1. Yessss!! Can’t wait. I love seeing how they are outside of the office with each other

  2. If you watch the video and you click on the link that says “oscar & angela part 1,” you will see a little behind-the-scenes thing with the two of them.
    At the end I totally called a “That’s What she said” and like a second after that Angela says “That’s What she said”

    AHHH I Love it!!!

  3. hahahah priceless twss moment
    “tickets to the gun show”
    “it’s just beer and donuts”
    ^^i love them^^

  4. “i was just writing in my journal” !!
    they are so cute and hilarious. i can’t wait to watch this.


    So awesome. I can go to bed happy now in preparation for my exams tomorrow!

  6. “What are they going to do with a toothbrush? They’re comedians.” lol

  7. Didn’t Angela or Oscar say at one point that they should have a TV show like Regis & Kelly? For the record, I would totally watch that show. Those two are quite funny together.

  8. Great! But where’s Kate, Leslie, and Brian? I got all excited.

  9. omg! I love them together! Oscar’s so funny!

    o: is that a baby in there?
    a: no it’s just beer and donuts!

    hahaha! =]

  10. There was hockey on instead of Last Comic Standing where I live! Very disappointing!

  11. I would watch, but tonight is the season finale of LOST… my other favorite show

  12. I’ll watch! I can’t stand Lost… too confusing for my comedy-loving soul.

  13. Must See TV! (wait… I forgot the NBA Finals are on)

    These are the kind of nights I wish I had the screen in screen option on my tv.

  14. Did anyone notice that Brian kept on looking into the camera, just like he/Kevin does on The Office?

    [from tanster: YES, I did! I thought that was hilarious.]

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