character in her own right before they moved her here to be just Jim’s girlfriend.

    That was a great episode. I loved how Angela almost climaxed every time she heard the story about Dwight, and that Toby would rather be hit in the head with a hammer than sit there with Ryan and Kelly any more.

    The whole Michael/Darryl storyline was horrible, however, especially the woman’s suit and paycheck thing. I skipped that entire part on the second viewing.

  228. fantastic episode, god after the huge wait for a new one i was scared we were going to be disappointed. but this episode kicked some massive butt, loved the usher dialogue from kelly and ryan, dwight was magnificent in this episode, and Darryl was such a good addition into the dialogue, just an awesome episode

  229. You’re totally right reginaroadie – Karen’s dumping Jim, definitely not the other way around.

  230. Did anyone notice that Steve appeared to break character when walking out of the conference room when darryl was taking a photo of him? Huge grin on his face like he was about to laugh. Funny stuff :)

  231. I absolutely love Jan and Michael’s relationship in the episode, they are growing as a couple and its so cute. How Michael tells Jan how he is just having a bad/weird day, including the car ride with Toby is just so cute. Than Jan offers him that huge raise!! “Go Mike, let her know who wears the pants in the relationship”

  232. I love how we get to see the different side of Karen, The whiny side. The comment she made about selling more paper and going on vacation is not what we’ve seen before. This is not the down to earth cool Karen it’s the selfish, I-don’t-care-how-my-boyfriend-feels type of Karen.

    It’s weird how she just completely blows off giving Jim advice and says “I don’t care just get me money.” This gives us a good insight that they are somewhat argumentative about the wrong things. I wonder if that one line gave Karen fans a different outlook on her.?

    P.S., I’m sorry if someone already wrote this, but I’m too lazy to read 280 comments so yeah.

  233. Hmm. Here’s a Jim thought. If you were in this relationship with Karen where she doesn’t really care how you feel, just how she feels about things, would you be super excited to get out of that relationship (yes, probably) just to explore something with a woman who’s been sending extremely mixed signals for more than six months (no, probably.) When Jim and Pam were just friends things were uncomplicated, it was just small talk, pranks on Dwight, and private feelings of really liking someone else. Everything changed between Casino Night and The Convention. They surprised each other but then were confused when each later showed that maybe they weren’t interested.

    In short, Pam’s gonna seem like too much work and too hard to read for Jim until they re-establish a friendship and are finally honest with each other. Sometime next season.

  234. I thought that it was a very good episode, and there is one thing about Karen that we have seen before, that kinda ‘I need to get this done’ type of deal, when they wanna prank Andy and hide his phone. BUT, then again, you kinda see that Jim’s in his own little world too and doesn’t care about anything but his own little world. The only one that seems to be in his world is Pam, and I don’t think that he was upset, I think that he KNOWS that she has the same feelings and can’t do anything about it. Getting Karen probably wasn’t something that he planned, especially since he thought that Pam was married to Roy. Remember, he hadn’t talked to Pam since he transferred to the other branch, and didn’t return for almost half a season, so it was a while til he returned. Jim, I don’t see as being turned into a jerk, if you see, he could’ve just said, screw you to Roy and pressed charges against him, and the company, but he didn’t and totally understood where he was coming from. I’m sure that he knows why he did it. Though, that part with Dwight at the end where he pepper sprayed Andy was fricken hilarious.


  235. In response to Zorro #191. If that is the ONLY outcome possible then that would mean that nothing different ever has happened in real life ever. Jim and Pam moving on without each other is hardly the only realistic outcome, although it may be the most likely, if you are shooting for cold, hard, reality. But to say it’s the only would mean that no one ever in their situation would ever take a chance. They do still work together, and there are plenty of situations that could get them together, and still be realistic. I think the writers have always managed to hit reality right on the nose. And yet, they always manage to surprise us as well.

    And not exactly on this topic but sort of…..

