Angela Kinsey and Ellie Kemper press call

And then she recently told me this very sweet story, that I gave her a little tip about how to quiet a baby. And she was able to use that with her sister’s baby and her whole family was like, how’d you do that and she was like Angela showed me that.

And I was like woo-hoo. But no, I mean, Jenna’s going to be a great mom. I, of course, want her to get pregnant like yesterday because come on, Isabel — my bff, come on, we need to have bff babies.

Ellie: I was going to say — Isabel is — how old is she?

Angela: She’ll be two in May.

Ellie: All right, don’t worry, there’s time.

Angela: I know so I’m like Jenna, get on it.

Ellie: Get cracking.

Press: So you mentioned before , the show started off as a mockumentary. And now in these episodes, you guys barely interact with the cameras except in the testimonials. How do you and the other actors handle that? The now non-presence of the camera crew?

Angela: It’s kind of an interesting thing that happens just to you as a person. When there’s a camera around you all the time — and I think we see it in reality TV because all of a sudden, you know, several episodes into a reality show, one of the personalities will do something and you’re like holy crap they would never do that, there’s a camera right there. Come on.

And then what happens to you as a person is when there’s cameras around all the time they just start to become like a fixture, like a couch or a lamp.

And you find yourself getting more and more free. And whatever boundaries you set for yourself at the beginning, get pushed and pushed and pushed. And I think that that is a natural progression of our show with our documentary crew.

And we sort of are just like oh yeah them, whatever, just do what you want, they’re going to be there all day, forget it, you know.

And so I actually think it’s very realistic. But having worked on other projects in between The Office, we still reference the camera way more than shows that obviously don’t have a camera crew … I feel like the camera crew is our other character on the show.

It’s always there. But yeah, that’s how it sort of seems natural to me.

Ellie: Right, yeah, well you’ve been on the show longer than I have Angela.

Angela: I do find that Erin glances to them and has moments where she gets embarrassed in front of camera because it is new for you.

Ellie: Yeah, like you said, it’s another character in the show.

Press: Angela, could you discuss the importance of these webisodes just kind of keep you creatively fulfilled all the time because you mentioned in the early days of the show you guys would just kind of play games with yourself to amuse yourself when you — back before your character had much to do.


  1. That was awesome! Tanster, were any of the questions yours? I cringed a little when Ellie talked about what happens when she laughs too hard haha.

    [from tanster: thanks! yes, i asked whether the idea of pairing angela and erin came from the actors or the writers.]

  2. So great! I can’t wait to hear more about Erin’s backstory. Haha! Thanks for posting!

  3. What a great interview! Reading it was definitely the highlight of my day so far. I’m so excited about the new webisodes!

  4. Awesome interview! I love Angela and Ellie and can’t wait for the webisodes! I hope Ellie starts getting featured a bit more on the show as well!

  5. This was awesome!

    And is it me or did Angela give away the sex of the baby in the beginning when she joked about dressing her up in the Nativity scene??

  6. @#6

    yeah I was thinking that too. And again when she said she would dress ‘her’ up like mother teresa… hmmmmm

  7. @PamPamThankYouMaam I read that part and thought the same thing but who knows. We’ll have to wait and see.

  8. That was really cool! It’s really good to see that Angela is getting some air time and some character development. I’ve missed her!

  9. I thought these would be on starting at 12:10am today? I can’t find them..

  10. What do you think, tanster?? Did she give it away? And any last minute teeny tiny spoilers you can give away before tonight???? So excited!!!

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