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Nominate Office blogs for the Bloggies!

2008 Weblog Awards Bloggies

REMINDER! The deadline to add OfficeTally to the ballot is TONIGHT at 10pm ET. Please help nominate OT!

I was chatting with some of The Office folks and we thought it would be cool to nominate a block of blogs for the 2008 Weblog Awards (also known as the Bloggies).

Will you help? Then click over to the gigantic Bloggies nomination form and fill it out thusly:

  • Best Entertainment Weblog:
  • Best Humorous Weblog:
    Creed Thoughts,
  • Best Humorous Weblog:
  • Best New Weblog:
    Creed Thoughts,
  • Best Topical Weblog:
    Things I’ve Bought That I Love (Mindy Kaling’s blog),

With each Tallyhead submitting this nomination ballot, we’ll be UNSTOPPABLE. And if you don’t believe me, Tallyheads helped OfficeTally win the 2007 Bloggers’ Choice Award for Best Entertainment Blog!

The deadline to submit nominations is next Friday, January 11 at 10pm ET, so we don’t have much time. Let’s fill up some categories with our show!

P.S. If you are concerned about supporting the character blogs, don’t be. My sources on the show have told me “The blogs aren’t violating any WGA rules, so please nominate away. Support from TallyHeads is highly encouraged because, as we all know, if you don’t support the blogs, then the terrorists win.”

Rainn Wilson: My Life During the Strike

Entertainment Weekly talks to Rainn Wilson about what he’s been up to lately:

The Office’s assistant to the regional manager Rainn Wilson is finally getting a promotion to big boss man as this year’s host of Film Independent’s Spirit Awards (airing Feb. 23 on AMC and IFC channels). In the, er, spirit of things, Wilson spoke with EW last week about the new gig, his role opposite Ellen Page in Juno, and what he and his Dunder Mifflinites are up to during the strike.

Link: Rainn Wilson: My Life During the Strike

The Weekend Tally

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