B.J. Novak at Cobb’s, San Francisco

Tallyhead Ian’s craiglist report

Ian sent this report to me from his iPhone at around 4am. What Tallyheads will do to get the story!

I had drinks with “Michelle” from B.J’s Saturday night 10:30 show.

For those of you who weren’t there, B.J. incorporated a Craigslist ad into his Saturday night 10:30 act in San Francisco.

Novak takes a look at “Michelle’s” craigslist before the show and wants to know what she means by the fact that she will “owe you big time” if you provide her tickets to Sunday’s show.

So Novak calls her early in the show and waits for her to call back. She doesn’t, but he decides to call her back near the end of the show. This time she answers. She’s a bit of a freak and makes jokes about how she likes the double entrendre with his name.

Anyways, with any comedy act, you wonder if it’s real.

We leave the show (which was hilarious) and I type “B.J. Novak” on the San Francisco edition of Craigslist on my iPhone. Sure enough, Michelle’s ad comes up. We give her a call (at the same number Novak calls) and invite her to drinks at a bar less than a block from Cobb’s Comedy Club (where B.J. performed).

We expected a 400 pound hairy monster to show up, or, at the very least, a transvestite. Actually, we didn’t expect anyone to show up. But about 45 minutes after the show ended, “Michelle” shows up looking exactly like her Craigslist ad and acting just as much freak as her phone call with Novak.

Overall, a fun night. Weird … but fun.


  1. I was there last night! It was awesome. The openers didn’t do much for me, but B.J. was hilarious! Definitely worth the trip. I just wish I could’ve had time to ask him questions about breaking into the writing industry… Haha.

  2. My husband and I went to the 8 pm show last night. I’ve had the flu and was laying in bed all day, not sure if I had it in me to go. Around 7 pm I decided to suck it up. It seemed like fate because we found the best parking spot and got there right on time. Dan Mintz was great, and BJ was awesome!! I loved his ‘shy puppet’ routine, and the jokes he read off cards and then either kept or trashed. He gave a shout out to Officetally.com too! Thanks for coming up to San Fran BJ! I’m so glad my fever broke and I made it to the show!!!

  3. I had to write and tell you how much I enjoyed last night’s show…even cramped up against the wall at my two seat table it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience. BJ was so animated and funny…much more personable than Ryan is. I’d have to say my favorite moments were “Shy Puppet” – gosh, I just wanted him to say SOMETHING!! And the panda joke had me rolling. I completely agree that they are by far the cutest animals ever!

    I loved the shout-out to Office Tally, and the guy who tried to make the “That’s what she said…” joke fit in. BJ’s reaction to it was so cute.

    Hope you and all the other Tallyheads enjoyed it as much as I did!

  4. I’m going to the show tonight! It sounds like it’s going to be really funny, as I do love words, puns, writing, subtle wit, the Internet, and gadgets.

  5. Thanks for the report. I was so upset that I couldn’t make it last night (or tonight). Hopefully he’ll be up here again sometime :)

  6. I saw you! We were the first people to have him autograph/take pictures and such!

    The show was AMAZING!

    [from tanster: you should have come up and said hello! :) ]

  7. Oh, and my friends and I were standing there and I saw him talking to you. LUCKY!

  8. I was there at Sunday’s show. In case anyone else from here was there, I was the one from the table who “earned” one of his joke note cards. I think I’m gonna frame it.

    He was awesome, and I really liked Dan, too.

  9. I was there tonight too! The shy puppet was so adorable. I also liked the joke about the people testing google maps driving time being on meth, driving a mazarati from LA to SF on Christmas morning.
    I couldn’t believe I turned into such a geeky fangirl when I saw him in person. This was the best I could muster for conversation:

    Me: Hi, would you sign something for me?
    Him: Of course.
    (I hand him season 1 DVD): I tested the sharpie to make sure it wouldn’t smear on the plastic.
    Him: Oh, good. Should I sign the front or back? I guess the front, of course.
    Me: Whatever. Diversity Day is still one of my favorite episodes.
    Him: Oh, thank you very much. Thanks for coming.

  10. i was at sunday’s show, it was so much fun. when i met him i didn’t have anything for him to sign (i won the tickets so i didn’t even have a ticket). i had him sign a dollar bill cause it was the only paper i had. he said he had signed much weirder stuff, like birth control pills! he seemed like a cool guy.

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