    I really don’t care if when they do get together if it’s real or not. I watch the show for the comedy, drama, and romance. I don’t watch it for the reality element. I watch the news, and reality shows, and documentaries to get reality. I watch The Office for entertainment and fun. To entertain me, they’d have to come up with a clever way to get Jim/Pam together, while keeping me busy with all of the office antics.

    So although I enjoy each and every opinion, I really don’t “get” how some people plan to be disappointed if the show seems too fictional.

    Does anyone, anyone, watch this show to get a dose of reality???

  236. And lastly, I promise, my Michael/Jan thoughts. Michael is a great salesman and we’ve seen how great he is with clients when it looks like he’s totally sloughing off, but it’s like that’s ALL he knows how to do. He has no idea what to do with his own life, which we see in all the Michael sad/pathos moments. Him and Jan have potential together but as long as she’s just using him they’re not going to have a good relationship. And eventually he’ll figure it out.

  237. #285 Daniel,
    In episode 3.02: The Convention, Michael tells Jim that they didn’t get married. I can’t fide an exact quote but I think it goes like this…
    Jim: I transferred because of Pam
    Michael: Oh my god, you have no idea, She’s single now. You should talk to Roy, he knows exactly how you’re feeling.
    Jim: (nods) Yeah.

  238. This has to be one of my favorite Office episodes ever. It was funny (Darryl should have more time) and all of the couples (even ones that weren’t together, Pam I’m looking at you) were all top-notch. There was no scene where I didn’t laugh and I thought it was very … well, good. It didn’t focus on Jim and Pam as much as I thought it would which is perfectly fine (actually I think I’m happier that it turned out this way) and while someone could have already observed this every time Roy asks about Jim Pam has this smile on her face… it’s rather great to watch. Actually, I’ll do that right now.

  239. So, how much do you think Michael is making after his raise? 35-40,000 maybe?

  240. One more interesting and somewhat ironic touch I realized.

    Ryan’s full name is Ryan Bailey Howard. I think it’s a reference to Jimmy Stewart in IT’S A WONDERFUL LIFE. If that’s true, then it’s a really great irony that the one character on the show that has completely lost hope and is cynical towards everything shares a name with a character played by an actor famous for his optimism.

  241. i finally got a chance to see this episode today. i recorded it on thursday but didn’t have time to see it ’til today.

    i can still feel jim’s bitterness towards the fact that pam rejected him. i mean yeah it was wrong of roy to attack him, but he acted really jerky in front of pam. he’s definitely not over the fact that she said no. but the more i think about it, the more it bothers me. jim told pam he loved her on casino night, but he gave her ten minutes to think about something he thought about for years. i think that’s unfair.

    something that really bothers me is that whenever pam acts the slightest bit jerky, people say she’s was being an ass. but whenever jim is a jerk people automatically jump to his defense. i guess we’re all used to rooting for the underdog. but he ain’t the underdog no’ mo’.

    another thing that annoys me is that jim is the assistant regional manager…and that it comes with a pay raise. *sigh* i remember in the first and second season when the only reason he worked there was because of pam.

    i think the whole jim and pam situation has dragged on for waaay too long. i’m confident that the writers are building up the drama so that they’ll end up together at the end of the season. i just hope pam confronts jim about what a jerk he is right now.

    i hope this jim/pam situation is settled soon so that the writers can focus more on the minor characters. especially meredith. she barely has any parts this season.

    anyways, “the negotiation” was a decent episode, overall. i loved that michael wore a woman’s suit. and that angela was all hot and bothered by dwight’s bravery. that was the highlight of the episode. oh, and andy is back! so win win…win.

  242. I think it is important that in the first scene of the episode, Jim was insistent on not going to the movie with Karen right before Roy came in. I would have liked to see how the rest of that conversation would have played out, along with Karen’s reaction, if Roy hadn’t have come in.

  243. also, i like how when Pam and Roy hugged outside of the diner, Roy tried to hang on longer, and Pam cut it short. It IS so over!

  244. Just noticed something after the fifth or sixth viewing. When Roy comes to pick up his paycheck, and walks to Accounting, Oscar stands up and sort of stands in front of Angela, as to protect her should Roy get violent again. …Kind of a continuance of their budding friendship formed in “Cocktails.”

