Shrute or Schrute?

Did y’all catch this Twittersation between The Office’s Mindy Kaling and Mike Schur last week?

mindykaling Mar 23, 8:53am:
After last nights game, Dwight Shrute will forever know who Steve Nash is.

mindykaling Mar 23, 10:50am:
I’ve spelled it Shrute in every single script I’ve written since Hot Girl. Have I been wrong this whole time? @KenTremendous?

KenTremendous Mar 23, 10:53am:
@mindykaling Yes. S-c-h-r-u-t-e. Don’t worry — it’s not like you’ve been writing lines for that character since 2004.

mindykaling Mar 23, 10:59am:
@KenTremendous this is legit mortifying. I guess you have a leg up on its spelling cuz you’re in the S(c)hrute clan. #mose

KenTremendous Mar 23, 11:49am:
@mindykaling I also have a “leg up” on it because I saw the way it was spelled in the pilot, and then continued to spell it that way. #burn

I love them.