The Office All-Time Fan Favorite Poll, 2011

The Office All-Time Fan Favorite Poll, 2011Here are the all-time favorite episodes of The Office, as voted by you, the fans!

The poll asked this question:
What are your favorite episodes of THE OFFICE from Seasons 1-7?

Fans were allowed to choose 1 to 20 episodes.

From September 15-22, 2011, a total of 11,590 votes were cast.

Here are the complete rankings and giveaway winners. Thanks for playing!

All-Time Fan Favorite Poll 2011, complete rankings

  1. 2.22 Casino Night, 455 votes
  2. 2.01 The Dundies, 408 votes
  3. 6.04-05 Niagara, 408 votes
  4. 7.22 Goodbye, Michael, 403 votes
  5. 2.12 The Injury, 376 votes
  6. 4.13 Dinner Party, 320 votes
  7. 3.23 Beach Games, 318 votes
  8. 2.11 Booze Cruise, 302 votes
  9. 3.24-25 The Job, 292 votes
  10. 4.01-02 Fun Run, 274 votes
  11. 4.18-19 Goodbye Toby, 273 votes
  12. 5.14-15 Stress Relief, 237 votes
  13. 1.02 Diversity Day, 218 votes
  14. 2.10 Christmas Party, 215 votes
  15. 2.03 Office Olympics, 209 votes
  16. 5.01-02 Weight Loss, 206 votes
  17. 3.01 Gay Witch Hunt, 203 votes
  18. 3.10-11 A Benihana Christmas, 202 votes
  19. 7.17 Threat Level Midnight, 193 votes
  20. 2.20 Drug Testing, 182 votes
  21. 5.27 Café Disco, 181 votes
  22. 7.24 Dwight K. Schrute, (Acting Manager), 177 votes
  23. 6.10 Murder, 173 votes
  24. 2.04 The Fire, 158 votes
  25. 6.17-18 The Delivery, 158 votes
  26. 2.09 Email Surveillance, 147 votes
  27. 5.25 Broke, 145 votes
  28. 7.19 Garage Sale, 144 votes
  29. 4.07-08 Money, 139 votes
  30. 1.05 Basketball, 136 votes
  31. 3.14 The Return, 131 votes
  32. 3.13 Traveling Salesmen, 129 votes
  33. 5.23 Michael Scott Paper Company, 125 votes
  34. 2.07 The Client, 124 votes
  35. 7.11-12 Classy Christmas, 123 votes
  36. 7.21 Michael’s Last Dundies, 116 votes
  37. 5.28 Company Picnic, 115 votes
  38. 1.03 Health Care, 109 votes
  39. 2.21 Conflict Resolution, 109 votes
  40. 7.03 Andy’s Play, 108 votes
  41. 3.22 Women’s Appreciation, 107 votes
  42. 2.19 Michael’s Birthday, 105 votes
  43. 3.08 The Merger, 100 votes
  44. 2.17 Dwight’s Speech, 95 votes
  45. 2.13 The Secret, 92 votes
  46. 3.15 Ben Franklin, 88 votes
  47. 1.04 The Alliance, 87 votes
  48. 4.09 Local Ad, 86 votes
  49. 3.09 The Convict, 83 votes
  50. 2.02 Sexual Harassment, 82 votes
  51. 3.20 Safety Training, 80 votes
  52. 3.16 Phyllis’ Wedding, 78 votes
  53. 2.06 The Fight, 77 votes
  54. 5.19 Golden Ticket, 77 votes
  55. 3.21 Product Recall, 75 votes
  56. 6.13 Secret Santa, 75 votes
  57. 4.12 The Deposition, 74 votes
  58. 4.10 Branch Wars, 72 votes
  59. 3.06 Diwali, 66 votes
  60. 3.17 Business School, 65 votes
  61. 2.18 Take Your Daughter to Work Day, 64 votes
  62. 3.07 Branch Closing, 63 votes
  63. 4.14 Chair Model, 62 votes
  64. 5.12 The Duel, 60 votes
  65. 2.05 Halloween, 58 votes
  66. 4.16 Did I Stutter?, 58 votes
  67. 7.16 PDA, 57 votes
  68. 6.01 Gossip, 56 votes
  69. 3.19 The Negotiation, 53 votes
  70. 5.09 Frame Toby, 52 votes
  71. 3.04 Grief Counseling, 51 votes
  72. 3.12 Back From Vacation, 51 votes
  73. 4.05-06 Launch Party, 51 votes
  74. 5.07 Customer Survey, 51 votes
  75. 7.06 Costume Contest, 51 votes
  76. 3.02 The Convention, 50 votes
  77. 5.10 The Surplus, 49 votes
  78. 3.05 Initiation, 48 votes
  79. 7.10 China, 47 votes
  80. 6.21 Happy Hour, 46 votes
  81. 2.14 The Carpet, 44 votes
  82. 5.22 Dream Team, 43 votes
  83. 7.25-26 Search Committee, 43 votes
  84. 3.03 The Coup, 42 votes
  85. 6.07 The Lover, 35 votes
  86. 5.16 Lecture Circuit, Pt. 1, 29 votes
  87. 7.15 The Search, 24 votes
  88. 7.08 Viewing Party, 22 votes
  89. 7.01 Nepotism, 19 votes
  90. 7.04 Sex Ed, 18 votes
  91. 7.23 The Inner Circle, 17 votes
  92. 7.02 Counseling, 16 votes
  93. 7.09 WUPHF.COM, 14 votes
  94. 7.13 Ultimatum, 14 votes
  95. 7.05 The Sting, 7 votes
  96. 7.18 Todd Packer, 7 votes
  97. 7.20 Training Day, 6 votes
  98. 7.07 Christening, 4 votes
  99. 7.14 The Seminar, 3 votes