    It’s especially sweet after all of their disagreements over the past few seasons and after Angela being afraid she could catch Oscar’s homosexuality when he brushed against her, that he’d still stand up for her. As Humphrey Bogart famously stated in Casablanca, “Louis, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.”

  245. Yeah, Brian – it reminds me of “Branch Closing” when they find out that the Scranton Branch isn’t closing and Kevin and Angela can’t help but hug each other. As cold as Angela can be sometimes, the Accounting Three certainly stick together.

    Loved the episode! Spit out soda when Andy got maced!

  246. Re: #266
    I know that Jim’s behavior has been hard to deal with lately, but I’m puzzled that some people think Jim was totally out of line for telling Pam (an engaged woman) his feelings for her. All along Pam has come to Jim with her complaints and problems regarding Roy.
    At one point in season 2 when Pam is complaining about the wedding drama, Jim says “What does Roy think about all this?” and Pam says she tries not to bother him about this stuff. Jim responds “you mean like your thoughts and feelings?” He has every reason to believe that this wedding might not happen or at least that it should not happen, even if he wasn’t a factor in it. Jim had to make a decision-was he going to stay or take the job in Stamford. At that point the only reason to stay was Pam. He had to take his shot even though waiting until Casino Night was cutting close to the wire.
    As for all the JK wig speculation- Tanster, you saw John up close when you visited the set. What say you abut Mr. Krasinski’s hair?

  247. Missed 20 minutes of the Episode, because I kept thinking that it was on at 8:30. Boy, was I mad. But the parts I saw were pretty hilarious- I didn’t get to see Roy and Jim go at it though.

  248. I think what Roy said was not out of character in the slightest… one of the reasons Pam called off the wedding was because of Jim, even if that wasn’t the majority of it, and she won’t persue it… the whole love triangle-square-triangle-square-triangle is confusing as are the people in it, and in Roy’s mind, he doesn’t get it.

    Angela wins in this episode as a side note. :-D

  249. First of all, I just wanted to say that Jenna Fischer has the most amazing reaction faces. I love how when Roy says “are you gonna start going out with Halpert?” She has a huge smile on her face, even though she’s trying to hide it. Than when she says “he has a girlfriend” it looks like she’s about to start balling. It goes to show there is still attraction there.

    and number 300, Fiver, it’s his real hair. They like to joke around a lot on the commentaries. It is hard to tell, though, they are really good actors :)

  250. I am the only one who is in some wierd way gonna miss Roy being on the show?

  251. Jim was not wearing a wig…he just has really short hair right now and they had to comb it as much as possible to cover his head…you know to make it more Jim like….thats all…thats why it looked so bad.

  252. NoGould, post #284: Interesting thoughts.

    Yes, I agree that it will dawn on Jim that Karen has total disregard for his feelings, while hammering home to him what hers are – though she has picked up on hints that Jim is not comfortable with her MO, hence

    “Karen: When I heard Jim and Pam had kissed, my reaction was to have lots of long talks with Jim about our feelings. Roy just attacked him. I’m not sure which one Jim hated more.”

    …but as for chucking Pam because of her mixed signals – bottom line is, he loves her, and as Michael advised, per the “big message” of the show, I predict he will “never give up” …

    …which was the powerful concluding message of the British “Office,” too.

  253. Ok, hopeless romantic that I am, I’ve been rooting for Jim and Pam to get together this whole time and I’m not about to stop. But the time has come for me to stand up for that other woman…

    In Defense of Karen:

    A lot of people have completely read that scene in the breakroom between Jim and Karen completely differently than I did. I think Karen’s been handling herself remarkably well lately. She found out something devastating a few weeks ago – that her boyfriend still had serious feelings for another woman that they both work with every day. She’s been trying to move past it. I think she was too shocked to be surprised when Roy attacked Jim (by the way, how great was it the way Jim’s eyes just slid over to Pam the minute Roy said his name?), and when we returned, a weekend had passed. (Jan says something about “last Friday”)

    Karen’s in an untenable situation and trying to make the best of it because she cares about Jim and doesn’t want to give him up. Would you want to give up if you had Jim Halpert? I don’t think so. I think she’s actually fairly perceptive. She knows how much Jim hated talking about their feelings, and her comment on that came off as almost self-deprecating and rueful. Her line about how Jim probably just feels guilty for all the pranks – even Jim had to admit the truth of that, and she was really listening to him in that breakroom.

