Playboy’s 20 Questions with Ed Helms

Ed Helms Playboy 20 QuestionsPlayboy Magazine plays 20 questions with The Office’s Ed Helms. Here’s an excerpt (printed with permission by Playboy):

“She’s so cool and such a seasoned pro. I was the anxious one,” says Ed Helms in Playboy’s May 20Q when asked about Sigourney Weaver taking his on-screen virginity in Cedar Rapids (issue on newsstands and at Friday, April 15). [from tanster: NSFW] The funnyman goes on to say, “In any situation like that, there is a fear that—how can I put this delicately?—body parts might act on their own accord. But she just completely put me at ease. In the movie, my character is looking for a mother figure, and that’s kind of how I felt about Sigourney. I really felt nurtured and taken care of by her.”

Helms—best known for his roles as Andy Bernard in The Office and Stu from The Hangover—began his career in NYC comedy sketch shows before becoming a regular on The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and starring in a hit TV show and numerous films. The comedic actor sat down with Playboy Contributor Eric Spitznagel to discuss sex on film, tattoos and The Hangover Part II. Following are selected quotes from the interview.

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