Angela Kinsey and Ellie Kemper press call

Ellie: I hope I would figure out that they were trying to tell me something. I’m a little more discerning I think than Erin is.

Press: Ellie, on the mafia episode Oscar calls Jim and Pam and pretty much divides the office into sane versus insane with him and Jim and Pam on the same side. Which side do you think Erin falls on?

Ellie: My immediate reaction is that Erin is on the insane side. I’m not sure that she knows she’s on the insane side which is why I think that she is on the insane side.

Angela: Exactly, crazy people don’t know they’re crazy, come on.

Ellie: Exactly. In truth she would be on insane but she might consider herself to be on the sane side.

Press: Angela, I was wondering from your character’s perspective what inner-office dating advice would she give to Erin and Andy?

Angela: Oh my God, well first of all they’d be crazy to take her advice. She’d probably tell Erin, like really? Andy? Really? Walk away now, fool. And then she would probably tell them – because she’s hypocritical she’d probably tell them it’s highly inappropriate; you shouldn’t date at work.

Then she would go and shag Dwight in the warehouse so…

Press: And as far as Jim and Pam’s wedding how do you think Angela felt about that?

Angela: Jim and Pam’s wedding? You know what? It was very hard for me because I love our show so much and when we shot the actual ceremony, it was really moving. I mean, because we’ve all grown – we’re a family, and it’s like six years of our lives and all the up and downs and we’ve all been there for each other. And it’s a very unique path to journey with someone, to go from waiting tables or answering phones at 1-800-Dentist, to then go through this ride of a hit TV show. That is lightning in a bottle and we know we got the lottery ticket.

So here we all are at this big moment in our show. And there was this real energy in the room of happiness and celebration. And I’m trying to be not enthused. And at the same time I’m like tearing up because I’m so excited to see John and Jenna like have this moment on our show as Jim and Pam.

So I mean, honestly, if I was answering as Angela Martin, I’d be like, it’s about time. And then when everyone clapped at the end I was like, yes, okay fine, now they’re legitimate in the eyes of the Lord, okay great.

So I think she just thought it was about time to be appropriate, Pam.

Press: And how did Erin, you think feel about it not being completely involved and very new in the office?

Ellie: I think at the very beginning, she was leaving a voicemail saying we’re off — like we’re not at work today we’re celebrating a wedding, I think she was ecstatic. Like this is her first job, these glamorous people surround her and — what she considers to be glamorous — and we’re all going to a wedding together.


  1. That was awesome! Tanster, were any of the questions yours? I cringed a little when Ellie talked about what happens when she laughs too hard haha.

    [from tanster: thanks! yes, i asked whether the idea of pairing angela and erin came from the actors or the writers.]

  2. So great! I can’t wait to hear more about Erin’s backstory. Haha! Thanks for posting!

  3. What a great interview! Reading it was definitely the highlight of my day so far. I’m so excited about the new webisodes!

  4. Awesome interview! I love Angela and Ellie and can’t wait for the webisodes! I hope Ellie starts getting featured a bit more on the show as well!

  5. This was awesome!

    And is it me or did Angela give away the sex of the baby in the beginning when she joked about dressing her up in the Nativity scene??

  6. @#6

    yeah I was thinking that too. And again when she said she would dress ‘her’ up like mother teresa… hmmmmm

  7. @PamPamThankYouMaam I read that part and thought the same thing but who knows. We’ll have to wait and see.

  8. That was really cool! It’s really good to see that Angela is getting some air time and some character development. I’ve missed her!

  9. I thought these would be on starting at 12:10am today? I can’t find them..

  10. What do you think, tanster?? Did she give it away? And any last minute teeny tiny spoilers you can give away before tonight???? So excited!!!

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