Office wins Producers Guild Award!

The Office’s Greg Daniels and Kent Zbornak have won the 2007 Producers Guild Award for Episodic Television Comedy!

The Office was up against Arrested Development, Curb Your Enthusiasm, My Name is Earl, and Weeds.

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Congratulations, Greg and Kent!

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  1. I like how Little Miss Sunshine also won. Poor Steve after the stupid “Ugly” Globes, needed a little pick me up even if he didn’t get an award and hopefully this means best pic for him.

  2. Yay! Congrats to The Office, Greg Daniels and Kent Zbornak!! I’m glad the Producers Guild Awards knows what a true comedy is…unlike the Golden Globes :\

  3. I voted for little miss sunshine for the SAG awards as well as the office and steve for the sag awards too… hope he wins.

  4. About time. Finally an awards show that knows what the hell they’re doing — I mean, Ugly Betty? C’monn.

  5. This is great news! I really think that The Office will clean up at these guild awards (Writers and SAG next) because these are the voters who actually watch the shows and know what they’re doing. The Globes can be good and bad: they like to make news by picking the new, unexpected hits. Ugly Betty was that show this year, even if The Office is better.

    Look for The Office to keep winning guild awards, critics’ awards, and the Emmy.

    I can’t wait for the SAG Awards: it’s the only show where all the cast members can actually receive an award. And to make things even better: We might get to see Steve Carell win three times (Actor-Comedy, The Office Cast, and Little Miss Sunshine cast!!)

  6. woo hoo! I am getting so excited for the Oscar noms on Tues and the SAG ceremony. Sadly, the Emmy noms aren’t til, like, June, so yeah :( Anyway, go Office Producers!

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