Angela Kinsey and Ellie Kemper press call

The fact that one of the coworkers has had a baby it will come in and out but I don’t think it’s ever going to take us off our path of what the show is about.

Press: Do we actually see the baby in this one-hour episode coming up? Is it a real baby?

Angela: Oh yeah there’s a real baby, yeah. There’s a real baby. I’m glad I wasn’t there that day because I’d just be like, I need the baby, give it to me.

Ellie: Yeah, I didn’t see the baby. The baby was there what like four days I think right?

Angela: Yeah. Yeah. A tiny baby. It was cute, yeah.

Press: Is there any episode that like gave you jitters or was like really hard not to laugh; you had to go to a really dark spot? I actually watched a commentary and I remember Angela talking about that in Season 3 and Women’s Appreciation when Michael Scott kept trying to buy her panties.

Angela: Oh God.

Press: And she did not take them. So my question for both of you guys, is there an episode that was just really hard to do in the sense that you just tried not to laugh?

Angela: Oh my — that’s every day for me by the way. I mean, I crack up every day on set. And it’s not just me, we all have moments where we’re trying to dodge the camera lens because we’re laughing so hard and we don’t want to ruin the take. I mean, Ellie, what was the biggest one for you?

Ellie: Well this hasn’t aired yet. There’s something Michael is doing — now I can’t remember what impression he’s doing. Like Jack Nicholson, he’s doing some impression but he was improvising it. But he and I were the only ones in the scene. And I just kept laughing. And in a way I want to laugh because it’s funny. I think it’s one of the most terrible feeling to have to hold in laughter. But you really can’t — you have to hold it in because you have to get the scene done. But I go through — like Angela said — yeah, I think it’s every day.

And then I’ll go through like specific hours where I’m like giddy and it’s just too much because the whole thing is just this like comedy show I get to go to everyday to like watch.

Angela: Well I think we’re working with some of the funniest people on television right now. And it’s just amazing to be part of that. And I lost it. And this has aired so I can talk about it freely. But, you know, when Kathy Bates and her sidekick come in and Dwight shows up with a tray full of hotdogs to offer them and then they say no.

And then he is just looking for a place to set them down. And -there was this kind of improv moment where Rainn’s like, what do I with this tray of hotdogs. And he’s trying to find some place to set them down in the background as these two people are talking. I was standing by the copier and Brian was next to me and him and I were losing it. Losing it because it was so funny to watch Rainn and Dwight try to figure out what to do with these hotdogs.

Press: Is there a particular character on the show that he or she just for some reason gets to you more than other characters?

Angela: Oh gosh I think for me it just depends on the day and like who I’m in the scene with. But I have to say Rainn — maybe because I’ve done a lot of scenes with Rainn but he cracks me up quite a bit.


  1. That was awesome! Tanster, were any of the questions yours? I cringed a little when Ellie talked about what happens when she laughs too hard haha.

    [from tanster: thanks! yes, i asked whether the idea of pairing angela and erin came from the actors or the writers.]

  2. So great! I can’t wait to hear more about Erin’s backstory. Haha! Thanks for posting!

  3. What a great interview! Reading it was definitely the highlight of my day so far. I’m so excited about the new webisodes!

  4. Awesome interview! I love Angela and Ellie and can’t wait for the webisodes! I hope Ellie starts getting featured a bit more on the show as well!

  5. This was awesome!

    And is it me or did Angela give away the sex of the baby in the beginning when she joked about dressing her up in the Nativity scene??

  6. @#6

    yeah I was thinking that too. And again when she said she would dress ‘her’ up like mother teresa… hmmmmm

  7. @PamPamThankYouMaam I read that part and thought the same thing but who knows. We’ll have to wait and see.

  8. That was really cool! It’s really good to see that Angela is getting some air time and some character development. I’ve missed her!

  9. I thought these would be on starting at 12:10am today? I can’t find them..

  10. What do you think, tanster?? Did she give it away? And any last minute teeny tiny spoilers you can give away before tonight???? So excited!!!

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