Angela Kinsey and Ellie Kemper press call

Ellie: And they’re tiny, tiny buttons. I couldn’t button them they were so small. It is weird, it’s like, it’s a throwback to another era I guess. I liked it but it was only because it was for one day. I liked having my hair in a French braid. I liked being sort of up tight I guess.

Angela: Yeah, they’re crazy. I think everyone on our show dresses a little off.

Ellie: Yes, yes. I don’t know, I was trying to think of who the normally dressed person is, maybe Pam. Anyway, so, yeah, it was fun. It was fun to dress like Angela for a bit I thought.

Press: Angela, were you able to give her any tips on how to actually wear the clothes and be slightly comfortable?

Angela: You know, I pitched a joke one time that we didn’t really get to shoot but that Dwight was like very sexy-like trying to undo my top three buttons of my neck buttons and that he couldn’t — they’re so small, a man could never do it because they’re too tiny. And then he just got fed up and was like, oh forget it and we walk away and we don’t mess around.

But I did pull Ellie aside and say okay get ready for the tiny buttons, it takes forever. And I was — not to over-share but I do — when I was breastfeeding, I would be like come on, man.

Ellie: Oh God, so that must have taken forever.

Angela: I mean, it took me forever just to get situated.

Press: And are the writers using — you mentioned before you are a mom and you bring your baby on set. Do they ever kind of go to you and look at the baby and think of things that they could use for the show?

Angela: I can tell you that when we had a table read for the baby episode where, you know, Jim and Pam — that big episode for us is coming up — our female writers on the show don’t have children and so I quickly was like oh my gosh, are you kidding?

No, no, no, after labor this is going to happen. Okay, okay, and I like pulled B.J. and Mindy aside and I was like okay, let me tell you something; let me tell you who all comes to your room and what they do to you okay, right.

And wait is Pam going to breastfeed because oh my God I got lots of breastfeeding stuff and especially going back to work you’ve got to get your pump, you’ve got to work that in. And so B.J. was kind of writing things down. And I have no idea what made it or not but I definitely was like chatting them up about it all.

Angela: And there’s several male writers who have children. But, I just went up to B.J. and Mindy and was like ,.. I know the men are going to give their point of view, let me tell you what they do to you.

Press: And will you be giving Jenna some tips for the show for how to kind of do the maternal things?

Angela: Well you know what, Jenna was with me in the hospital when I had my baby. Yeah, it was my mom and Jenna and my husband Warren and that’s who was there. And so Jenna was very first hand, she saw everything. And I remember after we read the script for the baby, I go Jenna do you remember — she like oh yeah, oh yeah, I remember. And so it gave her some really good perspective.


  1. That was awesome! Tanster, were any of the questions yours? I cringed a little when Ellie talked about what happens when she laughs too hard haha.

    [from tanster: thanks! yes, i asked whether the idea of pairing angela and erin came from the actors or the writers.]

  2. So great! I can’t wait to hear more about Erin’s backstory. Haha! Thanks for posting!

  3. What a great interview! Reading it was definitely the highlight of my day so far. I’m so excited about the new webisodes!

  4. Awesome interview! I love Angela and Ellie and can’t wait for the webisodes! I hope Ellie starts getting featured a bit more on the show as well!

  5. This was awesome!

    And is it me or did Angela give away the sex of the baby in the beginning when she joked about dressing her up in the Nativity scene??

  6. @#6

    yeah I was thinking that too. And again when she said she would dress ‘her’ up like mother teresa… hmmmmm

  7. @PamPamThankYouMaam I read that part and thought the same thing but who knows. We’ll have to wait and see.

  8. That was really cool! It’s really good to see that Angela is getting some air time and some character development. I’ve missed her!

  9. I thought these would be on starting at 12:10am today? I can’t find them..

  10. What do you think, tanster?? Did she give it away? And any last minute teeny tiny spoilers you can give away before tonight???? So excited!!!

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