Angela Kinsey and Ellie Kemper press call

Angela: Usually webisodes only feature about three or four people… And so, when there’s 16 of us all there everybody – we need to get through hair and makeup quickly. It has to be a well oiled machine so that we’re not holding up production. We all get to set. Things all have to fall in place for the day to run smoothly because there’s so many of us. But when there’s just three or four people on set, it is just much more relaxed.

Press: Angela, what do you think was the motivation to actually take Ellie’s character under your wing and be her mentor?

Angela: Thank you for asking that. I actually think that’s a great question. I sort of feel like Angela Martin wants a friend but she’s so prickly that it takes such a tall order to be her friend. But she’s not a robot, she misses Dwight, she misses her friends, I mean, because I think he was her best friend.

And I’m sure her ladies group at church is catty. So if she does have one friend outside of work I think it’s always nice to have an ally at work.

And she doesn’t have that. So I think she sort of jumped at the chance, and plus she loves accounting so this is some person who seems bright enough to understand concepts. It’s not like she wants to mentor Kevin. But I think she sort of jumped at the chance to maybe mentor someone who’s interested in something she loves to do.

And then she would have a friend at work. And that hasn’t happened for her in a while having someone at work to confide in.

Press: What do you see as coming up about Angela and Dwight and Andy and Erin?

Ellie: Well Andy and Erin, I guess, the groundwork has been laid. It’s unclear how it’s going to work because there are always like obstacles in their courtship. I don’t know how much I can say. It does seem like that they do overcome these obstacles to actually make a match. I’m not sure what lies ahead if for Andy and Erin if there is going to be a period of bliss like a honeymoon period or if it’s going to fall apart again.

Angela: I love the Andy and Erin. Like there’s such a sweet innocence about them. I mean, they’re kind of both buffoons, you know… And there’s a real sweetness to that that makes me want to root for them in a way. We actually just had a table read and I can’t get in too much of it but it was really fun. You see a whole another side of Ellie’s character emotionally. And it was hysterical so I’m really excited to see that.

But as far as Dwight and Angela you know, I think Rainn and I have always thought that Dwight and Angela are sort of geeky soul mates … we’re geeky militant soul mates. And we hope that someday they find their way back to one another. What I try to do is take these crazy situations that happen on The Office and then realize that there’s always some reality in them.

My mom had a friend throughout my childhood who was on and off again with her spouse. And you knew they were meant to be together but she’d get pissed off at him and kick him out of the house. And then they would get back. I feel like Dwight and Angela are like that; I feel like they’re going to find their way back to one another.

But they might fight all the way.


  1. That was awesome! Tanster, were any of the questions yours? I cringed a little when Ellie talked about what happens when she laughs too hard haha.

    [from tanster: thanks! yes, i asked whether the idea of pairing angela and erin came from the actors or the writers.]

  2. So great! I can’t wait to hear more about Erin’s backstory. Haha! Thanks for posting!

  3. What a great interview! Reading it was definitely the highlight of my day so far. I’m so excited about the new webisodes!

  4. Awesome interview! I love Angela and Ellie and can’t wait for the webisodes! I hope Ellie starts getting featured a bit more on the show as well!

  5. This was awesome!

    And is it me or did Angela give away the sex of the baby in the beginning when she joked about dressing her up in the Nativity scene??

  6. @#6

    yeah I was thinking that too. And again when she said she would dress ‘her’ up like mother teresa… hmmmmm

  7. @PamPamThankYouMaam I read that part and thought the same thing but who knows. We’ll have to wait and see.

  8. That was really cool! It’s really good to see that Angela is getting some air time and some character development. I’ve missed her!

  9. I thought these would be on starting at 12:10am today? I can’t find them..

  10. What do you think, tanster?? Did she give it away? And any last minute teeny tiny spoilers you can give away before tonight???? So excited!!!

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