    As for the infamous “Why don’t you go out there and sell some paper so we can take a trip.” I really didn’t think she was being mean. I think she was saying “look, there is no way out of this. You feel crappy, I feel crappy, and the only way we’re going to feel better is to get out of town for a bit.” Jim kind of needed a kick in the backside at that point, and Karen doesn’t mess around. He was being immature, and it has to be rough to have the scene replayed over and over for her when yes, Roy tried to beat the crap out of her boyfriend over another woman. She was asking him to move on. I really don’t think she was out of line. And it didn’t look to me like Jim was offended. His expression was more of a rueful “you’re probably right” to me.

    Eventually Karen will move on without Jim because she has too much self-respect to stay there if he can’t move with her, but in the meantime, she’s trying to see if she can make it work. I understand that.

  254. yeah i was JUST thinking that exact thing Extremely Gruntled, is he.. gone for good now?
    like, he’s not gonna be in the credits as cast anymore or what?
    : – (
    i liked ol’ roy.

  255. Just wanted to say that I agree with #306 about Karen. Amen.

    And hopefully you are right about the writers giving her enough self respect to not stay with Jim for much longer…

  256. Re: #306

    You *completely* read my mind. I think people are being a bit too harsh on Karen. I read that whole scene in the breakroom as Karen basically telling Jim, “No use crying over spilled milk. (feeling guilty about all the pranks in the past, probably because she knows it’s only a matter of time before he starts pulling them again)” And Jim smirks at the end of the scene, so obviously he didn’t take it as her trying to crack the whip on him, as well as the fact that he knows it’s only a matter of time before he’s pranking Dwight again, too.

    I also thought she was adorable in the opening scene. Come on, girls, haven’t you ever had to cajole a boyfriend to take you out before instead of spending another night in watching a game and ordering pizza? I know I have, and I don’t think it made me a controlling you-know-what. I just wanted to do something else for a change.

    I’m all about Jim/Pam eventually, but honestly neither has done anything lately that makes either *remotely* deserving of the other.

  257. I wonder if Kelly is pregnant. I mean, she and Ryan were talking about baby names. They were great together, bickering and driving Toby nuts so that he’d much rather go on a trip with Michael than stay at his desk. HA HA!

  258. Alamedaman (#301), I don’t know if there will be many deleted scenes. Since this was a “supersized” ep (something like 10 minutes more), they may have used most of the “good” additional footage that normally would have been posted as deleted scenes. We’ll see.

  259. I like when Jim says “Steve Martin, Teri Hatcher” to get Michael’s attention. I know it’s a subtle but it was funny.

  260. Reality vs. Ratings: I don’t watch this show because it mirrors my life exactly. This whole, “we’re so realistic and awesome, we’ll never get Jim and Pam together haha” line is wearing thin.

    But then again, it’s Pam 2.0 and Jim 2.0 I want together, not their virus laden 3.0 versions.

    I’m betting Safety Training is going to be JAM free, because it’s either JAM angst, or no JAM at all apparently. But it would be nice to see the super friends back in action.

  261. now with Roy gone, i totally see a HOT NEW GUY FOR PAM storyline. basically a doppelganger of Jim but not Jim, so he’s gonna get REALLY jealous

  262. Loved this episode – great Creed, great Toby – what more could you want? Oh yeah, Andy getting pepper sprayed. (Another great example of the writers taking a character you hate and making you feel totally sympathetic for them. Poor Andy.)

