‘The Office Overtime’ Digital Shorts Collection DVD

The Office Overtime DVDThe Office Overtime DVD is now available, released on November 16, 2010. Total run time: approx 1 hour 16 minutes

It contains seven webisode series, new commentary, and bonus features found on previously released DVDs. Full details below!

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Webisode series included

  • The Accountants: Oscar, Angela, and Kevin do some investigating when money goes missing at Dunder Mifflin, but what will they find?
  • Kevin’s Loan: Kevin is ready to open up his own business, but first he must apply for a loan.
  • The Outburst: the investigation begins after Oscar receives a mysterious phone call that leads to a very public outburst.
  • Blackmail: Creed engages in some old-fashioned blackmail against his co-workers.
  • Subtle Sexuality: Kelly and Erin’s girl group, Subtle Sexuality, shoot their first music video.
  • The Mentor: Erin seeks an accounting mentor, but what is she willing to sacrifice for success?
  • The Podcast: (The Office Season 6 DVD): Gabe tries to impress corporate by recording a podcast for the Sabre website.

Bonus features included

  • “Subtle Sexuality” music video
  • “Subtle Sexuality” commentary with Mindy Kaling, B.J. Novak, and Ellie Kemper (NEW)
  • “Blackmail” video commentary with Creed Bratton (NEW)
  • Fake PSAs: The More You Know (Season 2 DVD)
  • Dwight Schrute music video (Season 3 DVD)
  • Lazy Scranton video (Season 3 DVD)
  • Michael Scott’s Dunder Mifflin ad (Season 4 DVD)
  • The Office Convention: Cast Q&A (Season 4 Target special edition DVD)
  • Paley: Inside The Writer’s Room (Season 5 Target special edition DVD)

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  1. I’m just a little bummed that my favorite ‘extra’ won’t be included in this set (though I can happily watch it on one of the season sets): “Kevin Cooks Stuff In the Office!”

  2. so this is how they got the webisodes in…i guess they’re trying to double dip the fans? even if the DVD is chock full of guilty pleasures…

  3. Are the latest webisodes on the season 6 dvd? If not, then I feel a little cheated. I already have all the rest of the old extra features (always get the Target edition!).

    Cool they are doing this for the people that missed out on that stuff, but boo on them for not including all the webisodes on the season 6 dvd!

  4. Best news I’ve heard all day! This is awesome and if you can’t see that then you need awesome lessons. I’ll buy it for me for my mom’s birthday haha.

  5. I’ll buy it for sure, but it really stings that they’re charging extra money for stuff that, in the past, was included in the season sets.

  6. I wish they would’ve just included Subtle Sexuality with the S6 DVDs. I have all the other seasons, so I already have most of that other stuff. :(

  7. I’m a little mad at NBC for putting together features I already have with the ones they conveniently excluded from the season 6 dvd to try to get me to buy this. I bought Subtle Sexuality on iTunes, so I’m not wasting my money.

    I guess this is nice for people who for some reason don’t own the DVDs and only like bonus features…

  8. They couldn’t have included “The 3rd Floor” on this? Sounds like miscommunication between production and NBC.

  9. @12: From a non-fan perspective standpoint, that would make little sense considering how The 3rd Floor is Season 7 webisode series.

  10. It grinds my gears that features that were supposed to be Target Exclusives are on this cheap little release. The only reason I have bought this series on DVD the first week on a consistent basis is for the Target-Exclusive bonus content. Otherwise, I would have been perfectly content with waiting for a price drop. UGH.

    It’s also annoying that this set won’t even be a complete “Digital Shorts” collection. They should have waited to release this when the series is done.

    Oh well. I just hope when the show finally finishes, they release an awesome complete series Blu-ray set that includes every special feature, extended cut of an episode, web-exclusive video, webisode ever. Everything. It really needs to be done right. I even want Pam’s video diary thing from the season 2 Target DVD that I was never able to get my hands on and have thus, never seen.

  11. Just curious: Is this DVD being sold online only, or is it being stocked at retailers? Anyone bought one at a “real” store?

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