IMPORTANT NOTE: not all episodes were available in the poll. I can only enter 99 choices in a poll, so I omitted the bottom 40 episodes from the All-Time Fan Favorite Poll 2010 in order to accommodate all Season 7 episodes. Not a perfect system, but there you go.

Notes on the top 20

  • The seasons represented in the Top 20 are Season 2 (7 episodes); Season 3 (4 episodes); Season 4 (3 episodes); Seasons 5 and 7 (each with 2 episodes); and Seasons 1 and 6 (each with 1 episode).
  • The writers represented in the Top 20 are Greg Daniels (6 episodes); Jennifer Celotta (4 episodes); Mindy Kaling, Paul Lieberstein, and Michael Schur (each with 3 episodes); Lee Eisenberg, Gene Stupnitsky, and B.J. Novak (each with 2 episodes); and Steve Carell (1 episode).
  • The directors represented in the Top 20 are Paul Feig (6 episodes); Ken Kwapis (5 episodes); Greg Daniels (3 episodes); Harold Ramis (2 episodes); and Jeffrey Blitz, Tucker Gates, Bryan Gordon, and Charles McDougall (each with 1 episode).

Giveaway winners

Congratulations to DJ Jazzy Flax (39), NatalieH (82), and Jamie A. (88) — you have each won some Target goodies! I will contact you via email with details.

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Jenna Fischer blogs about The Office premiere

The Office’s Jenna Fischer has posted a new MySpace update!

Season Premiere

A big thank you to everyone who tuned in for our Season 8 Premiere. I couldn’t be more proud of how the episode turned out. Big kuddos to BJ Novak who both wrote and directed the episode. I love when BJ directs – he’s great!!!

There were a lot of big reveals in the episode:

Andy is the new manager
Pam is pregnant again – and having a boy!
Angela married the Senator and is pregnant
Robert California is our new CEO

And that was just the first five minutes!

Some of my favorite moments from the episode:

When Dwight threw the cell phone
When Erin didn’t have a pen (I laughed so hard when we shot that. She was so funny!)
When Robert California says “For Godssake Andy, come in!”
Kevin’s “Warning, warning warning!”

Angela and I are having SO MUCH FUN playing out the dueling pregnancy storyline together. There are some fun little moments in future episodes. We don’t dwell on it, but it provides some fun quips here and there.

Now that I’m actually pregnant I can report with much authority that real pregnancy is WAY better than wearing one of those fake bellies for 12 hours a day. Poor Angela. She finally understands what I’d been complaining about. Those fake bellies cut in to your bladder so you have to pee all the time and you have to get totally undressed to use the restroom because they are like wearing a little wet suit under all your clothes. And you sweat! It’s awful! It’s funny – Angela finally has a BFF who she can talk to about real pregnancy and I finally have a BFF that I can talk to about fake pregnancy! Ha!

It has been quite an adventure working while so very pregnant. I was nearly 8 months pregnant when we shot the Premiere. We’ve been working hard to shoot as many episodes as possible before I give birth and that has meant that I’m basically working up until my due date. Luckily, I feel great. I’ve been very fortunate. I haven’t had much pain at all. I credit my twice weekly weight training and nightly walks with my husband. The cast and crew have been so kind. They’ve taken such good care of me! I have to imagine it’s been good for our little guy to be around so much love and laughter each day.

