The Office: Pam’s mom Helene Beesly

The Office Pam's Mom Shannon Cochran
In The Office episode ‘Sexual Harassment,’ Pam’s mom was played by Shannon Cochran.

The Office Pam's mom Linda Purl
In The Office episode ‘Niagara,’ Pam’s mom was played by Linda Purl.

Character Name

Helene Beesly, Pam’s mom

Played by

Helene was played by Shannon Cochran in her one appearance in Season 2, and by Linda Purl in subsequent seasons.


In her first appearance on the show, Pam’s mom (played by Shannon Cochran) visits her at work during Sexual Harassment.

She would not appear again until the Season 6 episode Niagara, where she would be played by Linda Purl. At this point, Helene is estranged from her husband and meets Michael Scott during the wedding. Michael is seen entering Helene’s hotel room in the final scene of the episode. Helene and Michael date until he breaks up with her in the episode Double Date. Helene is at the hospital for the birth of Pam’s daughter Cecelia in The Delivery.

In Season 7, Michael thinks he has herpes and visits Helene to notify her in the episode Sex Ed. Helene attends baby Cece’s christening in the episode Christening.

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  1. Stop me if I’m wrong but in season 2 Roy also calls Pam’s mom “Mary” not Helene 😬 double check, am I wrong?☺

  2. Replying to Moizme, I heard something like “Marianne” but I don’t think it was Roy saying it. I think it was Pam’s mom saying “There he is…. hey handsome.”

  3. I feel like Helene In season 2 was a much better personality to Play pam’s mom it’s like the season 6 version was a complete 360. Season 2 was dorky like Pam and they seemed
    More like best friends like Pam seemed to act like but later on seem to be bit more bumpy

  4. Glad to see people noticing this , i hope some YouTuber explains why The Office creators chose a different person to play Pams mom.

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