  263. Why did they change Michael’s hair style in this episode compared to Cocktails. He has the season one hair style in The negotiation and it makes Steve Carell not look as good as he can.

  264. My previous comment got deleted, so maybe it was too spoilery??? I dunno… sorry if it ’twas.

    So, I’ll just say, Elisabeth #316 – Everyone was looking at his caboose. :-)

  265. Did anyone else notice that Jim was wearing lipstick in some scenes (esp the beginning) – and then in others his lips were totally chapped? Is it just moi?

  266. Where is the Jim I love? I don’t care what anybody says he’s GONE! Jim has left the building ladies and gentlemen. Who else remembers the sweet adorable perfect Jim from last season, or even the beginning of this season? Even in Benihana Christmas Jim took Pam’s present to make her feel better!

    Ever since Pam got back with Roy Jim has been one big ASS! I’m sick of it! I wish I had my positive lovely caring pranking Jim Halpert back, the one that not only loved Pam, but treated her good. If Jim and Pam can’t be together, at least let them be friends again!

  267. PS I forgot to say that Darryl does deserve a big raise so I hope that he gets it.

  268. I know this is probably asking for too much and wishful thinking but does anyone know how much Michael was making before he got a raise. I’m guessing it was somewhere in the low 30’s.

  269. really good episode too~ loved michael in women’s clothes and OMG Dwight saving Jim!! awesome! :)

    loved the Toby and michael parts!! hahaha

  270. I’m watching the repeat, and I can’t believe they cut out the part where Roy says to Pam, “I don’t get you, Pam” and she says, “I know.”

    Those lines were HUGE! I can’t believe NBC couldn’t have found 5 seconds to cut somewhere else. I was only kind of half-watching the show while surfing the net, but of course I knew what was coming, and when I didn’t hear it, I thought I just missed it. (That shows how familiar I am with The Office; something missing catches my attention.) Thank goodness for my DVR. I rewound and sure enough, they had cut it. At least I know I’m not losing my mind!

    I haven’t watched a lot of the repeats, because I was afraid they would be butchered for the sake of advertising dollars, and sure enough…

    Have any of the other repeats been like this?

  271. Glad I’m not the only one who noticed this. I missed the part when Angela goes to Creed for yet another description of Dwight pepper-spraying Roy. Was The Negotiation originally “Super-sized”. I don’t recall but that’s what I’m thinking, because they definitely cut some stuff out, but they didn’t play any more commercials and the opening credits were like 3 seconds long, if that.

  272. Yes, you could definitely notice that this had been cut down from the original super-sized edition – they cut out the two very good Creed parts (the exchange with Angela and when he returns the money he “borrowed” from Michael), which is a shame.

    I think next season, with the hour-longs, will be better. It will be easier to cut those into two half-hour segments when they repeat.

    P.S. That said, I really love this episode – Michael Shur is a fantastic writer! Almost everyone has a great moment in this episode – it really showcases them as an ensemble.

  273. I had forgotten that this episode was super-sized. So, I can see why they had to cut it down (obviously)!

    But I still think whoever made the decision to cut that part of Roy and Pam’s exchange just didn’t get how important those words were. That was the reason they didn’t belong together: he just didn’t “get” her.

  274. omgggggggg
    who else thought this was seriously the BEST EPISODE EVER!?
    cuz it was so perfect…

    jan was like “is toby there?”
    and michael was like “…no.”
    and toby said “i’m here, jan…”

    HAHAHA wow.

  275. This was such an intense episode for Michael.

    1) That suit. How could he wear a woman’s suit?
    2) Daryl making fun of his income.
    3) Disgruntled employees attacking each other.
    4) Being in one car with Toby.
    5) Hunter the assistant.
    6) Finally, a raise!! Thanks to Jan. That was a very sweet moment between Michael and Jan.

    It is so interesting how Toby during the Michael-Jan meeting says “I am just preparing for the deposition”. Since later on in the series Toby is used for that exact reason.

  276. I just noticed…when Michael declined to speak first, he actually spoke first. Ironic. And love the power suit.

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