‘The Office’ nominated for two Golden Globe awards

‘The Office’ has been nominated for two Golden Globe awards:

  • Best Television Series – Comedy or Musical:
    The Office
  • Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Comedy or Musical:
    Steve Carell

Congratulations to Steve and everybody at The Office!

The awards show will air on January 17th, hosted by Ricky Gervais.

The nominations were presented this morning by The Office’s John Krasinski, Inglourious Basterds’ Diane Kruger, and Justin Timberlake. Justin says something to John that steals the show!) (7:40 mark)

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  1. Congrats to Steve and the show, but how come no one else got a nomination? SERIOUSLY. Jenna??? John??? Rainn???

  2. (Hm, I think Modern Family will be their nemesis this year myself!) John is adorable as always, and Justin Timberlake does something funny when he announces Emily Blunt got a nomination. :)

  3. I agree. I love both The Office and 30 Rock, and all the award shows have always tortured me because they’ve been a battle between my two favorite shows and Alec and Tina always win, while only Steve seems to get nominated (seriously, where is the love for John and Jenna???). But this year, I hope my new favorite, Glee, will just take every category so I don’t have to worry!

  4. I’m glad The Office is at least still getting the best comedy nomination, even if I don’t have high hopes for a win. If Glee wins it, I think I might throw up a little (sorry, to those who like the show), but on the other hand, I’d be glad to see just about anything beat 30 Rock for once.

    Go Steve to win best comedy actor!

  5. I saw this earlier this morning and was dying at Justin’s little giggle toward John when Emily was nominated.

    “Somebody’s gonna have a good night tonight!” Awesome. It’s like a collision of cute, John and Justin. Nice way to start the morning :)

  6. The report I just saw said that Rainn Wilson was up for Best Supporting Actor in a Comedy as well!

  7. John was so awkward and nervous as an announcer, but I think they all were a little. Diane and Justin only loosened up once Inglorious Basterds started raking in the noms and JT started cracking jokes…

    I fell out of my chair laughing at Justin announcing Emily… I really wish they had panned to John’s face, because I’m sure he was embarrassed out of his mind!

  8. So happy for The Office and Steve, but I think it’s also really impressive how many cast members are involved in other projects that also got nominations – The Hangover, It’s Complicated, Inglourious Basterds… Best of luck to everyone and can’t wait ’til January 17th!

  9. Justin Timberlake was hilarious–loved how he lightened the formality of simply reading names. And smoke-la-homa, John Krasinski looked so handsome. How much would I love to see the Office and Steve win this? Aww…so much.

  10. I agree with what lew said: everyone has been in such great work this year I kind of feel like everyone got recognized in a way. I just really want Steve to win this year because then maybe the stupid Emmy people will realize they should have given him an Emmy since 2006! I hate to say it, but I think it might be Modern Family’s year of the Emmy sweep.

  11. Fantastic! I would have loved to see John receive a nomination (have to support a fellow guy from the Boston area!), however I am thrilled that both Steve and “The Office” were nominated regardless. Go for the win!

  12. I wished they had shown John’s reaction, too! So cute. And, yes, he did look rather dashing, but it’s hard for him not to.

    Congrats to The Office and Steve! I’m crossing my fingers!

  13. a) Congrats for the show and to Steve for their nominations!
    2) I LOOOOVE that John was clearly nervous while announcing… so adorable to watch his hand shake while holding the lists. I can’t explain why… it just was.
    3) JUSTIN!!! oh my…. ::blushes:: hahahahaha (by the way.. I love him but why is he there?!? )
    d) I’m so looking forward to watching our show lose to Glee instead of 30 Rock. It’ll be a nice change of pace.

    kidding kidding hehehehe….

  14. Nice for Steve! He deserves to win, as always! I hope that The Office will win the best comedy award. Seriously, I think it’s gonna be Glee, even though it’s not that funny.
    Sweet, great movies also! Loved Inglorious Basterds and The Hangover, can’t wait to see Up in the air, Avatar, Sherlock Holmes, It’s Complicated and Invictus.

  15. justin’s comment was hilarious! i was laughing so hard when i heard that. that was definitely the highlight of the nominations. congrats to steve and the office for the nods!!

  16. I loved how John was so nervous looking, adorable – and oh my goodness JT’s joke was hilarious! I was wishing they would show a reaction shot of John’s, but I then realized that I wasn’t watching The Office! Congrats to everybody nominated and good luck to the show and Steve!

  17. Ahhh I’ve watched that like seven times. :) So adorable, Justin I love you! and John of course, but that’s implied.

    Is it just me or did Justin Timberlake just pull a major Michael Scott? It’s like the Dundies all over again. ;)

    Congrats to the Office and Steve and John and Ed and BJ! Let’s get serious, how awesome is our cast?

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