For all you pregnant (or newly pregnant) Moms out there I thought I’d make a quick list of my “Pregnancy Must Haves”! I think I had a pretty moderate pregnancy philosophy. I didn’t starve myself, I didn’t eat only organic greens and salads, but I was aware of what I put in my body and I tried to make mostly healthy choices. It is good to gain some weight during pregnancy – and I mean more than the Hollywood 15 pounds! Not only does your body need to create a base for carrying around that giant belly, you need a reserve for when you begin breastfeeding. It all makes sense and works in harmony. That’s not to say I’ve loved the process. It is a hard day when you look down and see cellulite on your SHINS. I mean, really!? My SHINS! But it was one of those moments where I thought “Yep, I’m really a Mom now. This is the first in a long list of things I’ll do for my kid.” So hang in there ladies! We’re all in this together! I’m sure I’ll be back to blogging about the evils of cardio in the near future :)

A few of my favorite pregnancy things:

1. Books: Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy and Baby Bargains. Girlfriend’s Guide to Pregnancy is a great first read. In the beginning you can’t tell a lot of people about the pregnancy and this book is very comforting. Baby Bargains is a great resource for buying ALL baby related things. It gives consumer ratings for all of the big ticket items like cribs, strollers, baby bedding, car seats. I love it!

2. Clothes: Target, Pea in the Pod, Old Navy. Target has a GREAT maternity section. They have my favorite maternity tee shirts – Liz Lange. Love them! Live in them! Way better than the expensive ones you find other places. Target is also great for sleepwear. Nothing beats a great pair of designer maternity jeans and in my opinion it is worth the splurge so my advice is to go for Pea in the Pod. I loved the jeans and pants at Pea in the Pod. They also have a bathroom in the store and they give you water while you try things on…kind of a gold mine for the pregnant woman. For dresses I loved Old Navy Maternity. I was pregnant in the dead heat of summer and I lived in a couple of Old Navy dresses. They are affordable and cute!

3. Beauty Products: I know they say stretch marks are all about genetics but a girl can’t be too careful. I loved the Bella B Tummy Honey Butter. I used it every day and I don’t have stretch marks. I may have avoided stretch marks but I did not avoid the dreaded Pregnancy Mask. I got a bunch of large freckly splotches all over my face. I used Erase Paste by Benefit to cover the dark spots and then put my regular foundation over top. It was light, blended easily and covered up the dark splotches great! I’m very proud of this discovery!

4. Treats: Menchies Frozen Yogurt! Not only is it low calorie, it soothed my heartburn. Double treat! I also loved virgin Mojitos. When we would go to dinner with friends and everyone would order drinks, I would order a virgin Mojito. I loved the tart/minty flavor.

5. Home Remedies: Speaking of heartburn, I couldn’t have gotten by without my Tums Smoothies. I kept one in my car, one in my purse, one in the bedroom and one by the TV. Oh! I also had a stash in my desk at work. The guys always thought I was eating candy and I’d say “Nope, just the Tums.”

6. Exercise: I really credit regular exercise with my virtually pain-free pregnancy. For me, twice weekly light weight training and pre-natal yoga were key. There was a stretch of time when I couldn’t work out and I got very stiff, my joints hurt, my hips ached…it was awful. As soon as I was able to work out again, the pain went away. Exercise did more to ease my pain than massages or baths or any amount of rest. A body in motion, stays in motion!

That’s about it! Can’t wait for you to see more of our upcoming season of the show. The next episode is called The Incentive. Robert tells Andy to double the sales in the office so he has to come up with some creative ways to get us motivated. It should be a good one!

John Krasinski and Alec Baldwin: baseball rivals

New Era Cap says: “Alec Baldwin is a die-hard Yankees fan. John Krasinski pledges his allegiance to Red Sox Nation. Whose side are you on?”

Clip 1: The Trash Talking Begins

Clip 2: One Hitter

Clip 3: Behind the Rivalry
[Video no longer available]

Clip 4: Dog

Clip 5: JumboTron John

Clip 6: 912

Clip 7: The Odd Couple

The Office marathon on TBS tonight

UPDATE: looks like The Office weekly marathon is no longer on TBS’ schedule. :( While it’s true that TBS is airing MLB playoff games for the next few weeks, on September 20 it ran a marathon of The Big Bang Theory in place of the normally scheduled marathon of The Office; that was a non-MLB playoff week.

Tell TBS on Twitter or Facebook to bring The Office marathon back!

The New Office: Emmy spoof

Dunder Mifflin employees explain why they hate their jobs — including newbies Olivia Benson, Leslie Knope, Tom Haverford, Tracy Jordan, Sheldon Cooper, Roger Sterling, Jesse Pinkman, Khal Drogo, Cee Lo Green, and … Kim Kardashian?

This aired September 18, during the 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Here’s another post of the video, in case the first one is taken down…